#56 Nick The $%&#

Tuesday, July 11th


How did kids make fun of your name in school? We bring in a guest with a unique name to give us another perspective. Plus, are you a sucker for the Facebook ads, and why is Kristen trying to learn sign language? 

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You're listening to them instantly podcasts with nick and Kirk and listened to Lincoln christened in the morning we didn't from behind thirty. I'm 96 point five tail light Kim and tail lights keep dot com. What about episode number 56 of the Mike and Mary podcast. Today we're gonna talk about being suckers for FaceBook and switched at last night mill night. Succumbed to. And bought something do it. But it's awesome amateur as spirited hour also talk about how to channel and signing it so I can talk crap. What does that that that the let's talk about how people twisted your name in school everyone gets their name made fun of somehow someway in front Brendan. Is worried about the future of his PPD named him after. But he named it something and then Star Wars named character Arizona itself and there I think in that in the future is an app submission thoughts are that we have a guest of this hope. I hope. Now are you. That's a little more closely. Like an adult and get a sonics are so hope works in the building she's our bosses assistant and I figured she'd never really good perspective on this so. Hope obviously. Hasn't named on the same debt that's a cool name I've never actually the government to help. But I know of hopes. Three and three hopes really a debt so we'll start with you had a people make funny name in that in school and did they make him. Yes attachment they do those dumb little jokes like I hope. Good day at work there and hopefully. He's gently you got for Christmas for something like that not very creative. Like glass like. That's a play I haven't read out that far. I would hate to tell people my name because then they would do that joke right away. Well I hope you don't ask don't get mad at me for asking what's your name and congratulations to the one millionth person that made that show they're slick he's so creative now what's the what what is that the thing that you hate it here in the mostly what's the one thing the people save you much even after they know you have to vary your name. They use something alive probably means he can say that's. That's the landing there though is that little joke like I hope. That but. I'd here's some. Here remember. Some labeled it clever airlines currently. At. That let them that they would use every time. Nancy can't write other jacket to the repeat again. And see reminded that I am the great white hope. That's from a movie and yet that's a little to skip to the yeah and then now obviously a new hope things are worse I yes and a talent for let's yet there's really no way to work today and there's hope floats hope floats the media and one X when somebody you know and only then inaudible hope. Here in new at that yet. And hopefully so I thought that since it's a unique name this will be good for you aren't topics do you remember. Anybody else that headed as bad as you would name do you know any friends that. You bring Telecom got at least some unnamed. Rickie or something I don't know. Thinks. Jim from X on the people's names. Now doesn't even know because that marriage is better right now and hopefully yeah. But at the answer in a weird last names bottom line and got it on how balanced yeah. There's gonna double balls begin at last names is Milliken makes fun of Crist Nickerson tartan lake in nobody's there's nothing funny at the end but flowers. Like every teacher it's not there are so hip for going hey soul and got the answer how about flower hours over there. And liability are raised knows what the heck that means. Isn't the only mirrored. There would get made fun of my teachers yeah out. Out of my kids you may vote might teach exactly so it was just like yeah in a congratulations like you survived the sixties and you know what that means that I I don't know what that. Like our resident flower child in the like Rome and yeah and Nina. But at the. I got and obviously and Nickelodeon was paid Seneca and and you made fun of me from getting mad at people calling me Nickelodeon when I told you that last time. Because like I did insults the TV program that I don't understands the system it's just something the bug me they would call me Nickelodeon from. And you're not the only one we all know after her son faced a page and Nicole says that she got cult Nickelodeon by her sister and yet it's of like a common note too that just seems and creative to who. Like Robert his legs and Nickelodeon while the Yemeni neck the other ones is that nick rhyme with everything. Nick brands that stick. And pick and then Rick Diaz senior and ending on yes there's yet another that was choice one's an act I've had I've there's this you can make a sentence. Would the rhymes of my name trust me effort that's my aim to visit. Hope so Pope that's true. I was I don't I don't get some dope from from hope that the rhyme with that sentence. All interesting dynamic and Nancy. Did you lucky and yet I am like I have nothing I live in a way how would how would mean well what else to house the people make all people made fun because I was so tall outside that was a bend this tall since I was in second grade you've been the same person since second grade they personality. Avery now muddy lake and the exact same person and I was always the one standing in the back with the teachers like when we typically class photos. So ever owned and I had people in high school come out to me going like excuse me are you a teacher and lost them like I'm a freshman. Like I think the so I would get like jolly greens dying and now add it all that kind of stuff but. He had made fun every name though at lake did have a weird name thankfully my mom while I tell this story outlets on is my mom wanted to name me April. Low down she got those pretty neat but she thought April flowers was too mean because he you know Google paper flowers brings me shower. That's what they said that April flowers bring me each yes I'm feeling OK you got made now you went in late April. Some of the liberal I feel like that's reversed. That day exactly he would learn the things I never thought that at. Don't forget you can win cash starting next week from net six point five K Il IT overdue and it four times today details of course at KO IT dot com starting. On Monday because obviously we haven't announced yet. OK so dean your face libretto. Do you see the ads that pop up on face but I am assuming everybody see I mean are they so targeted now. That have you purchased anything because of the ads. Yes I did I've heard you can't make. A check out. Which of what was the bag why you why did he seek you out it was it was cheap it was Q. And from my sister. It yet to half while I got to double time and it's. That's. A I don't know what it is it's they've become so good now obviously they have the ads were big pop up of the things I've looked dead right where reminds me like eighty Rem minutes ago. Morgan and pro and then there's things a problem just nerdy in last night at body phone case. That had Superman I have a phone case with Supervalu. On it ever off yet and this one there was like it was a Spider-Man one of the article one ever asks if they have Superman if that's but again. And cyclic audit and they handsome man sells like. Are rightly said free. Because everything's free everything straight net and then ten dollars for ship artists like the first local phone gazes know it and at ten dollars for shipping. But I paid the ten bucks and so it's on its way from China look at net via I've also got a master ball from Pokemon but that race for the same reason. Areas that even let my body go the legislature. Have you forgotten continent by well at. It's funny that you bring this up because you're like yeah like Abbas and enough to face the catalyst that my only got I've taken screen shots of like 98 the other based look at that a Mike I have to get the as. One of them being the magnetic eyelashes. What have you seen the Pope have yet it's like you put like one of the lashes on and then. You put another one on an clips together mechanic so it there's no glue involved. It's like they they click each other in place the one under the first and get there. You just lay it on your eyelashes and menu and it becomes like look at a clip other one from underneath all OK I would like kind of clips at all to get sound that sounds heavy. I feel like at some nicer because I -- written who knew exactly scared eyelashes will come with rice and policy can reuse them because he can't use the glue that many times on I read it wouldn't be heavy and doesn't that sound like exam it's not happy but I looked at watching YouTube this morning that put them on. And she's like it's extremely difficult to get them looking normal cholera like it can kind of look comical if you don't putted the rates occur like fifteen minutes. And twelve tries to get one looking. That some LA IRA and a vanity that. Didn't they don't they stitch it into your face. Normally like out of the get the have a big glued on igloo it on yes that hurt. I'm particularly the problem is if you don't have a it's street hand like I I have yet and I've really noticed yet and in so it's like I can't put on. Little because I just smeared all of eyelash or my island becomes the they have dug the bond maker. Well we're like a little sticky patch and appoint telling put sticky new role this sticking clip from behind it makes like a perfect Nancy I yeah I like. They've got I don't like he's like now now I don't like keep going. Lacks room on make and I have seen little expensive. And then they had and so late evidence that answers it considering it's like five grocery bags tied together and do what it in the there's like. I'd like for frozen food insulated there's one just for a good that he could like put it ends with all protected. Could nix likes soap super paranoid about aches and not paranoid about U they're sensitive if you check taken to it like nine times I get on gilligan's. Broke in front of you know this metallic like clumsy so that between one point the other does deadly possibility that all eggs are broken now. And their shattered dollar but yeah I've seen that I've almost got. Yeah I'd like to really considering it I don't chop enough to care I dousing haircut and like he should adult is an Buick organized. Yeah they are they keep trying to get the MasterCard and they keep trying to give me a credit card that has kept in America's she'll about it. I was like tell all they got in America shield basket at the object and as I've. At current have Terrell granite that my dad this and you're not nerdy enough yeah presses its cars guzzle money. So you're trying to learn slightly language down for why. Because I wanna talk crap my brother's wedding. Because I don't like my brother I don't go to this letting. He doesn't want me there but he felt like he had asked me can I nor am link him and I can't just be like. Like a break like in the middle of the ceremony so I'm trying to teach you look. Like today we sat down and their say AS Allen thirty days on YouTube look out man Tom Gordon Ehlers and brilliant silently through into the whole alphabet today we're learning it and to work points you. It's not really can speak inconspicuous now death can I mean it's like leaving your hands around and get an on sand something that I don't want that helped them to serve a lot. I don't know really how slick are going to be with that's but it is funneling key phrases like that I know on India's spinone silent until. I do you yeah a little bit. Tyler but in school like that knotty staff or flake out OK I. And another was not a stuff at a highly doubt that there's a lot and it's cute idea to cancel we're gonna see some of this after you because they would tournament. And my friend took English in school as an option now. I wish I do something let's go to the bats at them yet elegant all the bats haven't spent so I don't exactly so we something that. I look at it and note that it really just from. That OK it's at this it can't critical rate and then it being on the and it got that correct so there's a little. Tiny protruding finger from your thumb and have for me a fist and you roll it on your. I'd like to believe it what does it mean. It's cadre in the ever look at a thought that aren't at least this. I. That can you guys think. About what I need for the wedding. Really you route to Charlotte the bank's 600. Delegates can Justine you have the reins at we will look at the pick. All the time yeah well hope thank you for joining us on the initiated. We will we will be conscious of trying to make fun of you and your name it's mainly me. I'm just going to be yet I don't mean them harm I just ramping slumping now feed him amused that against your you know long yeah man about it from many. Eight and grace I turn around. What it's not saying they pray hope and faith. Grace. The same thing for me like people coming Christian crystal. Kristi and I just cutters on all of that the company but they write them. That's correct that's what's your middle name madam. Bob Dole Ian plead did you ever think about when I was a little look at I always wanted because. Now as you say man he's accusing India. And the mentally either. But they need be Mandel and and all the things it's an albino they always and it. Their budget at this sand and says their age. Now I know. And saving the fifth as I had that they even listen if I guess be sure to subscribe at we are nineteen to who play them wherever it is that you found us. Thank you so much and don't forget if you have a chance to win that death or back to moderate bay aquarium as well all of this week. Nature listen at 78 and five. Figured it was and have agree received a remembered be excellent to each other party UNAIDS. It's.