#6 Amy Ewing

Friday, July 21st


Amy Ewing: Author of THE JEWEL series. We talk about our acting backgrounds and how it led us to writing. She also tells us how her laziness led to her book deal. 

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You'll need to be about the other podcast arrows Kristen Clarence and Elsa knows the morning show on 96 point five KO NG them by name and today we talk it EDU she's the author of the Angel series which encapsulates you land. And she's good at talent and all of us how she builds our world so if you ever wanted to know about that she's gonna break it down for you musicals tell us how her lacy as wrestle. Are you reading anything interesting lately Aaron I guess she didn't I would have been revising the first look at my next series. I'm so I finished up thanks very all my friends projects that I can't product and getting news. I'm Ivan was leading that have been published yet she's kinda think. That is really call it the more you talk authors the more I realize that ever to reach each other's books before they go out and I'm so jealous at LA. It I mean it's NASA's I feel I need guns. I otherwise it would not job medical insane. And it's really an agreed and about it. And they're given you or Ian. I'm a huge fan of the Joel's series. I read a mall and I. I just thought it was really cool at the reason that I was attracted so much to your pot. And it's kind of a silly thing but I love covers and like ever speak to meet and the first Jill book is just so pretty the cover I mean all the covers are beautiful. But do you it's a choice when your creating these covers. Area and when I. Or did you publish editor and I thought she'd like solid. Radius. Has no no shame really what. Yeah I mean you'd hate ideally you shall try and where you want and fixing it but you know. The designers and and so you do you have anything you don't wanna beat you don't. I was like I don't wanna put out and Elena all. Right. And anybody got. An I have to say I I eight. Gorgeous. Ball does makes us I think I'm there are a lot of there yeah sure I'll. Eat but I I think. Expressing her age and are waiting to find it really does and we'll. I think on the you have three different ball sounds and three different monies. That. It. So you've been writing. I'm. Started in and eat it on me like I got laid and I had a lot and it didn't. Undermine it like well. You well why can't it why don't you try and like yeah I was an actor chlorine you know. School practice and they never really tried an actor needs audition for something I need right. There and integrating it. I can do and help calling his computer and I am. And so that was really. I think that it is EE eight and I didn't write it it. Terrible. The recognition like Italy isn't like acting and I eight. Should be studied it and I can. I'm. So I got accepted and shoot in new schools. Creative writing for children or not. Yes which I look at a lot of strain on how attrition. And that really was meaning you know ninety. And Nazi like thousands yet. And then. The jewels my thesis so I'm really nice yeah yeah. I sold at. Tying. With my agent legs and unsold. We graduated I think it was okay. Which now I know it's highly intelligent very unusual. Did you send as many agents before they eat when it went accepted it. I am I you know so. It. Is a truly has a more normal. I idea. And about agents or read all actions. Of the jewel I ninth in the eyes. Outrageous. Editor when she recommended it out got it and you me and I send out. About ten years and I got hired her so. It. Definitely. Biting. Right lake or I got an eight asked us. Out. Bright and there's and there's no guarantee. You. Al every single right. Am I doing you know. I you built this whole world. And what you have to deal would you have to go into the writing knowing about this world that you're creating. You know I Chile I. Did it took. All. They write it. The world comes a life. I it was very important to me I would like previous. Kabul was not a traditional and I. And I knew that I wanted a like not back that. Are well. I like let's get it all. A city had ice. I'm okay but wouldn't sell any city and so regularly I currently need industry Whitney urging us. Unannounced and a and I knew that I want and probably always going to write in it I eighties I love putting women in Europe rolls. And I knew I wanted to be very strong. Sensibly and even technically changed I. Review as you know the women really like the no point did everything that the king was in charge of the two guys that he has now. Is a lot of kind of you might find that dramatically even heard. About it or ownership or when an audience. And even thinking about so in about silence are. I'm so then they real. He. The person cares about is seeing bullet he and I think there's such. It was so much fun explorer. Unlike illusion that acts as a brains or are you know the solution. I'm so I think there's a way to show sympathetic characters have a lot. I'm. And that also in the world as like who falls where scale you know. One of my favorite books is mart outlets ash handmade and stale. And it's very similar your you did jewel series is very similar there's different kinds of parallels that you can kind of pulled from each other. On this theories feminist kind of attitude going into it. Of Likud does own a woman's body and you know what is a person worth especially if your email and your lower class theme now in a what is life look like Treo and I decide it was really interesting. Nobody actually not let me tell you just block it out just to. Proceed and which I. Well there's so much. About it there's well. I thought tonight's. Eye and Lee because that. I stayed up late reading it isn't the when I was writing original I didn't I didn't want like as a London I think it's not my thing the no don't. And I'm like I. Additional series is a lot more glamour it's that they. Than the original I love at an all out in public drop that that the how. So I'd. Like they are at it like. Eliminate early or is it like Spitzer got what I. Could. I think there's so much and I like. That. Come on where. Or eat. At night. Was there were rules that you had about the jewels are the world that you live deadly did you have a conscious set of these are things that can't exist or these are things that can't exist going into it. Come on I knew I mean it. Isn't very late technology and definitely I personally am I know well and Terrell technology. I would never want to write a book where there Al I'm and you need him to. Eight yeah. And I knew that I wanted to there'd be some little. I always and I. That was sort of electric is something not a little. Army and we. And. And I just as it's a I'm not a great world elder as as a writer. Harry Potter world raiders like I'm like what didn't she gov. When she was creating this this is insane that she knew where this was going from page one. It's it's been crazy to me so it's just a different mind set and I can't get in Tucson is really fascinated with an. You know I think I wish it did to its original but I had to do it series as Eric Reid to countries in series and cultures. Which is. Quite a challenge again. But the idea. I did it. Should be original track she was like the world. You're not I'm very. She was right let. My greater than. I'll let you shoot it like OK and you worksheet and disintegrate out like a country. As well let John Lynch and our education and our military currency diet all the and let each of the world that I countries and I just meat basically answered. And now so how did it ever eighty may see the actual. It gives me he's got a good sense. Unless you tell the world and then that. Are writing. Other little details of the things I. Just because I already have office. Contests of the world is in a way and I think it and then again like vigil at us right. There are so Long Island financial. Needs in the city. And I knew very well I can't remember writing the stuff. And he did it I have via. In the blacks he does seem like it or I see the certain. Only bank. That I didn't I. Don't wait and somehow like training. Really how I get it going on but it wasn't until I actually wrote it like I can't. Yes. Of course is. That yes. I brain teasing Brad and. You do that headed in depth its Eckstein study for your characters to deed go through like with the spreadsheet and go okay they they have this color rise or dare from this background her or anything like that. Mean hey I would do is great. Little teens. Their perspective the novellas really. Because I. Really get in you rate and find out and just really fun to. See immoral and and he really became. Well and I would you got it still. That's. Not a machine so we just losing he's yeah. Accidentally. Like I just I. A lot about her. I'm black and I would never went on a series or we're in now and are in on me. If we're to go back about where all. I wouldn't believe and it duchess pretty well where she Eckstein at Blake's home much higher. And I think you'll be really injures and that was the year she sort of went from the potential to be eight. Like her or her person right up. And I really feel that your her broker and turned her instantly we know how in the series selling. Slower. Absolutely and speaking of that Novell as. I you know that's kind of a unique Lee young adult fiction type of thing. On I see a lot of young adults writers doing the kind of novellus. Is that a conscious the sense or is it just one of those things that you're like man I really love this world I wanna do this is somebody requesting it how does that work. It is super cheap and they're pretty neat I and it just. She interest in a series people are waiting to. I find it. They're like oh I love reading up on an action that tool and publisher and and I fountains eat. It's incredibly rewarding experience. Meet again just great and yet. It internal I know how different when you are on that app and you're. And I'll worry the mean you're actually writing out. All being tortured. And yeah. You know and it just it made ratings are much more on. My secret relationships and greet and meet. It may hurt so much more clear to me anything and she was already very. That was really fun I felt like me and people really love I think seeing. A difference. To the I know I certainly analog in the spring and loved and a need to get economic. Eight and ending election. And I think so I'd love a girl don't know eat. A great way. Absolutely I would get sucked into element I think you. Is working on and a new series right now is typical writing date for us. I'm you know really he. Dares he'll lay. Numbers. Eight and ours aren't times. They many under the radar. 1910 and I get rid. Of presenting. Just feel like you're in a tunnel and using don't know how our. Brian and making deviant. So where an attitude yield very frustrating. I hate when I was there I think. Actually that's what your agent Andre and you. New book touch the your Jersey. But we knew Andy. Is very. Typical. I'll be like I had just like. I felt like it Brady used to track we're on a day and abstain. I would have to re re. I was trying to write a chapter. And I made sure. They don't do and it's. This look also has war narrator. In Scotland team. I'm so there's this. And that. Area and I do feel like it's Anixter. Lee and I I. Like this I I feel like never. It is not ready more better. Words the neat. And so there's a deal coming you giving your second street and I was determined that this religions be like. Bring you need a break you're really working like so difficult it was so I'm. It was longer that's longer days. I'm ready I'm glad you brought up the idea of kind of the Writers Guild because that's exactly what happened to me in section at the res and I created the podcasts out. I was and it accidents and I was in a will share for four months. And I just lost all the motivation that I had all of the momentum that I had an everyday and look up with that sense of guilt where it's like. Man I should be writing I should be doing Nestor should be doing that and my husband was of the one that was like look take time to heal. Physically and like emotionally and intellectually Youkilis well I created this podcast to get re inspired. By talking to authors islet duck tale and it really kicked me back in gear Catholic are right now I'm excited about the this again I wanna deal it. Did you ever take a long period of time. Off of writing. I did well I wish I. Editor. And I just sometimes it long and there are getting our. And I am there's a bit and and I sort of expecting. It is not ours was. Working Asian. A year or timing and she loves being on. It was an operation on. Our. There was sort of rising. I was read a press and I also ill and now I'm like. I didn't because doesn't liens and I didn't wanna start writing. I am because I was like I don't you know you wanna focus and punish mind's fresh and ready he's crazy and you project so it. None. And I think my editor that I would. And might not. Like my history. Is written. And you know taken that risk injury. Parent all the time and once and Luke and there's gigantic. Unpack. Yeah. So I guess is don't come easily. On. What they do they're they are now so I. Right or asleep. I am a month I get an idea and it actually. Print. I are. Not really about an economy. That the I get the ideally I'd. And I. Outlay. And I was waiting waiting. Leading brand which is hosting me and Billy Idol and I get a wrap release it no. Is your first draft of a pretty complete or is it kind of like oh inserts. This here and I'll get back to it just to kinda keep the word count going for the dangled. There is 80 lead. And didn't. I hate it or. I. Don't and or like I know I need. And help me. Erotic but I was doing this this current addition I was actually excited to have communication. Email or LA. That I'm glad I just remind me okayed. A it's okay. Not really. Well except against the run right again tennis and art and get some kind LA. Forget that you don't. Of course the person is even many mourners and got it likes it or you deal like. They can eat a lot and that you know I love ready ready ready especially if I just I injuries earlier so. They're all on my parents apps are all. Heavily. They're neatly justly structure. I like you're thinking an eight year they are kind of house. So I'm going and I haven't yet. I usually read look at or are and then. Its attendant trying. To. You have to have. So I'll have their feedback. And a client. And I like you like to go out any attention dropped it days and then I go back readable and neat. You know little changes. Or. Even second at Brad and noted. Like this that you're not hers and I think now you need to get at the Arnold. At. So it sounds like your friends are really important. And kind of instrumental in kind of crafting of the book to a place reader you're comfortable at fed. Really these are all. Well none of us are less and that's all. That's confident. There are 8888. I don't know how I don't know I just need so much an Italian so there isn't as. He's just solitary activity and cannot. It is it is and doing. Because as the writer you can't eat retreat into. Yeah the beating us so many things. One thing like really debt and you're like oh yeah. I'm not see you know absolutely. And you need to give you seek out making Steele likes you know. Don't yeah. Yeah exactly the you need to curry its always Il. They're always in a tax. Errors. In the the women it's eight you have any suggestions on weird that they can find community. And I know there's like on line I don't know. Any any. Again I was. When. You don't need an elite and yeah live. Yeah yeah I think Michael might eat. On a different. Credit they have a sub breaded firm OO YA writers there's. There's in town groups that I know of that are through the through meet up dot com. They tell couple in my day but am I haven't I'd moved around unfortunately can and radio sign a mover and a lot so I haven't stuck to one recently but. I know a lot of people are always looking. Four other other friends that they can lean on for supports. Really I mean that shut like I tell I told chip and is working on why not Nash and my other friends and I told her I was OU doesn't need to get it deeply she. Does I think you can't just. You know I don't wanna get a reading. I. I. Also read our you know it's really important if you like your that you're giving anti. Apps that air that he pulled balance. You know we're exchanging. As opposed to let you know I'm a teacher you know kind of how unhappy the tee as you'll feel better have a Turkey and when you're taking and you'll see things that oh my did. We sell our own little world and worse soul you know as writer should have to be a little self absorbed about your work like OK I just want to focus on this. But when you allow yourself to critique others yet you start to see patterns like oh I really like that they did this I didn't know that was possible war. All I'm seeing these you know. Clay you know freeze is that I I really enjoy army tried you know doing some like that don't make your mark. So ugly now for other. Originally. And I give my idea and it feels so good now instead of using other. Prior to the net click OK. And now. You know I think god is exactly my idea. Yeah. A question now is like to ask is they always get different answers on that what's the most difficult part about writing free. Sometimes it's like tense people are like I can never I always Republican career or. I showing it up tallying. I've heard description and people are it's like on the descriptive enough I have to always go back and X that. What's so they. And you're like. I'm doing. I'm might say. I actually not what it leg. My main characters. Tend to be near little. Come in into the next. Because there's sort of I think it S engineers easier. I need some and didn't personality and the initial wraps because. I'm. Because she was the best tennis and apples are right so. It took me. It took me awhile. And it also a Reagan is like the classic quieter. I really did not write as I. Because I was I get I want it right Aaron was. I mean I eat and different already and the problem they're. Out cheese and childish isn't really she's. Why can't get her son trying. To adapt to celebrate. Our own. But you know the enemy. I'll being shut Adalius. Also. Laid each you know. And I think Dudley Hart and I'm thinking the heard it isn't a major next series and your team needs I see your actor is also sort of way. Com where she is she is elite and just. Either that or we're not only using the least but I'm. And I think Anne and I'm like I'm not worried. That it would pilot. Error I think that's something I'd. Whoever my main person is. The numbers until at least under her now and. Interesting that's the thing is that there isn't a need to growl we have to see again character changed and you know. It's important. Yet you know I remember I. Remember getting on our staff is the lack. And any time at age and I play on my cabinet and you'll like. He's all grown up. Different hers. And she. Ian I was. Eight times you. Really don't Italy and immediately I got it. And she's so laid up like yeah just so to mom and I. Sure experience and the publishing. Aspect. I mean I was really they are and a lot of time energy so I'm terrible. Airlines that are. Try and Ellis on a tree or. We are greater good. So I was really at eight acre. Or don't because a lot of times. Like at a rate publisher. 28. Apps let it. And I have no control or. Really any. You didn't like me ever since I. Did you do have to do. And you like having eight and I'm just terrible. I was working in hills LA her. Like that's. Yeah can you tell you okay it's your current crisis like now. And so the same way I am horrible at that. He'll have a I. I was again is. How it's not. Authors and I love seeing on it and immediately like I. Always like I got a jacket. And one. I. Know I liked and you know. Most doctors don't want war I did with. Or other Brothers. Mutual is out and any US. Not an accident lucky enough amateur to actually and I went into Brazil. I went to look Ian and I tune in Ireland and Germany seem so well really panic. Germany dirty. With us it'll eat. You know all up and I did reading up. And initially we do not let him know that the yeah. And and that's an incredibly special and I feel very fortunate. To have that opportunity. That publishers. Content. I'm not readers love and connected to this story coming to characters as the site. So special because really after immediately. 90% of my life is like on my couch or like it will all people. Might well known at my computer. So. Be reminded that other people. Know that I'm actually just. Old aerials and nine yesterday lines and my view your actress. And she had just finishing angels you just like you and your New. Year's comic punch. We didn't you know I'll add that it. Got my friends. So we know it's my world. And it really and it's OK let. You did that. And and there it's out with the first coming out like Sosa real easy to say. An expert like this. I really. There's so much they'll and is Al is like when you went around. It. Or is it. I'm Michelle. Thanks so exciting and it is like a play like at an age. Hey it. Yeah you don't know how much are hard. There's no immediate execution. Just feel like a good idea how to keep after I. Get to where. Yeah and so it it was just a little. Little giant at and but it has its name your number. This is really special is. Get so wrapped up and in the day our chapters caller I hate is a woman or I and I guess you're in a quiet. And am I act. People are beating. And access Annie and you know and that's really cool do you get reviews. Alan I guess a straighter and unawares and Antony like I think my agent and I got it up. Let us let us are from at and an hour which will lead to. Event and I thought at least. Risen and I forget that the years and I. But I'm actually of the bat to at Augusta if they feel. I just me so inch and yeah I mean if they're ad and I just terrible if they're good I. You know so. And it's not really any car. I so appreciate anyone's time you read the books and argued whether they like it or not. I'm so. Ever ever written any books on. I think that they're yours or not I can't change yes exactly you know I don't see. You know and I have a lake in terms of making writing better that's how my chief. Editor or how I Oren. You know I know that they're year. Have my best dressed in. A park as opposed to just because. Everybody is ever. Out of I am tonight that a friend you know mostly. Signs like I'm impressed. It's a personal choice. I mean I also don't ever late on and I know any Amazon rankings early I just say they've all. And and he steal that. So it untreated the latest and we all love is. You know like. Editing and I love Twitter and tracked well I am especially sensible like I've seen. An excellent. And that's not bad puns or her mind yourself right now but you're doing this. That's great I like to. You're here from people and not me not like. Tom Brady. Is to have someone. Gives them on my heart I had a different. Well over a puzzle and it done and are. Pretty. NASA Heidi keep yourself motivated to keep going. I knew I love you he's an ex. Hard and on all I know and in its maintenance and in eagle talon and just having that confidence and know that. Shell has you know out. I I well I just running. Into a yes I don't thanking to her and she and shall surely you know. You mean if anything motivational. Amber and it actually does let you bell rang and then you've you've been here or end up. It doesn't look at me and you yes on eight. Yeah and wind. And I. That I'm just gonna protect and luckily. Our editor. Yeah like initially chapter in so we get your ex I'm not mean I'm sure you know all I. He stores libraries. Does honor to the author or where the book is purchased Blake I eight Barnes & Noble vs Amazon. Numbers. And I'm Emily is injured you orders for a series come out at the publisher and I yet it is being. Drummed it. Just change the rules you really. Really. Yeah and so I would I mean I would need an independent and it looks boring and it. Or I'm. I library. Harassment and I looked like a knife. To my heart and so I mean any any. Local picky about it. Everett is you and I don't. Hasn't like located at about netbooks are you know. And. Maybe some of her appearing on the program the author of the to a series can't wait for new series to come out. On us. Big is so much so I guess any yearly author of the jewels series I feel I read it I loved it and you should god get it right now. On the next podcast to be talking to AB west trick. She's the author of brotherhood which I read it I cannot wait to talk to her about. Portraying racism and difficult themes and young adult bucks also if you're published author why don't reach out to me and maybe you could be on the podcast just email me Chris and boy dot com.