#55 Giving Tree Of Injuries

Monday, July 10th


Kristen got her leg brace on Friday and it led to a terrible weekend. What is the last daring thing that you did? We talk about a woman who jumped 80ft off a cliff and ended up in the hospital. Plus an Unbelievable headline that was to naughty to put on the air. 

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You're listening to the money could be broadcast live nick impressed and listened to Lincoln christened in the morning we can't from my thirtieth. 96 point five tail light skinned and tail light TV dot com. What an episode number 55 of them might divert podcasts today weird disgusting the last time you did something theory. We're also talked about might terrible person did have a pretty bad week and I've got a story we could sell it. On the air and unbelievable headline of the day after the really really good. And now. Can't we could sit on the support that first let's talk about you're terrible. Yeah so it started off on Friday win and Witten got my lake place. So if you're not up on the story day valid injure myself back at December was a very bad accident and that it G surgeries that happened. Com but because that I'm tiny disabled and I need it brace to cut a pop some bones out of certain places like a block without pain. Am I thought I was getting this tiny little brace that I can hide under close but you know. It turned out to be this enormous black monstrosity thing. On the all kinds of wires and gadgets stuff come out and chemical pockets and dad's a battering Laver yet talks to me that. Yes so like I have that on Friday it's like a whole week it was kind of a bummer because it's enormous it's huge. But I guess it does help a lot better in the paint it's not as bad. Yet we bomber. Yeah I don't we are looking forward to the bracelet you had talked about you know finally in my embrace this week and you super excited about it and is it doesn't help relieve. As the Italy here's the tradeoffs like I was excited for the brace because. I couldn't wait to walk without pain again and have real trouble it was steers and Ian going downstairs going up hills going up hills at. And I wanna feel normal again. But then it's like I get that but then on the flip side I have to Wear this huge race. And you can't hide and your clothes here recommended. You you don't Wear jeans yeah he was like just Wear skirts shorts for her at a like. You've never met me but I don't own either of those except for like pajama pants you know death so I was like that's not gonna happen I'm wearing him over jeans. Com and so it just looks really bad and it's kind of achy and like already somebody's like all pins are really well and will that matches in the Batman. Are likely was a priest back on am like no this is the grace that I have to Wear for ever a little what does it come mouse on like when they get any replacement an amendment 64. Have. Burned now and it's just like Qaeda now. I have to give described this accident. Before on the podcast and just the giving tree of the thirtieth at. Like just what I don't think it has any more misery can possibly give me yeah it doles out like oh here's your brace its enormous we hope it doesn't matter like. It's like those genes colored or something maybe that would be cool a cannon. Yeah I'm pretty bombs it was a bummer weekend whenever something like this happens it affects me emotionally yet because unlike him make I just can't ever be normal again from the stupid fall yet so let's did not follow in a big deal but it turned out to light changed my entire life. But I mean people it's happens to people all the time and you can you can find ways to get through it then I mean if Forrest Gump and run. And you can while the is his braces came off my never cannot they were supposed to c'mon he ran so fast. So loud and I don't know if I might if there was seat but he found a way to always keep running. And it crocodile eggs lately the like are relic like sitting on lake. Utley gets her way like me yet it's just like it digs in my half and again. Like rubbed in slamming mean rock and then I take it off it hurts like three times does it's I'll rely yet like what I start walking it has. The way to the bracing is it's pushing my knee and right tibia away from each other yeah but then I'll click together because that's what happens every time you block. And since atop my tibia was reconstructed. My doctor doesn't want them touching yet so this brace pushes them so that they don't. On and so stupid they take the breeze off the go right back to touching and it hurts three times as much fun. On its way but it's just like it's you know I'm sure I'm just getting used to it. Yes well I think this is the last gift. Of the giving tree if you don't see it could be its team that was what we are waiting for this was going to be the last not straw. Well and so now. There's still play another aspect to this. I did not to talk a lot about it but. There's like. An issue of long term care yeah 'cause I'm gonna need quite a bit of it and so that's being negotiated rate now. And I just have a feeling. It's gonna come back to meet Ali they're gonna golf own ill like we decided that we're no longer gonna take care via your time here get a began it but like you have to pay for all of the sunnier out again so that's that's the last leaf on the last Brisinger giving tree that I am waiting for. That could be the one what thing with the good news on it. It could be Kabila like hey we're gonna take care BO you know for the rest of your life again so this injury but X. I don't insurance company that atlas rocket man. And and add insult to injury you were making a sandwich yesterday yeah yeah and it's and we have several knives that I like to keep sharp because I like to get stuff. Like cooking wines like to keep you know I don't like to struggle to cut chicken. And or stay current and and so we have one that's the sharpest of the sharp knives and it's a serrated knife correctly Pratt yes it loaves of bread and somebody was remembered yesterday. In and I sliced rates are making that point I thought I was gonna light up like great this is where I go to gets it done limped to the hospital in Atlanta and it was supposed pleading not so bad but does because of the serrated and yeah it's it's still hurts and then this morning I'd have some bread. I was so nervous using that stupid night the and I dropped it and it's sliced another finger thing these disciplines not nearly as bad as it looks like paper cut you no longer allowed to Kennedy thing like yeah let's say we're. Yeah ready if terrorists that's your left hand yes and giving cutting wood on notice I hold the whole night in Atlanta on a bread and the and I cut it right with. The left side of my body is a pretty much useless at Ole get the the fingers. Can't just put her lake. Had a now it didn't even know what that light dean ask a mole. Villages like I would be the one pushed out on the ice you would not be useless all I use. Abbott they have modern medicine them if you had if he doesn't have a. Think back no sign that read that there was no doctors to give up. I would be the line in the village that would be just in the hots and they would pick up their stuff and leave me there and it would be dead. Like they did this Vermont is meant modern medicine and useful and useless and each are. Dead the day I can't I snort out. A suckers that a bad weekend if you jump on our FaceBook page Beecher a liberal like for something now announce under heavy. That's the thing is like a but the picture of me in my brace has like pretty bummed about this week. Pretty bummed about this yeah borrow like Lou leg now I feel super old Blake. Somebody said that. All of this makes I was starting to feel old but thinks he reminded me unlike younger. Well at lake and then somebody was like no run Forrest run them like this is my whole life at the this isn't just a brace for the weekends. But thanks for your encouragement random guy I knew five years ago. Yes the sun moved Christensen messages and incurred in place at and then fly here. So working around and our social media stuff we do have. Moderate bay aquarium to get there were given away three times a day we personally have two times and a won a five thought seven and eight. On 96 point five Cahill IT in this ever Cisco. Not only do you get the four pack into the city claim Mitchell's if it did not ask art is you know it's not super close seats and you know go drive around now. Editorial product asked a lot. So we can do that I have dues listen radio station we peso now between now on Friday. There's a video that I solemn day of a woman that it's jumped off an 83 foot. Cliff in those cliff jumping area alone the waters rainy and people were all doing it lovable lot. And she had meant. To dive off the cliff right but instead. Lost control midway. And belly check the sassy you can hear the flop. Streaming before yeah. Would from would from. And it can verify that. I cannot edit a well as at ease at eighty feet yeah. Yeah 83 feet mid flight panic belly flops straight in the want you heard at the air went straight at night the water just not against not a good so much it costs SC was airlifted to a hos. Waiting for village on this what you were doing all right yes we will do here. And it's. Almost probably plummet Soledad said. Glad it wasn't something so serious yet been brought up the last time I have I've done something daring I've jumped off the cliff. It wasn't nearly that volatile morning of British and maybe thirty feet maybe. Maybe in May push in it felt like a hundred feet of course but it might have been thirty feet so the only likened really remember. Being scared of jumping off my roof and to my whole hotel in Vegas it's like seven feet. It's the site now but that's so astute and it was just right on the conquering all I know it was right next to the pool doesn't and if the idea but this is my daring thing I was brave soldier. Ten years ago it wasn't that line and but. I remember doing it when I was younger I would jump off the pool or it's about the removal no problem. Easy like Alice through this like the media jump the last time I did it it was it took me twenty minutes it's up officer of Altria. Almost ten years ago when he four or five via. And so the thoughts of like I could die yet I know I if you look at the net. Exactly and so I still appears to go wide and I'm not a big heights person now you're on and so I'm not. Terrified of heights it's alike right. And so I was gonna jump in and it just took me a second to have to build of the Kurds. To jump off this is that it of course that it. I can't I couldn't. I am very much like you can't leave now. I believe Fred is down down other fault it's the death note and it was Simon what they say I'm gonna do something I'm very much like one now I have to do it. So I'm up there relief on every down and the slate. It's only two tournaments the company head. Those and then as the got to live life a little bit takes a rest and it reminded me of the guy and it. I don't know of you've seen videos on YouTube of the guy that's been jumping off of buildings like. Huge buildings and landing and hold in they might that. He tried one recently that I saw and he missed by a foot he landed on his feet and shattered both of his feet. Every probably about an excellent and his ankle and he's like him move so that's stupid that the but that's like a hotel building. Twentieth floor let's see what happens I was seven feet. Yes I down its stealth like I wouldn't discount. But no you would have absolutely broken leg and hurt. And now that that. And Pete is a bomber Rupp in jail but it depends on how much away and like angle that you go down I was led I I fell off the three feet snow NL and I got. Permanently disable it isn't so little of the feet and that they are tell us the last daring being heated seat I can't think cavity. I daredevil. Like I don't jump out of stuff I don't. I don't like you know jump off clips or skydiving or anything and now. And him trying to think like. The one I really always wanted went as he was attacked you know. Oca I was on its sent to my mom and dad Alex super conservative. And Tom and it was always like apps. That's such a horrible thing it's a sin against nature that the fan but I still is on it like it hit me until I was like 23. And number going on a whim with friends and setting up the appointment and coming back with her hands and she got a tattoo on a win to you. Come from a set about a Plymouth and necessarily well but I was just like I because you know I call Miami the appointment amen and I got attacked CU. And every so owner is autistic pictures of mean stuff. And it's like me kind of freaking out it was over so fast and at such a small anti. But she got done to say went simply no doubt she had a one eagle bite attack a guy she had because he was just there. In his leg you all should get it doesn't flowers that there wasn't a lot of that up on her death but I mean it's cooler and ever sell. Yes I think that was solid like the most daring thing I've done and I wanna get another one but I'm having that same feeling like one of regret it modified in again. Now the point in life for tattoos that it's it's like why. Don't have that kind of money the right at its net like Jesus I did there's that is obviously a lot but I wouldn't know a lot of anymore. Then I did when I was younger and now like actually stupid stuff though it's not stupid but I just don't know final like to thank and it changed my life to get out steadily on I changed my life and for 5600 dollars easily have been changed my life right. That's the thing is they're so expensive as you wanna go to a good artist that's worth the in the money yet. But. Because I love art and I love like interest in things I would love to have something on me than it could look at that would be interesting to me. Com but yeah at lake I agree when it comes to dropping 4500 boxer Alec. And it could go to somebody better. Yang and a light bill -- accident studio equipment I need divided Goldman. You know I'd rather I'd rather have a nice microphone and a and a slightly to splash guards then. Hurdle as to Ayman. Aren't so there's anomaly what headline of the day that I could not today. On the air today. It's Superman. It's a situation all of Lye yeah I couldn't say its own area so. There's a 35 year old guy named deal. And he has girlfriend is 37 years old named Z got. And they were actually managed swingers party. In Melbourne Australia meets so from this point on I will be Australian. OK with thread. It was a costume potty potty potty. They were all dressed up in joke at holy can't match yet and bail out. I'd have the prices and brightness that their dress of his Joker and Harley Quinn really original yet for it at the the government any comic on the everyone's show in thousand jokers and a thousand Hartley I'm so they were there doing their thing in front of a large group of people. Out in public likes wingers do and top decided to raid the party after they got a report of someone inside the having a gun. Us so they got inside they break in and they see dale unseeded just go on and it's. Front Ali's. Elf that's where they know they were they were going at it in front of a large group of people that and the cops saw the tore get on the deal head. It was part of his Joker custom. Does it mean only about Joker he has his gun that says bank its shoe. And that's pretty fun news says bank. Only bitty note with stakes of a shot him. Yet him and vetoed it both got shot he took one in the torso and she got shot in the leg. They were both rushed to the hospital after they realized that the Afghans neither of their injuries are life threatening. The sit there and that's it. And what went wrong. Yes his and assuming that custom code and it is they don't despair I noticed that they haven't done so like he was probably holding his gun and I big cowboys rodeo tonight. Yee hah the bit when they say to gun down and he probably lived. They may be thought they were dressed up as well late but again down one of you jumping at any. I want you to be on I don't know that they may paying my thing I don't know but certainly. Thanks for listed into the podcast be sure to listen though all of us we can gain you can win those moderately aquarium to get. And early in the morning we've played everything it's true where you can win the marvel lives. You know marvel universe live gas ticket sales pretty well so that's right at like 6:15. Eastern western Pacific. Pacific that premise a that there is CD ST. Have a greater is the day or member of the excellent to each other party and it.