#5 Mindy McGinnis

Friday, July 14th


Mindy McGinnis: Author of A MADNESS SO DISCREET as well as several other books. We talk about rejection in writing, her podcast and how it's going and we bond over lobotomies. 

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You listening to the about the author podcast I'm Kristen Myers I also hosts the morning show yet nice. Six point night taillight eaten in San Cisco and my husband and stay on the program I'm gonna have Mindy could get it seemed out of the madness so discreet in many many. As well she's gonna talk about rejection and her podcast that. And we bonds over our love economies and I now it gets ready weird so heinous acts. Are you reading anything interesting lately. I just picked up a book called chasing the screamed and it's about the war on drugs. And how it's changing with the media owe you an epidemic. So I just could have got I can't tell you the name of the author is like literally just got from the library like eminence Al really. Yes sell high paying. How did. Recently finished a book called dream land which is actually a ball. How the opening it epidemic started. And focuses mainly on Portsmouth Ohio which is. Kind of a dead river town at the moment and it was really fastening spicy and you know it's. And I started reading that and knows is really interest in the topic and then a friend of mine who's a rehab counselors punish agreed chasing scream. Oh well what's interest in its. I hope array. Book debts. Feature is manipulated. Contacts OK it is about appearance there is so interesting is that it's. It's not your typical junkie that is getting addicted to arc CNN. Crossing the line and using Harrell an. Middle class upper class white kids young kids. Yeah well it's interesting that your kind of researching it because. I actually started this podcast when I was in an accident. And I left in a wheelchair for about four months and I got super depressed and I was I was writing before that I was working on a novel and it just kind of locked and the motivation. And I started this podcast is like him a jump back into let them get re inspired which totally has has worked but I was prescribed oxy. And Tom I was taking it and man on the and cannot understand why people get addicted to that because I our blue and joke around and my husband because it's like manic I would I would think about it went and it takes the next one. And I was asking my doctor constantly like am I taking to monitor antique too little and is now. Like you're doing right thing and I'm like I don't want this to spiral out of control in this something else and actually and really a lot of pain. And so like I once might prescription was up I didn't not refill it even comic actor was offering to 'cause that's like no. Don't like it out not Rhode because I know how typical McEntee. Yes absolutely I had eye surgery. Bouts three years ago I wanna say I'm more actually. I surgery at what apparently sick it was something Carl surface treatments. Basically they actually scrape author accordions. And do the laser surgery and then you're actually Karabakh and three eighths inch and got. Yeah so this article is and you know that. Immediate cringing pain when you scratch your salt and I accidentally poachers on an hour and yet it's fat for three days straight which. I mean it's it's an air ball and give you Zealanders are questioning Dmitry. And I never had it in the usage you take one for each day. That's your courage and your corneas will be Ingraham back darlings. So I took one. And I'd never had a four and it is. Opium based it's basically has the same most of those and molecule heroin yes and I was laying there and I was like whole Swedish. And it feels a and I was my immediate odd as well I was like OK I'll never addict because. That means. And that first day I was playing Aaron I was so oh. Just you've or acts. And thousands and audiobook. And in and out of time I am might not mean just as. Are crazy yelling and then the next day as you very much import taking my hacks are saint rank. Khalili handled some of the pain that he didn't have that crazy high and then the third as a marker on Hostin laundry well. And I just build up that some. What's the word idol aspirants are quickly then I was like OK and I am never allowed to have box. Yet I would have to plan my day because as I am on radio host and San Francisco's so. Has been he's my partner my radio partner and was like no drugs before we go on Eric has one coming ticket I was like. And oddly inner need him during breaks and stuff like that it was our. And thankfully we're ball off of it felt. But I'm really anxious to read your your got it though and it's kind of like research for you at this point. It is definitely reserve. I'm hoping it's you put together our proposal that will all. Have my publisher while while hop acts I am working on this week just kind of tweaking it and I am hoping you get it to them like. Next week or so I'm only kinda did to my tones in the research. Apnea hoping to get the proposal picked up the manic and really diet and they that's great ally of nonfiction which is always and yes actually we need a break and fiction. So have you. Writings sends everyone always has Hartman writings and like a pencil and like that's true in a way but I ever finished a novel until I was at my mid twenty's. So when I am watch and it was our as obsolete. I endings at a tyrant it was Allen Pulitzer guy I mean it's unreadable I've got gotten. Out our hopes. But I whenever you speaking out young writers groups war. Schools and I'll hop. Kids start mentally you know I just can't finish any bang them on dude your ten it's cool. If you're right in your living in them and that's what I. Like tell all the listings range and school was it's moved up a clobber rate I'm raiders at that cash but aidid's. He's right because it's. When I was younger it was huge and my little pony yeah and east you know yes and I was in my little pony. In other shows. And if I did like an upset it would just make up my own. I always handle things for psychics psychics are my favorite characters is so out and I'll sidekicks were not getting their due and so are just make out whole story lines for psychics. Now the Lone Ranger is site hankins. Any wonder woman in a psychic buttons you know anything like that race is making it and today we would call into action. But I was now and sell I'd. Sell I would just make up all of the stories about my toll is. Have an enduring all these different things having adventures announced a former rang. Well I was writing but I never sadness that unwritten not all. It's tried and younger junior high price hero but I finish something Collins and go to college for writing. I did not I went to art which is a university in western Ohio a suburb of Columbus. And I have a degree I had a double majored have a degree in English literature. And the degree in religion lock. Just very interesting but not terribly me you don't really have a job. And yeah I did with. Honors and an all low all the laurels. Now marketability. And or our workplace. Skills she she wet it turned out well I was very very well suited for war. Dissecting episodes of lost. It so well. That's what would happen I just get people calling it really takes an Adams and Michael I can absolutely about if I have a lot of well workplace skills ended up getting a job as an assistant librarian in the high school that I graduated from. And it's IA did that for fifteen years I just quit resell. Are you ready fulltime. I was tired or I I love my jobs are my thoughts. That it was an assistant at Hayward was actually and I was around zero. The motivation to get my masters and yet to have a masters lovers and order you. Mixed d.s money has a library and so I a had been published at that point for about ten years and then turned into an agent I'd written four novels eat them. Progressively slightly better the last as a batter Ed and averaging year's unveiling and not not getting agent an agent. And I kind of designers are my life where I needed to. Really makes the decisions and is that a planned. I think you want to drop less and I'm going to see you go get my masters and settled around and saying this just out. Stop gap job I'm going to get masters and Gillibrand and render my. I wouldn't unhappy doing. I I happen to watch documentary called blue gold. Solid out EE. What are shortest possible watch her shorts drinkable water on our planet and it was terrifying. And it gave me an idea or not our strengths which was my debut. Ends. Okay. I'm gonna write this one not long and give it a lasts tourists. And I dead are not a giants it was the fifth novel ever wrote and ying got an ancients. I and you know things have just progressed from there to the point where I am able to be ample time. Isn't the way it always is though I hear that story a lot of people. It was like a it is my last chance like I'm gonna try one more time and that's always the time that it seems to stack. Yet there's there are some theories about critical mass. I am occurred when it comes to writing that you just have to have so much failure under your. Just I'm really lifts you and you and you don't. Achieve your goal but I like to tell people because. They do work a lot as our writers have a blog and iPods are aimed for aspiring writers. And I know how hard it is weary and he rejected and it's also hard for me go to and to people who say you know I've just I've had thirty reductions and it's so hard and easily do you I actually had over eight out. Recently. My cash. You know I I have to say though that that this is kind of refreshing here because. IE I wrote a black in my early twenty's very much tennis in my CO. And I mean it's unreadable like it's I'm the time I was like this is you know iconic like this is going to be a movie this is a love story for all times. And I look back on it now and like oh my gosh is only the worst thing I have ever seen in my life and in fact I was just like we get rid of bitter like adding it's a funnel up top somewhere but. I'd been since have been doing this podcast there's been people that have been talking to that was like like this is senator read a book and I sent senator Roland and make. I queried an agent like outline in the got a publisher and now on here and a link out of so maddening sometimes. I'm so it's a happy for you nets it's an amazing story. But it it gives me some about it also clearly yeah had a lot of strength Leo and Ana hate that I'll have your buck in this kind of stuff but. It's inspiring to hear somebody that that went through that rejection that I think a lot of us feel so how did you keep yourself motivated during that. Well so often that I absolutely hate that I hear tossed out all the time is never give up on give Elin is living off yet and I like oh it's okay give up its fine. Because I think you have to you can only take so much rejection. Before it's just too much in it you just plowing through that. Which had down on it as a way I knew and so are you say it's at ten years and it debt arrow four novels. It Jimmer period of ten years. But I would take huge breaks at 68 months with no writing and no clearing and just kind of doing acts. As spiritual and psychic and mental Reese that because you only eat. Have your dream balloon popped so many times before you're unable to refill on her and Charlotte yet instinct you need a lot of us. To sit down right what's your date like. You actually have a blog post yesterday. About how I worked all day yesterday and I did not write a single or. Like I have abs and a great fun. But it's excel and they have ample time writer. There really isn't a typical day about for example yesterday. I woke up I answered email for two hours. Amin setting out. Events. Clarifying. Our current event that I had that lean mean. Exchanging. Tax with an author whose book rambler being talking about a talking point of the book and it seems they wanna have more magnified in the blur things like our I was about an hour. Then one could seek partners had put together a pitch. For one of her box that I read for her got back to her when he came back and forth for about an hour. Do you manuscript critique. And I had one paid one that and come in for a middle grade that I had Ernie finished and and you didn't write notes so like that. Sanford back writer that was probably an hour and a half. And then of course there's an element my agent and editor at a hold much stuff going on that particular day. Com. I had a newcomer come and though they needed my opinion yeah super adding those of the blast email to its upper and they want in my opinion which is so cool and I've been very fortunate with all of my name. Houses and with England got them and what harper Collins Athens he inbox and there are always so great about asking both of them my opinion. I had to choose not able narrator for my accounting. All released from her personally those kinds of did you have some weight today and I am pretty soon it was or Clark and I needed to leave for an event it's a speaking event. And dragged idiot that I live and on our our our our event eighth on the panel an ominous for Simon Eaton and yeah home get a shower and it it was 7 o'clock and I had worked podcast I had lied and hadn't. Doesn't in other things that I do you or. Rights. So well I mean it's a day is. Never to call when I do right. I sit down for our current Aaron out I re quick to write a thousand words like Goldie lip out and and that's about five pages word documents means I can do out and about a hour hour. And how many not many of our. Art making it. More. As I did get a patent. Silica Ers. Draft not to drink never I had huge plot changes that they'll be enormous odds. Shaping character shaping his outing is seen again this character more dimension and that happens. And you just get better at knowing mincing shall eat. How to do that without your editor or that you need to get out without an editor telling Ewing happened. So I'm at a point now where I mean my first jobs are never perfect of course wants SP. They're fairly ugly but I then polished with the T partner. You usually have two or three different partners and years and I work went on the Maureen and send it to add air did you find your critique partners. I sounds. My big east. Critique partners that I used for everything on a website called agent query connects. Dot com it's a forum for aspiring writers we all Mets at same time. When we are aspiring about two years out from us getting agents and we are all now. Published middle grade and why are the Mike he partners are RC speech who writes I I. Wyatt scifi and mercy Kate Connally who writes middle grade fantasy. And we all got picked up. Right around the same that it was really it was fantastic and then my equity partners are. Fellow debuts from the you're 2013 that we met through a debut group and our rate consists he is. He Terry is weighing in reaching out at a north follow why authors. Not by a circle of people and it's. Meserve that it isn't really digit operating goes to the editor now where they are you Ford not a drop to drink. Breaks RC Lewis and are seeking Connelly asks they Wear. And how did it take it right the first. The first out of my first black I probably wrote in about 60 okay that's. Panel time now I've had other expand. I have called a not so discreet cat won the Edgar award in 2016. And Ira doubled in three weeks really. Wasn't healthy. My highest that's crazy. That's the look at turn me on CEO. Has that that's what I got first and I was like oh my gosh like this is amazing and and we are talking about covers earlier what a beautiful covered the book as well. And it just kind of drew me N and as I picked up an out like this is fantastic and it's law on concealed the fact he wrote that in three weeks long and in the sense that it's over 300 work out three pages but. And that's really impressive. Well eight Arab Israelis I did I had 101000 words so. I'm critic to the point where she leaves the often asylum I know there's a natural break there so I had 101000 words. Bit had sold on them. On the pitch basically. Again. There it was basically there's his communication about. What might you do it was I had a date it was actually copy edit any it was when things had to be perfect part went to get the tees and I's dotted and prost picture and I thought that was a draft day. And there's basically three month get its act and I was still working full time at that point and there is just like at the miscommunication and I'll. A green realized that I had a different in mind and I editor needed and every there is no one's called it was a something happened and everybody's very understanding and Eric while you can either take your odd or different look and three weeks and I was like all right. Engineer for at at the same. I was up four and it was actually it was wonderful. Because it is a numbers of block in his ass article. And it's very gothic and sad how I never left the world man I was always the air. So I was able you'd just kind of got a lot on that darkness and in all. But everything and it was on how many I think it's good for the block I think it was probably the only way to really deliver not block. But I don't think it was helping me. Yeah absolutely. I guess I mean that's the thing is if you pass it is a darker Utley can gothic kind of and it's a perfect description so I mean if you're might that I mean it I might look keep going. Keep reading a I'll so the aspiration for that but now he we cutting Hillary got a not adopt drink your your debut self. Let's move forward a little bit where did you get that inspiration this. Turn it is I was reading I'm a big fan on bikes and notice or your cell I was reading the average mean of doctor leaned his name is Walter Freeman might be James Freeman the doctor payment he was America is. First and foremost the bottom tests act you isn't very fascinating and really felt it lobotomy is where the answer. Tune many people problems well meaning doctor. Actually. Very badly damaging people and that helped yes and those are fascinating. Think higher interest me and I was reading Matt averaging double in the white city by air Larson. Which is about America's for Sarah killer and Chicago world's fair in 1994. I was reading shall homes. And I was reading a history of us. Different treatments. Treating sank which weirdly though lobotomy and let that with weirdly many of the treatments that they used on the and seen. A long time ago. They didn't believe based horrible black on they were hurt and they were hurt the image adorable damaged but most of the time and they really were operating out of what they felt was medical knowledge in the retired helping their religious did imaging and torturing people. Now of course there were plenty of places that weren't facts damaging and torturing people on purpose and enjoying themselves doing it but there are also well meaning actors you're truly were trying to help and recently operating out of ignorance at the time. So I had all of those books. Stacked with their spines thing. On my nightstand and I was just about all athlete and I was looking at them I was thinking. You know Al. It would be so interesting and someone spoke. All of those things. Serial killers in the beginnings of a Chinese criminals like Al catch. Eat killer at this cart are world spirit expelled a pitcher. And he's laying there and I was thinking. Our passion fastening someone's like insane asylum and the beginnings of criminals at college Jeanne. And lobotomy. In the eighteen Chinese primary Ed and to our listings squish Somalia in one book that would be session fascinating book and I was like. All underwriter edged out. It. The are crazy weird. Currie. TV are pile. Crossing all of these lines at the same time that I sat I'll let all of you know you never narrowing yet. That. Moments and I was really lucky and higher woke up and the they're going to zero Shakespeare company with some of my friends in college and so we're right in the car. Knowing. It was Juli is they're we're going easy Julius Caesar and I was like not apply this is my idea. News is that. I was just. The entire current probably for three hours a minute intermission I was like okay and and they are like Al I got me. Early yes and found like a really good what can we talk about the health. A alike dodged blocked it a little tangent I don't know if you read the book my lobotomy. Yes have you OK I read it now with I had himself fascinated by itself and that's violate this looks so much you can I had an interest in that. And that old kind of techniques against going into it so come down you definitely get that feel and it's it's very fascinating. Yes. Al economy is fastening Burke and I aren't doing school does that. Especially younger generations they had an understanding of lobotomy is producing a zombie rightly. And I had excellent I'm like no you can all of bottoming gift functioning human being like your little damage is you can try to are you can have a job you and it. Lake socially and emotionally. You Europe column and so I always I explained that an eminent. I always tell them that much of the medication. We take now for 8080 ADHD. I am depression anxiety it basically doesn't fit I think it'll bottoming doesn't stop some knowledge and activity in the frontal lobe and I explained it and the first anti psychotic. Was actually called a chemical lobotomy. Stores yet or he was actually pulled a chemical bottoming. At. Guy same thing little thought we got we don't have that night stepped up and you are out of catalogs. I'm not that's not common practice and I'll that we need you right and you sit down to write do you right with music. Now I do not I actually have white noise really. Helps you think been an autopsy be created economic and Seth. It just drowns anything else so I have tapped. And tolerance and you know if Damien my attention cats will literally take their little pardon would not sold out and stick them under the door frames and grab the door and she. In the frame and I'm just like I don't care right now. Shell I just have a little eyes out on my own. And I run that and it really lets me escape I know a lot of people right in music and helps increase in my problem is is that when Eminem I tend it there. So if I'd seen and I've got to switch can't eat are Starker Erden just. Shuttle went a blank slate. That's gonna. Now on you city don't necessarily write every day but when you. When you know we need to write like let's say. That this three week period that you had to write the spot. I I know you had derided. On so there really was that a questionable and I gonna write today but what he GG sometimes when you encounter that gosh I just don't feel like it I just there's this show on Netflix adamant CEO and I kind of feel like they're watching woody do you motivate yourself. Well it is the job itself. I see no when my deadline ends I know all my Macs are counting is that I can crap out an ad today. And still have it be a decent book I can write five to 8000 words and a day of how to. It that is not going to give you the best that is no way it and deliver the best possible version of that story in Madison discrete it was very. Special kind of opt. Incident went back tiller per urged. So I don't like she glut like that highlights are at a thousand warns it and that keeps me sharp I can write a thousand and they're still there very crisp and clean under 18102000. Sometimes like cash. I can I king hit that and still feel that I I gained something good so I days and look at my honor I always wanna harper strap. Done. Treated for weeks before it's deer is so acute and goatee you mine treaty partners. And come back at me and I can collect that and give my editors on them really clean edge. And I count I know my word count gold even about sometimes it's sure as 60000 and one that I just an app was I think 58 Lincoln was a short term but then my fantasy news. Our long time might burst and you're almost a 100000 words and a new and Mueller's Henry and he spoke so I just cap backwards spore. I aim for I about a week. And that and I starting on Monday all right and basically I say to myself okay here aren't out the worst day river if I don't get to it jackets rolled over and the next day. And I have to clearing it by the next month so if it's done today. And I didn't at all that week I Garrett by a thousand words to my house let's discipline and unit. Typical part of rating for. And down. Like writing I mean it is actually make use of it because it is work but it doesn't billet work. Well there's so much skill involved with scene laundry he's done. Dish is sitting in the thinks. And I'm right laying down I write in my bad sell it does feel very odd to say okay you need to get to work now. There's on your pajamas right. That is my cell. It is difficult it is today okay this takes precedence. But when it isn't our. My job and vice president county you learn tune sex those parameters for yourself and I treated it like it job even before I was making Ian come off Burnett. When I would write but I would say OK I said it once I thought you're gonna finish this block by Christmas you want to be query and by march. Truck like that's. Great and Whitney are writing do you find like some. Common problems they have like with me. When I sit down right I always have to remind myself OK I'm not an air raider I need to describe it like I need I have a checklist next to me of like the senses. OK it is doing an eight hitting all of these image making it vivid that kind of thing is there any problems still struggle with. Yes of course there's always problems that channel I. Use the McClellan they get out. I'll never forget about. I'll pretty doubt that I actually under describe it and I know Imus our starter Madison is probably the most description. Com but I am pretty sparse the miners send to the point that sometimes they do not even. So what color my character's hair is Warner RAs or their skin and Zelaya have readers to meet. And you don't need more paint a picture or. Are you I want you to. I'll give you the story and you who. And Allen is playing such good vividly remember reading Tolkien. Having like a really big crush on chairman Eric Idle and yet. As I was like twelfth right and then at one point oh into damning about his beard and I was like now know there are there. Uggla does all of Lebanon is across Nam 38 in underwear and sell I was Catholic but it's looking good air. And so I decided now he does have a beard. Advancement is a highlight in my mariners bring him. But you know and others don't care for cells and time to sparks. An idea have to look out. The other thing that I'm learning. I'm pretty. Good at it now. Just trusting your reader she understand the many things that truly are comments on that you want to write them anyway. Surgery ample will be critiquing her people don't and they'll say I reached with my heat and in Italy yeah I know he did. Yes. You say you reached a product in any use your hands. Absolutely look what I its first reading may may unreadable I I did that a lot it was like I thought my herself and it's like well of course oxy yourself like. He did just got in out or I potter whenever Latina and if you know at the end that extra step on and so are. And or person is really easy to say I look I looked that. I looked to my left and the darn Anthony was taking that and is always say is there an acting he's taking his as we understand you Saul writes. And that art until it is hard and learning you'd knock narrate every name. Yet it's like we want she'd see you as a reader to imagine where magic and so we over complicate things and it just pulls an aria that. As opposed to pulling them out. We tried out a controlling image you've got to. Gas. Come Lisa. Can you yet now I can't okay any effort second. When you are done with not a drop to drink how many agents do you think you sent it to you at that time to query. Well not to drink not many I'll I ain't had learned rhetoric weary at that point my ten years that I spent startling. Wasn't doing a good job doing marries searched. I you really do you think that part of the reason why suddenly. Succeeded was. Partially due to act MI reading and percent match but also. I had decided that I actually had to buckle down and do your research required in order to be successful about the publishing NG agent screen which tracks. Shell. The book I wrote before not not to drink I had. Almost a hundred entity rejections. On that single block. Not about to drink I sent out thirty queries. And I had two offers representation. What do you think changed your query letter in that time. Is a really small. Things that made me actually look like a precaution all. Sell for example all I was writing to page query letters of what I. I didn't understand the rules I didn't understand and nobody they don't every team pages and they look at a U one meter reader stuff that you don't. You know you haven't put in the work actually understand this industry and you wrote me. Three pages. You don't understand where you are in India like China to be a contractor and not knowing what apply online is slick very basic thing. That I wasn't. Exhibiting myself percussion dollars a Monday even respected industry or the agents' time and not to put myself. Through that research process and it resonant. Barring and it it's no fun and it really Phil Liggett facto life edited your reading and that's because that's the business side and you have to worry that any way you need to going to be successful writer and how this creative outlet that is what you live on the business side is. Promptly. 75% of what life in any. Yet I I wanna tackle more of the business night coming up but first come out of the thirty. Query letters he sent out did you have connections with any of these agents over the ages eight to that you researched and he felt would be none net. And none was cold and emails. Ed today asked for any revisions before signing Ian. Really my agents. Is Adrian ransacked she is with boundary literary economic issues with wolf literary when I inherit. We had a conversation. And she basically be anything about it not to drink. Is not your typical. Why and and I spoke another agent assume it's that well one other age that offered as a would you be willing to change and ink. And I said now I am really not like this is what I believe is an ascending from the start. Injured and that I love the ending it's perfect it's very bleach. Matches. And so immediately I knew that she is the person for me we how'd one congress Asian and she armored. We're presentation at the end of the top. And I needed to get back to and the other AG hood offered as we hadn't spoken yet at that point so I took back call. Decided it was going to be a better attorney called her back in the morning. Except at her proper. And we did. Do a little bit of revision. She I I canceling out my faults and one of them is that when the story over right and a block island re need about about winding. A novel. I'm really about I am getting better and very well aware that this is a great weaknesses mariner. And I was ending injury and pointed out without drugs drink and it was probably the most out and like obvious I was like. And third on its like again we needed it we need it was a battle march. Month. Maybe a month went by and before we went out on the mission editors and what happened. We the national for a while at that point. The plus the puddle of it or custodians. Have really blown up Karim is about average was cresting. And the weight publishing works and anything that is crossing editors at about one aren't going to be your. Two years report actually going to be published and so what's hot our. Now more than likely is gonna be cool or dead at eighteen years and so I just really got my foot in the door I was very lucky. That anybody was even still considering and it I had many rejections from auditors that you know a year ago at a cross my best and has not. But now I'm not. Stories about a girl whose ouster writing in kind of that. Called a look at neo western stats indictment last basically people living in the we're nowhere how to access to our upon their hand I want to defend a water source. Because people are trying to cry absolutely mad Max but now oil not water what water I cook. And album. Shell I had yeah it's great but the market at and we are actually on a mission for our. Almost six months which is a fairly long time. And we were on our last. List of ale blisters and Adrian and basically said to me we're gonna send out ten more. And if we don't get any bites we're gonna discuss options. Whether we hit smaller publishers and Atlanta publishers or you write something you know and I says okay. And hard because. I felt like I'd done so much work in Britain so many novels that in years and trying to do this and here again my agent such friend is gonna decide whether or not yet published and ash but the the way it is that's just life. I got really lucky the last round and I've Sheen houses. Were interested and I went to auction IRA. Got a team not only my agent I meanings thank you congratulations it's. Herbert Rollins and publish and I was just out hours or comic it's amazing. Story. Ink there it is that. Lot of work in it was one of those moments where it was so anti climactic end it primate went along and I tried she and call sister and she's teacher she was in a parent teacher meeting agenda got my mom has arisen in knitting club holing out of he's that aren't he was an eating here's Diamond Bar for his work and I called my critique partner and it's also a teacher and there's the time difference and she was in clap. And I had literally no one lot to. I was like wow and via tablet or needs scared doesn't rally. Islam in that letter that was. My relative relatives and an elbow and everything James denied the Arab. And against you tell you how it keeps you grounded as it. Gets you have. I'll too many cans are going to be embers and I have I have three is more than three I spent. An old white guys. Seventh I don't know where my yard is biting urged. We you're indoor out our. At arrowhead their barn kitty my energy up there are people might we're trapped and a 600 square foot apartment when I first moved its San Francisco and there was none that it was I was. If you add living with cats in their hair everywhere. Already. I'll try living like an 600 square foot apartment it's on topic you there everyone Ashton face daily. From eight. I yeah I acres and there's apparently in on what is this. The main thing. So you you're book up rocks in it got glanced out what happened and Austria. Harbor on a sequel cannot not to drink which is really cool. I had written as a standalone so I needed you very quickly come up web an idea for a sequel and I did. So that's sold as well it was a good deal. And sure there is not to drink in the colleges and sampled dust. And I and mad if I got lucky with that idea. And that also began turn into a two book deal. With the second that beings and in untitled. And I had an idea and actually was the first mile an ever written back in college and it is their rape revenge vigilante justice sorry. That was actually an adult novel. And I pitched the idea you know my agent at a girl who's older sisters raped and murdered in everyone knows he did it small town. But they don't have to let it and they can expect current rock and Dini character. Just can't square that so she kills them. And she gets away with what she did it means basically the rest the book at her. She doesn't feel about a call them the big lead that would that would really. And as in college and trust me are all is that the work. I picked idiot my agent and was like and want it should have editors and I love it I was like I have some of the integrity or re right about that opt loudly I wouldn't. I would ask people to burn just to keep warm like that I. Outlook. I. Again the email she's switched. Out today it's my gut bucket is unfair wow I'll. And that was actually urged not only ever punished although all that well from. Fifteen years ago. Had nothing in common. Title. The one it is on the aisles now. Mean it sounds amazing I have to pick and I think that it's fantastic. When it comes to your books ever looked at the no I did when I first got published. I was nineteen and would read our news. But there's no points and positive reviews just make you feel good and it'll glad. It also on bleacher eat well and it makes you you'll. Legitimize their resting on laurels which does not Kirk. Reviews. Are had to lean. Contradictory of each other going to be able every batter is what I want an auto and urban unlike. It's someone's opinion right it is valid someone else's opinion. Absolutely contradicts that opinion if you try actually mine for advice were raised in your gun shop not and out of that of the B Al. Feedback and negative reviews because it did read the purse. On. The first buck dropped anchor Rick reed army is sometimes the negative reviews are just on. Sometimes they can you really personal and just seeing any. And cell. That is completely used for years op and there's no way for you'd Erica Pratt. And come outlook and god I mean I know that yet he can't well. No I wanna fight on Internet solidly Arie. I IC no point in your about professional. Of course. Now the new black is. The darkness mine right district. This dark last month that's cracked and got all rights and so can you get as an. Sure it. About a girl who is tight. A good girl she's first show McLaren that. Balladur our hands never and a shaping her life and she's dating you know the salute to turn and yelling where's you know are experts and he'll overs but good guy good guy she's a gay girl it's and suddenly seeing her senior she starts out the impulses that are. Dark. And her mind dark like she wants to move the Smart Car she months cute. Ha and Nate how this guy she doesn't know she once section which I wish to sing she's a hike is not ma'am. And she is searching her harm others photo albums because she's. She knew the baby picture for the your book where does that mean you picture a senior picture whatever. And she finds. An ultrasound that was her mother's when she's pregnant with. Car and there's twins and she does not a blank. And she's like and she convinces herself that her twin sister was being quote unquote evil twin. And she absorbed her in the she has her heart's. And so the rest of the crash and the the book is the. Is she right or is she crazy because the twin then begins communique prior to her ways. Yeah shall I call it fight club and under that I. Great description. Operating titled. Or not. Al writer writer camp on our art and I started dot puke on my blog which began only backed in twenty. Basically what I was an aspiring writer there were some question I had that I want and sit down and talked to a published author in just picked their brain. And island animal and our Ohio is simply wasn't an option for me. So I start my blog Americans eat and without intention of his anti gang Alice published authors that I know now because I move that circles. And that I cried bring can't add any resource you aspiring writers. And seven years later it. Blogging is still a really insulting it would robots blog blogging is that it's lacking people are as intimate as you be part that's huge to us at all. And it changed medium and so now hygiene. Ambience with writers and Powell junior prop fat and another books as well and basically the Karl linking any published stats say it let as the response for the grades are our I had no idea what he's doing and never been a radio or anything's sound was sitting around with. Yeah now are banned in the Arab they had all isn't. Trying to figure out and out it happened on. Listeners are actually I was surprised at the response that I out and it keeps growing really been up for three months now so. It's a new endeavor and it's on yeah that can. Now get all of your books and quickly find a social media. You next anywhere boxers all one. Barnes & Noble of course hands on. I really push people to visit in their independent booksellers I haven't indeed it has and just to should my immensely helpful to me. Here and was not my hometown it honestly it probably why pregnant drive that's the closest bookstore to meet. So all that it is I always just people if he can definitely does it indeed. I have not not to drink and in Hamlet asked which are post apocalyptic survival and world a very little water. Yeah it's Madison street of course which is. I think on species as we talked about and actually the scene is just released in any girl from penguin and it is called given today's tee so if you are interested in emerged Iran's any type machines it's hard entity. And originally excited tune jumped into that John I was the hardest job archery but he didn't see is available now as well and on social media I am just maintaining an apps on Twitter and you can find me on trees but there's ball. And I'm on Tumblr and interest and all of those I'm pretty much everything that is that in order our Brian. Mean goat cheese if he does it Mindy Maginnis dock all of my social media icons and there. Thank you so much for taking time to talk to us today I really enjoyed it and I loved your book and now I'm gonna have to not get all the rest of them and it caught up on us. Well I think my guess mid to begin is the author of the madness so discreet and many other bugs make sure to check out especially if you love gothic thrillers on the next episode and it is not easy viewing she's the author of the chills series that I completely devoured and loved and if you a published author and wanna appear on the program it's really simple Ali had to do is reach out to me through email it's Kristen at hale I.