#13 Stephanie Perkins

Friday, September 22nd


Stephanie Perkins: She is a New York Times Best Selling author and her latest book is THERE'S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE. She will be appearing at Kepler's Books and Magazines in San Francisco on 9/30 at 3pm. For more details click here. On the podcast, we talk about switching genres and what it's really like to be a best seller. 

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You're listening today about the other podcast I'm arrows Kristen flowers on both the morning show with my husband nick on net of six point five KO IC in San Francisco out. Today I guess is near times bestselling author Stephanie and her kids. Her but they're someone inside your house comes out on September 25 and she'll also be in San Francisco on September 30 first signing at Kepler bugs. If you would like to attend that event I will have all the information in the text of this podcast. In this episode we talk about switching genres and what exactly happens when you make it on the seller's list. Thanks for joining me today Stephanie. I do I am so excited to talk because I have they're someone inside your house. And I can't wait to read is. It looks like such a fantastic book and you're actually going to be in town to talking about that books so that's going to be fantastic. We're gonna talk about that a little later on that. How long have you been writing now. I know that ranking my whole life I Wednesday. Published my first novel in French it's out and 2010. So I would say I started seriously ratings. And meet the four or five years but forward back and and panics. And so ice I was secretive pre reading nature cholera. And I always. You are oh great books that was my passion. Yeah I love EE YE admiral a that it's. That was my teacher and and much a nation team and I kind of even that you that's that's. Kind of common at the university level here. At that snobbery of like oh why you why which experts. Now he raised it it's a really looked down upon in an first year I was laughed that off as we all reached her in the form Moby Dick get re. After years. I'm ashamed to say it really hot to me that's like crashing why why would I want rate for children. So I started raiding. Working on an adult project and that the same timing and graduating I started working out. Act for the public library here in national mark Carolina rhetoric now. And I am and it was a raid at that time when young adult was was just weakening. Time to have the room that was speak with it saying that did not exist or is it or not at that level. It was into the year looking relaxed kick our men. And twilight which was just hitting market. And that and I just. I was really really to be spokesman for the first few years I was reading them you know like and sneaking the princess diaries and everything at the end and is it a little guilty about it it was still those like XID numbers in my head. And and they only make co workers are super cool it is do you like. That. And and and and CN in the adult book that I was working on the whole I am how to section where character that teacher and section one by one that I want and are ready to nick getting there any adult or can't get smaller. But it is it several years before it called back and got about. You know what happened and being derailed and it wasn't you know what I originally anticipated writing or metal great audience but it was. It was so much more lean mean it is waged Ortiz and and that's fine and is able to you kind of saying like or the haters like you this has grainy and an increased set and be proud of that and be out of it. And and that kind of became Amro within the library and also as I it's working on campus book and that adult book actually did and hopeless that. It was that a teenage hearts and it was completely changed around and that's my second not OO XOK. Matt. And then there's is lying in the happily ever after rights. Yeah yeah I am I laugh I'm sorry got around and Bartlett says sorry. Let me see you on that he can shoot that theory my role in my first book she's mentioned on the age Miree Greek early and my publisher. In my managing that I don't want it to her character should be main character in the third products and that she had a different name. It was a longer name that they're all action in there like I'm sorry Hugh we can't have bad knee Cutler. Imus I had. I had when they come up with and Nene leaks it was bid gets hot it's going to next day. And so with that frantic night error rate has been musician who's how to show that night and I was. I'm taking polls inside the club later this name that name. And then I was on. And Gmail chat or whatever it was after that win with my author be affect your weight. And it was you know Rick Warren or something when she finally bottoming Ayala. And in the yes that's it that's beautiful senate added or she'd never responded so like that's candidates and it. And then that you know about a week later I got the email from her after the bucket I got just like so do you say baton and a let out power block terror in. But it took. Pretty name yet mean. I read books all the time and and it's like I never sometimes the pronunciation I just make it up it becomes I think what can let that reader interpret that you know to somebody it's is lie and that's the only way it's ever going to be and you're wrong. Even though you wrote it yeah now it becomes so laid out is look at. And that is totally cool I remember reading Harry Potter when I first came out or you know like years before man existed and I had no idea where how her right let's turn ring with you know Ernie Allen and I had to think that. That definitely made the same thing I for I don't know what I called her in the beginning but the it wasn't until the movie is a big panic Gunner right. Yeah yeah I had a very well meaning co worker correct and you are like that Shakespeare. Play that back characters or whatever she let. Yeah I was out of her ears and now a crew of. So you you've roads these books and dandy you know you've written a couple other books as well but then is the police saint. Is it fair Tuesday as is they're they're someone inside your house is kind of a different kind of genre Freel. It's certainly a different John Ray yes. But I I. Let things say it it's actually not as did rent. From my other books as the yet parents okay where it would make it seem. And it. It's horror which at first glance of course at those are richer or they can. It is that the glee as on our initial Hampshire. And the slasher shot at which is. One that I love particularly because it's not very well respected. Soft spot for anything that. They know that. Night I was a teenager in the ninety's and albums clicks screen and I know Anita last summer and Halloween she lower coming out and with revitalization. Of the shot that. Diet the last decades. And album when it. When it. Came back it was it was we this theory met at events and particularly because of screen and it's it's a very self aware aware of the genre. And because about it it's very very Smart very final. And the characters are wonderful they're really well rounded unlike slasher previous years. And and it was so influential and law and that would be. And so I you know I don't think it's a coincidence that I fell in love with C. The horror genre specifically that you know really about teenagers and that's self aware there's usually your round and the next minute slash or there's just on top of that all of its debt and so I keep describing what it's like NS with the body count the characters are. They characters are definitely still actors. Out it feel you know the voice is buying it. I am just on top of that there's a lot of art. Contesting yeah corporate is so funny because I'm sitting here at my desk and I'm like. You know I have this book and am looking around them like wears this like I say because they won a reference it. And then I'm like oh it's in my Amazon account I pre ordered it. And I aid I was like yes and definitely a definitely reading that and I cured it yet and it doesn't come not until the 26 race. And that's early thanks in labor for are very likely we are trying really brought this and I haven't really gets you read hi all. And I yeah I remember seeing the cover and I was like I'm in I'm a 100% invested in plaster YA by. And I like what the result I'm so sorry I said like I haven't Mike wheat and I haven't it I'd order a so what advice would you give for somebody that's maybe loves the horrors on and is there any trips archer tricks to tackle. I don't. A slew. And you'll. Trip yes aspect was going into that I realized that when I was younger I read a lot of horror right definitely. Every Steven king book and meeting younger than not unionized really hear that those were the are sank your street slash Crist for high gear and so I am and that's tiebreaker up and they swear I didn't read sports but I was consuming. Horror films and I'm adamant gracious consumer or worse than a match and so. When I started writing that I realized that I. Honored at a a little more challenging terror to write about and I was like oh that's why there aren't that many so captures because it is genre that you know. I a with a knife jumps out behind the clouds that it hearted her right and meet get scary. Let's just greatly jump scares don't camp on brains. So anyone thinking. About rating. If you if you only look as honor B. It's really important UT take up. Those books again an explorer. I am how horror works on the page exit does work theory. That was a skill that I don't learn. Am you know catch up on many many years ops which which was really fun bet it was all gonna work. Is there any particular horror book that you would recommend for people trying to explore the genre. Unlike us he. It's like any other shot that has some sub genre so it really depends on torture and it but it Q or Apple's app specifically young adult at a really low. I'm Robin wasserman wrote a book called. And tweaking daughter and that's that I'm always like it. Walking Dead and again that's another title that I can that I. It. And it it heals lakes and king aero lake lake that stand it it's it that the area to large EE book. Town and and I actually date or place. And rural. And there at lake and quote un country hers is NN Kansas minus Nebraska. But it's that saying that they. You know multi character. Fright fest it's it's phenomenal. I really enjoyed injured Smith's. He's got a series of books adds the Marbury lens while OG I am Marbury lens. Passenger. Which is kind of every show honor and mourn it's not just forward but it has mysterious opening sequence. Enough first book of any adult book read on very light is iPad killers is super dear super duper fun. Didn't know crowd it is. We're doing incredible theory very literary horror our routers dollars. He's he's got a cool site gig happening right now earth like young borrowed they've been working a lot and there's there's that new movie the shape of water against idea that he how much. So. He's he's really Smart guy or it's really good products. And then my all time favorite or not or is it's for adults are receiving a sudden show. That's called heart shaped. Fox and it's phenomenal it's kind of like this. It's kind of rock and roll horror anger in me acts pretty iron pyrite zone. I have to ask a stupid question now that Hampshire at my I don't know even asked for but I might be the first stupid person asked. But so hair a New York Times bestselling up. Ten you rate your own ticket now when it comes to your books. You read about what every once and not have any. I don't know no did you I I I don't know it aired. Mary. You. I'm not fortunate space where I work with an editor at her earnings chilly start skiing or she is brilliant and she's famously grill she is also John Green a daughter she added it elsewhere and I say. That this is an editor's books like. It elicit an awards she's really couldn't. And we've been working together since I first spark and there's a lot of trust between us and our. So when and when I have an idea. I spend a lot of time before you approach her with the idea I am a party generally thought in out Turkey years. Exit could take you so long tours I hit it. And yet got time to think about an extra about it Steward the idea usually only four posts and I can lay out a creek that case as to why should be my next up and there's a lot of trust between us so our I'd been lucky that I at an April. Checks but. You know I. Know that the New York Times thing is so funny kids and I'm really grateful and so excited that thought is like in my. Let bio for the rest of my library and you know what I I will be my pitch out author. And it. List it's so subjective. It it's not actually east on. Realistic sales on the USA today listen to it is a farmer accurate representation. Books actually selling no one really knows how to at times it works. You know I know a lot of operators who. Whose books had better sales and should have been analysts and they weren't. So say after awhile as an author. You know I get a little cynical about the list which doesn't mean it's special are awesome about it and I think I I think. As soon that most editors and and people and I publishing house and steal a saint. Just ST at the list does not and you get to make a whole leg just. Eid and day out. It doesn't mean a lot that's that's more about personal satisfaction. From her. You said it takes it takes a while to write a book sell from I yeah yeah it's some it's starting page lines at the end of pages. How long do you think it takes you to draft your first if your first draft. So there's someone inside your house was I had the AT&T 2011. And I sold it in early 2012. Through Christmas so I'm. Day I had 84 at the year that that low second. While I was on two for action so it's panel it's been with me for a long time. And Adam. At that point Mary had islander contracts. Ams so that was and you that was spoke. And then I was going to some other personal struggles and that's where each and policies and make sure it keeps me and summer days and nights. Because while I was having trouble doing my own work I was still laughing working. On my friends projects. So it just meet cents. I can keep my foot in the industry and keep doing doing it my job in a way that I loved. It was it was a weaker for me just stay around. Until I could kind of get my life back tee panicked and so during that time is doing a lot of research and preparation for her this or not books saying it was coming down the line next. Un and then I would saying. So hard to know. Island. He was about two and a half years or meter rate a full draft but at a time I have before draft. It's almost ready to hop or dealing. Yeah I rate. I rate and it. I'm in irons like oh we're on the first three chapters for months and months and then I'll work on the first six chapters and in nineteen. And I'll just seek re working them well. Until they're they're really good and really clean. And then like first third of the book and then two thirds the book and then that last third book. By the time I'm there I know all the characters pretty well exactly where going and and that all happens much faster so. I have that you have to look at dominance and exactly how wrong. But I'm guessing is about two and a half banners do you and by the time I had got called draft it was RD in light. Advance copy for like background I actually to advance copies of this book one was. The first half of the book and then a few weeks later they released a full. Advance copy and it looked like it was marketing gimmick speaker at stuck at a very exciting moment. It was not at all. It expects to own writing a second half of a hundred and doubt you act and and that was when it's really grateful for she EU. Made that happen is she pulled a lot of strings for me and I I'm really grateful I knew that it was it was not. As hard it was for me I know just aren't far. Can we yeah. So would you outlined it pretty significantly before you go into a draft or do you discover it in the draft. So ethnic treat novels. And Lola viola. They weren't airing match my knew where I was starting anywhere it's sending you a few important points along the way and so I am just straight from my. Point to point to point to point. That that there is a lot of Korean and wiggle room and I never much. That the books are teary. Character. They're they're much less about the lot I mean at their rate their in the title island remember Jeremy ware the head and I'm right on the initiate it make. It is it about how it happens and not what's about how. And that ratings let's watch areas. Very clearly you know it it the opposite it's eight slot based story and so I knew going into it that that was. The biggest challenge is seeking re on FaceBook but then make it feel lake. I character based it was really important to me that this character's did not get lost a lot especially with. When you're dealing in horror and especially with the flashy ring you're gonna have a lot of characters killed. I wanna and I'll eat you know fully flinched and they didn't want and tequila as disposable that shot right typically expect them. So there's a lot of plotting. And learning how to plot and testing myself on that and and mainly the thing that helped me there was talking to authors or theory theory good otters. And asking them you know how do you do it here's what I've got so far what pieces and I want saying. And there's a conversation or really early on its holly black and declare. Move. And yeah does it it was a dinner after one festival patents they have they worked out. Is she huge. Aspect of the plot I was. Totally missing and how mean and considered it's like what's the deal with all of that swears that a husband and yes so I was really grateful there and mentioned early on B they think I would much harder time that it. I not been aware of that that problem right away. And then I am not a primary critique partner is yours and white and clot is her special issue is dynamite up plot. So isn't really fortunate that whenever I was getting stuck credit question I could cholera and she did. I beat her I've never met anyone at her I think you know I would be going on for twenty minutes of like. It hasn't since circling around it like just in my head like this slight cloud of dust and the moment I would stop talking. She would say what about this. And sometimes it would be a perfect solution right away and sometimes they know not quite geeks and the reason and so she would say well what about that's. And she would always an island by the second. By the second guests and she she's just so bad breaks she would say he. All literally weeks if not months of work so it's it's so important to work with people whose strengths are opposite of yours that's why we worked together. When you starting your career did you have a group of just friends that maybe weren't in the literary world that you could turn to you for advice. Yeah it it started off. Radio lonely as they wouldn't action it does for most half her wrists great pennant figuring it all out on your own. I was lucky to have a friend here national holiday that's who was introduced being my husband's. I was very. Gary shot it's still am though gotten a little bit better about that over the years and I was really she kept telling me she rates romance really nice still like her a lot she can help the kept adding up and finally. My husband got us together and they locked her and she was a little ahead of me in the game. Sherry had an agent that she was the one guided me that whole process that rating. The query letter to the Asian. And just how to manage all of those steps and then not long after that I met rainy it higher. And it and and at that time she had a mill grade books out which are usually see that she listened very well known kind of got its. Sneak in Canada but everywhere else learn how what are some grand theft and making it and she helped me along apple apps and that's. Where it. So I'm about it and it's Amy fear for weeks away from starting to Mary for this news Ayman script. Com and have those around like I think now I'm every match. Thank you know you had any tips on on how to get noticed or how to write secret the good letter. And I really stay. Keep it theories straight were murdered. Moment. Just judging from things that I heard my own agents say I know she thinks it's really cheesy incinerate the query letters and characters you know yeah arts. Or if you compare yourself you are. Sailor like young green another really huge name like this edit the next Harry Potter rallying. Sabres bangs. China in more realistically about you know comparisons. And just there's really straightforward and clear. I would always suggests having another if if it's an option having another opera or Celanese. Is really good with language and look at it makes sure you know me clears spelling mistakes. Paying agent says amazingly a lot of people. Will miss spell her name on Iron Man. Yeah or air raid another agent's name like not to get their vote just getting really basic things so that in the most important thing is to have a clear message. And yet there's no reason to get antsy you like your your Burke should be able to zealots are. Now let's great advice it's it's interesting I worked with that Mandy. Covered on query letter still. And so she Chile's recommends that the first couple lines should be. Should show that you've researched the agents and that sent you you understand. That you sobbed this particular person out. Did you do that with yours. I. That is great advice Gregory yes I record. Agents like any one ain't they wanna know that you are choosing and specifically because they are that not just an agent. It you know makes you feel good when you sought out for being you. That. I category the I at least feel a little. Less embarrassed maybe to tell my agent story is it's I got really fortunate so I am an agent is a testament. And. I had heard her client. Slash best friend Marie Johnson and talk a lot about her online is a huge and a Marines works out there are very comparable two. And and say yeah I've been reading Marie blog for years and she's always talking about eight and I just habits are really really good feeling. And I ended up going out flying out to this conference in Seattle. All across the country living and North Carolina and say all the right at the NC and I'm basically hit hear her speak and introduced myself speaks I was still. I was in the 83 or four months out from square betting his clothes so I speak and then I introduced myself afterwards senate. It wasn't ours from new York and a book and just that I was excited to ours and this happened to be exact same conference that I became friends late retailer at it and so. After I finished my draft Cellini was you know the people who read it. And then she did just the most wonderful thing she outraged about it on her a lot on my agent happened your meet lane he's blond. She was like well the blue haired epic tirade with rigor like turn our Carolina finish that buck. And that she actually reached out rule her. And said I you're you're done at. It. So I. I got really lucky is the practice still a little while it took her in to get to it got really nervous like oh my gosh our legs and back and it's such are working. So I did send out. It was five or six additional aquariums. Am I got to rejections. Two people ask the firm more in the rejected it and then I didn't. And so so. It ended up that had kind at this very traditional code afterwards. Boy it is eventually Cate at right back. You know she felt you that we are good match so. I just got I got. To pitch that's all there is you. Frankly straight line bit it led by AC you know in little credit lake IA did go out there I introduced myself and I did. Searching near. That she like that paper that I Britain which is the most important things defining agent matches. Well you know you're trying to sat absolutely so they're. They went back to. Exactly you did your research any flew out there and he you earned it yes. I nobody I know our time is wrapping up here on but I wanna talk about this event which are going to be out because you're coming to San Francisco you're going to be a couple of bucks. This Saturday September 30 at 3 PM. Four obviously you could be signing are talking about about herbal. I'll I'll I'll be there is Nina. Or who has one of my favorite authors she was in them some aren't all celebrities and had a wonderful story and herb. Her current buckle we are okay is my feet very young mental book fury at the last. Several years I think she's just a tremendously. Talented author. So anytime and in the Bay Area and I'm fortunate to be sent there a lot in river a book set and I am a little Atlantic start with that that they area it's like that it. I I lived there for a couple of years you know me. Yeah a few times in different I went and and Cisco C university for a little while congress which she and privacy Ers. Yeah so I always look going acts that can really excited and we will be talking abouts. Our latest books and their greater life and friendship and whatever else anyone wants to talk about. Keep things pretty actual. Is it open to anybody can need to show up the Dionte has to get tickets in advance. Anyone at all I highly encouraged you and it. And a quarter isn't your thing you know will be will be talking about books as hopeless and I I. It. Requires such risky. Shiner a nice city this librarian and some incumbents and I eat off fantasy novels and let me get my personal mission to. Ina antsy and that they are right they genuinely believe most people like most aren't. Chorus that one right I don't like to cross that line because I don't know what that person has been career what particular trigger it. So it's it's it's really not a very honored to push on bet I would just say I feel like. May book is it really is like horror light heat. And you know it's it has it has as slick funny moment as romantic moments. That that balance out our who got murdered static about that though. Ailing Syria right that say please give it a shot at eight down I would never. Works. On so well that there are all of the. It is Colin there's some inside your house and it is gonna be available for everyone to verges on September 26 but if you want to go down. To Kepler books I AM matching you're gonna have books for sale there. On September 30 at 3 PM with needle core again at Kepler looks. Please come I looked at each U everyone young and friendly and approachable. I. Thank you so much to my gas Stephanie Perkins remember she's gonna be in town on September 30 for assigning at Kepler books. She'd love to meet you and you can get your book signed. This is Benny about the other pod cast if you like what you heard please like and subscribe it's got new episodes coming regrets and I.