Teri King

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Meet the person with the best job in the world = ME! Every day I come to the KOIT studio and play great music as we hang out and work together.  I grew up in Boston and moved to beautiful San Francisco 20 years ago and never left.  How could I? I met my husband at the Great American Music Hall and our son was born here.  We spend a lot of our weekends shuttling around the bay area to swim meets and baseball games.  We love traveling, from weekend trips in Yosemite and Mendocino to visiting family on the East Coast and Belgium.   The youngest in our family, is an 18 pound Pug named “Buster”.  He’s full of fun, attitude and likes to sleep with his head upside down.  I love Adele, Bruno Mars & Michael Jackson.  Can’t wait for you to join me weekdays 10am-3pm and enjoy all our favorite songs.

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