#7 - Ayyy It's Vest Guy!

Tuesday, April 18th


The Unicorn Frap is apparently a thing for the next few days at Nick & Kristen want to try one. Nick goes out of his way to avoid being "vest guy" and they talk about unfriending people for sharing that FB live video where the guy is killed. 

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With the number seven Mike and Mary podcast to taking Kristin we are a married morning show in temperatures go game. We do pocket and get some work on Monday through Friday I'm very content. At night at six point five KIT. And today the unicorn fret chino is gonna make it clear that there's that plus I try to avoid being best again today. And on FaceBook and a lot of people staring at a lot of sensitive stuff time. First let's get into this you to coordinate. Traffic chino. So what exactly is that you're the one that had discovered I'm gonna be sure someone just thank you Kelly similar to my fondness and need the unicorn for Regina is now available for the next five days. And it's not a myth it's not a mystical creature really an actual premise and it looks like. Unicorn group. Yes it's like pink with streaks of blue at it yet and it looks like there's like pink whipped cream and sprinkles or something yet I don't know if I could actually. Eat this or drink this in public that its its soap being in so blue. Did you can't really hold it as a man. And lets you holding it lets your holding it for you only strong men can hold it I guess but I don't know it's like to do and the Fergie during Cynthia bar which you can't get any fruit in any change. Can they can elect Zachary now is reject. We're judging. Ladies are probably judge you you've got if ordered mosquitoes before and now we'll look at two years I bombing every time you change your order while I was at the change to a regular class still likening animal you know and likes short fat man glass. Is that you like the skinny one would like hello I'm like thanks. Try to be mainly here that you like the notes the lists. And this is probably get to and I'm probably gonna try it now that I'm married and other. Well yeah and apparently it's post that kind of change colors as you drink it because the blue in the people start to melt again make a purple and then it's mostly taste. Different with each step. Yes I'll change flavors the rebel things I guess the paint a layer is mango and then the blue is blue Mary snow and it. And burst she'll probably get hit with the mango and you'll get hit the blueberry and on the line and you'll get a different kind of flavor. There it's only of over like five days so even by the semi here this is probably now available in more. But I'm gonna go in trying to give the shot analogy is now. Again tomorrow we're gonna put up on our FaceBook page we're gonna shoot a little video yeah it ordering and tastings unicorn fraph cynic I'm we have a bill we have service in our building yeah. Go down and try that out and speaking of updating. Yesterday we saw mr. science 2000 dead as the TV show. And now you get to give your judgment on it we saw one of them for the gets the episodes are eaten a whole movie. That's ninety minutes and that's just one day as. I'm good even that's a little much for me yeah so first one was ripped Tilly Rick silly Republicans for the wicket stand and a pretty funny. What does a live up to this and it doesn't look to the standards I don't look at I don't like that the wrote robot voices are differently but they don't look at it and probably dead. Bill little short skits in between I'm not a fan of but I know what they do them because they break it up as it gets it just gets so monotonous yeah times. And they did it in the movie and it is a show and certainly that's. It's. I able given another world. Look at solar gonna have to watch the whole season based yet you like those that I know there's funny parts late she com. I hated the middle seems bud yeah deliberately and break breaks but there were some you know some chuckles and the movie was. One of the most interesting parts of there was just so bad. And that's the fun part is you get to see these movies that were made that likes the actors Dan your country is Tara like never went on to do anything began annually. How did they needed. Yes of major updates on mr. sent 2000 giving you what's on Netflix. It's okay. You package yesterday yes I did and I'm gonna be hosting a wedding or several weddings here and over the next couple months. And I wanted to cattle like a professional have a shiny black church that I was like Eric and while this is not the look everyday at pictures. In my got. Was I guess that saws like let's look like an adult and I got some nice pants one went shopping you know they get sort of rest. But a little too we had best drowned in the of course in a super fan at that's. So I had to order custom super fan as best and mum I put it on. And a I had my T shirt underneath that it were that because this policy to fit it doesn't by the way bud com have to order another speaker even fatter. Vest as they underestimate him offended but when I put the best over my shirt relate. It's kind of Q like an open investor under. Over a little T shirts and I'd like he on like Hewlett it would hit QX sixty Laguna. I was like you know what I do you but I am not gonna be vast guy. Why it is I don't know I immediately hate best guy why what is best IT best guy is like when you walked on the street and you see a guy wearing a vest. In an in an inappropriate. Way like over at T tired yet in an inappropriate time. Like this places and times to Wear vests Lucas and not on his way to work like walking across the street. No that's fine if I have likened a button down shirt and the best and maybe a jacket then maybe you're underway I don't know what you do maybe nativist public's fancy looks nice but. Down the street when the Fedora on the and a vest in the T shirts and gold chains. LB that via Adobe basket that's like that's your best guy of events. Being best and I don't know I just don't you just scenes. And other way to say Doocy helix doozy. I know both sub able to pull off curls like the best. My. Seek it out yet I'm not angry they do like it looks fashionable pool looks that I thought we expect. I'm not best guy in so I don't think I can pull off best. Is there a female equivalent Tabasco. I was trying to beat about it you know I. I've always wanted to edit this sounds like super Saturday night I love fake last. Again I love classes that don't are prescription. And I would have a bunch of mom if I didn't wanna be eight glasses at the you know I mean that night. Like all the for tellers bake lab I'll girl is is trying to be in and she's probably really interesting and Smart and stuff yeah. But I don't wanna deal with people going early got classes and not have to explain. Knoll I didn't classes I just became fake glasses collapse of other fake like I have to wait until I move to a different states and show up our FAA line. Can then they'll go all lake okay cool at night of fashioned name if I don't Wear them it's up like that that you can't just beat come. Think classes are yet that's true that's those those or follow ups to fig last via. Why are you wearing men get a prescription well if they're not what he'd do weighing in at. They had maybe I'm just that I'm I've never been hit. And I never been fashionable so it just feels wrong for me to try to be basket a. And I think is like you know although it's brokers are really popular girls yet just black jokers and looks like to read and tighter and girls next and everyone I seed that wearing them at some Q and lying. But for me it just feels forced and it feels yeah aired and like it doesn't it mean. And it wouldn't fit like at like nick fat like it at that the folds of my neck. I I just I feel like I would look at myself in dispute like hire him who he had like you're trying to be you're not too black choker girl. Yeah I I feel like Callaway now trying to put on like nicer clothes and slowly becoming. And adults. So I've been ordering these like subscription boxes and Serena doll clothes and button or buttoned down today. It gets weird were among them ever and soul like him feeling. Like I'm growing up and then that might. One a graduate to the next level which would be best guy rank or for door again no Fedora has now won I would see that's the thing is the problem is that the good of the Doris elegant and. Invests the problem is for Doris have a weird connotation. Won the door as are like four of people that are. How to describe it Easter now. The opposite like it. The doors are trying to heart now they're so out of facts are that people that are wearing them are looked down upon. Yes a big deal really out on the Internet it's like he was wearing a Fedora you look for door bashing yeah it's a big thing how that like all spring I missed that sadly got to wait till it comes back around. So it's floppy hat now linked the trend what's the trend forgot that. That man by and still don't think that the thing now man I mean yes I mean beards or style and yet that's gonna be an analyst at a Kenya and unfortunately I'd be super fake beard to aggregate taking appropriate. Though not only would it be face like beer guy that would be fake beard. Which is terrible I would be so. I don't know what to do best is his best even still in and that's the dialing you pull that that's I don't know what styles people differently and now at sea lanes are kind of out again -- are now skinny jeans everywhere while here into Scania and now I am never endorsed him sorry guys. Never man and you really wanna see what expect thick fat thighs look and tight jeans into. They're pretty epic this to reveal I'd burn holes a moment in Tampa. That's OK I know it's and to be. Just different body type and nobody looks weird and that's OK and you're not sixth floor where these young legs I tubby little guy. I can't have it out evil what. Even if I could I don't want those that treat it like to be comfortable but you know more power to vehicle operatives. And be all stylish and care. I'd care very little eastern here I'm starting to care more and now I find myself doing do she caring beings yeah like you're certain to judge meaning it's unlikely. Well that too and didn't know you I know of course now. Okay did today you're like look at clothes and I don't want to really milk it close look at I always want because I buy clothes all the time we like you wouldn't include the balloon. The Stanley girls' clothes are different and we always go to these discounted stores yet and important stuff that's there is not light. And first odds there's only like five shirts my eyes yet and are all hideous they all have like the dazzled. Like Ryan rhinos. You're like what I'm aware that and cell it's it's a very simple look. And owed no. Tennessee wheel guys is simple thought T shirt and button yet so now unit of the purple one or the blow one like that's Canada so the smell like Imus focus yesterday we were violent. And like it took off my jacket that I despondent un button like my butt are noted UQ yeah I like your cup too late night sleeves and pulled them up. From my button down early stealing stuff right on your wrist area and that pulling a little. Now economic chests. I was like I don't like him owing a dirty and I looked him as Allen will argue. You were stinging T shirt guy like a month ago that's okay. It's okay not testing this felt that this Phil. Phil Phil. Well you have you been cheated a lot lately because I guess you unfriendly and a lot of people on face against her. He and there. It's well obviously you heard about the guided. Killed that old man like on face with lives. On Easter and I'm when I'm sorry about that but we're gonna talk about people that share that video and likes. I was watching it was one of us what are my radio France and since we have a lot of radio friends. Obviously a lot of people have to talk especially in the media we have to talk about things. That are trending in in popular and that's seller on about this now. Bled you don't have to. Sheer the video by an ethnic understand because I saw a couple people that chaired the video and like the actual video like we're lead adult video of the guy it loses his life you watch it happen I guess I didn't watch it. But there was other people that's at there's no way in heck I'm sharing this video on and share picture of the victim yes and and say what happened and say I'm sad that says. And I don't understand how first coffees but doesn't rip that kind of stuff off right I don't know Powell that's not an issue 'cause I I remember back. This is a while ago at. The X camera man. Television oh yeah he killed on FaceBook live yeah Tom when the reporters and I watched it and it didn't know what house watching at the time yeah I was on Twitter. He had tweeted out right they and I was like what is this and I clicked on it and I saw the whole thing happened it truly was traumatize and -- yank that stuff off. Almost minutes later yeah on it was but these. Now like letting this video to share. That was kind of insane to see like helmets I had a friend these guys like if you have that kind of judgment that you're willing to shared. Somebody dying. Lights. Is LB we need to be friends. I mean it you said it's me yesterday and it's absolutely true these are thirsty people Alia these are people that wants people to comment on their videos and if your that hard up for attention Reid need to show some of losing their life on camera yeah so somebody goes I'll ask that. On your what your comments yeah then I'm sorry but it's he get more views them right dangerous it's it's absolutely ridiculous and it's funny because. There is that motivational speaker he's written couple books but that's Imus attic he Scalia have viral video while ideals again you sank. That every time we get alike are began at a clinic hours are page follow through or never on our blogs her FaceBook and Eric. There's a little Russian open yet everytime I see some on the list and our podcast. Same thing yes apps like there's like little local you know that kind of achievement I guess and that's exactly what this is is people are so hard up for that. That there willing to post the most disgusting things ever just so they can get a little rush of somebody paid attention to me yet if you are stacks. You know. Are we can be. Stay you've got to you've got to make judgments on things like that you've got to be able to go why what I wanna publicize this terrible human being. That shot the sky rain and share them in and show all my friends a guy dying. Plus an interesting thing is in our business. That's something he could get fired 40 yeah. Com if you make bad judgment calls you've made that judgment calls in the past and you know you've had people say hey take that down. There sponsor or there yeah there's somebody that's a friend of us a friend that works with us that kind of thing we have to be really really careful what we put on face. I don't know if it's like that and other jobs but another we can get fired for things that we post on FaceBook or Twitter or social media and anything. We do so I stick out to be tussle my own FaceBook or Twitter I keep it clean. I keep it clean too because not only that is my mom is one of my friends yes exactly she's one of your friends too and she's always she is she checks every day to see if I post it's something new. And at I was off on summary and sharing somebody who died. My mom would have a negative opinion of me yeah and sell I do it for moms. Actually though I think it do for your mom do yeah I think every time I post on the ailing Chris is obvious it is certainly I don't know prices and a as opposed. Can't she's very invested in sheet every day she goes on face the in sheets types that our name and she taxable our account and she checked everything we like every time she logs into on what's new and Angela she knows that we don't when we talk on the on others you know I don't talk about the minutia of my everyday yeah even though she finds it interesting social go online and I'll literature is today. Well until Malick fat it's an ejector and she Schechter I guess she's on your program somehow impact if you look this is like hey. Do you Michigan offense loose some weight. As a coach you know it's late son honors to Graham or your your grammar whatever she tried to hit call it's like eight. Whenever the sort of gloss like brown the meaning better like that's nice that trio. And that. That's let's deal with C went on to become elements. This is our rating with both those rays. To say hi first and would you rather have a door fag comment or would you rather have it well Tim and I would your hair looks beautiful. It's that is acting actual. That's worked in that instinctual because I was raised to do that so when I don't like get complimented me electorate race like well I don't. I don't go to compliments like it's not my go to. I compliment you ever beat you eight alum amber everyday and I may never get confident I know him and every time we compliment me I'm like Egypt. And I can't compliment you back because then at the force compliment and federal element. Is it it in your mind is that a real force comp compliment no wallet from lake warrior just like I would give really real compliment. But it feels that. I am dude giving you a compliment because he gave me complement and that's leaked it hold off for like twenty minutes and then deliver the content that's true I can solo clock. Cigarettes compliment time or problematic clock. Whenever I do this. Instant compliment you and I give you daily quotes. To make you more motivated. And more ready to take on the world and get back to writing and act you ready for your daily quotes yet. You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. That is the when he knew that it at that it was going to be longer is yeah well yes it was long winter. Your confined only by the walls you build yourself. Now would you like to hear Mike share due gimmick well well because I've decided. That I aid I think these cheesy or not motivating me I decided to create my own motivational quotes. On to redo and on the top your head right now or did you actually tomorrow with no I actually came up with them and let's hear what's that's what's the name of these quotes what is going to be I don't know Christie motivational book. Our. And at parties shared on face but I can't wait apple appears OK if Vin Diesel can have a successful acting career you can write that book. Get like that yep whatever it takes but I've motivated you to be motivated enough to write these votes so they can spam. Some of them so you bring one daily and I'll bring one okay of that I think for listen episodes seven. Of the lake Mary podcast catches every morning live on that six point five TO IT in San Francisco you can extremists on line. Mikhail IT dot com or listen if you're in the Bay Area line from by 30%. But agreed to remember the excellent to each other and party and.