Keshas' New Album Out Today!

August 11, 2017

It's been 7 years since Kesha woke up and brush her teeth with a bottle Jack Daniels in her song Tik Tok. Now after all the chaos that has taken over her life she has finally released a brand new album that seems to tell all about what she has been going through. I've always been a luke warm fan of Keshas over the years. Her songs always got you dancing and they were super poppy and upbeat so it was hard to hate the music. To be honest, I never really considered Kesha a true artist with all the processing they use on her voice and the simplicity of her lyrics. After hearing her first song "Praying" on her next album I immediately changed every opinion I had of her. When the second one "Woman" came out I was a super fan. Every song that she has released so far I have loved and I'm so excited to purchase her new album Rainbow this morning. I've put some of her videos with her new music below and if you haven't head any of it I strongly encourage you to give it a listen. But there is a LOT of bad language in these songs especially "Woman" so if that's not your thing then I wouldn't click play. If it is your thing, be sure to turn it down if you are at work.