Survey Finds Answers To Our Most Controversial Arguments

There are just some things that can only be discussed behind doors in hopes to avoid huge arguments in the home and the work place. No I'm not talking about politics or religion, what really matters is how people feel about pinneapple on their pizza. And just to be crystal clear, I am IN FAVOR of...
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Pistahan 2017

The KOIT crew set up shop at Pistahan 2017 held in San Francisco's own Yerba Buena Gardens!
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The Pistahan Parade and Festival is an international celebration of Filipino community, culture and cuisine. Experience the best of Filipino art, dance, music and cuisine at the Yerba Buena Gardens. On Saturday, the Pistahan Parade will feature elaborate floats, marching bands and colorful...
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Win a New Char-Broil® Signature™ 4 Burner Gas Grill!

Sign up for your chance to win with the 96.5 KOIT “My GRILL-friend and Me, photo contest”.
Contest Date Range: Monday, Aug 21st 2017 3:54am - end date to be announced.

Owner Makes Cat Elaborate Sushi Dinner

This may be the fanciest fiest I've ever seen for a cat. This owner hand makes his 2 cats a plate of fresh high quality sushi from scratch. I wouldn't put this much effort into making dinner for my parents but this guy does this for cats that won't even appreciate it. If you don't want to serve...
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Great America's Taste of Orleans Festival

Come celebrate Great America's Annual Festival: Taste of Orleans! Join the celebration with music, food, and culture of New Orleans and Cajun country. All with a park full of thrills just a step away!
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A Man Took Engagement Photos with a BURRITO!!!

A man took engagement photos with a...are you ready for this? He took photos with the love of his life, a BURRITO! I was laughing so hard that I couldn't contain myself. Its a cute article actually and it the photos were hilarious!! Check out the articles and photos here.
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People Try Clear Coffee

There was a story earlier this year about a company that had figured out a way to brew clear coffee. Well the guys over at Buzzfeed got a hold of some and of course had to try it. I'm not a coffee snob and in fact coffee drinkers probably hate me because my coffee is 50/50 with creamer and coffee...
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STOP Doing It Wrong!

Do you eat sushi with a fork? Are you not slurping your Ramen when you are at a restaurant? Then you are doing it wrong. My latest youtube obsession is the Zagat channels "Stop Doing It Wrong" video series that comes out every Monday. I got sucked down this rabbit hole about 2 weeks ago and I keep...
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