Latest Episodes

Red Lips & High Heels

Thursday, April 27th
Kristen tells about her experience pummicing my nasty alligator feet. Nick tells Kristen that he doesn't like her wearing red lipstick and she is devastated...

Alligator Toes

Wednesday, April 26th
Nick's feet look like they are covered in alligator skin so Kristen is going to do something about it. Plus a mom has made her house a homework free zone...

Bill Nye Stole My Fork

Tuesday, April 25th
Right before starting the podast Nick gets an alert about fraudulent activity on his debit card. Bill Nye wants us to care about climate change but all we want...

We Are NicKsten!

Monday, April 24th
The answer to the question "How do we survive spending 24 hours, 7 days a week together." Plus Nick is becoming an internet sensation and can you do basic...

#9 Where's MY Mixtape?!

Thursday, April 20th
Kristen got swindled by Groupon after realizing her compression socks are just socks. Plus Nick is a pathetic mess who thought a waitress liked him and Kristen...