#102 I Wasn't Starting Yet!

Monday, October 9th


Kristen was caught shame eating in the elevator this morning and she blames Nick for it. We give an update on the Napa fires, take a deep dive into our childhood fears and our unbelievable headline has to do with pepper spraying an old woman. 

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Hello and welcome this episode number 102. Of the making Chris in the morning podcasts and they were gonna discuss the Napa fires that are happening in and the latest that we have on there. Whitney is gonna give us an unbelievable headline we're taking me deep dive as well today it does ads are driving everybody crazy. Kristin what Shane meeting today and we're gonna color elements looked pretty front. I tail lights input and you can Kirsten in the morning I guess. So if you live in the Bay Area you know that there is a big. Fire happening now and what they say five different fires CF five different fires in all different areas around NASA. They're saying that dozens of homes have been destroyed. And it's a 20000 acre brush fire into the north Bay Area and is it started bubbling yesterday array or the day before then yeah. On a. Exactly sure but yeah it's with end. Live the last couple day and escalated really quick yeah I did hear about it until yesterday. There's a bunch of animal shelters that are open an and community centers are open for people that evacuated he had a friend of ours was evacuated. But crosswalk community churches open Napa county animal shelter Eric. Now a junior colleges open all of Santa Rosa schools public schools are closed for the time being yeah console will see I guess the winds are fifty miles per hour there with that this is really dry conditions sell it jumped highway one align it. Come lots of house is being threatened right now so. Is just terrible Fiat. And you can Agassi due to smoky can smell it will look at our morning now you can smell it in the air that there there's something on fire basically and we were both. Wondering of the house next door. Was on fire and Nestle strong allies I woke up at 230 kind of panicked and I looked downstairs expecting to see like. Planes or something and I. But even here in the city you can still smell it. Yet we well I went to lead in hope our. Let's Miller bosses assistant via Christopher got a key and it went over just by the door or on the twelfth floor. And by the door near the elevators it's. Reeks of smoke yeah it's crazy how really smack down around and hopefully he can kick contained quickly but these things usually lasts at least a week train. I had depends depends all about the conditions yen Israeli now terrible condition that's not good cell. This could go on for awhile hopefully not out yet preliminary area be safe. Starts if you have to pack in up like a slow go bag is with a brain itself. Get ready he might have to go unfortunately. But hopefully everyone safe and will keep you updated as we know more about the never fires. Yet so we'll give you updates on the morning show 'cause we're on from 530 to attend and also something that we got going right now is cash cash is that yes there's four chances a date when a thousand dollars symmetry listing assets seven and eight and then with breast at four and five because those of the times that you're gonna get the thousand dollar worked to cash code. You texted into us and you can get a text back saying hey you know 1000 dollars day. Is 1000 dollar 800 no claim a grandson. Pulling the and it's every in today's unbelievable headline. 29 year old woman named Lily in Connecticut two tickets to cats Connecticut to medication tech. And turn at 37 pro friend of hers named Melissa broke into an elderly woman's house in Massachusetts back in August. Apparently they knew the woman's daughter and knew that she had money god is bad days she won a tying up the woman. Pepper spraying her. And tell them where she kept her money horrible and then they still want to stuff and took off. But. Lilly. There's apparently a mini it. She left her resonate behind why somehow yes it's not clear she was on her way to a job interview or she just haven't ever Reza may honor. But she's another wave you know anybody yet exactly like a large gets it because they're hiring girls wanna as I take your money and pepper spray an old lady played well. That his parents and so the cops were easily. He did able finder Wright does OGS. I guess in your resume where she put her address on there and their phone numbers Alina that are down. And she's been arrested she's it would seven felony charges. A home invasion with a firearm and kidnapping she is gone away for awhile and she cannon deserves it of course she her and her friend in committed committed to. It kinetic to milk mint. If you would like to. More win some to get to go to six likes fright fest we have some. Every morning this week at six when he has always been. Are Wheeling games and if you beat the game that we the wheel lands on than you get a four candidates to six licensed every kingdom's freight vessel which is like. The attorney in the whole park in due haunted park may add a sprinkle yes of you wanted to let you enforcing its coming up at 6 Tony every morning this week. So. I don't know how you know events but it's. What. Some late weird health kick lately and Mike didn't ask me if I want to be involved I exam though I know I don't want. And be involved and it's like his arm in its testing we're like hee-seop seeding at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and then he does need till seven or eight the next day yet in the morning. And I'm hungry. And so I can try and play along and that are red around 6 o'clock I'm getting hungry every morning and that's fine and so I'm like you know Oscar so I went down to use Starbucks and got a bagel. And I was also feel a little some consider it seemed that's true problem because you just decided that I was the. Anymore and that's not true at all and is a week ago we were all on board I said you know what I've that was ugly that one night watching videos about in a manifesting and how. You just take it's a sixteen hours not eating a hours of Reading and I was like are they item by canceling that cool. So I decided that I was gonna try it and then. I didn't expect you to drive because you don't do well with not eating right. And so you one day said adding him to do with you and I said. Our rates semite you'll have to. Then you said that what I need to do is not eat sugar I'm giving up sugar completely cold Turkey sent. Well you didn't say when now blood that was your deck or. You just assumed it happened in the mid to exit that match and then all of a sudden it was like oh Dodi data has sugar in it unlike. Does that get I didn't say Alison. Anyway a table and you can look at the this is why this is a pain because we don't know I don't know when you were starting to you just said I don't know. I think I'm gonna sobbing ancient. Yeah I didn't know it and I didn't say now more immediately or any of that and to tell it like there's been a no sugar policy in our house all of a sudden. And it's been angering me which would have been terrible and by the way I mean it's not even good that you you were criticizing every time and I do something that has eaten the answer it yeah are Ares I meaning then I'm like I just yet to let the I sell. I know I needed a little pick me up this morning so I went out Starbucks and got bagel and it geek pop like a tiny bit late some played up pops a cold light of our two year old pop of he's Kate Clinton and if it's it's something you eat into bite so I ate it up on the elevator and and I threw away the bag is it was right by the elevator. And then I come here and you go all would you and I know I got to bagel and you led so he didn't she need anything different there are freighter had been met elevator. So clearly went on to the Starbucks app and like looked at pre IX rays didn't I promise there's in no way you just assumed I was eating something in the elevator. I was one of the things that I throughout there. Just to see have you ever had any like merits and you'd you immediately start talks. That was it is and now the security admit CEO that you Amy I seem Eleanor I hated cake pops an alligator because it was getting acute lecture about it and I needed fresh video I don't know lectured you know like I want my sugar. I didn't say when I was starting this you didn't like all look back recently so I do get is still a lot. Aside notes is just and just educate. Did you guys know that sugar. Is more addicting and heroin and cocaine and those people exhibit the same symptoms. As people who are addicted to show. This is a DSL are living with his bags sugar is worse. Than cocaine and heroin so let's just signed up fact and. I think Chris you like doing mr. Al but he lately but it's like I'm. About an immunity fasting you know did you know Chris and who like that that's a lot of this journey with you don't have any idea. You know you didn't wanna do sugar but you didn't say when it is the whole foods like that the best cop out I've ever heard Jimmy. I did not examine concerns but did I say I would like starting today I never said that I thought I don't think he I'm glad you aren't ready give us shattered okay would you like to give a senator. I wanted to OK but I don't know women when would you like I don't know eludes I have to just after the first or second heart attack. The seat here. You could feel like my partner in crime but now you're all like loads you know that led in three crackers has visited them dislike the highlight at the all I get a New Year's Day is let me get my street tacos you take -- that extra tortilla could they have to tortilla that system. I know it and so many higher risk for his stand up a canceled visit is not the man. I'm Mary what I'm trying to do because I hit I knew eventually hit a wall we're liar lie if I in my keep going. This is gonna and bread so I hit that wall to where I'm back to the way I started at three years ago where I am I decide at the last walk. And saw as they aren't some gonna happen some got to change so I've Sully and amid a fastening of the that's cool I can do that let's try that. And we have a rule now that we lunch. And it's ten dollars a day because we were spending too much on and going out to eat and because we are buying. Groceries for lunch the not eating them or eating them and then eating lunch and that's how I got to where I am so we decided to ten dollars today. And that has reduced the amount of food. That I'm eating at lunch which is cool a lake that's also modest pick things that are filling. That I I won't be too longer about it and it's been working for me I'm not hungry all the time and I get to eat whatever I want and that's cool but. I've also tried to stop beating cards and sugar if I'm going to eat something a wanna eat a little bit healthier some of this. Works I ever start word now but that's somewhere in in the process. And you wanted to jump on board this in you in half to I don't care but if you say you're doing some think I'm gonna try and did. That's. Yeah I think you said you're gonna trying your shirt as they try that they are this is where I can help my lovely wife. And keep her on FaceBook links and brilliantly talking about the dangers of sugar and death. I'm trying to tell obnoxious he does that would be all you know and I really do need to stop even to. I know it's bad for me nobody eats sharing does this is different than what it what the did all the running that's coming out of this light I. I obviously know that sugar is an issue. Okay would you have to join me and and many of them though I don't care who you don't meet with me but I'm gonna not eat. And then Yemeni. Yet but that changes everything now that like I cook things and when I. Make whatever you want you just can't Ali do you you know Donna Rice or two or we don't do that I'm just you know the lake. Yes I want to let him them what problems he's playing what where is it then now 'cause it's like OK if I make chicken you know with no rights earnings and I talent we have men having Lindsay anyways. Are you gonna suddenly be like well. It doesn't sausage he made is what how many grams of fat is that it's just like if you diet we all have to be on a diet because of my cooking. And I you're reading whatever I can then I've got to be honest duke and zeros you're dragging me along with you. This point I'm not thinking of it as a diet and thing of it is highly T for these a man hours. And nominee it's a smaller portions because I spend mindless Manila itself may whatever you want. I will avoid the car was a McCain if not and I feel like carve some have guards some trying to find I'm discovering a new way to live. Chris Davis trying to figure that out everybody obnoxious and try to figure you want a tiny new lifestyle and the new it's the most of the trying to find a new way to survive and be dinner or descend into your lane people I now. I know I am and either be less people and when I fit into the airplane seats. It'll be worth it good for you think well so we had given elect who won a three iron about. On the show well we've got movie tickets all had to leave when we've got to give away so if he won away into movie tickets to come see a movie with us or not but you couldn't go by yourself it's fine. On go to our FaceBook page Kea are not peace but our website KO IT dot com under the contest page you'll see a little link. That says like he does the president and just puts stuff any and you might get randomly selected to Winston passes yeah we're gonna drop. Two times a month I believe we're gonna applicable winners in the needing go watch whatever movie want and a Cinemark theater in those comfortable. Luxury flounders which are amazing they're gonna try him out yet. You need to go and trial on the one in the city of his wanna Daly City there's there'll probably soap Gillick for that Cinemark. XD and don't forget Nicki can't get an ice because that's a lot of sugar and Alan I'll look I'm debating on Jesus sends evidence. But I'm trying to I'm sorry attorney better I wanna die. I ended don't want them to 33 right now and I'm hip feeling heart things yeah late and that's though is I don't want you to died. And if you wanna eat healthy like I mean you know I want to be healthy. But it's just knowing because I don't want to be healthy I don't know -- re being I know there is so I don't wanna be LB I'm trying to make little changes Christen cell. The so annoying small towns. Let's look at the deep diving deep question Aaron on the farm and the average Aaron. So what is it fear that you've had when you're a Childs. Ha. And fear I had when I was a child both bugs that's yeah certainly a big but I am and they pay bucks mum. As the what do you mean as far as fear played keep something I was afraid was gonna happen but I'd grow up and I'd get a third toe or it has. Yet what was it that's how Earl fear is it but do you work. In now Harrell clown Israeli going to be letter sent us here is so I don't know what was your child with Vatican explanatory. Allah to go first on this route that I haven't generally now my fear is always somebody was hiding in my closet. Oh that's right and that's because my brother he's had my closet and he used to wait until I fell asleep and then he would jump out scare me. And so I was terrified of closets or anything that I could see into the cast so every night Intel I went to college in my dorm. I would check the inside of my closet to make sure that nobody was there. Because L I think he did it like once or twice but it scarred me for life and death and I was horrified by the whole thing that there is somebody that could be sitting standing there and I don't know. Elegant dark closet. And sold that was my my big thing and even now I don't like. Omelet shower curtains. Closed yeah and some like I don't like anything that I can't see into its interest thing you know. In your brother economist Jeff and his jerk I. The only guy I am my siblings were around to message me much. So. Mine was. I think it's gotta be their mean childhood fear bugs like it's just I hated I hate bugs and I think it stems from. I fell asleep one night. And I felt somebody in my hair went and had thought it was sweat but it was not sweats let her in the wall wanna yeah. Slither out of my parents so those Pincher bugs the probably the number one. The little you know gone out via the for your limit your weeks or whatever ranked number one I think fear bug and a number two's coverage. So. I'd still like small crawling things. If I can't punch in the face at the satellite technically depression thing I tell me the idea you know I mean they ethnic confronted dog in the face. And ask your ducks movement and that I can't I can't see or feel you are my body until it's too late for those little. Don't attack my aunts yeah I'm really bad bug life child and the and it's terrible death. That's been anything but that was my grandmother obviously bail all brooch is everywhere. And and I got bitten by a swarm of ants. Mom and then but he was in my hair so. The only country and with the and so that's OK I can now like bugs. What is being ranked. So coming up tomorrow we're gonna tell you all about it's what we thought if blade runner. Yes so we're gonna hit the irony do their new blade runner DO so also. But with that may should it to join our movie email club Allianz on his tail IT dot com and in your name in there and then you've got all of our Beers and all the updates and maybe a chance to win some dvds and some. Ticket desultory all about that tomorrow I think he gets for listen and don't forget to like subscribe tell your friends to do the only way. Forget this word out to tell everybody you know that we have an awesome my guess our five miles. My only decent Nantz kind of been mediocre at being everybody's that's fine. I'm a rarity there remember be excellent to each other and Mario did fashion.