#5 To Parent, Or Not To Parent

Friday, April 14th


In this episode Nick and Kristen talk about everything Kids! From Easter Eggs to future babies!

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Bug them until five a bunch of Mary's. And it's scary it. And it's good for the super loud it is really quiet in here. Analysts are talking when celeb attorney about that night did. I haven't had guns turned up his your strategy of talking silently again as softly and I was like OK that's the good good lover at failing. To put it. Outreach to other members of five of the Mike to marry podcast we're making Christa we do morning show here in San Francisco. And 96 point five TO IT in this is our chance to just talk a little more were married and we did a show together so why add that into our lives well. People say we have an interesting relationship. Yeah and so without a parent with it but I guess we're sitting around here doing nothing to them as well be something if there ago. Three which during our workday I was locks in the name it and knew Star Wars trailer right the last Jana. And there's this whole thing happening in Orlando are right now there's like a conventional gas debts are where our collaboration yet and they were gonna premier then. Personally tell me about this yesterday you know like the nature really comes up tomorrow and so you are live streaming the convention. And where they showed the video. Yes set of doing. Did you see that but the boss doesn't listen to this podcast oh yeah she won't go either way trailer looks amazing Taylor for the zone and such and her. OK I mean and again like not a huge stars fan yeah but many did it looks a good union jobs. Yeah it's just a teaser so you really don't still know and it's about. Or whom the last ten days but now and I gonna go here's the beginning and end at the store BT doves and listen in the last into the idea that it's a disappointing yeah but I was excited to the trailer schooled the picture little poster school. Then nerd community is quite it's hitter because. Like they had this huge conference room again and mean people have like light sabers out and and with. I was one with them ashore from LA to refine and this is it you were never going 901 day though maybe because Indy with you and you had to metropolis that now we get our list now we got to go a little porcelain might turn. Something we don't there's Disney console is now Disney star hours Saddam and screwed over there still time. That the. Coming up this weekend is Easter sold I don't know when you're listening to this but it's Easter is coming on or today Friday probably come and gone. But we're gonna ultimately didn't. And we had a great eastern. I was so good. A lot to candy Nancy improv everywhere and and then heading on some. Nomo and holiday you'd think they would have they done on Easter than that that's weird and it of the densely yuletide tradition evidence egg. Eggs earnings eight. I get a game a big day didn't Jesus Yemeni Easter traditions yes so we would do the Easter baskets and a moment hide the Easter Easter baskets up at. Ha that I know you're gonna bring up the start out with a try not to tell us say yet I'll relay and now I gotta say it sell at a at one point I always like seven Mary aids. My Brothers currently well let me. And it's searched the house for Erie skip Easter basket yet and I opened up. The fireplace door. Aside Easter. He's your Penske they wasn't. And yes it wasn't mine and so I I was putting the door back to you knew wasn't durst yeah because it had like boys' stuff. Four Italian earlier mom wasn't trying to make you you know OK with every. It was very it was very much meant it was meant that run. And a mind ominous where she didn't say this but I will defend it to my grave. She goes so did you find a NASA said. Why ask me that's a seminary or maybe shivered hours you put it because then I said yes but it's not mine. To which my brother likes started crying. I parents through their hands up in the air and was like well face Crist and like you took all the fun out of it for your brother. Maybe it was like. Did you find the basket. And like shaking their head no like you didn't you didn't see anything did you Christen. Old and hearing purging he'd try yeah as a little kid that's your windows and the north at about one. It really remember feeling so bad the and that my brother was look why even bother anymore and so he's like grab disease can Bassett ran off and gasses like I remember feeling aches so defeated can't be happy with a bag vote came and he came in and sees life and I I sought to find a basket and everybody snout was crying entirely like done like moaning and Atlantic. Whereas mine just tell me at this point that you find. Yeah did they tell you urgent Clinton now they made me so find it really even there or their Manny and yes. Like we asked mom about this may be eight years ago in a row like this is a very distinct memory in my head she's like never happens. I'd like to know it didn't it didn't matter for Yale lake it mattered for me when OK it was something that's been burned in my brain. And I will defend it to my grave but that's what. He always finds a way to ruin. And ever my dreams but they're not in green in Sydney yet the distant memory is a part of me this happened to that but we've we've. You know I'm past. Look at unease let's fund. You never debate and dreaming now it it'd make hunting that we did do the color as a aches Olga in Colorado Gatti dire aches and in. We did that a teller handing com there would be excellent plate the only family thing I remember us ever doing. Before like the divorce. Hadn't done it was like coloring eggs yet and then we would go over my grandma's house which I did when I was eight. And we would have them I guess it was hollow them out and remember it's all. And they would total holding confetti and right and that we would run around and meet my cousins who have like thirty dozens. Would just bash from leverage on the tenth and the least the event that's on our. And then we have laid. Good food remembered there always be in food what's their Easter is close at hand. Yeah and I might be a man in here I think it's probably tamales out a group like a Mexican. Family at Christmas time now I think it's any celebration needs to bring an anathema. That it's not as a bunch of family and career goals like well lately and it antenna goes they good pilot some knowledge of such different mines. I tried to make tamales. And with him in the oil went to China. Just like to point five recently that really involved like we should make sure tamales and LaMont like shadows like that and then that with. It the first month that usually logged probably out of it takes it all day all weekend my friend will make smallest with her family again like they take work off like on Mondays and Friday. And like make a whole long weekend that the chipping in like it takes a. Long time and you have to know like the muscle ratio rapid yes. I do not know that it's either that it's either just like one street meat and a pound of flight two mosques out rather. Or you do right and we did that we. Which it it's look at but now I just buy them from leverage instantly death is a the most that. Let's go. So those with a pretty its own traditions that are river and then come into human mom would tolerates. As like a roller and then I've hunted for race before but I remember last and it. Yet we never hunting today are or four eggs were was never part of our tradition yeah I've never done any street and you have never gondola back in the day back in our day. There was parks. And had thousands of people right there was you in your front yard looked good and I remember there being calm like four and there was like you can find money. Yet they're McCain you and in others there's definitely knows those funds that I don't know lion like money amendment that was like it is exciting appealing incensed. Yeah in the tournament pennies because like the money I want better kids don't care but it to them they think it's like it. The mentally to get I'd dollar. If I would ever wolf and a jury that that general police. Porsche V. Who. And speaking live kids and traditions like that. My. I don't know why we want is that we hear. Let me my mom was just visiting and she was like Cheney have you guys made a decision about whether you're gonna have kids and said you know we really haven't like we kind of go back and forth on it. And she goes to this one question that the do you want kits. Yeah I don't Dolan. If we knew the answer the that we would just have kids like we're like death but that you know one day chair the time that. Mid thirties right. Did you say that all the time you're like yeah but not now. And like you you have to understand that my time is running that's at the like if it's not next year it's not at all yet and I I just I guess that fulfilling and pointed finger on it and feel like I just got started in my life and it. You didn't just come. My career going them really did light. All the that'll keep the distract Meehan and know people do all the time about it and have all the stuff and be owned by his elegant ten kids. And I still have a successful career and good looking right but I can't do it. I don't know like I feel like it's easier for you and I know that's kind of mean to solid probably easier for me but it's like at the end of the day. You know my staying home with the kids like I just got sort of my career to attack does that mean that I given up his. It's if if I say no I wanna go back to work then that means I have to hire help because we have family here and here again and that's expensive. And do I trust that person around IE my newborn baby. It's something we'll figure out though if we every. And we can be figured out and we have kids and you can go to work late and I've never expected to stop working when no I don't think we can afford it we'll let him but even if you wanna do like it I don't think you mean if you did one tease him after and mine. But. I'm I don't know I don't know it'll literally you I don't know like our friends there haven't all the kids while we just saw two videos in the same day of our friends. Babies have just sort of walking him they had the names like route around the same time and like bill to the first step session and I've watched him go. On ethical like elements just like now my kid. Are all that's not your kid you know. I went all house special that's Greeks yes and then my first thought was. A room for the kid did start rotary didn't like I have stuff little over the flora like I have. I'm sharp edges on the tables that leg I don't have plagued. Only just extra space to snub the Florida Mike reach for make it again I'm sure I thought I know they are clean it out and I make you know obviously no one's gonna show the picture of them decayed crashing into a table. You know the other out of laden dead. But I mean that's the thing is we didn't grow up around babies like yeah I am that he held may be earning element I have held the baby now that didn't mean to have him. A last year remember I took the picture than everything that does it navy F a com. He had I just I don't know and and that's hard because it's like it's hard to gauge whether or not want kids spaced out if you like kids because I know it's post to be different. Gas wasn't there and have your own kid but do I wanna continued the line like I'll have a desire. I think I do but I doubt it's weird I don't know where in a weird place I'm an outwardly is especially. Late do I wanna continue. My family name. And have a child and do that might get a regretted going to have a kid because I'm gonna regret it if I don't or don't want rankings don't advocate. Right near camp SE certificate and a net and don't worry about the family name with the am not I mean like with your racquet recommend that kid and real quick and you know the world would be a better place for it at the we can always continue my feet athletes. That's your area at the now. So I guess full figured out maybe we'll look. And win the side. The universe. Yeah I've talked to people and I know how did you decide to have a baby and some people like college to stop taking birth control. And it solve what happens again but to meet appeals excel. And Italy in the league throwing up but in the -- trying to catch him like something it's like. Well I mean that's scary so you didn't wanna have kids yet you deciding you suck to Aybar drove right given a shot. Maven that's what we did they're like and we'll see what happens and it doesn't work who didn't like what three weeks no end if it doesn't work it through excellent done now it like yesterday it went out and stop. Now it's after six months my doctor senate effort trying to and a if you're not pregnant by that time she's like you know at one look at extra testing so easily but. It takes a aren't so it's explicit trying ANC and nine months of a baby and then that Powell I'll be that he may be for life. Yes but think of how old I'll be if we keep you waiting and now when people are doing all kinds of things now. In the campaign has authority doesn't he now wants you to the you know have a great care agree here we need to be economic they care. It doesn't really matter to me what I look like when I don't get outside of her I'm just gonna knock it'd be in that frame of mind of running around a park. You know when and knife shortly get I'm 45 and I have a baby yeah like I'm gonna be done man man I just wanna set and it's honored him retire in twenty years at that answer. Close to lament mom had me so I don't see any anything wrong yet but a five I vehemently to forty it's going to be a problem but. I I don't know five a by forty S should now but I can't I can't wait till four. And now it's your little older than I am a little video of it not happening and it doesn't happen next year so that we start now then if these are the six months now let's I'm saying is now like anybody it's it is in. Ace apple because it might take awhile to even get pregnant and then it's nine months of the gestation period. In my hurry just one of the news that we have to do with the so yeah they got the bad sign that the the Bronx like an exit. If bill much harder to get my throat and and ice that was like you would have to think about it but it's beneath the the decision needs to be made as well. I feel it. You're scared panicked I can't I did and did them. The word that a rapid fitness fitness that at the bullets against Beth thanks for it's beginning and out of the game. For some reason there was a number follow. By that that idea until five. But the my declared podcast will be back on Monday hamburgers is Dade and weekend and Easter viewed in narrative experience it. I remember being vigilant and party and it's.