Our First Sharks Game

March 20, 2017

We have been moving all over the place and spent our first couple of months in an apartment. Plus with Kristen having healing from leg surgery its been tough getting around. She has just started walking a bit more and not depending on wheelchair as much. So we decided to get out and go to a Sharks game at the SAP center since the season is ending soon and we had never been. They were playing the Anaheim Ducks which made it even cooler because Kristen grew near Anaheim and was a Ducks fan back in the day. 

We had a blast! The SAP center is beautiful inside and hockey games aren't like other sports. There is a lot that the crowd has to do while they watch. From the classic "Charge!" cheer to the hand signals for someone getting in the penalty box. Which is making your arms look like a big sharks mouth and making the chomping motions. It was a blast and we can't wait to go and check out another game! We are now officially Sharks fans so we bought a hat and a scarf to prove it.