I’m born and raised in The Bay, a San Francisco native to be exact, but grew up in foggy Daly City. I'm a single mother of two young girls ages 9 and 11. I'd best describe myself as a tomboy kind of chic who LOVES MAKE UP AND GIRLY STUFF. I know that's so contradicting. You see, my dad had 2 daughters of his own and he raised us to some degree like he had sons!

I was introduced into DJ'ing and it completely changed the trajectory of my life. I've mixed in clubs in all markets that I've worked in. It's taken me from working in Hawaii and Sacramento and, of course, San Francisco. I've done every day part possible and my duties ranged allover the place.

I like to reach out and do career oriented lectures at schools and volunteer my time to help at risk youth. I'm active in cancer awareness outreach events as I was diagnosed in 2012 with breast cancer. My dear mother is currently living with Alzheimer's disease and I'm most definitely passionate about helping other caregivers navigate through those feelings as well.

I love what I do. I love where I come from and I'm comfortable where I am going. I'm team player to the core! Love to help try and create an environment that fosters learning but with a competitive undertone that pushes forward everyday. I most definitely love winning BUT I HATE LOSING EVEN MORE. If you're not putting in 100% why do it all?

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