#6 - We Are Family...Right?

Monday, April 17th


April the Giraffe finally gave birth and Kristen's mom couldn't be happier. Nick questions his ethnic background and Kristen gets excited about the return of her favorite show. 

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Welcome episode number six. The Mike and Mary podcast critic increased that we do a morning show here in San Francisco and if you are in Texas don't listen to us every day and that six point five killing eight you already know that yes we are on Monday through Friday from night to beat it and pictured you listen to love down. Aren't you out. To be talking about the things that happened it was over the weekend on the podcast today. April the draft had a baby we're gonna talk about and history in the history of each other's hand leads and then we're gonna talk about the one thing that makes you laugh. Which is my favorite shows when of one of them that just came back the only thing that makes this girl this car is not thrilled but manager of but it is pretty funny. Animal and of course with our clothes he's you re inspired to be a writer Chris thank I forgot one on Friday by UT off the air or off the broadcast and so I'm gonna make sure. We're just starting out yet don't make your love forget anything. And we'll get you what did you quote the end I think cell able to draft had her draft draft had her little baby. And your mom has been excess of the thing. My mom has loved it does so first of all she's been watching since day one every single day. She says it helps to get to sleep at 92 watches April and she went to opera to Connor. And for a week and she was so nervous to even go because she didn't want to miss it at the draft but she went she came back. April to pregnant such as like you and a couple days later she comes to visit us and she asks us to pull up a bunch of times to make sure that the baby's not here yet. And and on Saturday I get a text message like 6 in the morning going. April's Elaine Lara. Like right to a Saturday ia six your mom decides to wake us up so we turn on the YouTube and there's little who've sticking it looked hopefully to the crazy. Treatment and I've fall back asleep you wake me up I think about a half an hour forty minutes later again say I think is happening like little babies heads. Yeah I don't know why I got sucked into this I wasn't really watching it can you understand why the world. Maybe got addicted to this. I think so I mean you get kind of invested I was one of those saps that was checking in to see the Eagles patched their baby yeah that's cool though Eagles are also but that's but that's nature we never really get to see those kinds of things that's it from the comfort of our pajamas on our home eating ice cream. So I think we'd like it enjoy those kinds of things especially when asked to do with. Yeah I think I'd well I like the ball legal thing because you and I mean no one ever c.s that run. There's people to see drafts you can go to like has New Hampshire right. Not when they're giving earth can they have to eat neglect there. In Google you can Google it but it's not the same as a life partner and I love the Alaskan bear camp so that's something. Happening right but I mean when the salmon are swimming upstream to spine. The bear camp that Ayers Alaska. Be well be that they just basically sit there and catch all the fish that don't make and that's cool you get to see these players like sitting on a mound one and the like you never seemed like ten Bayer's. I catch fish especially Alaskan bears begin hassles get near and so. I mean I like things that I normally wouldn't get to see and that's something I wouldn't get to see. I guess that. Six was a bit like six months of people who want in this and now it's spent about probably at least three since again in the year and now it's been about six weeks or eight thriller that's it yet because they were like. And I believe dizzy while it is. Believed it could happen at any time Erika and since it giraffes gestation periods fifteen months that it could be off one or two months. So I think we've we've been watching it for months. I don't think they thought it was gonna get to spread no I don't think they did it and now you're gonna see a million copies. Everyone's gonna write trying to recapture the world a party saw the other day that the like this is mine April of that the giraffe I. I now among. But I mean that's the kind of I like that in LA gives us a chance to see something we don't see it it's stupid and yeah out can't I'm not gonna watch it and you'll see that with the dealers yeah I think especially with animals or somebody wants to re treated like all cartel. Haven't they're gonna do they it's gonna be all zoos like this going to be at its gonna be everywhere at what's I don't know it's gonna badly we should have. A designate like these guys can only go live something out of it or if someone's going doing their April the drafting. Then no one else can chime in I was waiting for other. Like zoos and like all our things pregnant too and started try to answer it will be at this point and now every zoo is gonna set up a live cam and receive. Which school I guess but it's getting old real fast. No it is gonna get old it and I think we're done with the births. So let's see something else now have been nothing won't get people that long right on the number but that's the ultimate tease. Instead making people watch for months. And months. I think it giraffe is especially important or interesting because it's six feet. Twisted that aren't airlock and and these are walking right away and that it like it's extremely cute Tijuana feel Lama. And now confess economical what other babies when I wanna see. I wanna see big cat baby it's. Like tiger and lions a big cities but I know that it's gruesome sometimes. Bald and in the wild cat in the wild but. Even sometimes in captivity like the moms could reject the babies right away or at risk and I don't know that on a show the world that now and you know. I don't I don't necessarily want CD berth for that yen is he all the navy has got to add jumped out. It was his elbow below those growth. I was that I've expected a little. But it was like him fountain and now along ocean of disgust. My mom called me to cycle and explosion wasn't it. At Butler whether the average around six illusion it was kind of an excellent. Those were pouring April she's and Karen stated she's just done deaths those fallen more relief than pages that they cannot ethics. Panel. Wouldn't come on now we get a name into yet accepted as the naming contest in the live streams up until Thursday happily so I don't know what my mom's gonna do with their time now that April's no longer pregnant. Yes I don't know suitable she did spend a lot of time. Researching your or history or your family history right. I wasn't really. Privy to this information she just said she went back about two years and she's like that's kind of interstate but I guess when they are out here might that mentioned CEO. He brought it level we're talking about something and he is Shay guess she found like give the family in Ireland where every year. Or check maybe it was our Czech Republic yes to see said that they founded that there's a farm there the word like containers still grow. Wild and oh yeah. Realize that run wild in the natural habitat medal multifamily names and Canada now that's fine. It I don't know how it can be farm because well I mean there's no longer a Czech Republic and they'll put the still farmers like this to live right. Here I just I don't know what it's called now like that in blown up and that means we're constantly I know I'm just I don't think it myself I'm like how I don't know the name Ford again. Yes because he hasn't farm of the Maynard I knew that at least a Czechoslovakian. A N com. And then it became the Czech Republic Czechoslovakia fell against the yen at the Czech Republic and politics I don't think the cult. A way to be rude to be you know tied into your roots there it'd be Howell how boring. Let some people are. Are related to George Washington still call them but your family still a lot of somewhere some player like should he instead of like that and I'll come here like you step like this whole. Other one of one looks like you would be really talk. You look like me that would be weird because I'm accommodation and my mom and I found but NL he's. Higher hitter on what you that is my that is to act as a check via also save and yet you look like you're dead. Which I don't agree with what you're that I don't know Millen says that appointment never says that publicly mommy there might be about it. But she got me jealous because I chance I can do their ancestry thing is and it. Little weird family history while yet let's first start your dad is on the dead Simon that was adopted. And I think he knows his real parents. I think loyalty. I wanna just Nestle said we don't we're not talking we're not a we're not talking. To say is like a one led to an ancestry an a minus parents' name next time we talk elements that if he knows. Com but that's I think that's my last name's bright sonic have been economical liver last name at the when we honored at the actual parents are. And so that's where that stops. Com for me and then on my mom's side my mom. Does not like she knows her dad's name but I don't think she's given it to me I'm the right and ask is that real that yeah like I had a grandpa and grandma but they were the migrant wasn't much like like blood. So it was just like Graham and then I just heard him last album and so. I don't know I don't know that's I think. That even have a really wealthy uncle yes that's like I only wanna give my fortune away to play good looking nephew I one of twenty net access to that. That's a thousand 'cause media and on and so I don't know I don't know it all stops there and I think my sister might have done something but it's. I think we couldn't get far so. Yeah are you interested in doing like to see does I'd prefer my whole life I've been told it was a certain things which I don't know fund I am that enactment mom might make up stories. I definitely want to do the DNA thing with you gotta be cool be where it says like your parentage has yet you claim every charitable at sun we'll look at the potential this is what I was told. I was told I'm three different types of native American and why is a lot of division data's not native Americans had supposedly happened in American. They're half white no way I've seen pictures of yeah. But that does you've never seen his mom. I'm I'm looks nothing like me. She looks exactly just a tiny little Mexican lady. Because apparently have Mexican in my family and so it's three native American. Tribes Mexican and German. Supposedly dead is chairman dad's German and native American my mom's two dives new American and in an Hispanic. And she's got to be a little light she seems cool it. Or Caucasian as elect to fess up I have no idea. Yes but I was raised as they Mexican native American. With a white dad. LL afraid to come back and be like your so we fish that B interest. And I really wanna know. That's a lot of so that it might well I really wanted to because I got a true and it's like the real leader recorded an admin I would love to see that because I guarantee you that's a lie. I got three little rise has got to be Larry each Friday and so we will now there's. I I will pay for the test myself at this point com but just a preview route because you walk around going. You know I'm a native Mary and I walk around a native Americans so you know I know the struggles when you've late definitely not outlet. The start that I claim more Mexican than anything because that's I was raised that Mexican Italy I'm not makes it I'm probably not Mexican. Well maybe I don't know but I was raised like my family my mom's family group and east LA like that's where the Mexicans are in snow like I was raised Mexican. Bright and I don't know if Miami I think the death that I have the culture of Mexico. I'm glad we're really worried this is gonna get racists yeah I'm I'm it's okay I'm Mexican the I think you are apartment we had a but I think that your dad is in no way shape or form and native American girls and I want I want like. I want like ice. I don't know what I want from you I want nor on the day you'll my I want and hold. Italy and I want like you know kindred that is the very lights in the era of white hair blue eyes in blue eyes lag. And we cannot and native Americans can't look like that idea saying. Pass. Half I don't know it's weird to they see some. Like you see pictures of like native Americans and a lot of them look like my fairly flat it's weird that ultimately there that's the way their faces are shaped like the wave to different features they have liked. I'd see my mom in a lot of them and it's weird sadly. Enough yet. But yes I at least at least a little bit and didn't give me a little later. If a little bit of an until we prevent or do Samantha so she continued to walk around and getting slammed an irony. And irony of the times that I'll know I can say that I'm Mexican I don't know I can let me tell you about my. Culture from German. And my German full yes and such. So one thing that gets Kristen laughing. Under control glee and I don't understand it's funny I give I give it a little funny. But you'll lose your mind to mystery science theater 3000 well mr. size street at 3000 as the movie look at mystics science theater is the TVs. Was there a TV show and movies yet spoken many years there's been TVs out and now they bring him back to Netflix Pearson and we're gonna want to because once that teaser today. And it was pretty funny it's again you did it sell sell much fun but it's so dry and it's so it just cracks jokes of people. The whole time it's just one liners like yeah right after the and I knew you instantly start crying yet it if you don't know the premises at the very stupid premise by. Mike is the guy's second space yet with two robots serve well and can an appointment and he'd be the only company that he has disease due out. And he stuck in space by this evil genius who forces them to watch bad movies which is now had enough Walton and right and at least today kansas' assistant. And sell every episode is him go walking into the theater with his two robots. And to keep their sanity of watching these horrible things. They cracked jokes during which makes sense that some we would taller in fact we do this we'd do this often so I don't understand why you're not onboard with this now it's asap. Little hesitant though of the movie that mystery science theater 3000 was. They did this planet earth yet and it was one of the worst movies of the time and the jokes are so funny and quick. And I know that they must have watched the movie a thousand prize yet of just it's just not like in propped. But man oh man is itself funny I I fell asleep during the for some so I had how. India and I'm excited for the show because if from the caesar's and look funny and so it had me and him eleventh ranked. Did it the teaser was for stranger maybe that's why because I watched strangest thing it and that's probably what it is it's memorable CEO and a lot of people Watson has seen these horrible shows a lot of comments on avenue into the actual show it's just all know it is. It's all observational humor you've just cracked up it is your that if I ever nuclear ever mad at me. It's gonna put on misses and do what what set. Wasn't a mystery science theater it's so good I think they know every single line by heart of the movie really don't think I can say that about anything now you hate everything everyone loves except mr. First a lot of people like mr. science and noble why the years for many middle and off the air for years just recently yeah but this was the last couple years like that nobody references melons make him hop the topical hot off the press tolerance is that is reasonable is it used to be yet like it wasn't cold and remember the ninety's it was like. This thing to do if you liken her dad I was the nerd in the ninety's no. You're like a comet like this just for like science fiction and you know film it's spoken of this all the things that they would show where these old science fiction yeah horrible type shows. And so it was for all the people that love those kinds of movies and had a sense of humor about it. And sell it was a very eclectic group of people yikes this announcing some and now it's it's a little more mainstream and in people are jumping on the buyout. Well probably and what I think it's now on that was probably an and watches on today solitude is now how it goes down pretty. I'm kind of excited. The the little two minute thing was pretty funny and I had let's end this with a quotes to get you motivated if you don't know Christen is having some trouble. I'm getting back in the swimming she broker late in December and is having trouble or has been learning to rivalry walk again. Is she was down for a couple. USA every night broke melee in Brickman that's just the sum this the easiest way to say literally broke my me. Yes my new line it's not also broke early you're tibia yet so annually article of the tibia flat plateau fracture like Elton saying. It SA sending a pro at Brooke and me is it's a bit like a boat next to my fine. After the due to double was like I can't walk to broker and I couldn't Rockford treatments she's now hip hopping around you you went from wheelchair. Two crutches. To team. And you go back if Democrats came depending on the day yes sometimes it's harder than others to lock and because of that two stop writing in she's a big writer and she's were gonna look now but she can't seem to find the motivation. To get back into although this weekend I did read it the first couple chapters in my black and. And that wasn't as good as it the Yucca flat and I just not be that the that it does that make you want right mourn and now is now Michael I even bother is I need more motivation and every now Ireland and good because I have stocked up. On motivational quote are you ready again on days motivational quote for Crist. And and you can take with you you can have this at a rented and reload. When you focus on problems you'll have more problems when you focus on possibilities. You have more opportune. So don't worry about things that are holding down Kristin. It's an opportunity and possibility focus on what can be and that's what. So I should be focusing on the fact that I can barely alive now I should be focusing on that they're and Iran desk here. Yes that's what it sounds like your being. Sarcastic and yes you should focus on getting ready for that America. Even of the city that I can never on it but doctors have been proven wrong many times. There's movies on all of them. Just the game to hit a guess we'll look the I'd have a great rest of your laughs I don't know what day it was so have a great day yet have a good one there remembered the excellent retirement party on.