#68 Cheesecake Newsletter

Monday, July 31st


Kristen's dreams came true yesterday because it was National Cheesecake day! A new company wants to get you the best deal on a car, why did the Emoji Movie suck and what was so dirty about this Unbelievable Headline that couldn't be said on the air. 

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You're listening to the money in the eighth podcasts live nick can trust and listened to Lincoln christened in the morning we came from behind thirty. 96 point five tail lights yeah and tail light T dot com. What an episode number 68 that nick Christen the podcast so that's a startup company that wants them to negotiate your car. I finally got my son Teddy speak too long didn't read today is all about the emotion. Didn't you of the other unbelievable happening for us. This well it was a little too dirty for being here athletic LA let's start with the cheesecake because that's the important part is of this whole thing we went out to the ticket factory which. We went out to a month ago let's give you the back story on this. A month ago we went out once Christa got the email. Above because she's on the Alda the night it's just she's on Albert email lists or new cheesecake flavors. Though the PR company that the Cheesecake Factory how tricky month ago you're right. I said at a press release saying they're gonna have a new cheesecake available and can be fun Teddy cheesecake. Christensen favor take in the whole world is basically funds eightieth birthday cake isn't aren't they taking out a loved Cincinnati yet is that the same thing yet to have been up. But it's really really good tasty so that we heard about that. We went sued the Cheesecake Factory yes we were there at the very same day she got that email we went in and she looked around. Like a sad puppy she relies that. It's not out yet now it came out on national cheesecake day which was yesterday witches July 30. Scioscia the calendar in our office mum that she's next out. And every evident as the days go by. Little crosses. Saying in the you know twenty more days the cheesecake day rang nine more days to cheesecake day so. Oh we is we're talking about what you wanted to do this weekend nice and I really wanna lay low except for Sunday when you're taking the Cheesecake Factory so I can get this cheesecake yes and that's literally allied did that was it inside the entire weekend except two are at the moment we went the cheesecake. That was your weekend plans like whatever it is. We're going to the Cheesecake Factory. So we sit down we have a a nice lunch and I ordered the cheesecake. But first how are you NN a. Slam hands or sitting down and after we ordered the waitress comes as a candidate gets on C collected dessert. Is there me like a sting carried. Well because she's that you guys want many fatigue and you work I said. On the do you have that fund that he cheesecake. That's supposed to be today yeah basically. And it was very nonchalant. Very like no I don't I heard there's a new is there is this a thing like. Is that fun fair the thing that. How wise it was like a she I don't know what I would do have room for teens can't. The auditory I think with little flavors and it. Do you have do you like. I don't know some kind of fun to American that he mixture that that. Well it wasn't all I know that you know you have that I'm betting inning and I just solid locked in and she goes I don't know let me go check in that moment I was Latin. Know you acted because that what you're talking about like I sought a silent dialogue did it but it in it and she's heat display in ads that. So I was the only guys this is gonna ruin my day of have been told it again that are and it is not gonna be there but she brought it yes and there. Yes they thought the stop it and my neck it's not it's hmm you hit the now read on it usually called thankfully it's not too sweet. Yet because it was a big. Licensees can bright enough for three people were you know were too that we can take down. And you bite into it you I guess is going to be like a kick in the face of sugar like this talents like cigarettes or. It's a rightly it wasn't so I was very happy that I can probably make it to this piece of cake without throwing. Right and for me it's like it it wasn't attached sugary as I wanted it to be it was good to have like chocolate strawberry and an island news. In between layers of fun fatty yes and then there is cream cheese frosting and it was cheesecake to break. A half dozen but she's as the list so I mean to me I was like. Admit that pick in the basis at a weren't like that fund Eddie prostate where your slate. Your lips puckered Ellis sugary nobody wants that I did you I want and not face a hat that's the most popping pills carried. Com kick it. Is made up in nine years old bill you love your sugar rush thinks it is so it wasn't sugary and appear that Cheesecake Factory. Kagan heaven now I think it's probably good for normal people like that are splitting the cheesecake and like it's a nice thing if alternative fund and again like it was probably really it's probably really get I'm just saying like. Ghost tasting was the what the kick you where I simpler he delights the Oreo cheesecake that's got the karma tripping on the top and Orioles mixed into the battered. Cream cheese frankly I light up when I do dessert I wanna go crazy again and this was like am mild trees so the thirty days wasn't worth that you were wasn't worth the wait. I managed and again down the witch and maybe. I shouldn't judge rushed to judge. At the end of it by the end that was layer davis' this is too much out of lives that they too much food yet it's glorified you know I had to answer but. I describe it as if you were to Chile unicorn. And then cut it open and needed. There would be that's what it would be yet but it is that's what it would look like facilitates like thick meaty. Cheesecake. If you wanna get a picture of actually bloody good to get a KO IT dot com and why there you can learn all about the thousand dollars that are giving away four times today at 784 in five you have a chance to hear 1000 dollar workday casket. You hear it text it to us and you are automatically in the running for thousand dollars. You can get a complex hate your thousand air. Think that's the Columbia won a thousand right so it's the startup company that said the gonna negotiate. Your car you mentioned this and I. Oh no it's pretty interesting it's called card giant Coca. Card jail jail and it's a startup company and Holland and business. But what they do is. If you you give up this excellent let's say nick you're like I wanna test. Yes Alan SEV Tesla that's that drives itself and want air conditioning on Ford or Republicans that you give them under 151000. Now like you give them everything he wants and then what they do is they voted different dealerships and our research. Omelet how many of those that they have an inventory acquire and detonate come back to even say this is the lowest possible price the you could get. At this particular dealership which is the lowest they have an overstock of all the things you wouldn't know when you went to a dealership and an accident and then. You view go in there and kind of shell on the app and you say hey I know you have a surplus at this. On which you give it to me for this price. Sockets of their own go down and negotiate for you don't get it to you but they do best release are due to show she gets the noble there's no negotiation really necessary because they've done it for you. The ways that you negotiate is like T have. Too many of these and stock click what model here is it like is an unpopular collar they go through all of that that other stuff that you would use to deduct the money from a year car they done it for you so you lock it carried out. Elena 2009 Honda Civic in neon green because I know that you've got it and I want it for 3000 dollars off because I knew you need it resentment and that's basically all the research that you need so it's not for new cars this is there until it's definitely for new car only thing I am imagining that it's probably going to be. Less helpful with new car again that's it especially like brand new ones that it can sell. You know I think it's interesting to say that they can save you an average of 15100 dollars. But then the woman they used it in this article that read save almost 3000 dollars on just by having that information. Readily available for the sale experts could then there's ethnic begin state Tia. It's true I mean India and you walk in any cast my off guard at something I would definitely need because they were gonna go shop over car eventually rank and within the next year. And navy in eight years maybe it might point person two years. And only one island super nice to seven years. Yeah it's enough I know that's that's the only thing on the salute to you from my car that we still had payments on the scarred like skirt straight having to New York. But. The fact that we don't have a pay and we would. Firing a payment is let's keep we're trying to pay off the debt we already have and not about to acquire some more and now. So really to the podcast don't forget you can subscribe and you can download or get every episode. Automatically put on your phone by going to iTunes any subscribe. Or who play him subscribe in the way we've got more these come in if you like what you hear you can listen back on the stuff to learn listen do if you haven't. We can listen to the new stuff which to do it every single day. So port cities. To line didn't read. It taught you about why the team is one of the worst worst movies. Over the weekend the modes in movie came out which. Honestly accord to the trailer it didn't look as bad as I thought it was possibly new heights yet now. It was a regular cartoon I mean if you think about all the cartoon movies that come out there's some dumb premises. The sad in the happy in the the emotion that's just as dumb as a modes in. I double what I heard that there are making Immersion in the I was like oh good god yes like now there's gonna the F thousand of them because they're going to be the only thing that parents can take their kids to gussy over the weekend yet. But. It's exactly what I heard they want to be as or whatever it's fine it's and and Angry Birds again. Obviously that's dumb the big just wanna make write something. And it's worse than I even thought that it once apparently it's got the lowest rating on rotten tomatoes. Of the year at any move. 3%. Ouch who's really early but I don't pirate trust run tomatoes anymore you know red tomatoes has gotten really. Rugs and it's pretentious yes. Because it's a lot of people going late like cynic like OK but it's post beat the average person right exactly it's supposed to be. The average person does seem to be an out really cool. I don't wanna hear like oh wheels so and so didn't use this kind of hellish stretcher with it I mean it's like all these really and popular critics now. Are leaving rotten tomato comments and it's like you know know about that yet I only good movies well we want to run the middle of the first lay right it is like use your cheeks I would have read your newspaper on your blog or whatever was that you had I don't care. But yeah Ike it's really brutal on its. House which I'm assuming it's just 3% because the movie I'd I'd probably it's honestly not as bad as everybody says I'm assuming. Do you know it is about that's about like the sad the man a Modi. The trying to find is happier trying to be different mode years on. And deadly have seen the previews and and you know the man's face again just like he's the main character and like his buddies the Paloma OG. And so it's just him trying to acting finally out of or to be used more out of our at all Soria ever watched. Carries it on that now but I know that it's probably not as bad as the but he says it is rotten tomatoes. Because there's been some movies on that and I've seen Hitler ratings and like bell that's actually really good movie you're lying. You like terrible movies that I like how terrible YouTube like you have a fondness for bad maybe that's that your no is no you you're like all well it doesn't have to be good like I like to this one scene and select the whole movie in your mind is good because. He like this one particular part. Sesame entertaining like I think people like you look too much in the movies and it ruins movies where you go well there the hole that plot and it's like it's so what's. That it was at a huge gaping hole. This tiny little things like will balloon you know way to the end his hand on his late late I don't care is all this stuff looks cool and it's funny. OC says things like you're going to. Just be entertained guests will still I but I haven't at our level of entertainment that I expect from such things if I sit there. And if it's written well and that shot well and it's acted well. At no point in the movie should I go. Like at no point should I beat to get out of the movie when something happens in a movie and makes me go wait a second act never happen or this doesn't make sense or I don't know why they did that. That takes me out and I now I'm out of the movie now I'm watching it as like up and now let's see where you go with because your book analyzing everything that happened right but it did it just letting it tell you are certain movies that like I've it it's from beginning and at night Mike cheering at the economic Elena great that we aren't necessarily great movies. Like I am. I'm thinking particularly the first guardians of the galaxy but the greatness is a great it was a great elite but it's not an Academy Award winning movie it was just sheer entertainment the great action I it was a great from beginning to and I'm saying it's not an award winning film. That's gonna move people and we should put in the time capsules aliens will look at it in the future I'm just saying it's a good movie but then there's certain things were it's like it's. Certain parts will be out of the movie and I go oh OK like now I'm not now not with you anymore. To get back in the room. I can't because now you've lost you've lost my trust as a lesson at a candidates and it's out. There's certain movies that are bad yes but Blake. I had no point to our trust anything and I'm being told in the story so to be led down by a movie halfway through doesn't make any sense. Well it's hard for me it never is talking about how amazing one run right up and it and it is good. But there's certain aspects of it that are really that like what like the French is that she acquires a lot in the way that I couldn't get over how much it was a rip off of Captain America like it looks like something completely ripped off like eighteen to learn that that picture that you see in man stealer and they had to recreate. They had a portly characters behind the shot the picture for supper picture first nets they had to make the movie makes cents a pat on but it's like. They every time K on the street I was outs like I was out of the movie I was just like I don't care about this vehicle resembled somebody else because they're badly written and like they were important to the story didn't move anything forward they weren't even comic relief like I don't know why they were there. Every time here on street I kept saying. Why are you hear in the background let one of elements of doing something amazing but I can't focus on that because I'm self focus on what's wrong with the will stop. Worrying about wrong things like that's. Like I don't know why have to ask why every character has to be there to his there's no point in adding she's there there's somebody there to talk to him. That's and it didn't and that is badly. What do because of it you'll need to put somebody there that has no personality just so she can bounces certain things off of then there's no reason for that person just there's no learning that dialogue she's. And things every time she talked to somebody sees getting to know and love people that was the whole point about hoping. Is she doesn't know any people. Ivan normal person I'm not a critic and I should be on rotten tomatoes and that's my opinion. And you use that there and you love everything you see him that's what she won a seat like on runs at you wondering. All the emerging movies like I'm 90%. Like it was amazing it was it made me laugh like. Here's opposed terribly written movie. I guess that's how you feel it's a durst shiny flashy colors in my face for two hours. Of its entertaining and it may be laughed and it made me. Be entertained the jets were saying it's yet. But it you know there's the goodness sakes but saying it's good isn't bad like I'm not saying it's the great most epic written well. Reduced movie of all time but it and suck like it didn't I didn't eight. Should be good enough like 50% is I didn't hey. Let's. Yes that's here that's your whole philosophy it's either hated it I didn't hate it. Or I loved yet but there's no shades of anything in between the shook. Davis too many breakdowns especially that I have different opinions than other people saw a bum ratings something for someone. I'm not gonna break down and analyze every every little detail. Of a movie twilight it's either it was good wasn't good look at. Like that's. You read it I tell people about movies and that's how it should be a run dement at the should be sucked. Was amazing. That's of the exhibit five levels. Guys because of a meg using to. Too many different opinions too many different things that people don't like so you would like the story but I don't like the color so low. By then we're both standards that the bad movie but nobody cares about the action. Like there was other things in the movie that got. Yet but it is sort of all this goodness doesn't mean that overall the bat. Like just because there's a really good seen him and he doesn't mean that it's not about me. Term you know I just uses a bad scene in the movie doesn't is abandoning you right but it it's consistently bad throughout but their sprinkle in some goodness it's still about. Meant. Depends if it meant depends on the mood that meant community. And the men among. So if you want a new grill then there's a contest we got going on on our quick page DOT dot com that's held me in my girlfriend and I have to do is submit a picture of view and your grill and European to win a brand new grill from char broil and all kinds of accessories up to like 600 dollars. Where the stuff to go with your brand new girl and the growth is amazing to see all the info that I KO IT dot com. And contest go down 20 win a char broil. Four burner gas girl mean my growth friendly contest. See you have a unbelievable headline today that you wanted to do on the air but he said it was it was not he it was a racy it was saucy. And he saved for the podcasts. Three some leads to broken blades. As the headline today in two days. So there's a guy that led to women in Germany. In a three some campaign. On an apartment balcony. Balls yet I mean that's that's the dream. On the apart a part of every back street Atlantic cousy early in a Bentley parties look like that or not and a Bentley that means an apartment balcony. Balcony of some sort of legacy I tell all book. Let me the dream zero and about any like when you're over when you have in treated people but if your pork. Just about any will be cobwebs in the corner of room to that's fine propped up against as a matter of this to him and you shouldn't have countless. I guess at some point the two women argued. Over how small space once yes and there were some tough positioning of decisions that need to be made eventually it seems they all found a comfortable spot though. And just one of them was. Happy one of the women was getting in the head good marriage she was reaching her moments. And as she fell off about the happ I don't know I guess just like an up on the left sits there like ten feet off the ground on a breaking Bolton her legs and her feet. When she Landis estimates the flipped. Yeah now it's this it's it was the third so. The other woman started screaming after she fell and ran down the helper again but she slipped and broke some bones and her arm. Next. It hits the ball for the women had to be rushed to the hospital of accounts ruled it was dabbling in accidents and no charges are going to be filed but. That's a heck of a threesome stores aren't there. There's only one bone that was broken a isn't that but at the yeah are you did I elbow can delete it later on its camp were not given on that is my absolute worst fear is being a day Ollie. No it is being naked when the emergency crews are. Don't ever to be in the position where I am calling 911 and I am naked yet it's never there's never a good story to go with that. So we know we're here. White and blue. I think about that sometimes like at the house burst in the flames and Ayman Lander where you have it in Japan lined up in what I take the time. To get close first the like. If if the house first and the flames what are my I've already run down like the order of things some things are gonna happen I have to worry about even the cat's first close first. And the year in there somewhere. Yet to them and adult liking yet you give yourself out I mean you have to make your weight from the Obama also it's about ever wakes me up again by Dickerson but your the sleep beauties labor so you should be related media. But then do I go to the closet to get close first. Or to the cats and a well. Yeah it's. Winnable what do I do with the cats and to do guards opened the door and told ago. I don't have cages handy stick in the case. What can darn in the US can't. It goes airtight and you take out dueling a bread bag yeah. They've hit the pillow out seven bag. And Kerry delegate sack of toys looks just make this opera loving kid. I've thought about this like if there that I'm grabbing the comforter and I am creating a makeshift hobo bag a contaminant can't bring it down the stairs a I don't sing like and for all ages. You have to hunt for the casket is no way that those cats are going to be sleeping on the bad. If the house person right it's automatic wrap them wherever they are and the shove them in the nearest. Receptacle. And I couldn't take it outside the cut. I'm not let them go all the way to come back. Well he just from outside this way they're out away from the fire in the old thing on the beef and they'll probably. I wanna know there yet but on the other rookie when I get them out of the house and then they can you know if they run back in the house. I'm sorry if you could just like Cali Cali Myron Beck announced. But that the so I've got its your quote of the day it's gonna be another funny motivational quote to keep go. Yeah. Imagine the way you're losing is going to the person you hate. Make it easier every pound it loses. That gets another pass. Completed. Who would be your purse out of a who would have but we've done enough I think about and I mean he'd like there's no one of my list. I think just for fun my buddy they've been in the Dallas. Texas is like super thin and good looking at the coliseum would like to deep down to the he promised them that would yeah it. But him now immediately go elegant hex. Openly yet but it plays to get started game he pitched but that the evidence when he did that prevent the in the exam thug. I think again everything. But now and. Tonight at eight that got very good point life would only anybody yet that. Have a nervous today remember via excellent together and ran it.