Don't Touch My Cadbury Eggs!

January 11, 2017

There are a few simple pleasures that I always allow myself to indulge in. At Easter time, it's the delicious Cadbury Creme Egg. It's got everything, a chocolately shell that snaps perfectly in your mouth and it wraps delicately around the creamy, sugary center that melts on the tongue.

It's a wonderful, tasty treat that only comes around once a year.

But now Cadbury is introducing a new egg that can hang around year-round.

Canada and the U.K. have already been introduced to the brand new Oreo Creme Egg. 

This time, the shell will taste like the chocolately cookie and the center will be packed with Oreo creme.

Also, there will be no more tearable foil. It will now be packaged in a futuristic plastic egg.

I'm curious but skeptical! Of course I will try it but will it be as good as the original? Only time will tell!