Shelter and Rescue Groups Open Doors!

October 11, 2017

Animal rescue groups are helping pets by clearing shelters and finding temporary homes for them. One such shelter that had to be evacuated was the Milo Foundation's Willits Sanctuary. They brought their animals to the Point Richmond Shelter. They are asking for help to foster those pets. If you are willing to foster a dog or cat, go to the Milo Foundation Shelter, call 510-900-2275, or go to the group's website. 

Humane Society Silicon Valley is taking in animals from the Petaluma Animal Shelter. 

Oakland-based Pet Food Express is collecting donations at its stores for the fire vicitms and their pets.

Shelters that are taking in animals:

  1. Napa County Animal Shelter will shelter dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small pets. It is also looking for volunteers who can foster some pets.
  2. Pets Lifeline Animal Shelter is taking in small pets.
  3. Marin Humane is offering emergency board.
  4. Sonoma County Fairgrounds is accepting large animals.

Tips for evacuation:

  1. Keep your pet inside a kennel or a cage. 
  2. Grab collars and leashers.
  3. Grab a small food supply.
  4. Water is very important.
  5. Grab their bed or a blanket.

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