#57 The Soup Scandal

Wednesday, July 12th


Kristen recieved the RSVP for her brothers wedding and Nick thinks she shouldn't send it in. Plus a local restaurant is trying to pull a fast one on Nick by serving him canned clam chowder, should he say something? 

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You're listening to the money could be broadcast live nick can trust and listened to Lincoln Princeton in the morning we didn't from behind thirty different. I'm 96 point five KLA kids and tail lights keep dot com. Welcome to episode number 57 like the Magnum 57. Of the nightmare podcasts thanked him. It was good night. That was 57 Magnum yen then that and put them very important it is and that's why we're gonna about the suit scandal. I got these exit date from my Brothers winning every and say hey can win cash and maybe a four affecting the moderate bay aquarium for so you did as a quick one. That via RCP yesterday or your. Your brother. Yes. It was just a little tiny and he's neighbors and school photo yeah everything at pencil bullet. Ideally it's. Is it kept us in an aunt that what does that again that's. And it was hard jab my brother and his fiance laden and it does have the date on it that formally and that invitation. Follow Salim bytes coming in its went to muscle and I'll October's at a assortment. It's America and. Delegates from a delight to attack and a third Abbott's global settle the middle Cypriot happened is that normal to have an invite that far again. And you're not so ascend out like six weeks before the actual invitation look at the save the date is you said that you really they're pushing this pretty close I'm like actually not. Like Bessie the date is the start getting flights yeah. And then that formal invitation I don't know bloody events and but normally it's like four. It's gonna head counts and now again like check whether you won Fischer state. So when did she. When they for so getting gates who knows we don't know. Because I thought you know did what collier transpose that a month as a like June may. I was holing may edge I don't now I remember everybody knew before me yeah. I don't know the exact date on when he actually did it because I don't think he called them afterwards and sent him engaged yet McKee told them a couple days later so I am we have no idea when he got. Right now. About the Earth's VP we actually have a debate. Probably got married because we invited a bunch people including my family and your him. Which OK my mom never are sleepy now and you had a problem with that just that was yet. I just don't think this atom whatever what that the day of the event happened that's still don't like she's definitely not does not have our recipe she told me she was coming. She shouldn't have to send that letter. That this thing is it's like IA said says the iris BP cart yeah and the self addressed stamped envelope yeah it takes. Zero effort to checked yes and putted a mailbox she didn't even have to buy it stamp. Most the time. If you have a coordinator like we did. You handle this stack of completed ours BP carts to York coordinator pat and they make a seating chart based off a but you. May gasoline and I did all that salt but I'm just saying. Most coordinators if they're good that's the role. At the expense because then you have to know the family as bright as I can. This is like if you buy it and I like I mean they have court and and that that not you know I I can't. I'm just saying like that's why you have people are speedy because then. At a had to go back to turn to alcohol and don't forget all the people that didn't arts BP that are still coming and their names are silence a silence those announcements yeah like arsenic. And it's just a simple they can you just throw it in the mail to select habits yet have a visualization that are coming it takes zero to know efforts. And and now is my issue yet she lost it. So and I are misplaced at something like that. So we never got it but we mission was coming and that brings of the question so are you going arts repeat your brother's course should you have to. Of course that putting from out of town but they know there's a lot they on clawing aleris BP is telling him lead down the streets and I could be like yell I'm coming. But I mean there's even then. Would you still when she still give them the course yet if your people worked at it but I do the same maybe this is an opportunity to be difficult. Who we ought to make this difficult for them. I know but they arts BP to mine up in dated a date in just call me and say hey they're coming up like would they bright at that time because the tick zero efforts. To check yet most of my friends and do it I now that much and arrest me every running your SATA family was like why am I doing this I'm like because. I need to have something tangible to hold when I'm creating seating chart yes is that a little scraps of paper going knicks moms and so and so was in. You could use up my friends because most of the pitchers are people my people the poor folk. Don't know. What saved the dates are never heard of until we got married never even knew it was a concept like why isn't the it's isn't an invite us save the date is and at the same thing. Well it is technically but the save the date is something that goes out much earlier bats and it's also for people that are having out of town X. You don't really need to save the date if everybody that you know and all of your family isn't like one city yet but because our friends are all scattered throughout the US. My feelings on Detroit and Florida via your families in Vegas like we just thought okay scents are they are weddings in Vegas even though we are living in pat northern California at the time. It was just too much of a per file full so it's like. Center of the state the dates everybody knows the date the everywhere have just are planning to fly like it and that's something that you sent out. Yes five months at a time so it's like Alan hearing excuses of a lot of heard last. And it didn't make sense then but when we went to my friend's wedding in mammoth the recently. It toll helped. That I knew first of all that the way it was coming as regards them in this day at Thomas found. And then as the time got closer I got more specific details at a heckler. And down like what I wanted to eat instantly thought that that was another was oval so that's how you do I sell bled to see if you any poor people listen to this. I was there with a view I believe that the I but I believe the same thing why Myers keeping an amount Fam is letting and what the heck does is save the date. Trust us it's worth it it's that it's important yet it somehow became important thing and another thing that's important is money. Yes and you have a chance to land at. A thousand dollars several times today starting next week. Yet we're gonna bring back the cast makes you listen and in 96 point five KO IT. Starting on Monday more details coming soon at TO IT dot com. So we got a lunch yesterday and it's a little spot firehouse that we normally eat accident and delightful and very little display of the split. And furlong time we've both been tying the bowl of Clinton. I'm a big clench at a guy. I I try to get this much is I can't however I find it there's a really good one in Sacramento there's a really go in here in San Francisco that I found by the ferry building. Com and solemn looking for a look for the best clam chowder right in the city and selling intra. So like it could be used it to death grip so we ordered it gasoline Ehrlich is again Eagles absolutely it's supersede state. And sell we did it's I take a bite I got out. And you take a bite and what is the first thing that comes that he. It's Campbell's. And it's Campbell just. Planned to other soup there's no way that it's not like. I've grown up like we said previously. I was pork so Campbell's. Are like a dollar for like the the semis yet the only one I ever liked was the Clinton's daughter it's are used to get that 23 times a week and eating. In the mean first second. It taste in my leg attached my tongue. I knew exactly analyst there's no way is that I would I would fight and I would put money down that this has bared this is Campbell's plant. So you think that. This restaurant to clay and Campbell's and tattered yet but in a pot yeah cut of some bacon juridical bookstore and threw in some parsley and to charge the dollar. It's exactly what I'm saying and I wanted to call the waiter out on it and say hey. Asked the shaft is this made in house right like is this. Is this Campbell Soup I doubt you know that there were no. The ledges on here in saint. So we asked the question are Prius the page should nick confronts. The restaurants. Confront it's as though because you'll Campbell no it's great yeah I love this about the autos really good you just let I didn't know that there. During a bullet hole in the ovary. Yeah because the textures the stuff that was in it it's all can like I know would canned. Potatoes and I know it came clams tastes like it's okay. On face that says maybe you should messes their restaurant and that you liked it's so much that you want a recipe that's going to be but the problem is an up again. I open up cans at him soup. Isn't parsley and it Mary that the. Thing on a knows that if you work at a restaurant. Mom. Do the openly admit things like this do you let them know there's a lot of people don't claim to have. The special and means anything so if you've ever worked at a restaurant and you use like name brand stuff. Did the was there ever an issue telling people because we've gone to another place right that's very popular in San Francisco it's kind of a staple as a chain. Chain staple in San Francisco. And I had there chilly jog him today. And after biting into and out like. Hormel chili. Was poor. That they eat and homemade chili I felt that they are hormel Giuliani even. And it wouldn't let you have to tell you. I'd just like to try to pull on me when I know try to claim it is the land Luke we make amazing. Surely you go no hormel makes amazing Cilic and make this whole. I know they don't really know they don't but it is one of what the debris and its ultimate put it on their pay plan chatter by Campbell's legs but nobody would order it get everyone get like lightning paying eight dollars Campbell Soup and something in this establishment is a little upper a little company it's in the area of company began vacancy it's not expensive and not so bad but come. The people around there like the retired yet there retirement wealthy people and like. I seem to do and I think you blood because they've never had it dead shambles faced him then on note Campbell's like Anna and I think it elect elect of the mazes again obligatory only wanna give me the team looks. Perks and the Melissa says if you plan never going back then yes you should confront that that's wrong I plan on going back then don't same and I love this place a government but I've never you know other others that now from what makes me wonder. What else are they campaigning. Like. Shockey the Clay County that they supposed to be. You mean for the honor at ground out but they. I mean if you think that they're out they're picking the lettuce but everything comes from some. I know but this is a restaurant that's like big on we made it ourselves like one of the letting you off all because you look at its its very aren't our seasonal. Are the seasonal tees and also again. Can always change in the earlier always there's always creative new dishes that I'm here like you next to my camp slammed chatter. We had bacon com. Macaroni cheese which was the bacon in the paper Thomas Austin. The cavaliers milk that go for it's he Islam on the same they have amid the team but they they have Lewis say no Israelis go to do it is now they needed to assemble that. On site. Like to have all the ingredients right they get themselves so Big Apple to make some of it is just like Campbell's the clamps out of that I am extremely impressed. Which got Campbell's. But if they didn't they needed them they need to boil those plans they need to either order the clam bring boiled or somebody to put it together there if I'm paying you. For this money edit they are getting ripped off maybe that did just that distributor that they get the sip from Eddie heat up. Is is saying how will we doubt were out your second let the credit the clad. Graham now I'm plant at. Were sliced potatoes and really using Campbell's soup. Maybe so somebody somebody is that the judge in the trader at. I'm maybe I don't know I never thought that I would I never thought I felt this way until yesterday night I won and I expect restaurants. That are made it for me you know from the ground up to be their own restaurant. I don't wanna go to a restaurant and get served Campbell Soup I wanna get served your soup that you made the makes you a good restaurant. You know I mean. Now I get it you mean I ever thought that bothered me but I don't wanna go to like if I go to in and out in the Acer mean com like hold me let them bottled stuff. And that is they have it's just bottle of its if you don't have the secret sauce from in and out. Came from working would you be upset. Am I can't Hamlet like. I sat down and rational ice and definitely see it coming front and it's a weird thing to think about because it's like. The place for you got hot not yet they didn't make that hot dogs in house they got it down somebody bit him make the chilly day to make the Bonn they disassembled the disassembled a lot to assemble at one my goal is you don't have those green it totally out. I want something that's different from what I can buy what I can bio office. But then you got to pay for an out and that's why. That's why I have not I wasn't upset we've been bringing up the Dallas hormel chili this upsets me because this is like got a little worse soul fantastic. Restaurant the canes there suit. Well in night victories like parsley on delicate like decorative light like it was like they just that you know I have to ask masterpiece. Now I get Ike and. And allied bugged me so much but I was like. Since this is from Campbell's. How dare you and it it will Butler. 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