#41 Wedding Gift?

Wednesday, June 14th


We did another live podcast today and discussed Kristen's 3 page instruction book she made for our house sitter. Plus Nick doesn't know if he should bring a gift to the wedding he is DJing for his friend, does him working count as a gift? 

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You're listening to them Clinton beat podcast with nick and Preston is similar to Lincoln christened in the morning we can't from my thirtieth. I'm 96 point five tail light Kim and tail light TV dot com. So we're doing a live podcast today and we've got to broadcasting on FaceBook live as wealth. And hopefully if you're watching you can participate. And topping comment on the topic for gonna discuss. If not you can listen back in you could be hearing this on your podcast on iTunes or go play for whatever it's. Either way it's episode number 41 of the my customary podcaster morning we're making Kristen Howard you've. I knew what we are leaving to go. On vacation today yes com which is gonna be fun it is not really indications has kind of a working weekend for you oh yeah I've led DJ my friend Brittany is winning and Serena talk about if we should get her presence or not. Plus we're gonna talk about your obsessive prepping. For us leaving Chanukah we have someone staying in our house while we're gone right and then I give your motivational quotes. They come from movies this week at first aside about new preparing. To go on vacation. So if you're watching this live on face like you can kind of see this. I typed up. Instructions for that productivity house sitting for us yes and it's three pages long. That is twelve point font I know I say it's fifteen point funds. If I had the added it's not twelve but give me some credit here. If that's the good morning just get thank you for joining us today ornament in Italy it runs down everything that we need to reduce silly there's a whole cats section of the but the biggest thing it's been since the last time that she watched her cat death. On the there's a how to work the TV and in grants. There's all of a section on doors and garage because a lot of the door to stick it in Hampton begged to eagle handles a sudden death late all the food you. How to work you got the barrel higher cure aching for so many pages and then miscellaneous which is like it Keiko to that Antar is unlike like bathroom stop. Beyond the line of them all and categorically there in category I didn't write it all out there are definitely a little at cat category called and underlines and then it's like clean the litter box say is I'll make sure their food and how hard water bowl are there hard food bowl their libel or fall. And then there's a whole section on lake attitudes of the cat since the so I'll have her killer had described the cat says yes everybody in the cell. Megan is that the girl that's going to be coming over she's a different buyers and and she kind of lives in the area now so she's helping us out yet and so I sit killer has gotten old since he'd last seen her. She started to get arthritis in her lower back it easier straightened his six RC looks hurt don't worry we're on top of it that there's any problems with the cat's collar vet and I gave the number. He makes house calls and he can come over. She spent most of her day on the great catch downstairs and really goes upstairs. Be gentle with her and she does not want to play. That there's Cali. Oh yes the the tear but Cali Cali as a bunch of knots and her first so don't be shocked I'm aware of it and they're working on it. I sealer to open our closet door in might be hiding in there if the doors open leave it open and she hides really well and we've locked her in before. Did you tell that our our closet door is a giant Mir yes I had made that known to do we have we realize we had a closet in that house for like three day say now what we back and a a closet for our room and it's behind a giant wal you mere yeah like you open them wall Mir and then there's locking clause behind it yet okay so how did you describe Jillian men women present. But I said Dylan didn't feel create a patent relay. Gilligan has now posted Angela requirement now as it is it a boy any idea that the felt he just likes to be petted and loved when it. Yeah exactly he just wants attention but I explain how like we have an Xbox. And a one. So it's like you have to say Xbox not if you wanna turn on the TV or you have to but the path of the you know that the power button. And then we have Iran now has voice commands alike it's really easy content I go to Netflix or he could say like. She's using it as a stayed patient she told us yes and she and her Iran boyfriends. On they've been together for awhile and she's like yeah kind of excited only be on my own and yet ought to budget cheesy reality TV that he hates some try to explain how a woman do it. Easier very nice of you I gotta say hello to Hillary and everyone else has popped in think he has so much for want to we're gonna ask your opinion that's on the so let's gimmick comments on this. And in that once nowhere were telling. Well there were gone mammoth lake actually. Because she's having her wedding there and I am in a DJ and it's going to be pretty fine. And that we got on the music because that's kind of work but it's got a knack of saying I enjoy what I do and I'm considering that. I actually know you're considering that as the gift. Look for britney's running what I mean I don't really know what's you in this this scenario now though. On the you know normally charge a certain amount of C yet to be a DJ at somebody sweating. And she hits you happens at any deed to my wedding and you sit yes as you gift I'm not gonna charge I'll do it for free yes. But and she rented us that cabbage and on it it's like a luxury cabin and had like dinner at rams were sharing it with the and other friends prisoner and like we have our room and bathroom and stuff like that it's crazy. It's not giddy lap of luxury but it's not we don't have to CNET tech yes there are brilliant and she is she paid for all of that. And then yesterday we get I UPS the stops by and they give us a gift card to pay part gas yes. And sell I'm Michael admitted our. Right LA that's six hour drive to get there and she's she covered the guest but I still feel like I don't want to show up and he hit empty handed yeah I would neither am I supposed to get. Her gift even though she's gone out of her way. To me you know brave and pay for this or not you because she's got other way to pay for this. Cabin and she's got me a gas card him budding kind of balances out. To my feet as a deejay right exactly so we're excited even at this point but I think gagged and I'd feel bad showing of empty handed. I Alessio while especially mean because. When you bring somebody to a wedding that's an extra plate of food yet having planned wedding I understand lake. That you US aghast are supposed to give at least the amount to cover the food. On a cat and it's kind of a net in normal rule of thumb that the each plate is like fifty box the guy you bring a couple. It's normally like he'd give a hundred dollars spoke at that covers the fit. Jessica says survivor you I'd get a gift. It's a gift for a wedding Morgan. Because she's getting emergency bring gifts I'd I am so we just were cash think as we obviously didn't go to the registry right dumb which we should probably shouldn't. Now I would I would never I always give cash at a wedding yeah okay that's all we want it. I know what we also made a registry will need to register for people that didn't feel comfortable giving us cash yeah but we had to live together prior to us getting married to be had a lot of the stuff that we needed. We were just kind of upgrading at this point Alaska what's her medals that silence of the plastic on it normally is a ghost as and things cell. Iowa I would him and I always give cash no matter if it's like my best friend to like the person apparently now that the lord help us cash she didn't. Yeah I exactly punch and it just says you should feel bad just thinking about showing up empty handed yeah thank you know your answer. Our heads meant I'd some not gonna your cash generator checked I you know people write checks. The yellow had a lot of times when I'm machine gun checks. No I think you know I mean didn't then you're like what's the amount I I always think like a hundred bucks is I think that she mission has full what are sheep like pays me. What do you mean look at like this she gave me the gift card is more than a hundred bucks. Right they for castle like do like counter that by giving her the amount of the gas card and then an additional under. Or plague. What is then then the what is she like tips to me like we tipped our wedding has argued it was free rentals are boss and we tipped him five and a box. That's how much we're gonna pay for it yet anyways and he agreed to do it for free so we have yet and so do is I'm doing it for free. July also. You know. Pay that money. I know it's a weird it's weird situation because com. It does kind of cancel out. Like you are doing it for free yeah because you're her friends and she paid for your gift card out of that gas and the though hotel basically yeah. Com which you've had in the past before. Sell I would say we would give her a gift and then if she tries to tick you I would say now. Yes or no to the tip yeah I would. Mark because it's like big gas card that she Davis is kind of it's hip or the yeah how her she's get I doubt she'll kind of that you shouldn't Timmy I hope she doesn't but she's one of those who might is that she's very generous in the end and thoughtful sell cheap huffy but yeah. But yet we just it's as. To temper yet or bread is bringing money cirrus is that maybe just DE she says can do not take the tip I mean that's what I would tell. Yeah I guess I could. Yeah I'd feel bad saying no wife and now known to his I'm not a big if I give you some delay I don't want you to buy and they know I've I had planned this. We're good to take the money. I don't I don't like being rejected when I'm trying to give you money. Yet but she's not giving its you add a pity she's giving it he has a thank Kia etc. so dynamite to refusing her thank you Blake people you're not welcomed. It must have been like your money is not good here honey like you're about to go on your honey man lake or in us our union life together. On that is Treo or you can take dish is she having a money dance yes he is actually OK so then you take it kept. And then you go right back over to her how you got an address at the Kennedy and her I don't know would you get a look but to kind of give having a money that she's. Now what we got to recast. What we need to go to cash app for that they have ET comes up we'll have a. Playing we were giving it cash anyway because we have the tip while we have to leave give her gift so we're gonna get a card. And also the stuff to market we just giver cash. More in Greece a weenie to give her 350. Dollars well. Well Morgan I don't I'll tell you that the seems a bit much especially for. Well India. And a white threw for two it's a random number come over their time Miranda Lambert at the LA telling yourself that the that the so get your cash because we had to be gets so we have got a cartoon and. Yet we should get a card. The Catholic a pretty Carly that he would. You don't want to transpired. QB card lady Mary and that her. The media natural president you have any comments also we should do and accounts below if you're listening to this on our podcasts. Thank you for listening to our podcast and he should subscribe. By clicking the subscribe button on iTunes do play or you can download straight from the website I do have a final. Motivational quote for you we do these at the end of every podcast well. Hold hold onto the motivational quote I can't I wanna let people now. On and in this isn't necessarily for the people listing on podcast if you're watching this live right now. We are not going to be there so we can't get on Celeste is filling in for us but that doesn't mean she's coming empty handed she still going to be giving I all the same stuff we arc. On at six when he for everything's trail action on the she's playing everything Serb. But it that's when he she's gonna give away the tickets to beach blanket Avalon. And then at 7 and 8 o'clock your four packs of tickets to the great America pool party that we're doing in this Sunday for father's say. OK Morgan commented again I think she might be she might be limited a different world and us. I don't know if you're invited in my wedding whatever it is we're gonna get remarried whereby anymore and because she said 350 dollars for family. And a thousand dollar our friend for friends and the thousand dollars and more for family. More yen as a tip. Mario I had money you're giving what DD DL you are invited to every inning and have his little steer the see he'll face black. I got a I don't see that as anyone's option. And trust me like my parents didn't give me that for our wedding yeah right well they give us the British while I need it yet vacation paper in which is probably more than that but. Com like I have. I analysts say the cut but she's not an exit asthmatic breath I haven't and that the Santa that Mary to really wealthy okay the out of her husband is really high up in a very popular company they have a private jet that they used to fly all around the world. And all kinds of stuff. And she gave me 500 dollars from a wedding audits in which I thought was she was too much. Yeah I looked at that I went well and I went well technically I know she can afford it which is not a great you know dinner I know you could afford it doesn't mean I expected. On but. I could never forgot to give a settlement yes against a lot since she's adamant in the towns and if we go to a photo channel yes you never know. It is not next weekend but let the ordinary knicks like all of Google books plays. Hubble will miss you guys Lola was the name of the gonna miss that we'll be back on Monday got follow us at in came mornings are probably going to be possible but stuff and pictures and things like that then you can follow senator Graham and Twitter and and seal that will they produce a live feeds depending on Internet. I have here's a motivational quotes of the day and it's coming from a lot of my favorite movies. And with CB Gergen and cat your future hasn't been written yet no one has your futures whenever you make it so make it a good one. The suffer like Superman something's not. Is it from back to feed his Burbank the test number three. The final part resent. Handing him the picture frame I think he's just three number three industry harmonies on the train thinning out that's the change on the train as I bet if you're. Whatever you sound like wow that do that aired doc does like Christopher Lloyd death yup you just rhetoric yet. Attacks Culligan thanks in place prospect there. Yup what have you make it Tomei got a little benefit that the the public our guys thanks for watching Nicholas and have a great day remember be excellent to each other and Mario is back. Analysts.