Meet Our Kitties

Nick & Kristen introduce their cats

January 10, 2017

Our family is made up of us and 3 beautiful cats with very different personalities. We both brought cats into our realtionship, Kristen brought 2 and I brought 1. First let me introduce you to Kristens' cats Killer & Cali. 

Killer is a Tortie and lives up to her name and her breed very well. Torties are known for their range of emotions and what is called Torti-tude. Kristen actually had to have Killers front paws declawed because of her attitude and random bouts of rage. She would attack her at night while she slept to the point that she bled. Even vets that she took her too would put a muzzle on her because she would bite and claw them. So as much as she hated having to do it, the claws had to go! Honestly, Killer is a very sweet cat that loves to cuddle and loves her mommy very much. She just wants to be the ONLY cat for Kristen, but that wasn't the case when she brought home a fluffy white intruder. 

Kristens second cat is named Cali, named after the state she loves and grew up in. The story she tells is that when she picked Cali up to see if she was the cat for her, Cali jumped out of her hands and hit her head against a glass wall. So because of that, Cali isn't the smartest cat in the house. Who knows if it was from the jump or if she was always a little ditzy. Cali is the shy one in the house and can be found in the nearest closet sleeping. Or you can see her licking the wall, the chair, or the floor somewhere in the apartment. She also doesn't like men for some reason so no matter how much I try, she runs away every time I walk into a room. When I'm not in the room she cuddles with Kristen and is a social, normal cat. I don't know what I did but she has never been at ease around me. 

The last one is the most recent addition to the family, my cat Gilligan. In our clouder of kitties he is the gentle giant. Weighing in at around 18lbs he can, and has, broken through any cage you try to put him in. But outside of that he wouldn't hurt a fly. All he wants to do is be loved by his sisters but they want nothing to do with him. Occasionally he will attempt to tackle Killer and she will quickly put him in his place. You could seriously pet him all day and he wouldn't stop you. Despite Gilligans size, he tends to be a wuss when it comes to visitors. He will run and hide at the first sign of an intruder, but once he gets comfortable with you he will be all over you. 

We love our little family of cats and we can't imagine life without any one of them. They have traveled thousands of miles with us and are each from a different state, Killer from California, Cali from Nevada and Gilligan from Ohio. We would have 100 cats if we could but I think we will stick with these 3 for now.