Lobster Mac & Cheese? I'm In!

February 17, 2017

I'm a woman that loves her mac & cheese. I also like fancy things, so when I saw lobster mac & cheese on my menu I went for it!

For my birthday, Nick took me to the Waterfront Restaurant on the pier. It was very romantic with soft music playing, a view of the Bay Bridge and candlelight illuminating our table. Known for it's seafood, I ordered the mixed grill which came with a little of everything; lobster, salmon, prawns and scallops.

Nick got the seafood linguine which looked amazing. He didn't offer me a bite which meant it was too good to share! 

But the tour de force was the lobster mac & cheese. Baked in a cheesy cream sauce, huge lobster chucks stuck out and were covered in breadcrumbs. It was love at first bite! 

The restaurant is a bit pricey but it was a wonderful birthday gift.