Latest Episodes

#3 Shannon Foy

Thursday, June 15th
Shannon Foy: Debut author of INBETWEEN: THE NOVEL. Lover of vampires, musical theatre and anything crafty. She self-published her novel vis crowd-funding and...

#2 Chelsea Sedoti

Wednesday, June 14th
Chelsea Sedoti: Debute author of THE HUNDRED LIES OF LIZZIE LOVETT and the upcoming book AS YOU WISH. Known for her unique character voices, she explains her...

#1 Danielle Vega

Wednesday, June 14th
Danielle Vega: Author of the THE MERCILESS and SURVIVE THE NIGHT, BURNING and her new book, BREAKING. With her expertise in publishing, she explains how a love...

#41 Wedding Gift?

Wednesday, June 14th
We did another live podcast today and discussed Kristen's 3 page instruction book she made for our house sitter. Plus Nick doesn't know if he should bring a...

#40 The Call...

Monday, June 12th
A phone call that Kristen has been waiting to get from her brother finally happened on Saturday, so why is she angry? Plus we tell you how to win Beach Blanket...

#39 Scam Conclusion

Friday, June 9th
We give you the conclusion to the scam that someone has been trying to pull on Nick this week, plus Nick gets excited about a new theme park that was just...