#103 Dinner Table, Schminner Fable

Tuesday, October 10th


We talk to a friend who had to evacuate from the fires in Napa this morning. Plus we discuss the new trailer for The Last Jedi, why Kristen and JJ Watt have something in common and how no one eats at the dinner table anymore. 

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Welcome to episode 103. Of the next interest and in the morning podcast we're gonna discussed. The latest that we know on mean Napa Valley fires and we're gonna talk some of that actually had to evacuate nick is getting geek out over the last gen I trailer. Kirsten has something in common would be famous football player. In order to find out where you eat your dinner he's six point five tail lights. You can Christopher in the morning I guess. So the never fires are still very much going on there and delays that we have a sense over 80000 acres have burned. 0% contained on two of the biggest fires yes all of us with a smaller ones are okay are there of their re routing Dallas but I guess the winds are supposed to be low lower today or not as Wendy. Soldier. Firefighters are supposed to start tackling the actual containment Anderson that's nice deck is would defeat him on our wins it was jumping over freeways and. Yeah I want a lot of which is six sleep. Seattle say a thing as saying fire isn't a joke. In fact we know someone that lives up in Santa Rosa has name's Danny and we thought it would be cool to give his. Recap of what's happening into he would do vacuum inside that's let's talk to Danny. I so we color body Danny up in where you live Danny. Parents generals a time and you had to evacuate to tell us about the whole process why you had to leave mum you know just zero experience. Yeah so. 2 o'clock in the more mall before the evacuation you know rebuke big wind is going on and might be one of our backyard umbrellas flew out in tornado could door neighbor's yard lob and yeah and in my life they needed the ability on a look and now. Well you know it's not there anymore that's our neighbor's yard while I am. So that was going on that we are already off and on kind of sleeping and then now around 2 o'clock in the morning our doorbell to ring him. Not stopped pounding on our front door and we over the door twelve our neighbors we live in an actual called a fact a very tight little community. Bottom and one of our neighbors that they were going to actually get got to get hit ago. And we get up going to really know what's happening he's a bit into the meat of the with a fire that can't grow. But it community in the big show community around the corner about them. We. He really think twice took gathered the kids that you underwent beaten load on him. Regular phones and chargers didn't and that's important and yet in this instance and I got in the car and and ended up. Kind of not knowing where we're going we went to we're gonna go to other shelters one earlier evacuation spot in which was on the center of fairgrounds democratic fairground but. And I'm going to find out from some friends are very nice to let part of a couple other friendly than to their home. And we made it there and then you want we got there we realized we felt we're watching the nuclear thing what was really happening in. Yeah we are now pretty much all day yesterday at Q about mid day where I went back to our house. And kind of got more stuff even though it was still under the evacuation. You know allowed to go back area. Now you're not supposed fear I wanted to neighbors that was fitting our rebuttal time I would play. I don't know where an epithet. And who can. So your house is still as of right now OK is it in any danger so. It is in danger we're technically not audio back it's. It's demanding it be looked like defy those quotes to got so it's not campaign by any means but I think they've. They've been able to kind of keep it at a achieve like maybe few blocks away from a lot of it literally did you go up they held two bucks a month that looks like indicate. That's it it's flattened it and you sure in the video the pictures. Online again and are praising bush so glad that you are saying send that your kids are safe and you have a place to stay and hopefully can give back in your home sooner. Thank you were aware got a so I've ever had do like evacuate to or anything like that it's seeing it sounds like it's there would be terrifying knowing now us ST -- kids like he does that and we have three cats and they would be difficult to send down how we have always worry about that like about the earthquake happens they're gonna scatter I don't know how we're gonna get a hold of them and an earthquake but. For firewood probably a better chance. Snow really have you know five or six minutes to deal would gather up some stuff yeah any impact of the car. We don't have a lot of time but hopefully they're not you know trapped somewhere. Yet but it brings up the thing the question what would you take with you what's on your like the five items you have to check off. If you were told to evacuate. Well I know I I we taping cat sniffs it out I wouldn't leave them without them we bumped. I have we have a Fuller important items from cap com so I grabbed that I grab my laptop. Yes and I'd probably grab. There's. I don't even know where it is I should find it. But I have a metal that I was given one Osborne because I was born into like a Catholic family and they give them metal when you're born and it's of general mark. So yes baby and then I also have a bracelet that my dad made for me 'cause I was and a lot of theater productions Diana and I get a charm every time I was in his production. And so I have that somewhere in any define those and have it like it easily access the public locations. Dead bird brings up the idea of maybe having to go back somewhere and yeah. And get ahold of Vanessa are important stuff. Where I would put my back up music files actually. Because that would be Blake the second thing after the catch yes I would grab would be by music that four K or four Terrence terabytes. Of music and a lot of music did fine and I've collected it's been a good thing that I've collected the most of over the years of my life and it's all. Save don't like three different drives every time I get a new driving in their wrists that one's gonna crash media and so I'm back of the backup just in case. So I would be something I can put to get another back up keep the mag as I have get another one back then back up up and put it in cargo bag and then what else would you bring. The cats Everly and the guilt of the music. Com are important papers as which I don't know where they are so it's a sense there's a certain Erica. I don't know maybe some Superman stuff that I have but I doubt it. I don't really have anything that's worked too much rice Kennametal yeah exactly mote mostly replaced double bonus Jan and I think that's all we need to. Pink shirt how we have albums this photo albums that I am I gonna take. And it's the most of the pictures are of me the outside it's like now like I wanna yeah but I you know I probably should take them with me because you know there's Paulus and Stanley shots in there. Have a lot of pictures on my big external as wells I'm let's go back them up to present to you my phones that they SM telephone. So that would go with me but again the net. I don't know I don't know if anything else is worth. Search and four and if you have let a jury whether it's all in Michael rods are packed about a where an immense need around maybe L like coach. Eight days you have some clean underpants yeah they you know are now under where's that in fact that's not how old but no one wants the share tell exactly. If you have something that you would take with you definitely comment below wherever we put this living well program is with the yes so let us know what you would take with you. If you would like a thousand dollars then you can win that four times today by listening to 96 point five kale I teeth. So that I think need to listen are 784. And five so 78 any eat with us in the morning and then four or five with press guy in champion. We're giving you a code. Sold I don't know lake it's nick. Mexico again easier viewing text it's asinine you might get add text back saying hey it is not a thousand dollars in need go. And away the goat is not nick that's the needle incidents at 78 Ford's body to get the actual code. Sell. It could do to repair it and there was a new trailer that was release and during Monday Night Football last night which I hate to say. Was the only reason I was. To the money from the whenever a ball I know is so late for us to Vienna netted seven to July I'm staying this is happening I have to be on the list of people that sought during this the game but like it was pretty get her. But then I turn offs trailer with a reception about ended I don't know want. I've mostly by the need to get an hour waking up going did you want to consider and you're like yeah and a late day. I want to do that it's often so it looks amazing a chance to lay dead it is I can't wait it's so close were two months I gonna we gonna buy air tickets. To go the show on Friday and notably they start and there's there won't be able to go. Thursday because we have a prior engagement but. We will definitely go Friday as early as possible Clinton and I'm trying to stay away from the breakdown now every time something went out. There's a nerd out there that will break it down. Frame by frame and Tommy whatever that means and how on that now watch the trailers. And bad director I guess came forward and said. That disc trailers chock full of spoilers yet he said if you wanna go in fresh well and then don't want to marquee halo just weeded and said. Like I can not agree more. And there's a lot of big things that I can't believe they showed brilliant trailer or no cell I don't know what any of that mean yes. Com I don't know what it means so let's get so maybe add to still go looking for it. Yeah it'll be they have to do with you wanna come go completely clean them you don't want to but it's hard to now wanna watch it. I knew that at some point between now and December I would cave it's watched it. To the ceiling is no way I can now watch it I have the least watched the trailer they won't reveal the big stuff right there in that I didn't kitchen giving from a. I don't know and in the storyline there and while there's a moment and treat Shiloh NRA if where in there like there all of a sudden it becomes home means yet and is a moment between high low and his mom writes that doesn't dent the delicate settled not knowing how we well we know in real life again we're like maybe that's how they gonna work around that would be really cool. Well in meaning killed ovals has been the I mean that would be pretty. Pretty darn dark and away nick we have this conversation may Sweeney's talk about this more on the podcast Mara of like. Unattractive people that we finally secretly crash on oh yes and add drivers kind of that for me railway yet played there's nothing really about him that's like I hope. Like how Lauren is sexy but for some reason like. He's the bad boy I know I don't know that flake stacks here dragged into the that request. Does but yet I knew that there. Yeah mayoral of that one of the pockets and is talking about the of the I don't know what because you you pointed out although from famous women in Hollywood are gorgeous. Yes there's no one that's like unattractive leave attractive yet and if they are they're meant to be right like I assume eskolaste sick isn't it like it doesn't so regards as I'd stop yourself. What if you win some tickets from us that may be used to gussy the last data and yet you can do that sell all you can do is go to our our web senate -- I teed up top. Go under our contest page and there's a little bottom picture of us and it's as like they Siena Lou do you think Crist at noon and we've seemed it was Cinemark and century theatres. And we've got all these good passes to send you do the movies and acid may be CO PS and why you're on our website senate Freddy movie email club because that's three can get some of our reduce that we're gonna deal. And also each opportunity when more tickets or even dvds as well. Exactly now I was looking at some of the stats from the sports yesterday and so we're gonna talk sports briefly. But nothing to do with the actual sports okay JJ watt who's that guy a from Houston who collected like millions of dollars for hurricane. That he inherited harming the integrity. He is out early season ending injury who came in O'Dell Beckham junior are both out of the game are out of the out of the season. And I thought it was funny because I read how JJ watt. Is out of the season and he had a two real plateau. Fracture now this which is exactly what happened to Kristen yes that is exactly my injury now if you up to me and asked me in what happened. I want to say I have a tibia plateau fracture I'll say they broke any yet because that's like they easiest way to describe it. But basically what it is is you have a knee bone that rests against your TV. Which is the bottom party like the bottom party alike and did it took them click together when every move journey like when every walk or run or something like that. So I shattered the top of my leg bulb which is my tibia the part that connects to my need about an apparently suited JJ watt desolate makes it difficult for you to walk. Because they have to reconstructed but they never know how long that's gonna last for. Because your knee bones constantly pressing on and Chris and has been told she will never run again. Yes so they told me like running about a questions like that's just not gonna happen that's not going to be your life now. Most activities won't be in my life. Now so. JJ watt has probably having the same conversation with the doctor although he isn't much better shape than either of us right. And his weight an apt lessen some pay is plays a big party yeah it. Mom you know so like if you're in shape before the accident in May be batter for you to make you might build a bounce back batter led will say he's not going to be the same. No I mean I don't think he can come back 100% from something that's. Basically crippled U I can't imagine I can't imagine running yet come to Canada am out the pain that that would highs and also what damage that that would dale. I don't have to also because you damage your bone tissue rate what's I add up everything the cartilage cartilage yet and is cartilage is okay he might be okay. But since your car lives was damaged as well. I think I think that leaves a tolerable so I'm not sure but gas I just thought it was funny that you share ace and the same for boy injury as a football player. Really interesting MIS TB inspiring if he's able to bounce back I would say watch him for the next year it's going to be at least once. Three months in a wheelchair he's their dad yeah a lot of journalists here for far while I was come. I was able to bend my need for six weeks yeah. And then I was in a wheelchair for I think three months after that but technically as a blitzer for for music and movement like they'll probably about a quicker than that because probably athlete and that's his job and like he's gonna have special trainers and I had Danny's breach in that held I'll share. But yeah he he's gonna holes apart guy I can't imagine can I remember saying CU in the hospital. Like I did this is at an end even my doctor was like this is a career ending injury if you are any kind of athletes or did anything for your on your feet yeah luckily I have a Jabber sit most the day so it's fine music but you know fewer like around there or if you. Did a lot and it's not your life anymore yelling you think that's just never gonna happen free up. What's this craze so we'll watch studio why and see. How he does and if he bounces back and analysts are you. Yeah I think he'll let you know nearly instinct. If you don't some cupcakes we are giving away cupcakes every week we try to find the office of the week we go down and get it from cutesy cupcakes he can sign up to win. At KO IT that come under contests. It's big office of the week if you do live in the Bay Area we are trying to hit all different parts of the Bay Area so make sure you are your office up there. If you haven't done it already and we will try to get you some cupcakes there. Mean most delicious cupcakes best than I've ever had so I think you'll really enjoy them and there's a couple that I I am really really like that with a hit a dream about a night the saga at the end they aren't so if you wanna send to Winfrey kept a strategic after it she can do that at scale IT dot com under the contests. So we read article this morning as saying that dining rooms are basically becoming extinct that people in families are using the many mark. So we ask the question up on our face fake page what do you think about this and a wording youth and your family eat dinner. So first where did you eat dinner growing up. So we had a dining her and table ballots for special occasions like a Thanksgiving Christmas Dennis. Billy attic kitchen table and we ate every night on our kitchen table as a family spoke at C a two tables. That's what it was like a fancied like dining room and then yeah there was a tickets and offer. We head to. The kitchen table most of the time but whenever rain and it. And when I was maybe six we had five kids in the house and you know the adults right so we would heated to the table then but it's an is com. We moved out of that house and everybody else moved out. It was just. Wherever wherever is convenient. So mile mama my mom raised me most of the time sews me and her we've just in front of TV. Yes my whole life and I do that now we don't leave the table and our and our family our house. We ate red broad DB should we he sometimes AB in my lap or in my hand and that's just how I was on a steam bed at home when you ever. Never actually gone and sat at a table. Since it's weird for Eaton says sitting and eating and branded TV. But I've gotten used to it sweet view yeah but if we have kids I definitely don't want that tradition to continue. Because yeah first of all it makes it much harder to clean up. Yes like you drop stuff now he had to clean the floor and then like the cotton tables and growth in the when I got to put a magazine on it or something. He gets all sauce seats sell I would prefer to eat at a table yet I like the table but we just have put TV amendments suits someone won't talk to anybody. It was my you know one overseeing the sun country's looks at Christie says we senator dining table especially on Halloween. Because as close to the front door. I don't know yet how Lincoln nice dinner and then where there EL it won the Turkish traders found yet that makes sense and Victoria says every Monday night week that dining room and discuss the past week and the weeks ahead no electronics a laugh. Well that's critical yet that's probably gonna have to be a rule but as time if we have a kid and he grows up it's gonna have to be no Wi-Fi light rain during that time. Or will never good seeds senators and not just him or her its us too because we spent a lot of time looking and are from. Yeah I is that I'm assuming we'll have a little less time played you know Disney but among that's my only time is on the skinny shut up. The food but I don't got to clinically marvel heroes only guns I just it says we prepared dinner together and eat at the dining or table however she has a little one that's walking learning to walk I'll tell you says she normally sits on the ground while he's playing in eating into Canada still suck honestly. Then I hear that that's good commentary I think if it than you don't you don't make food for you make food for them they need what's left the have pretty much cannot wait. Cannot wait. I'm Donnelly the debt is huge alone and he eats pretty much wherever he will again when you anyway about why are his look in the life right now yet that's that's like the Pentagon. As I wanted to eat over the sink a TV don't think there's times anatomy grab a plate and just couldn McCain. I now as big a piece of cheese out of afraid it's. Now like spaghetti or anything really dads it's like hunks of season. Random weird things that you like to suspect the killer diet but not heavy road and I really a woman she's. New tees Jack so you'll let us now all well aware you eat because I find it fascinating you can actually go to our FaceBook page and you can put your comment there. Yet and did eating at the tail or did having kids make you leave the table again the if you set other places before that. They yes sir listening for subscribing I guess we didn't do a short one today aliens yet front less than that for about ten minutes shy of what we normally do low. But that's fun OK you know what has no set time when ought to force anything on you win on just wanna give you boring stuff so we'll just go brisk a walk away. They'll believe it way to make you want more. But not critical likened subscribe to podcasts maybe possibly tell a friend dispute IKI know you will have a twenty minute meteorite in the morning S had to say hey have you listened to increase in the oh god no I haven't and you go. Hey it's pretty good although who's picking Christen their bigger though this hour radio show on yell where's that. Well red M Cisco like just what you saw my OK and then they'll come back the next say go with the help to make you listen to and even those people are the weird. The talk about the jet eyes man like that who's JJ watt what's the injury out of his acts up. Yep and you have up front conversation and a friend later on you know I'll make sure to tell Millicent the puck how do you not want to have that conversation. The event that sounds like it's still like it is well again they yes Phyllis fame and we'll talk to you soon have agree receive their remembered be excellent whichever party on its back. The guys to play the music too late so this is gonna supposedly on Edwards now an awkward we can't thoughts on how. So the first gone on yeah moment. Trivial what really for lunch so should be five the last generally gets no no he I'll focus my.