#104 Sorry Vanessa!

Wednesday, October 11th


A moral dilemma about a sandwich happening this morning. Plus we talk to Al Pitrelli from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra about their upcoming show on November 30th. We are teaming up with Unleashed by Petco in Daly City to help the animals affected by the North Bay fires, plus we try to figure out if animals have souls. 

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Hello welcome episode number 104 of the making christened in the morning podcast available disgust a pennant and there were putting together helping animals affected by the fires. British talk to somebody from the trans Siberian orchestra about her performance coming up in November Bob got the unbelievable headline for an we've got tea. Of moral dilemma I don't want your opinion on us and we talked to somebody from the trans Siberian orchestra there comes down. November 30 and we're gonna get all the details on that. And you think boy inside and see you with the increase in the morning I. Right she is the transit Darian orchestra they do yeah I don't like to eat my deep dot com. Or you knew deep dive into I think it's nice tail light and then you can crescent in the morning I guess. Does how is the professional like the up whenever. You let think here partner at. Like not so I was and I was like can I afford everything's going on right now there shouldn't be front including. Just stuff. What what does the fourth things name them Timmy you've got your list in front video lower talking about PS you're controlling though the volume of the things so what are the other two things are looking at while I'm looking at the unbelievable headline I was trying to think how the tees that banner. But you can Kamal is something lower during that plus I have the list in front of me that lists all the things that. That already you. Immediate I said. Of the things that we're talking about the and the control of the volume of how do that you're playing with and not the other two things you're looking I don't know that I am how valuable minutes and I'm looking at the list of England as well as we talking about. Is listening would be fine. That's sticks in my ensued then that I got you'd out here. Talk about the first thing. Animal you know what it is animals and learn a hammonds and issues and we wanna help yes so OK there's tons of fires happening there's like sixteen different fires up in Napa and so no Murray now. And I know the red cross and working really hard work with all the people to gather the information that they can help and and get paired donations. But we love our pets and so we always look at the pats. I guess like some cats are coming into shelters with singed the whiskers. And a little pause that are burned and sold that drives us crazy so we are doing a pet event this Sunday from eleven to five in Daly City or we are going to be accepting pet donations so we're looking for food. We're looking for bedding for blank gates I think some need I'm carrying cases yeah basically anything if she can donate would be a really really appreciated. We're gonna get the unleashed by pet cow in Daly City it's at the west lake scanner. Com and everything up Mikhail IT dot com that. Were going to be out there it's just nick at night collecting all the stuff so we can bring it up Napa Valley and Sonoma to any any shelter that needs at. We're gonna be helping them out. Yeah does this sound like a budget shoppers and the need stuff and well hopefully gonna find a winning team accept money. Thick yellow that they a lot of things in the specific. Things that only they know how to go get. So we can't actually collect money as a radio station now if we get to like help of the fire department of some kind that. Then will be able TO but if you just see us out there in tennis it's funny we can't accept that so does that just go back inside and bison cans of food or something like. Yeah because there's all kinds of animals out there this horses and Al pack is his aunt and an Dodd's cancer death in chicken restate everything so. We're gonna trying to collect as much of that as we can go to KOA T dot com. To see how you can help us. You know comes up. So the chance they beard orchestra is going to be here. Which were very excited about nick and I have always wanted to see yes but wherever we Ben at the time that they've shown up we've always been out of town. Or had another engagement that night or something like that so this is the year that we're actually gonna go get to see it's. Yeah and we're gonna talk to Al Charlie is one of the original members. Of the trans Siberian orchestra. Are you this morning. Very Omar may go to. Nazi van we're excited to he has to get here on November 30 the ORACLE Arena. I think it's a definitely a staple here in since the silicon aircraft to go and see mom. Treasured orchestra. Absolutely yes. It's amazing how it's become such part of the British holiday traditions I mean after. Could lord dec 20/20 three years now it's it's just I'll always be put back on my heels what people tell me you know. You know well we we play your music from Thanksgiving until new years holidays and he got stroll through towns such an honor and a privilege come back to the Bay Area look at voter. Now Al I know that you are a musician and you the music director and one of the original members of TSL. I mean there's a plane over a hundred concerts in 61 cities how do you do that it's. Technological largely Starbucks. I can't think that the that the yes. Well it. It's a very daunting task having first and foremost thank god for our crew because without them we'd be dead in the water you know. But this is also something that's grown up since popular shows in 1999. It really LX six or seven cities on the itinerary. And from there you know promoters all over the country want it shows. So. The second year it was like twenty cities in thirty city and so on and so forth so we've kind of grown out what is it. That would kind of learned how to adapt and overcome you know deep dish monumental feat it is getting this ridiculously large rate of all eighteen and nineteen trekking trails into the arena. And they get it up or are referred me you know not only one shell but sometimes you showed today that. Now do you remember the first. I think you were one of the first songs that never went viral effect if I remember him back to my child and which I was like fifteen. Went in 1999. And we first heard the very first trance I bear in our society and I believe everyone was just. Flabbergasted lost their other blown away by the intensity and they and the difference and how much stood out. And do you remember that first time the you guys became. The trans every like the name came out and everyone kind of blew up and I'm I don't know if there was YouTube back then but it's the equivalent of going viral. I don't know currency is if if it hit me that hard because you really was cycle long. Not this racial built it was simply a long build I remember being in Europe. Scoring in the winter of ninety I'm getting phone call from Paul O'Neill. Saying hey you know we got a hit in America and I hung out front again shall we do. I'm freezing to death in Dusseldorf and it's Elmo we have had a radio. You know LS UC it's noted Casey's so if you really don't know what to be true. I just knew that he was really excited. Somebody tell me got back in between the states it was the number one request is sovereign America. And like you guys suggest say 88 caught everybody off guard there's nobody ever heard anything like that war. And that was a real testament to the Arctic formula created you know he always told me he's back in the early days just worry about making great art everything else follows suit. And that one song just slid up American and then the rest of the world that its hasn't stopped in almost 23 years now. So weird gearing up its gonna be at ORACLE Arena November 30 the trans Siberian orchestra. What exactly can we expect. Wolf for the folks who have seen this before we actually considered them to repeat offenders. They all have the familiarity of Paul hill's rock opera the ghost Chris receive a but that's the only money part of the show every year we've tried to upped the ante as far as more productions. How we change. The front of the show musical in the back crucial musically so there's something familiar something Brando from folks who never seen us before it a chance said the bigger truck roll. Show on the planet. It's but baskets at a point where we have. It's all so much paralleled so much related so many lasers and trust movements. Choreographed to like Mozart saw what it was simply your Beethoven's fifth yet something has been committed as a solo acoustic guitar and vocal weaker European dropped a new audience. So there's something for everybody musically. And if you're seeing plex theater productions. You know it is basically like a rock opera or eventual Lloyd Webber as Broadway play bring broad collection arena stage. Now that's always been a dream of mine to go and see you guys have never been to a concert Amal is working in Iran is doing something when he gets him into the town and amend. This hero making integration I am going this year I guess you guys. Can finally be something I have. It's I I think everybody wants ago doesn't wanna go and see something like this and I love the fact that you guys donates. Money from every ticket sold to charity. Koppel thank you can say that but it's actually been folks in your community giving back to themselves one dollar from every ticket that they buy. Goes back into your community. We're just trying to attack people on the shoulder or remind them that you know which validates. And if we could change the world the dollar at a time missile at a time they'll be able to try to make it a better planet. You know we just wanted to bring your camera and detention and there are a lot of people out there who much less fortunate. And everybody needs help around the holidays and everybody mr. sub zero dollars. Al thank you so much for taking the time to talk of this transcend mere nursery guitarist music director original member of the trans Siberian orchestra go see the 2070 winter tour the ghosts of Christmas Eve the rock Albert happening at ORACLE Arena November 30. You can see them and you can win tickets at KOA T dot com slash contest out thank you so much particular time this. Guys shortly thank you so very much so cassette. Once again you can go to KIT dot com slash contests and win tickets to see the trans Siberian orchestra. November 30 at ORACLE Arena. And while you're on the contest page fern can eyes little picture and and there's they come to the movies with us hey you can have delight your information there were really only telling people about it on the podcast. And we're gonna blame to tickets it's his century theatres and Cinemark XT. We'd actually just once and saw blade runner 2049. Yes we're gonna do our review after it and record in this podcast yes. So mom if you wanna know we thought about it we'll show you the video will play a little bit of its tomorrow would you be the non spoiler review. On tomorrow's podcasts or you could. Always joined decoy movie club down and it's a movie email blast that comes out maybe twice a month and a basically tells you 02 ways to win dvd is. What are reviews will be on there also chances freed when movie tickets exactly. All right it's time for today's unbelievable headlines. So it's not a super interesting story. But it's nerdy annihilation and I like to highlight the nerds so at 330 guy named Ariel broke into a car in Pasco which Washington. On Monday. Someone spotted him and confront MM so Iran but it left something behind. It's early now. His wearing big fake green incredible Hulk hands full during the robbery and an aunt Gladys I guess not he's trying to like get disguise the fingerprints crews using like those big green glow and a nice messy they ought to bash. Well he left them attached to the steering wheel and zone is a picture of two green. Hold hands holding onto the steering wheel and the person who own the car confirmed that the whole cans were not there. Before the yes so that he Devlin left and there Salim actually tracked aerial down a few blocks away. Oh I'm in DNA found and I don't and having interest on the data it was a it was it was within a couple minutes a pack they found like down the street Aaron and he was there a superb vehicle prowling and never that and possession of stolen property VA can't do that. To people's cuts but I hope that and make him angry. Because he. The ad in Iowa and win on the one guy that didn't have two hands and they're like that's our man of the appeal is holding. Because I don't know speaker and his teeth. Yet so wasn't there wasn't necessarily an interesting fumbling. You know green hole canned answers there will worth talking about it would just say it was so it is interesting. So. Yeah now on to Starbucks right is yes the Fletcher and isn't there all. I'm at I broke the wrong number next to these two I'm like yeah we're talking about. And I'm rough first line right down the stuff that we're gonna talk about in order that we come up with stuff to talk about and then right before we are what order do you wanna go and so for this one it's like. The second third the last of the first in the middle thing is the order candidate Clinton numbers by the Danes let sag I was like wait do we do three only get presumably by Atlanta and as the force that Starbucks of late so Starbucks. Well I wanna tell you about first before it's an acerbic OK now we are giving away a thousand dollars on KO IT we are and it's four times a day support thousand dollars today. At 784 inside and it's really really simply just tune in at those times right on the dot rightist 78 foreign buy. And we're ridding you deal cut out a thousand dollar workday cashed out you Texas asked and that's. And you might get it to expect saying you are thousand dollars he might as well try is four times today has said many foreign five. By the way since we're talking about this epidemic. Amid an enemy of the day of the show L yet so called and say hey we give away. And I hate when people call and do that when they just say what's given away today. Look at it you feel like they're not really listing here or not Shannon they called me up the laughter cries and called me an hour after our first contest which is at 620. Go seven point. And is like. Again I weigh in ruling did you when what. Signature doors some we'll paying out with a look at Cano and yet you don't like we'll will surprise is this something like that because that's us is gonna end up. As they do we do that with six or six all 61 air wrote that down wrong. Plates you obviously weren't listening to the show for a she would've heard us say because when if. And son nick was saying like dole we've got cast your wage goes alerting you about that yeah you said. Yeah easier perfection and. Go to Sheila what else you've gotten I was like well we're doing a thousand dollars days like that that's a national contest so get down with that. Was like are only it's it doesn't make any sense because your professional as he's like. We we professional. Remember that they like them off for what a joke like a professor. And have a series likely mean that professional. And Nicklas like all the kids you'd see you know all of the snapped like YouTube beer in the NL like you know about the really you know about the -- there you know that every. I was told him I remembered fellows that had the back panel yet they had laces like that was the joke right now licked and yes. Ebitda was joke right or like the but yeah lake I don't know why I think you you just like RE professionally know what's going on yeah I think you're. Herb for regular price and it's called a prize figured you're damn frustrated that's when I'm trying to be a jerk about it yet that's television analysts of the ficus jewels of the show up so you're damn price vague ML like you. But you can win all you want. But what I don't mind people that that try to win all the contest now I don't Nestle could win the once it's out. That it's the radio thing nobody radio like some professional winner there's no reason Breaston now like the professional because. The IR honestly a professional yet and they're obviously listening to the show. And all they're not listening to show that's why everyone hates them because they're just calling to win stuff and then the accumulate a bunt surprises. And then they sell them on the Internet those little worse once a once it's up there are generally people under the will win the tickets. And then go to all the things that they went ray that's cool you've found a way to save bucks and and have of cool life that I'm okay with the idea. It's the people that don't know what's going on don't pay attention to listen to the show that just low in stuff. That an army. Well and you know if you're one of those people right now and you're like how I do that RO that's pretty DS to keep in mind that we know what we gave you. And sometimes where it's lake in now at and I'm just throwing something out of that my hat like concert tickets some yes. Like we know what seats we gave you and so we see them on critics like this yeah year ban. For example we went to a Taylor Swift concert. And we gave away the role that we were sitting in because it was seen Taylor sort of panicking grist and every dump. But we do Kerry B sultan also tickets for 500 dollars apiece for the people that sat next to us or not the ones that won the tickets were like cool when did you guys went and I know actually bought the tickets. Awful stub hub or Craig's list and so we were like what Thomas did you play they've paid over 500 dollars a ticket. So this person that one to get from us for free got a thousand dollars for selling tickets I think that's a legally tell. It's it's totally legal in California and I'll sell in it's gonna hurt her in the long run because she didn't add that particular station that he stork I guess on day she can no longer win anything ever yeah so we're on the right any time her name pops up as like a winner. I'm so we have a system that we put it through it'll say like no can't win you and it says you sold your Taylor so tickets so it's like 1000 bucks with a birthday in. Actually sooner gonna win anymore superstar for myself I don't mind if you win a lot that's finally a couple winners in the morning that I'll call all the time. They know what's going on they wanna play the games they have fun and they went present yet and I go to the offense gets totally fun exactly but the people would call and so we can sell the tickets and then treat me like I'm just the monkey giving you tickets. I don't I don't like you now have like you know. It's not Obama or. Gingrich now and I don't know why she was offended with a professional yes you know like if if that's what she'd do if that's if you call an eleven radio stations at this specific times every day to try to win whenever they're winning. Leg that's what she did yeah and and you know this rock wouldn't let saying you can't. It's just you know. So anyways Starbucks and Starbucks all right let's move on this morning. We bought Starbucks is yes so. We had several bags and a couple waters and it went down to get it we order it through the app and then it's gonna pick it up what I can yeah and so went down there and I look like they're busy and there are takers and nine okay. They handed me the drinks and then they handed me a bunch of bad takes. And I was like okay whatever no big deal and I and I started going up an elevator and India elevator as like we think it's too many bags like I don't know why they're so many. And I looked and in one of them was a see much. And I had a ball. Maybe nick ordered as damage you know for later or whatever it is and then islets at the name on an A said the NASA I'm playing OK clearly it's not it's not meet. I got off on the twelfth floor. And a part of me stopped. And I was like two like gold backed down. Or why it. So I come back in com and I say Katie gave us the wrong sandwich they gave us somebody else a sandwich. What do we do should we take it back down or do we keep but at this point. Yet and my first checks and obviously is to take you back down right because Leo it's a mistake they gave us too much word agony they've played with a now we ordered for one minute we will aborted. But. We know they're gonna throw away. That's the thing is like it's better if you know like Starbucks when they have like they're hot food aid is putting in like a sleeve and they give it TO delegates opened it's like an open container. And so I don't know how I would feel if I was Vanessa is. I came back down the stairs handed it to the eye and the hand in major candidates this woman I don't know I would be comfortable eating it so I'm assuming that they would. Throw it away again I think we'd like gay you mentioned before there's probably some code. That says once you give enemy regular Maggie can't give it to somebody else. I am I mean it's like the food coat meth so we asked some say ass on a crush on FaceBook like moral dilemma like to do should we have kept this image are should be have tried to return it and thankfully everyone saying. That we should have kept it Lanka because they would have had to throw aways. Lauren even says like look they're 60% of this food that they have their goes to waste at the end of day why accumulate that when you get basically Susie it's. Yet I mean no one else is going to so. I am a bit the the saddened the saddest part two round of golf story they admitted it was disgusting. That's I took another bite of the sympathy. And the third west. Yes I mean hey if you did like oh we didn't order the not something we want an anyways. On so you said we should try to returning its and they would have asked her maybe if she wanted a new one. I think that's how well president Dawson. So I do make is Vanessa went down expecting her stuff like we do when they went. All we gotta make tuna sandwich rye and so she had to wait which I feel bad for and I mean wouldn't you rather wait than opposed to yeah knowing that you're sale it was on a different floor at some point somebody else's hands. Yeah and then it and it that it came back down there's a couple people that suggested we by someone. Lunch tomorrow yelling repay it for it's yeah are also may do we'll do that than vehicle in our or we will wait to panic. And actually it's already hit me app read all of that candidate right now or more of our super hardly take pretax. Let's come on Friday. So when we get paid may will go down and just start start appear toward their Starbucks. That is get I'm I'm Leona didn't want about the going despise. The next person's. Or you know yeah it's slick and cash donation greatly FK I'm paying for the whatever this person wanted for the next twenty dollars worth of stuff yeah yeah. Councilman Walter it and see elegant school lessons and instead that got to make it's still better body McHale yeah away. I truly don't filled out about it you up I don't lament I'd also early bad column. Because I know that I wouldn't want to sandwich after somebody else took it away and YouTube back mysteriously. No I didn't look at it go finally Greece can't win yeah he's that I was RD gone by the time I noticed at. It would be one thing to pilot data and they knew it's a Vanessa on it and the Starbucks I was cleaning me it has legs finally a Canadian bacon it's elect Mick muffin thingy and LA I had no idea so and it wasn't something I Zgonina anyway. Now those progress on so if you wanna win that. Six likes French testing its he can do that every morning on the wheel games we talked about the certainly remember and then we'll game six joining six Tony is all we play you colony spending you can win four packets gets to go into got six flights discovery kingdom's. Fright fest. So we're gonna do our deep dive segment. Right this is where we asked gave up provoking question. Get our minds working and then also we wanna know what he got a TC can contact us on FaceBook are. You know all I don't now email Twitter Nikki and limit to American person that. I KO NT a competent some sort of like I'm not at Kayla are Christen an end to Mac tip all right so the question is do you believe your pets have in their lives and sell what do you think they're thinking about what's what do you mean by inner lives flag did have. Like emotions where they feel stuff and now are they thinking things and rule in a what kind of things they pondering. It sure as heck feels like it. Does. I don't know its weird. I think that's. Late you mean are they looking out the window and young man. Seems like a beautiful day outside yeah dog apparently kept us think about that they do. And up they got an a they have too complicated self aware thoughts in fact I'm pretty sure they're not self aware. But I do think they think about things and they have things that they like and don't like. And know that it's ago all I only know this because of Jillian there and it just seems. He's weird cats. Whom knows what he likes and knows how to get what he wants and it's it's weird to me and the same with killer yes or ball very aware of of the process. Which seems weird so Gilligan will. Fetch so he goes down and get this thing is any brings up on the band is like Baylor students rank and so I throw an ego gets because recommends like you belly flops. Because I did that right. Yeah I just like the score board get our award as he lays down and Arabs belly as of which is a dog that intent at that but and so he'll do it any knows that he does that a couple times before I'll give on the belly rubs a big rally or yes and then that night when I eleven bed he comes up ads when he's ready to go bed any. He sits in the same spot the same exact way every day to get pets. And it's I'd never seen it can't do that it's the weirdest thing he has thirteen and so he knows what he's doing and it feels like he's stinking layer Walt spent time. The salaam it's time this time again look com. And the same killer. Yet Keller I I feel like she has emotions yes because she's a very emotional cat. Mom in the morning she wants politics she wants to be picked up and yet coddled like a baby like not repeat not held like a baby but like the old she sits from her Paz over my shoulder yet at spending your dollar since he was against Jews and ever since his baby. And sheep herders and she kisses me and things like that. She sees another cat coming in while or having cuddle time yes he gets jell OS she thinks like they're invading our tying together yet he's I feel like sepia and that's the problem as she hits isn't she gets really mad and if she chases them off yes applicable why would she do that unless she was jealous. Com. You know like she Gilligan get soft suit. And killers never like south India but ever since Gilligan has moved did. She's pentagon well I wallet he's having yeah and there's this kind of like fear of missing out there definitely we pour her like a little sometimes in the and give him the most you know. If she only a set and then kind of moves on our other way but like there's this. Like Weis he'd get that not me yet and she knows how to manipulate you write his she drinks water from the the sink. And chills sit on the toilet or shall sit on the sink and cry. On and she finds like echo weak area and. We have of the she goes into the larger room because it's small and echoes really well like it's seems as she finds the right places he's manipulative and find the spots in the walls that wall echoed the best. To get you to come out now right the weirdest thing well I think our cats and dogs have their little personalities. Right yeah I mean it got to like how our other man had. I Contra singing in the tub the other day yeah it is so weird I came down a steers you and I said she's like singing like did she think she's having. And see enjoy a better echoing in the sound effects I don't know we have this tough and I I heard like rummaging around in size 'cause sneaking co Blake looking. And I caught her and her eyes went wide and she was definitely cocked. And as the feeling of like a little hole and she was going left or. The and then I was like I look throughout the coroner has that a she stopped in and she jumped out of the tub and she ran under the bet and they it was like like her yeah I mean in our we are we projecting that. I'm personality under them or is that. A personnel who else would she do that I mean I'm projecting Hurd is saying or lie yet and in my view amazing is that and you think it's singing maybe she's meowing at something a bug she sees she's trying to scares you know she's always been a bathtub cat I nobody loves bathtubs and loves to sing leagues and. It's weird I don't know it's all I would say yeah I think so but again they're not self aware so there's a boom there's only lies self aware like they don't have deep thought don't call worst prison yet there at the had to return to the basics. There the basic thought process there like a toddler. Yes I think so there on the process of The Who doesn't know that this is my hands lake or the you know dream it's not self aware that if I do this. You're gonna ominous feel bad or you're gonna feel bad break haven't you it's sort of sea area and so here and I think could be ever learn the basics of life forms the third or will. And I Andrew Pitts but it also makes you feel bad because I hear the cows and chickens are the same way and any better I would never really can't act cat or dog. But China. Elements of emirates. Grew up eating am I didn't grow up beating dock when and other like countries at duke and the legal almighty god. You know how horrible but it's like in the air lines that's just a foods is another animal I don't they grew up went and although I think it's wrong because I'm an American yeah mom you know and I'd like to see it stopped in LA who worry Frontline yeah yeah. Somebody is what we breed. Animals for consumption. Or is I feel like dogs you find on the street to meet them and that's different. Where it's like a look at Doug let's leave it as opposed to anyone we need career. I know and I like that either but I mean people don't tend to survive. And I think that's. That's how would Manning's that's is what we do we eat we hope first stuffed eight yen would meal supplements and I feel bad but I've I decided pick until I get to take it he's admitted to what I want a and things like a lot of all of me and then things that are Q looking. I don't heat yet. Pretty much but some people think cats cows acute a narrower than they don't have the depth I don't mind to be a lot of talent but they're dying anyway I don't want their death be in vain. Until the song temperance achieves some horrible and she is okay is a burger at the burger I think you're sort of mistake coming how an announcement on song cheeseburger. Aren't so although the snow weird. That's been a fun. Up pockets of hope and I think there were just believe that thank you guys receipts for listening hopefully nobody get offended. If he did to Chris and apologizes. She is very said the N offended from jokes to keep listening yes please listen we're kind of so. Money they privatize city his head in also feel like this podcasts and street didn't today. But I think it's good to tell your friend about it they. Actually tell everybody unless they just wanna win prizes. But don't tell those well c'mon that's right I mean if you wanna with yes that's what you'll listen radio they were. Don't think stuff holder for conversation parent thinks listening as co workers you date remember. Big excellent to each other party added by.