#58 Pigtails & Stripper Poles

Thursday, July 13th


We found a commercial selling stripper poles with children in it. Plus we talk about the reason Kristen is fangirling over someone and our road trip playlist! 

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You're listening to them into good people again with nick can trust and listened to Lincoln Princeton in the morning we didn't from behind thirty. I'm 96 point five KLA kids and hail IT dot com. Hello and welcome to episode number 58 of them might get married podcast. Today there's a commercial that I found that that is close so inappropriate but I don't know if there's another way around. This commercial I'm also gonna talk about my. Upset they get. Which is certain web site and work out on the road trip tomorrow we're going to Vegas so we're gonna discuss. Road trip playlist. And they do we have planned and we don't dance and take it. So tell us about the commercially oh my god this commercials remaining. But I guess there's a company that sells. Dancing polls and they're not necessarily stripper poles right and. A lot of people it is free exercise its gathers a lot to those those dancing classes that event and so bombed a selling these polls the you can stick in the ground and they are supportive and things like that. And the commercial starts out. With a couple of Betsy twelve year old girls in. Gymnastic winner. And yes I would say the lake Kimi bikinis there out by the pool in the backyard in their. Doing gymnastic things league cartwheels and and flips and then you know one of them brings out this poll. Sticks it in the ground and vague go to town. Yet like serious stripper outs yet there was in their dancing moves they're not stripper moves rights for US pressure from. It's like it's a poll it's likes you know. There and slow hello Randy out they're not really wearing much and I it looks that you afterwards and I was like this has got to be a joke obviously this is inappropriate and use that. I don't think there's any other way for them to sell. Yeah how Al skin if you're of this company and step into their shoes for a second. How else can you may cure pols want to sell. Old when he wanted used its might question books can't use full grown ladies as the day and it looks like it's curveball. And you're not appealing to disturb her balls you're appealing to the kids that are. In gymnastics kids in gymnastics to do not need to learn those men I think that's a part of gymnastics I think I don't think all is in gymnastics and assuming not a surfer ball. There's I mean there's no stripper pole in the Olympic not we'll have his or maybe it's come in the way that these girls have we're showing some moves off. I just don't think I've done I've been in gymnastics like yes floor exercises since the horse and now her super local bars. And things like that I don't see what the poll has anything to do with gymnastics aren't anything to train you for gymnastics it's pretty. Athletic the wind apps again as is set to get to be it's cheap there's a whole art to it. Whether there's circus Elaine has a million shows and they need people for and start training Americans. One bullet to. And now but it just seems seat for inappropriate until looks like it's horrible but I was you know how do you think they should sell it gave his full grown women why not selling to dudes I. I don't see white case folder and limit because isn't that worse. Because it's firm it's like. I've been to the poster girl classes. And it's like a work out and it's kind of fun any kind of scale with much girlfriend's panic and profits up like that but there's people that use it every day as a worked out yet no target wherever they go to work and their great fear arms of her legs are kind of stuff that they have polls put their house Sarah as work out things so this is a work out things those like hey you can do your work out outside as he added outside gymnastic work out. It's not gymnastic. It's that effectively a former Jeannette now it's not now. Now what is it that. It's Carty I'll what does it qualify one of the bars qualify as. Bike in the bars and gymnastics. Political edit gymnastic net well why is it's not gymnast. Kids there's mill competition there's no part of gymnastics that involve extra purple. That you know of that alone I don't know it's not I don't know it's that I know that the stripper pole is not included. In lake floor exercises now in the Olympics yeah yeah I think in the Olympics but like when you go to hood gymnastics class they're not like OK everybody get two poles like its kind it will ramp up. I better get out of jail and that's not part of it the only part of that is at health clubs with full grown women and they'll wanna do so. I don't know I think you're wrong but I think that there's a there's obviously a target for it. If they're selling indicated. I can't imagine that kids walked. I can imagine some get it but I can't imagine somebody by neck going all of my daughter's in gymnastics milled and get her. Light a floor or get her. You know without a patently on the floor so yeah that. Heard you cart wheels that there's nothing for her to gain from twirling around on a hole. The get a pretty strong that you'll be out of strange enough that be really strong until lifted 300 pounds but that's not gymnast. Except that don't forget next week we start give it away thousands of dollars cash four times a day. You listen to 784 and five for that thousand dollar or pay cash go to all the details of course come at a KO IT dot com. So is this wasn't that I absolutely love that I've kind of an obsessed with the last couple Beers is called hitter and if you're familiar with Raddatz. Is basically Raddatz but in picture form. Yeah I am GUR dot com right Internet and like their mascot is a little giraffe and it they have like secretly inside jokes that you if you cruise the web that enough you start to understand. Cut again. And so it kind of makes you laugh and he's kind of scroll through these pictures it's basically a bunch means everyday yen and at you know there's the front page of the Internet Nguyen pictured right and it's kind of made to make you laugh for whatever but it's here are based in San Francisco. And I was a totally cool as a likely we will turn now we should go by again because it started as a start up. And it's sort of say I did this brother and sister. And they created it. And now it's like a full blown company they have employees they have programmer and stuff like that at the leader nearer the financial district Omniture but it but. Since we're doing this pod cast. I was like maybe I should reach out and see if maybe somebody wants to be on the program or we can go to and it will work. And so I reached out to Sarah who's like unofficial mascot of in the church she's deeper that you reach out to you that we got questions she's the one that. That comments with the other commentators. And does like on behalf of image that she speaks for image Nia and I reached out to her and she broke me back. It was like old fashioned listening ears station well I laid. That's triggered I was like a freaking out and she's like yelling let's arrange something like that's way cool like so glad to hear you're in San Francisco. And she added we need to be pried its face smoker who. I'm with a 200 people and I was like comic touch getting detail and a and a hit out to Michael I got my has an Amazon is an atlas an everyday. And sell they have parties at image her they have like get togethers to have a rooftop like barbecue kind of patio area and they do aboard night games are a board game night yeah and all kinds of summer really excited. So we've talked to Garth Brooks Trisha Yearwood that we've met with Lional Richie. We've talked to some pretty big names out there Keith Urban. And I've never seen you feign girl as hard as you are now over Sarah. A normal person but it's just I think it's really cool I have this weird kind of fascination with developers distant and look at this because they don't understand coding like I don't get it. I don't understand owning a business like image there that's just solely based off other peoples of contribution and out that's YouTube it's Google and unit YouTube Redding Google FaceBook yeah theaters of based look at nobody signed up for face Serb people. So to me it's like it's really fascinating to me and I don't mean that like that disparagingly it like Al you know you don't do anything I've actually they've really interested how my third day today it's Nia and they are the kind of people that and I they've documented it on the website that if you do show up at their offense and like knock on oracle open it for you you can coming get its war. And yet Selig chilled normally people normal people and like this is like a pin stress or and link did like this is a social media network. That's maybe a little smaller right now but it's on its way up yet definitely on and I just think it's really fascinating so to me it's it's really cool that wanted to reach stats because. Czar but as mark members are term. Now let's throw and I can and now exact but then it's it's chemical shall some of the stations that meant. Susan L colleague like I can and we knew. Ole us so lets you update now would you be a day once we force our way and I might every morning I might join a dungeons and Greg dragons group. I finance the they had their organizing my guess a lot of make friends. And yes a Lola we'll keep you posted on how Crist in the same Gerling goes over Sarah at imager and. So we're not gonna have a podcasts probably tomorrow because we are gonna be in a car for nine hours and are we debate has yet. So we decide to drive because flying expensive and I don't mind the drugs that's a bit. So I've done to my aid. Endless amounts of music four terabytes. Of music and I have I'm gonna choose the very select. Road trip for our playlist for our road trip. I'm very excited about and that excited why is better here let's playlist always sucked. What is again the one thing we never agree on is music yet and that's. Most of my life so there's a little part of me you know now and amp and an excuse and look at that and then as mystery isn't much into my little mystery that. I have my genres. You have your genres and they are not even close to one week into listening to him. And sell occasionally we'll find it harder simple the last like yes and you need it to death because like nothing else to listen no that's not true but lake. You'd just assume there's nothing else I listened to and so it's the same artist over and over again. And now it's like I don't analysts in the arts at all legacy isn't the music comes on I don't not an island roll my eyes and then like I just can't do it anymore. So give me. Ten artists. Bitter okay. For illicit UNH I know you don't like will you love we both like it cheering right but that's one of the art he's learning your great amount of John Mendez. Paying in any Grammer and Gavin McGraw. Now her more now so apparently more than a cat but you'll stick with the weirdest songs that you don't click that ask that illicit affair more. Name another new album and as I got that solitaire as subtler than on their four year most of my playlist are geared towards you if you listen to the playlist I made for myself. Are not the and he is and they're not geared towards me because none of the stuff I like not anymore. Yeah when this did not several analysts and sales are well what do you give me an artist's a year I can put on here that's not appear more. Com and what kind him because I'm not gonna go and your post mates. Or whatever your sound these aren't. Or those serving our pixie dust is like none of these fix it now these guys can make the list has. But why it's as I don't enjoy the music okay so big out yet and. I don't yet and sewn 2 o'clock and ice cube will now make the. Leila body around or anything new edition doesn't make it Palin nothing farm B I'm sick of the temptations and sick covering all the things things I'd do locked because that's all you listen CEO and sick of the league right prepare evenly. I'm sick of the boys to men like all that stuff is on every and they cannot standard instead there's nothing else he'll listen to. So easily and on there you put on the beatles' white album it'd make it you're like all like and ever listen to it all the way through yeah like. Let you you'll say how much like it you hate it it's kind McCain hated. How does that apparently I'm not a fan of the white Alan I like The Beatles to stunt that how you like to do not be ills like death Knight and like the poppy all her album beatle zealous. Metallic poppy Beatles and the creepy changing songs in the little song beatles' that's anoint. I know everybody likes a guy I can't I get it like some other stuff can become a weird and I and the Sattar I'm not a fan you know the I'm not offense the incidents and up you're into the like the ones that were run. Els LC LSD but now that's sergeant pepper. Is in the dome than the one you like. It did Alex Erica I think that's the. Do you prudent yet elegantly and seven they're really days the in a ME what did you put clay it's. And trying to think. Like Van Morrison and. I don't know I don't know you as our every joke you may or that lists your holiday list so I just recently got a bunch of Van Morrison a number I hear I'd a lot of weddings request and yes I never seemed. In that era. I was in the army in hip hop section of the CD he was like the cheering of the seventy cents while I was an and a. That I know you're in this you didn't live in the seventies I'm just saying that if you like it here and now you'll probably like. Like Peter Gabriel. But at the at the audio playlist on a playlist of music and know that I can enjoy and most of the time your sleep anyways so it should be music that I like. Your school your carbon. So put musical you inning complete and to pluck. That have put it all alone what I know I'm sorry at some point you want my father. Just see you can blast it all away there are we give your own entity than. Mid January headphones Olympic buildings in her ears and lead and be. That you have to sleep at any point. You'll let me drive at all so I have no choice some bored out of my online hate the music that you're playing you're not talking with some light dusting. As Allah I don't talk well now it's helpful because it's. It's music I don't like it because you're not talking I get sleepy Willis to podcast. That song in the we're gonna come back in certain Monday flew on new podcast ideas and so we're all recent salt work all the time. Why have any fun no stress me I know it's our problems all work no time. Have a great day guys and have a good day tomorrow we'll talk to you back on Monday again. Don't forget Monday morning. We are given away some money among them. I don't think we have the right for the songs in the can think of the gadgets at the hype that is. But the but the governor is there ever be excellent to each other and ardea big banks.