#40 The Call...

Monday, June 12th


A phone call that Kristen has been waiting to get from her brother finally happened on Saturday, so why is she angry? Plus we tell you how to win Beach Blanket Babylon tickets!

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You're listening to them instantly broadcast live nick improved and listen to Lincoln christened in the morning we did from behind thirty. I'm 96 point five tail lights yeah and tail light TV dot com. Never zug for forty that we emit supporting we think oh my god it's forty. That's what I'm gonna say when I'm forty that the fact that. Welcome to the like the mayor vodcast. We were just listening to the quantum leap. Intro and a host Kelly get it today that he's got to be the only guy in his thirties then watched quantum. I think it was pretty popular I think you just didn't give him you click my parents' dinner over us like early ninety's. But it was sophisticated for at seven year olds or candidate I was theater in ninety I was seven again. So I don't know I like him and has a really good things that vehemently and and we didn't listen to it that when it means suns where five minutes. It's a thirty day. You don't remember the shelf. I wanna leave it was with Scott back to and he would travel. Through time and and become people who and so it's sold would be ranked inside of the people. And that's a picture anyway. When a watch that on Netflix got it's coming up on the set they were gonna talk about beach blanket battle and we actually Witten sought over the weekend. But the big news is Christen finally got the invite that she's been waiting for we've talked about a couple times it happened over the weekend. And you're not gonna believe the story interest in the news. Furious. I imperious but first. Lets people now that you could win tickets to go see beach Avalon all this week yes on our show Nicky grist in the morning on 96 point five KO IT. From at 615 is one giving a way yes and we saw the show we loved it it's hilarious yet of feel good romp. Since we got here was like yeah legacy beach blanket Babylon to stable here in San Cisco OK let's go to get out and we get there and everyone singing them the voices on these two armed Mastny. They're like. Amazing yes men than most country people. Gupta starts also hit by how close cut to stars can't sing as good as the lead in Gaza that's starting most singers dancing is. Yes it was a no like cruise ship operation death was a full performance with stars that you put out records right now yes would be insane yet. Put me to shame any day I would bacteria QBs and now the apostles you wanna go to economic stimulus for a couple tickets when we got to we'll play everything's true as the name of the game that we get there. Did you see pictures of put him up on the Kayla TK all IT website ensuing tee dot. So all of the invite cape we were out to dinner on Saturday night. I was so mad I economic. And I saw a phone call coming in from my brother and I thought. He never calls me if you know anything about Amy and my brother did not get along. And have not since we were bored pretty much and there's only one reason why he'd be calling. What it first happened I was like Arkin as one of two reasons this might be happening now there is. One that were brought to tell you that actually is the reason and my other one this in his 'cause that's the first thought I was like oh my god this is that. And then I went. What do for parents died horribly and write in OK is he lives in Florida yeah moved to Florida to be closer to him so they'll Wade's she's ever gonna find out is if her brother calls her and tells her that her parents again I'd. So I immediately went bear afterwards like oh crap this could be a terrible terrible golf but Internet via. They play he was just calling to let me now that he is getting Mary yeah June. Yeah so the back story behind them that the and that god help me of my parents atlas and I think they're they're probably it's like a family secret that we've been keeping under wraps like Nolan in our family outside extended family knows Gagnon us we'll Seidman but there is a girl that my brother is currently seeing and now his fiancee. Who last year. Auto wedding dress putt. Down payments down on vendors and had locations set up and they brother had never asked her to to marry yet and she lost her mind basically and spent thousands of dollars and Karrie asked her parents' money to put down deposits on caterers and fish eons. And just plant this wedding. And Doug goal eyes she was just gonna say hey I need you show up at this one day. And like ambush him with this wedding because all she's won it from my brother that's door assuming was the plan rights. And it sounded like it was points it was finally a month ahead right he found out from a friend that called him out work and said hey I'm flying in from parents to come to your wedding and he said what's. This is like cats on an eloquent at restaurants and there from him of difference though he does well well well wedding and she's like you know the one that your preference than planning for the last six. SaaS call he could've gotten via and that's when he ran and ran and ran. Farther than the flock seals right right he ran so far away. And rightfully so we all like yes is the best decision you ever made. Assess it from somebody that makes terrible decision yet well he followed that up with a terrible decision to get back together with Kirk he moved all of her stuff back in a couple of months later. And now he's apparently proposed and they are doing this for real. And the funny thing is that the wedding that fake wedding was supposed to happen last November. And so it's almost the year anniversary ya what they would've got married the artist that the date October 22. Well let me so. It's. And you can grants so Italy operated at all like you and so I'm mad because. So you tell me or they're getting married faint voice as it. It was perfect and Tom I problem mom right afterwards to letter now like Haley what do you think of risk has my mom's kinda iffy about the girl yet and omni. My mom goes. All he finally told she. And when I simply mean he finally told and she said well I found out last Saturday. So weak. Nice it's a second I've talked tees since that. And you've never brought this up. And a week he's gotten by that you've known and nobody's told. And she said well you know I want him to tell you first it should go parents. Sibling and then extend him and so he was he called her on Saturday to say hey have you told. Arian and uncles and all this kind of stuff and she goes no because you still haven't told your sister. So he literally only called me so that my mom can now start spreading the news and Kiki get all the congratulations yet. So yeah I'm just you know crossed me up on the list now he gets advocates. Well yeah but I mean yeah. I mean that's your brother doesn't like you know on the other you know like you're gonna I don't like many other ends its mutual and sell. This is why add now. Is this is all very common as you know expected understand it and might I said you know for a week. And my mom immediately goes Kristen don't start something. It was like furious at that because those like we expect it he the land. That didn't tell me for a week and because now all of a sudden my feelings are hurt. I'm the chair yet. Like what are you talking about like it's my fault he didn't tell me. It's small and I simply reacting to that and you're telling me that my reaction is somehow now warns it. It sounds like this is one of those me telling me to come down moments right. Down at the deal I'm feeling that just work through it with me and won't be good I just need to pitted out and word. OK now. I followed a weird line. As I am on your side always. But I get what your I guy miles also on her mom's sides. I'm sure she didn't mean it like that I'm sure shoe in mean you know. Don't I'm sure she did mean don't make this thing but I'm sure didn't she wanted to come out like. A rating you I'm sure she was already frustrated. And already upset about it that's not my problem and help but she's probably is this a slip of the tongue and I think. The deer too angry about it. Well she knows that we don't get along inch for years she's been trying to make us get along death and he's constantly doing things that reinforced by not liking it exactly and so this is another instance and she's going oh Crist and like grow a lot. And it's like no load and this is another moment he's let me down I think again another time he's disappointed. Out of that she's telling you grow up though I think it's just like. She I'm sure she's been dealing with this for a week so she's had did not tell you for a week although she's wanted to tell you I'm sure she does here Gestapo type. And so she's been holding him back for like a week and now she's frustrated and you called in you get frustrated just like just. Just a regular thing I. It pledged she and that's a but the tone that she dividend was wrong and I'm sure it was out of frustration but I'm sure she didn't mean that you shouldn't be offended. Right but I mean my thing is like I don't care if you're frustrated. On because I'm the one that's frustrated right now it's not a selfish saying it's you've had a week to be frustrated this is my moment now to beef for street and down like I get. I hit five seconds to go wait what everyone's known for a week except for me. And I get to feel left out yet and I think my feelings are warranted and yet her going all Kristen don't start something I was looking. It and I was like any dinner right now I'll talk to you later answers like fine by and so we kind of hung up angrily yet on the habit early talks were sent sneaky going call your mother. I'm not gonna come there I didn't do anything. I know it's it's not that big of a deal I'd I did to Europe sent. And I understand the can be upset balanced Sany can't be upset but I just don't know why you didn't expect this at all slate not frustrated by your brother net telling you for. Enough Russert about your mom dad telling you that your brother didn't tell you for a week. You're frustrated that your mom said don't get an attitude well. The Fed pressured with everything well I'm disappointed that my brother didn't tell me which Sheila my feelings are hurt them which we all expected disease and I air brush and you're right. And then and bush I'm a little surprised at my mom's in town meet but then again it's not her news agrees though it would not hurt jobs how she should never had to tell you he should have told you right away but I always ask her like what are the new developments between him and this girl yet Mike she's just leftists when out but yet it's not attorneys how yet. Com but that I've mostly angry that she tried to shut down the feelings of feeling left out and and feeling apart from everything. On because it's like I am I the only one of my family that lives in California yeah everyone else lives in Florida. And it's like there is a feeling of being left out that I constantly feel yeah this whenever we get together there are always you know hanging out eating dinner. And ammo is like tea as he once a year because that's all I can afford Cassiopeia and they never have Simi cell it's like I have to deal with that and cell. I'm allowed to feel that way and her going while delta does it right now you know it's like no this isn't a great moment we I'll though this isn't a great debt. Don't we we all don't like this girl because of everything that she's done in the past it's going to be extra. Only awkward I'm allowed to save that because you're the one person mom that's supposed to know yet how awkward this is going to be how weird it is if we go. Oh yeah I don't know that they'll like so he's like I'm hoping it naked and you can come to an end to Richmond circuit which by Daley's son. Jake which is just that but I'm so mad at that a I paid extra to have mine on Saturday because they knew us having company come in town yet and it's not fair so now I've got to pick up on Monday. Yeah because I can't fly immediately I'm an actress in a row and I Ollie back and then come to work at 3 morning. Yes but I guess so. Yeah yep via what you telling me. Is that she hurt your feeling what I am hearing isn't that you need she she should apologize for lashing out. And you should accept her apology I would even say it's lashing out. It's that I'm constantly. Holds that I need to be the bigger person and not dwell on the horrible things that he does to yet and it's like you know what. Every wants allow. The it isn't illegal it I'm gonna do well if you try to shut this down we're gonna have an issue. So just sit back when he heard Kristin happens that it can't just deal with it and it'll be done. That I wasn't that are here till the moment where she was trying to be it will be a lot of out like I am sick of being the bigger person yeah. This is my moment to say. Like I'm angry and you get to listen because you're my mom yet just how lucky she called and sit don't you did it does business and I'm like yeah we'll always it's like why are you surprised. But I always let. Her vet yeah and somehow she's denying. Yeah I just I just don't want anybody to be upset. I think did. A TV you shouldn't let this bother you because it's it's eating up a lot of your energy. And I think that that's bad that's bad it's bad energy well let's is what's your sense is that it be as that sounds like. You have obvious that that's morning issues like paint to slot and I have just Ellis Island you add a show goes like. Let ET thanks so much it goes we'll talk later and it cool. Like. It's yet but don't sit don't all me and go well. Other happiness business at the. That's why I'm not I'm not gonna be a part of this I'm not going to the rehearsal dinner. I'm not going to any of the rehearse I am absolutely 100% not going to rehearsals and Joan I remember her I would rather stick around because he canceled mind. He did even had the decency to me he wasn't coming in my rehearsal you may be all night mom and said hey I'm not going to I don't think I need to be there and Ali my vacation that's. That was his vacation it wasn't my wedding bit with his vacation yet sell out it didn't say I think we're gonna go to Orlando. We're gonna go to Harry Potter world. Not a magic kingdom and then on Sunday for a couple hours we'll go to some stupid wedding at the and then we'll go back to our vacation because it's and the it's our vacation weekends have been doing this for three days. I think like you like what we talk out of definitely this is the only thing because they're the only thing I'm gonna talk about for the next week. Answer I get to talk about it ad nauseam that like what am I don't care I'm unaware lights we know that that's that's that's a a should health pregnancy. Should be tried immediately so that I can announce the pregnancy. Should I wait and. What we've that's all we wanna delegate you were made out of the engine. And it'd be one of those things right shell up with a baby bump three months later got a whole not telling. Well you knew I was planning on getting pregnant sell I mean it's okay if I don't tell you right away right I mean that is the flowers rule now is limit. I don't have to tell you right away when something important happens in my life I do weights and I. A week is really like three months out of the nine months of the pregnant. Under the motivational quote of the day I can't wait a minute. All these are from movies this league because I like movies and having political. So I had this one I didn't think it was gonna fit I didn't look forward to fit I didn't seek it out but it they can fix it won't let it. Oh yes the past and hurt but the way I see you can either run from it or learn from it. Rafik from opera be it from like. They go through the can get over your brother hurting you or region can run from a Miller permit I can run right at it with my house. That's true good and I think that these show episode whatever that is October 23. On the podcast is going to be interest and I'm like yeah. I tweaked. All and I are all your life William that's not be that we ever widening that that Sunday what it cheap. Have a great day guys from ever be excellent to each other party and it.