#3 Shannon Foy

Thursday, June 15th


Shannon Foy: Debut author of INBETWEEN: THE NOVEL. Lover of vampires, musical theatre and anything crafty. She self-published her novel vis crowd-funding and explains the pros and cons of the process. Find her novel at http://amzn.to/2rWqx6J


You're listening to the about the other podcast. I'm Kristin flowers 1 half of the morning show on that six point five K like T got a host of my has sending steel and I am also an aspiring writer and I want scraped its podcast because I feel I find myself all I'm writing going gosh I wonder if any other writer has ever experienced this ever wonder if I'm the only person struggling with as. And I think there's a lot of us out there that are thinking about it so why not find out everyone else's journey by talking to successful young adult authors. Today my guess is Shannon voice she's an actress singer dancer writer I'm a lover of everything vampire and she actually chose to self published which is an entirely new different kind of journey that we haven't talked about yeah. Hi Shannon thanks so much for being on the program today. Good morning so the question I always start with is how long have you been writing. I'm not not very long at all and I started when I started my which there's about six years ago now. But I eat around I always feel like I was telling stories and some sort of capacity and through my various hobbies aghast. But. Actually you writing short stories are poems or anything is only recently. So when did you discover that this was a passion of yours and that's something you wanted to pursue. We'll I had this story's second I had seen and I just kept writing pieces of it down and then I wouldn't care about it for a little bit because I would get busy and then I realized like hey. Actually missed these people and so I would go back and add more to it just keep going through it. We'll talk about the book or typewriter writing process here in a little bad putt. I'm do you have any kind of writing training did you go to college sports do you take horse is read books on and anything like that. I'm no I feel like a hack. And I. I went to college and I studied drama charge sheet which is steer her research. So I have a lot of experience in writing research papers. Which is not nearly as engaging as fiction. So I was used to putting words onto a piece of paper and a lot of words onto a piece of paper but not necessarily in the an interesting me and I just kinda started a writing and putting the pieces together and then have people read it and daily trying to help me out. And I keep steadying. Comments that it's very the actor also I have a feeling that might steer Reese or are right theater experience. Helped in regard to see this good because you know you never know what's gonna come into play here obviously in a creative medium before than us tonight kind of transitioning to us while. It's good it's a combination of the two worlds now. Act actually when I first started reading Harry and send it to people. And then they would say well this is really cool but this whole scene of dialogue is only dialogue there's no description and there's nothing else that's going on Alina. This means an actor to bring it to live by authors don't always have actors bring them like so I mean he's my words. Was weird yes and now it is not aware we only have words you know. I'm absolutely you obviously it's a vampire themed kind of novel com. And there's aspects I I see of like true blood in there and I know you're a fan so how did you get the idea for the book when did it come TO. I owe him our runner for a law firm or I was at the time and I was on my parents. And I mostly down a pair of icy steps. And then I got my brain light glowing mending crazy if I broke my leg and then the whole rest of my. All rest MIA area and I was thinking like what would happen in a slumber airway get a load happening at this happening and of course it didn't just turn in tune like normal people got no hospital. It turned into this whole vampire extravaganza because I may army not really really like they empires. And and we just kind of started PC news stories together and as I was on Iranians through the weeks and through the months I started making these people only know what if she broke her late. Oh what good is happening and now and then it kind of formed a story and ran out I was writing. They also told me what they wanted to do and so are only know she would go down ms. Sally and then she said no I wouldn't mention you when her parents made story would change like inks. That's not helpful but yeah it was quite helpful so would you say it's your year personally an inspiration for Rosen up. On I don't like this theory of that because she's a way cooler than I am at a but need falling and breaking my leg was definitely. What's their I didn't celebrate it sorry meat eating of beef following him breaking my Elaine is what started it but I tried to pool. From other people in my life so what about the setting is is it sets where you live or where did you get DA to a foreign. It is not so wherever it I would Boise Idaho have right and then as I was going through I didn't have a setting at first obviously needed to be somewhere because she does break her league spoilers. It needed to be somewhere that's narrowed and I am from California asks I have and not spend a whole lot of leases where it snows. And so I started looking around it is to monitored Sheehan Amy goes straight for research and I started looking around places where it's known. And I settled on Boston. That's awesome note in your mind dear characters have a Boston accent. No they don't. They doubt this is a bit at odds are stacked so my vampires are kind of from everywhere and Roosevelt actually starts out in Colorado she was Adam born in Colorado and then she moved to Massachusetts later. Plan. And so she does not have the most amazing Boston senate and I'll go to work had to be honest in the eighties at a vampire isn't even isn't treating being cared hair with like oh we get asked them by accident accident yeah I would think isn't very early this now and actually wind my husband and I got to go to Boston which was super cool there are a lot of things I learned going there. No we have Boston accents don't really really sad but at the now did you go on the trip just our research or was it also get a business trip or some talent than. I'm whale we wanted to go on vacation and because we are bored and like OK let's go on vacation this summer or are we gonna doubt. And we you're singing about a bunch of different places and then sneaky Sheehan and I don't dislike yeah eight. We can go to Bob stand and all of these so convenient for late night I had only been writing it first. Three years I think at that point with the so it still wasn't quite. Real like it I still had keep reading in select people liking it had the intention of making it a book for real c.s and but it wasn't real really act and so we had friends that live outside of Boston and learn and we called them and they're like yeah you can totally stay with ask. And we'd boxing tickets and went out there and so it was mostly for vacation but then also conveniently for research Fiat. Just do well you know it it helps a lot and so did you take it some information that you you gathered on that trip in did you put into the book. Followed most certainly am I learned a whole lot of things so growing up in Southern California out wheat you know the still. We have you know the clips that overlooks the ocean and right and so anytime I wrote some sort of looking at the ocean and lake around that's what you do and so I helical Rasmussen overlook the ocean. There all of the post. All and then it blew my mind I might well crack. I am also and I knew that this happened scientifically but I didn't really. Capture it emotionally act. Begging you don't watch the sunset over the ocean currents and so why you physically like I understood the concept of the sun rising in the sun studying in the west island. Diet it blew my mind and actually got their like oh my god they Dade don't watch the sunset over the ocean so all of those. Not necessarily images that he used but just the idea of the ocean was different now I little things you know. Yeah and I'm like okay well I guess I guess she doesn't go to the cliff so does the ocean well cool. And and actually getting to cede the talent in the feel of the town where is incredibly helpful there was actually a used. One thing we'd drove around and found Roosevelt's house and we found her train that she would seek to work we found her work. And then and indeed as we are driving around her talent she lives in summer to help. And as they're driving around there was indeed this creepy billboard. With a giant Teddy bear on it would like deranged I suspect and it's an advertisement for this piece of art company. And so I most certainly added the most ridiculous the word and ever seen. Into the back that's. Because it was right there artist is always there might creepy bear billboard this is and he's playing well and people that you know has seen now billboard like she was there she knows yes she knows how exactly you know of course I used to sleep does little cartoon bear. Now I'm switching gears a little bit and see the actual writing process what is your typical writing day look like. So as not a professional writer a mighty. But Aaron and I have quite a few hobbies and so I kind of fitting in writing where eighteen and and sometimes it's on my lunch break. Sometimes. It's well I am not sold rated down on a scrap piece of paper and sometimes most of the time. AD is between Blake 11 PM and 4 AM. And I'll just sit in my bed with my notebook and like my paper OPEC and great stuff out. Until flawlessly and that's probably why it took me six years during yes so I since it did take a little bit longer how much would you. Get done in a day or you know I guess in the span of a week. Irma a whole lot and one of the things is because it wasn't a job or it wasn't necessarily. Anything I needed to do. And I have wrote. Wind the ideas came to me. And when ideas didn't come to mean I'm like OK I and it could go do something else and then Roosevelt Kennedy cabinet back brain and she's like can't like to do things now like a peaking Keogh. Aaron and so then I go back so I would get. And I didn't really writing chapters I they're kind of broad out of order. And I'm like OK it this time I wanna work on the scene at the beginning or no she wants to go on misadventure now and so I wrote out of order. And I hand wrote everything husband I'm not very good answering this question is I had no concept. I wrote on hats I sheets of paper I can't broad it had no idea how many pages or words that is wow now did you outline it all before hand. No. And that's good for you all some people don't you know that that's totally fine. I am aware so I just kind of started writing and as I'm writing this next one I'm trying to outline because that's why I feel adults and professionals you reflect and and no. I can't outline an economic I don't know where she's gonna go she's gonna tell me I feel kind of weird. I think the beginning of this year and she's already on her third and she said slowly and meticulously outlines com. The first two boxes and now she's just writing and she said. You know it's a really weird experience going from outlining since and not outlining in she's kind of seemed to challenges and how nobody really has a real style address kind of switching it up as they don't and there's no you know methodology to writing the perfect Buckley do you bring do you not outline. So you know that that seems fine now what was the most difficult part about writing this book trio was there a particular crutch that you felt like he had. Really got to work the real. So I you know my eight I'm gonna go back and eighteen the most difficult part. Of this whole process. Way as I wrote down three things. I ran was finding the time not once I didn't know what I was doing I guess I stone into it and you can. But and. Also. Hurting or helping. Big characters. Like I didn't necessarily want to hurt the characters and loud and I didn't necessarily want to help. The people that I didn't like but I also didn't want and I like her bad guys. Because they have a story TO. But also. I guess taking myself seriously. I am is I'm just check it does a lottery search and likes empires and does a lot of vampire research by actually putting it into a novel and showing it to people and calling it an actual novel as a postal AKA I wrote a thing would you media like to read really taking it seriously and occasionally I'll have to rate reduction in full I author not a dock and it still feels weird and we you know now that's. Silly people like these to my next question and the one thing that I noticing by interviewing all these authors. The main being that make dad is self doubts. There's she's there's this you know weird cloud around writers where they don't wanna take themselves seriously or they always think. Whenever I just wrote down was the worst thing that I ever read at a route to come home if so how do you did you encounter any self doubt when you're right business. I'm not I'm certainly didn't take myself seriously at all and I might now I'm just written a vampire story it's cool. Lake I watch a lot of vampire movie is I read a lot of vampire but extra. I like learning about the mythology of vampires. And in every culture and so has hired a to take myself seriously and plan. But I also I do a lot of feed her and so there's a lot of ads. Self critique and Steven getting critique from other people in acts and so I'm kind of used to listening to the lake. Listening tour according to myself and saying okay shinning using those notes flat mean EE need to do this this or this to fix that. And some kind of used to the lake self sixteen. And so wasn't nearly as detrimental. I'm emotionally. I'm as I thought it would be. Aaron. But it was just a matter of late this isn't real everyday and know that it wasn't terrible. Like this is a thing. And I had so many people are reading it I had hundreds of people read this before I actually. Self published. I ran and I have a lot of encouraging feedback and some might OK and then then people that we're likely ounce not Thackeray Mike that's a day. Will figured out and yes I gonna be balanced a T I guess. Now when you actually sat down to right when you found the timing between your player personals and you're and so where oh where did you find it was the best place reiterates. So silly I he writes I they're in man and where at my lake notebook and pencil or sometimes mark. And on to slate nominees to sit there I also wrote a lot of times in my math tell. Because I just like being in water and now I am landlocked and I'm and I to have the theft and and there's not a whole lot of water and so. I would just sit my bathtub and I beat us a bubble bath and I had this board that went across my bath tab and I would just put my notebook on Mac and just start writing. A battle lots cook who did you have to have it absolutely silence or did you listen music did you playlist for your novel. Don't necessarily need it science and the music and I did have that it was normal me he mathematically can I had a certain appeal QA and so I was gonna be writing. Like the scene they needed like angry music but I didn't necessarily want anything lightly or excite listened to a lot of classical music. I listened to a lot of Thomas Newman who is and decomposing. And he's teasing each and ceramic dog shaking your number and I just listened to a lot of music that was. The medically appropriate for the scene. That's interesting you said you would rights when Kennedy inspiration instruct you. Now only viewer are let's say out working you're thinking of some great Diaz and you don't have. Time later how did you kind of pushed pass that did you just trying to make time on lunch breaks or what did you. You know maybe write down taken notes in something that you could come back to later. I have notebooks full of post it notes. I have post it notes all over the place. And that just say it Roosevelt does Dennis Alexander does desks or whatnot like this studying this idea that. And at one point I think I broke down something about a ring. And although that isn't being that I have it took me awhile to figure out what that meant Michael Breen and what the heck do I mean by an act. And and so some notes. We're not very hopeful later on on is a struggle through and quick to thank you. And but now I did I would just right posting it everywhere I would write a little note in my phone. I do is stage managing a play and we are performing at a bar and I had nothing on me and so I took a nap gain ends and stole ten from the and just kind of keep the things in my head. I have a little bit weird head trauma and so memory is really bad for me. And sewing needed to physically write it down or would be gone forever. Now how did you develop your character's voices especially Roosevelt's an accountant and they just started talking I think also. Did a lot of character development. And that doing so much theater it is my favorite part of doing craze is just answering a hundred different questions about the characters. And so I did act. For almost every single character and the buck. Roosevelt has a couple. Alexander has a couple of and then once a character would come into play and only add Dini a whole life story. I know where Alexander he's been he's entire flight 500 years of existence. And in so knowing all those places and knowing how he handles things or knowing how Roosevelt handle stress is kind of tells me. How they would. Talk and how they were thinking things through and how they would see a situation in the name was able to go from there. And sold though I would think oh yeah I need Roosevelt to go over here for this scene and she's like well no I wouldn't do data at all I would stay out or I would totally go jump in that. I'm so it was a matter of research and listening to them I guess yeah sounds weird on you can't do some voices you know. Com yeah it did take all awhile for Edith finishing it on what kept you motivated and inspired to keep working on. I'm not sure they weren't just stuck in my head and I did go away for a little bit eat and I get this'll tap tap tap on the back my brain and Mike Lee had your super cool let's go back TO. On that I also had so many in my friends read it that. Day you're asking for it as well lake OK we're winning you doing miss when you Finnessey finishing messed. And and and so that was a really cool feeling to be able to say oh well it's not the worst thing in the world and I completely waste people's times. And whenever I would get stuck somewhere I would also owed to start doing research. Might I don't know there in Japan I don't know anything about Japan let's talk to some people in Japan so. My husband toured in Japan for a little bit we have friend in town who lived there for awhile. I have a friend of a friend whose brother lives there and so I was messaging him on FaceBook. And and I also drink a lot of cherry Pepsi this and that certainly. Kept me going. Yeah I was staying in until 4 o'clock in the morning writing and then going to work at 8 AM and so I wasn't probably very teary. For awhile and anti drink a lot of soda. Now that the book is over do you find that they characters have left you alone or do you wanna continue their story. I do you wanna continue their story I thought that they I thought that I gave them a nice out where they can go on vacation in the can go do whatever they want in. But like she inning and we wanna come hang out again and that's just a and so I'm working on another one I'm actually stuck on it so I stopped and but we have any. Trick plans this summer that will hopefully. Give me the idea that I need. To trying to. Fill that out. I am I do I miss them I find that I'll read my book a lot of courage they feel weird. And I'll just pick it up and we don't think owner read about them again in a stand and so I'll start reading it again. And irate little short stories and results they're like hey Mimi sister wanted to do something like okay this or put them on a little adventure and I have. A handful of short stories that I started. Can any given them things to do while. I'm trying to figure out the rest of it yeah absolutely. Now when you were writing down this this book and getting critiques from your friends he said. Com and didn't did you find out of valuable process. I didn't. Come it was super helpful because some things that I have in my brain doesn't necessarily they don't make sense. And so what some would say it that is not realistic I understand the vampire novel that's still sank in lake. A sense of reality ranked. And ray and so it was super helpful to have and the help me through it I had one friend that if I keep her in sweet tea she would get really paper. And just come out what all of these ideas and most of them or crazy like sending to them and do they but I would be able to pull pieces. From it in me like no but not bad but this right and and so it was really helpful to have. That amazing supports this down month. Just friends who like vampires as well who did you write the book in its charity and then go back and it or did you edit. While you're writing. I edited while I was writing. And and I rode out of order and sound the first scene I wrote was this one in the kitchen and and now and I would write another piece and and I would kind of peace there's together Aron and I would go back and I'm like you this is gross and so I don't fix it. And then I would write some more. And then it wasn't divided into chapters it was just one big. Blob. Of words and then as I got more and more pages and more and more words because after I would handwriting it would then type and okay and how is editing crosses likely you are racquet he's reading about you can't. I played right in on PR and then I would take an enemy computer and then it would print that outlook and then I would heat and add it that ends right across things out and rearing and night air rose and I still have late 90% of my notes and it is covered in Enoch. And just every errors everywhere and post it notes on top of everything type all that game and and then read that and then add more and then read that and then add more and read that. For five years at the scary the did you learn anything about your writing in the editing process. I learned that I do not speaking complete sentence since. I learned that I make up words. And I had an editor friends he do want to say it once it became its bowl. Novel I had editor friends if you would go through in do you like their fancy editing process. And men's. They understand my portrait Jameel she's just like I understand your voice is choppy sentencing is. Would meet up words and meet up verbs. Ballet it it and it works she says it works I'm gonna go with that where the and IE learns that maybe I should not be a fancied. Pros like literature rader because. I am just an extra club that that's your style you know and it takes sometimes authors. Years and years and years to find their particular style and now it's like yeah I you can say like this is C Sheehan and Foye novel based on the writing you know is very important. Based on her Ingrid here I thought process I never knew how great this does this must be employed. I'm at what you feel like it was finally over when your finally done with it. Berm I still don't think it's over her. I think I was on a plane where I would have. Edited it started as a two hard words to say it again I would have edited it into oblivion. Had I not just decided to stop and we're at the plane where. And it was almost Roosevelt's birthday. And I knew I was going to self published and so I knew I wanted to start. This I needed this huge fundraising campaign. Adam Beach has self publishing is expense and it. And so I did this huge fundraising campaign and I wanted to start on her birthday and so I'm like OK this is now your deadline. And so I did my last bit of addicts. Plan. That I thought were my last bit of edits and I did my last bit of added so that they would be ready for her birthday so be ready for when this campaign starting. Turns out we knew go through. I do read a couple more times because there were four routing issues and there were other. A different kind of added that I had to go through. Once we got out of the writing and into the actually making it real why did you decide to self published UN is a mix. No one would pick me up but LA is also I knew it was a hard sell because as I was looking through agents. And and as I was looking through different publishers and agencies. Plan. If they wanted to be empire back they wanted to be impaired steer he has. And although I had written my book in three acts which are three. Complete books late. It's a link you back and and so it's three complete novels. I didn't want to split it up. Because I do read so I read a bunch vampire box and I was kind of burned out on having to buy a seventeen copies of the Bronx or guest seventeen bucks. To get the whole story. And I didn't have seventeen ducks were the historians I had three. And sound like I just wanna break east three. I wanna put them together because I a witness to all those people out there who have to ice seventeen books all the time. That I wanted them to get the story in one that. And sell and the agents that are talking to you if there was a vampire novel they wanted to steer reuse. Because it was a first time author and the size of my book was too big. And their dislike now edges Manger Burgos and Nike and Richard Arrington went well let's partially accurate but it's also three bucks a month. And and so I understood that it was a hard sell I also understand that. The empire exchange. Dozed in week this and it'll get really popular and then it'll die out and get really popular and it'll die out and and I am fortunately was on the die out end. Does it truly become. So dared there was a lot of burnout and a lot of like and I got another vampire. And I still preface that where people are like what did you write a book about my doubt vampires and now. It's cool I like I'm appalled and otters. It's funny his instantly knew corporate Cleary act like a lot of these agents say like in bold print no vampire stories. And it's funny is he's that there are many Arab cash and it's funny Jesus like role but they're popular that's why there's so many of them is people want them. So wiling and that was so bizarre I've never written a vampire story that I was I was like but if you like that then. Why would you publish it because it's so successful that rob Rob Blake is Janine how. What a pain can write some thing like I did. This diet so I can understand you only want to read something empire models and it's interesting the mythology. Of does vampire. Is so different and very did you have to come up with your whole mythology as well rain. Which is probably exhausting to read over and over and over and because in her popular I can write a vampire backed plan. And so I get it and so I decided to self publish because I knew I was I didn't send my IE I didn't grey area a whole lot of agents. I just knew. Looking at the math and looking at the world around me I'm like yeah this might not be the way to go song gonna go ahead and self publish because they just want it out of my hands and I want people to be able to read a ends. Yes well I'm free your self publishing what was your plan of action going into it and you did. Like theatrical trailers and he made videos they come tell me what your thought process laws and so I read a lot on the Internet because self publish scene is in quite new rule but when I started grating. I ran. Sorry when I started writing a self publishing was a kind of new and interesting and a pen actually gone to a couple of and comic conventions and they tend to have a lot of panels on raiding. And so I went to head the writing channels in these different conventions and listening to how PeopleSoft published listening to how they regular published. And then just reading everything on the Internet and I like what we need to DO. And so I knew I needed a billion dollars lady knew they just needed a kind of money it's not a time but it was a time attorney yes and so and I knew it dining I also live in Idaho and so I knew I needed to find someone that could print the book. And so it was a matter of late to find a local person is there a local person who can print my book or do I need to find someone. In the lake a bigger town were conveniently. Boise isn't as most people think. I am and so we actually had huge book printers here and so is a matter of like looking in demand and finding which one I liked working with better. And then Manhattan. Finding all the pieces that you need there is still much in idea idea publishing a buck I was actually. Talking to a friend yesterday and she's like to publish my book what do idea. And I went through this whole laundry list of what she needed to do when asked her responses just like how this is going to be part is an idea. Yes it is it's you need late. Think your Conor Daly your cover format being in your inside form adding in many kids downtown lake and meetings for your form adding and crowd funding in your cover art your IE SPN number and who's gonna print and do you copyrighted. And your blurbs and how do you get in on the Internet and are you going to printed printing area just going to e-book game. If you have dating multiple formats of e-book you need and I SPF number for each format. And so it turned into how long going to have a printed copy and and did choose formats for knocking Kendall well you need three different ISP ends and highest inserts and salmon and you need our codes and now he needs someone to and putting menu bar code for each. Cover and it was nuts and I just have a list that I would write down I'm like okay. Now I need to figure this out and now we need to figure this out and step by step we went through it. Now I know that a lot of people would like now because it is looking self publish that on average how much would you say self publishing costs. I have raised 4100 dollars. And and that printed means 200 copies of my name rather lengthy not all of I ran. Aliens. It cost more than that. And everything costs more than you think it does of course we also had a hand we also had a big lake think you party and I paid for with TO. But everything costs more than you do like I had. I had mete out my little list and I'm like OK I SP members cost 99 dollars done I know that I need this one. Well turns out I needed like four. And so all of a sudden it wasn't 100 dollars it was 400. And and I didn't anticipate needing to higher form outer. But then I did because form adding in Microsoft is the worst thing ever does that as yet. And so I mean and went on to this writing group and I'm part of on the spur economic okay who knows any. For matters and then a couple people spoke up and it kind of talked abandon and I picked one of them and then you have to pay that. And then all of a sudden you maybe have to pay them again because there's more than needed to be done and you thought. So I don't. Now on them totally small engines I would save 5000. And well that's it's also for people that are looking at insulate. And that's you know on the low and in. And so that's that that is a give people look at jumping off point and on I had 200 I tuner copies and I got a like this and my book is really big bright but I also don't know how that affects because and in Idaho and things just are generally less expensive here. And our taxes like half of what your taxes are the Iran and the planet is so. 5000 on hello and sorry yeah is in saves this guy is gonna this inflation's Dylan. A couple orbit so if there ever there is an Alley announce our new deploys against commendable is he's a great parent. Have you ever checked out any of your reviews on your book. Yeah. I read that christianity had that and maybe it's because it's a theater Garland me and I'm like I know you totally read your Beers. I'm I learned that you don't rip I didn't learn from personal experience I learned from reading other people that you don't respond to any of them late good or bad. Because I'm sure you're just gonna get into some weird like you responded Dell when they were nice do you deny you're not honeymoon. I'm people are mean on the Internet but now I totally read my reviews and I totally copy impeached and then put them on my FaceBook page to link. I think what is amazing and everything. Now I totally rattling that nonsense I love it. And I have pain or at least I haven't found maybe they're cica blog out there like we he Sheehan and but I am. I have been gotten bad reviews. And and says it might lower stars alike may be on a couple three stars out there. Feel like those heard. Com lake. Those are accurate things like I didn't like that's like that's and can be if you don't like that's fine. But so far everybody likes it is a light on just keep. Would be an awesome over here and that's fine and maybe because not a whole lot of people of credit so it's not and millions of viewers or readers. So now I totally read notes this could it's not quietly into and out and totally loved them that's it motivates you know a lot of people doesn't you know but did you know whatever we have to do that in a Dennis in the next but. So speaking of the next night can you tell us anything about it. I am yeah kinda just. Moon I want Roosevelt to go back home and so she's gonna go home for awhile. And she is going to deal with some nonsense and that was left at home. And though not very intriguing and all. We we also don't give away any spoilers of in between the novel as well sell I want to leave that kind of opened so that if people. How they're ready and you know they can go and check out. Usually detect it out now she wants to go back home and take care of some stuff and and I want me and this is heard venture break. It's Roosevelt adventure to begin winds but this is just Roosevelt in this one look at that and now. Is there a favorite book maybe that you're reading right now or do you read just trying to read. Sometimes. I played you a bit I am not as diligent as I would like to be and I hit it re a lot of scripts pan and I've been reading a lot of just good scripts that I direct a lot of his stuff here in town. And then I imminent and always in the middle of Reading possibly it's because it's my interpreter the the pregnant I said okay. Yeah I'm always in the middle of Reading possibly some kind of it's so big and dense that I'm just always reading it. I unpacked in in the bathtub I'm totally reading midnight in the garden can meet all. It's I don't I saw districts are one and I might just was a movie that I didn't see but I like Kevin Spacey lets you talk. And so that's the one that I've not at a thrift store and then pulled off my bookshelf and have been reading in my mobile lasts. So you read two books at the same time. I react how Katrina I can't yeah. I don't really I find that I like one more than the other and sell I'll gravitate to that line and then I'll completely forget about the other ones now a funny but I would love you I'd love to multi tasks like that'd be. Much easier I think for me. On Seoul where we get your butt great. I am not a right now you can get my bra on my books FaceBook page there's like a little blind. And button thing and it will take you Chiu and I believe. My empty store and bit physical book and to the the e-book is available on Amazon and there was an issue about selling the physical copies that I hold. On Amazon and I mean hopefully soon and we just bought a house and just got married and I haven't really been focused on book. But hopefully soon it will be. Via create space and you combined print on to me and copies on Amazon right now you got my FaceBook page or even just like. Talk to me I like talking to people are totally check yet and if you have questions or your mad that I killed someone light that's there. And all talking about it so how can people reach out to you if they wanted to talk to you. I'm totally at peace on the book is man I am a slump that whenever and I and my book is on instant ram and also Twitter. And I frequent those three places I have a blog I haven't actually done anything don't go their. Yeah. Doesn't know ping was social media and trying to get it out there. It's a matter of I am. Do Lou what Eli a ghastly you know someone was like only you have to be on Tumblr needs to be in this year's daily boat a lot of seventeen different things and I don't have time for that that's down. I as do the ones that I actually like going to. You have a web site. I do not I'm not cool yet now I notice a lot of people don't have web sites which I thought was really insisting you thought well that's guided bursting that you have. And then as a country realize it's really not the first thing any everyone always goes a FaceBook or Twitter regularly and that's that's like our new web sites. Yeah and that's at least that was really convenient because you want to and they may do anything I can just put my name in there and it's good to get out and people follow me and it's fine. It's easier to access not have a lot of friends that early going to go to this what's it today. And perhaps when I have more than one book out when I am more than one thing going on a website would be helpful to kind of get all of those Pete the pieces together and someone shows for one thing but then they find another thing this website at night. Be important in the future but right now it's just my one book and org and now of last question I Caprio is what advice would you have you aspiring writers. Just just do it. I don't mean it just beyond ninety about it but and if you wanna rate didn't do it in it need be awful. But shall learn is I didn't know I was doing. And I'm you still like speaking stories are like dancing stories and not actually using words for stories like my words for stories. Means not just doing it and do a lot of research if you're stuck clay you can't write about to Panama she don't have to pay and that's where I found out what that does and and yeah and just read about things and do it it may be all clumped if you like doing it then you're trying to place. And play the other in between the novelty so much for appearing on the podcasts. Stings you track team. I think this emphasis guest Shannon Boyd for appearing on the program today you can find her on FaceBook ad in between the novel and also I have a link in the description this podcast on where you can buy her but you can also reach out to me at 965 KO IT or you can reach out to me personally at Kristen on Kuwait if you're published author and would like to be on the podcast you can go ahead and -- secrecy act Keolalai T dot com. In the next episode at the about the author podcast I'm gonna talk to a man decided she's the author of the serious and also has her latest book out called her guy.