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Hi it’s Charly, welcome to my page. When I’m not hanging with my five furry family members, I’m volunteering with animals, enjoying a Bay Area microbrew or vineyard, and I’m here, interacting with you!

Wisdom Highlights

by Charly Kayle posted Jun 12 2014 5:00AM
I love this. 
Other cultures respect their senior population.  What's wrong with us in the United States, where we value youth over maturity?  Even I fall into the trap of trying to erase the signs of aging.  Yes, I color my hair and use products that promise to slow down the creation of wrinkles.  I'm my own worst enemy in front of a mirror!  I know I need to turn my negative self-messages into positive affirmations of appreciation for all I've learned, experienced and survived. I've really earned every single gray hair, every line in my face.  You bet I've earned them. I should be proud!  

Ok, let's try it. Let's CATCH OURSELVES every time we look in the mirror and say something negative about our apperance, and turn it into a positive message of gratitude for how much wiser we are now.  On the spot!  Anyone with me?  We'll keep tabs and see how this goes!
06/11/2014 6:27PM
Wisdom Highlights
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