#72 The Talented Kristen Flowers

Wednesday, August 9th


Kristen tells us the story of the time she auditioned for American Idol and gives us the inside scoop on how to get on the show. Plus she got her first professional critique back on the book she is writing find out how she did. Also, we talk to the brand new San Francisco Chief of Police Bill Scott about how Nick can become a cop. 

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Welcome to episode number seventy today on the podcast American Idol is actually coming up Oakland would Kristen got a story back when she tried out green give details on that. I have written a book and I got my first round of could be back and I wanted to cry yesterday plus we talked to the brand new chief of police bills got some Stevie get that the brother up. Yeah that's a good light side try to get me out of the ticket I. He's 6485 KL I see you can crescent in the morning like gas. First so American Idol is coming to Oakland I believe August 21 two plenty. What he voted when he they're going to be in Oakland you can go and audition that's right American aisles back. It's MacKey they would not prevail on now 81 I dish in a via tape you can do that as well and even go to KO IT dot com I did a blog about it I'll ask the Lincoln there as well but but. They've been around or they were around for fifteen years sabathia Christen it used to be a singer. And he gave out the audition I've heard this story before but I'm gonna act like I haven't and so when I react neglect pool and what. Tell anymore it's for. All the effect okay SLA dairy first staying. Like hey wanna be on TV it was like is very low budget kind of saying. And my agent hit me up and she's like hey if there's this weird TV show that's lake. I Disney people don't like just ignoring it like this is not something you wanna be apart at a lawyer yet and I was like OK like Nobel we'll see them one season one of happening Kelly Clarkson winds that and I have. As Clinton is a much better singer than I am but I have a similar voice. And I'm sitting here going. Are you kidding me like she's allowed a kind of a soprano well compelled her sort of thing and I'm like that's like I'm so mad right now mean out and she went on to do great things the F sell season to pops up I'm like all right this is just a fat. This goes through a couple years and finally now it's like legit and meeting for singers to go to yet so my parents were like you have to do this. So they drove me to the biggest auditions because there is no Alan additions the year that I addition a path and come first of all there's people camping out their Ford DES. I mean for the days here holding their spot in line. But it didn't really matter because. I was like. Number I was I was in the thousands it doesn't matter number our allies went back there when I was a wave back there and I got there at like 4 in the morning but there's already a huge line. And it didn't really matter where you were in line because we all went in today's stadium. Like it was like a football's not football stadium like a concert arena look at. And Al we filled every seats do you reverend where where they understood where yeah I was at the Orleans at all he gets the New Orleans Arena that you haven't already been in I was here it. And so I'm sitting there and and listening to all these people audition and these are some of the best singers I've ever heard in my life. And this is coming from a girl let's send her entire life auditioning yeah power plays for musicals for Broadway thing they're bitter about it lanes and you've had all these singers do you own any I've known a ton of great singers in my day and these guys blew them all away while and I was sitting here shaking in my boots I was like well I'm not as good as half of these guys. Bomb and they kept getting rejected wryly you know we're not interested now or not inches or didn't really matter that they could sang. It did matter and that's what was so frustrating to me it's all about how you look. What's your story. Are you young like Nebraska and farm Qaeda that's just looking for start out real and that kind of the story doesn't really well that nobody cares the year professional singer. At the show down the street on the Las Vegas Strip yet. CNBC all that if you go there but on TV. The only ones ever talk about the ones with swords right and then sank really interesting stories and by a group a single mom dad I don't think John disease yet yeah exactly they don't care. You got this thing. Gut it you have to still look cute and you have to have an interesting story and again I have gotten choosing style elements and get like different they're look at for some been doing for star quality exactly. And that's why I was turned away. And sell first of all you don't get to the celebrity judges that's like the fifth round of auditions while but I did get to Nigel Fuller who's the creator of oh allows the cash and he heard me singing as you have absolutely lovely voice that you're not a star you don't look like a star. A com what to caddy Neal like people have been telling me my whole life I'm really tall and I'm not like six scan is skinny generally have a style click get it. Like I was more for Broadway I was more than girl that was gonna become somebody else like half my stuff wasn't gonna get pandora radio yeah yeah radio or your instincts with the ion the like yes so I kind of locked away from it going while that's you know old sixteen hours in my life I'm never gonna get back. But the interesting thing is that they look for drama they want the Williams comes Kong's of the world like dad hangs Carol. So what synapse so that's a baffles me the most is that he got to five auditions yet. And that they were like ho ho ho oh yeah she could move in VMware as they you know turned down UN he's got a better record career but a lot of people that the Trevor American. That's what's so frustrating is like. Key he got some Paula and Simon error and a who is the judges I'm back a minute but. And I don't know if he thought he was good. But if he thought he was guided dare messing with his hat but a lot of the times these people don't know that they are not gut. And they told us alike if you're gonna cry entered a cuss out the judge is if you think your terrible. Pitcher of star. Mom make sure there's a camera around you the free do anything crazy yeah because we like has capturing it. So that's how people become stars now they go on with drama and the like K about women lose my mind right now piano totally dominant. I in just aren't so what would twist and I look at yes Brian and pound out what's they've they're honestly that's the reason they invented the voice I thought. I yank his it would get past all that you know I'm need to look like a star craft's re a mom and you would just based on the voice for the voices this is bad now on maybe the first season was all about the voice but now all these people just happen they also be for all good looking yet or have its unique style yet we know your filter and I'm yet at all it the same frustrating you know because it's not about the boy's death about the stardom. And because they can sell and I mean they get out of financial. Point yet I can't tell them in the side of a cell rang you need to be different he needed standouts and you need to have a great voice and you have everything. Like the league they're Susan Boyle remember from that has got talent. Gorgeous voice doesn't look like a stark and honestly like I know she's put out a couple albums but has anyone heard anything from Susan Boyle little. You lost night's she Blake had a breakdown dish she you have become all the stardom she had a couple break down that's a sad and because you've people who loved her so much that they were like gas more and that she's like it and now to the ready for us event. Yeah you have to look way to start I get a bit just don't sell it to me like everybody's trying out your taking the best voices. You're not into all about like what makes good TV and so if you're planning on existing for American Idol just keep in my mind. I know David girl setting it's a very famous quote where he's like these young kids think that's how you become musician yeah and it's not it's by buying. You know second rate music and guitars at garage cells and sucking for the first five years of your life and death and then maybe doing something good putt. There's other avenues if you're seeing are like this is not your only chance played yet he keep doing your thing. And if you are not the best singer but you have something unique about you this like pierce yet this is it because you know fifteen of them millions of people that try out. Make it there and I now and then one of those fifteen of those millions becomes the star exactly and there's sorry that I can't be you. If you have the confidence you have the skill. Give a shot got an audition. Again they're going to be an Oakland and American Idol first once the season one and yell what are they telling it now didn't really suits given about December it just don't be blind sided the F. There's gonna be better Singh is a new but they might make him there either. And you're not gonna see Katy Perry and annoyances like ever gonna to you're not gonna see that you might see Ryan Seacrest navy can maybe navy but even that's a long shot his timing and another big you'll miss the easily. At that the the get a chance to at a thousand dollars four times a day that's it again it can you imagine what to do with a thousand dollars I still Ed doesn't sound like much. But it's kind of a lot. While considered have got to Billy yesterday for a thousand dollars for my C pap machine we don't even news anymore. That's what my thousand dollars against Al. Yeah as it should be is now we have to bring that thanks. But you can do we can draw sick. Barbecue. With a thousand dollars to Carney has had a a look at that see bring in a bringing up the current and think that that's that I tell my friends without an automated cell yeah gonna grow and the friends that can do it. But yeah whatever you wanna do that now allows up to you but you have to add text to win sell four times a day 784 and five. Yet the cash code detects in the cast of the 72881. In you could easily win a thousand somebody's gonna win it why can't be just like American Idol and American Idol why not you. So I talk does occasionally by I'm gonna lay it all out there today so I'm writing a book. I like young adult fiction novels that have like a fantasy element timid. And every couple that are really really bad and this is my third novel ever written and actually think this one could be get and so I've hired a riding a partner. To kind of critique my work. And she is a six time mom. Published author she's really really good I love her bucks from her name's Corey and I got my first round of critiques fact yesterday. Done done and done so if you don't know Crist and she mom. Is very this is a warrior. And she stresses over things that need not be stressed upon but she's distress serves his worry here is what she does so she's obviously get a freak out. Over every little thing. That happens. But she gets some good reviews and some bad reviews but going into it she was super worried about. Certain things like he wrote the book in first tents now what. What the heck is first tell. Hey so irate in first person present tense up and it's not a lot of people do Harry Potter is not a third person. Past and focus a little in explain so here we goes over Dumbledore and says let up. That's third person York's. In the the book is written as though I'm person I'm a ghost world we're watching it all go down Nell now that's third person that's like this that I'll okay yes I that you set up my book history not a third person is me as the ghost hovering above these people they can't seem me but I'm watching it all go down. And I'm able to get inside each one of their pets out there and able to tell you what Carrey is thinking am able to tell you at Dumbledore syncing enabled tell you it Hermione stinking. Except for a death cell that's third person. Past tense and it already happened so there's a lot of ED words a lefty decided. Instead of decides look at that happened so I write as it's as if it's happening to meet. Right now and years following along so you don't necessarily know what's gonna happen at the end Saunders is a non past the readers not EU. Right the readers not me but it's like they hard living through you yes so my character you're living through my character if I was writing as you that's called seconds the person. Like to fuel go down to the story you get a milk shake it actually very very commonly well now that you do not write a second chance it's very confusing yes if you either right as the character or you write as the covering gaps a guy OK I write as the character. And apparently. That's not well liked in the industry. And I've been hearing from a lot of my beta readers that it's my writing was very confusing for them. That they they couldn't understand my story because they couldn't. Couldn't get past the fact that they weren't hovering ghost over the story which. Seems like a dumb thing to be worried about I it was a dumb thing to be worried about but the more and more iGoogle that I realize that a lot of publishers don't like it either they think it's really hard to sell. Even though some of the most popular books are written that way. I ES the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is written in first person present tense you're living through cat miss what she's going through you can only experience which had to miss experiences yet. And Timothy and I couldn't even tell I've read Hunger Games I've read of the bush candidate I don't look at those things and I think the average reader. Doesn't and you've talked to agents did you have another podcast called about the author to write one check that out. Also on KO IT dot com also on iTunes to play you're really in the writing and enjoy. Why AA insulate that she's talked to some relief. Cool authors about the whole process and how they got published and their whole steps of things and she's picked a couple of their brains about the whole first and scratch. Yet so really told me like it's its bowl like don't don't listen none other people write the way you want it right. And the writing and structure that I hired on the rights and first person present golfer and that's pretty much why hire her just like look that's not my son reading I wanna know from doing it right. So I got on chapters one through three back yesterday. And some. Did Obama is making me really. I'm comfortable happy at the same kind of begins now I feel like all of chapters one through three bullet they're good. But don't think it's terrible all the action zero distress it has revised the first three chapters twenty times she's talked a teachers she's had beta readers she said. Alley you know I think I read it and you gotta you had to rent this one now know is I've read the first weren't and it tradition. An addition earth first edition. As for you ran entered twenty people yet now they'll tell their friends so this'll probably your final person right. This'll be my final percent of Chrysler starts the many to agent listeners. Which is insane at. On the she gave me a lot of great feedback. One of the things she won immediate change was just a character's appearance the panorama which I can totally do and but it's just interesting because when you first get critique back your first responses to this president and know they're talking about it's a masterpiece that absolutely perfect in every right but now that I've had time to like think about it really reflect on and sleep on it. They know she's right. And some DeBoer I think it hears say oh yeah and is it might be out in the world and the leaders and a little bit. Mom not literally published a that'll be like insane if that happens but ages we'll be looking at it and we'll see we'll see what happens to it canceled got a. Crazy that your your step away from almost. From being a step away from publishing your book and yes I didn't even when I get an aging and com that doesn't mean I'm gonna be public yet has publishing houses could be like. There's no room for this type of story. There's a lot of trends happening in books right now yeah out of retelling the fairy tales and a lot of a lot of witches goblins you can be on the next on the next Bruno is DSL. I'm excited. And wolf we'll see what happens to it so. The confidence level. Another we've motivated you do the writing and get back into it you're welcome. When our giving you competent. To move forward somehow companies are you going into the next. Two chapters. That she's gonna review. OK so I read that last night because I I want it to remind myself as to what made written and that what I had sent her. And I know this sounds super air again at a party means like wildest it's still get. I I read this hundreds and hundreds of time yes and I can I go yeah I know it's still pretty solid thought like I'm not a lot of your best. I've done my absolute best. What matters like if view from Kenton right walk away and go. That's the best I can do right now without you know further knowledge or further experimenting and again writing twenty books out of experience like you can't gain experience Alicia and write books. So at this point in your life do you feel that's the best she can. This is the absolute best that I can DO OK mom and her critiques are really enlightening it's stuff that I haven't thought about and putting in yes and rearranging a certain things. So now I've got that kind of in the back of my head. Bomb but it's it's still gonna take it oh yeah and get this is it is just terrible that's it that's solid areas for me when that doesn't mean you stop writing doesn't mean that it's just. I'm at not a level now where I've learned everything I think I can learn. Now I need one on one coaching to somebody related drills certain points in and I had it yet can't remember them. But writing is such a process and that's what she was telling me yesterday is like paid like even mean who's been published six times. I still have a horrible first traps or I still have real problems with you know placing things in the story DSL it's incredibly and it whatever feels like they're really good and it's. It Tillis is Stephen King. Or Peter James Beard James Paterson James has debt then you're you're fine metered enemy of the state. Even and then I I I yeah now like there's a couple Stephen being Stephen King books. That have been questionable yeah I'm sure you just type nonsense about I don't let him have theory in Adams enter in Canada and. If you want a what a brand new grill. Then and we've got to contest going on called me and my girlfriend. And how he gonna kill attitude I count. Submit a picture of you and your grill and you can see I've made a video and put another trim yesterday of me taking pictures of my girl oh my new little buddy that's pretty cool so if you wanna go and see that he can do that that at 965 TO IT. But doubly submit your picture is you never know if you want a brand new girl comes with a bunch of accessories you can win up to like 600 dollars. Where the accessories that go along with the scroll from char broil and go on there KO IT not consummate to pick. So this is pretty exciting. We never really get to talk to link the powerful people here in San Francisco right now we do today its San Francisco chief of police bill Scott he's been here newly pronounced out of pronounced. Tivo police say that Dakota and. Newly appointed appointed yes and I elected appointed residents January cranberry current strain. So your new did today from Los Angeles I'm from Los Angeles where did you live there and San Fernando Valley OK I lived in Glendale and later worked in Burbank the Valium and of them exactly so how do you like the base so fired and it's. Great it's a beautiful city I mean it's. Hey you know. Driving into the bay area of the ticket driving into San Cisco. I can't get enough for the view in the end of the bridge and then the skyline it's a system just a gorgeous city is that something magical about that that he. And really there really is Seattle where we're really excited to be because we're coming AT weekend in January as well as we've Baldwin we're about as long as you and every time we driver of the Brent join him really. I really can't exactly sit and all the pictures and all the things you like while this is the the San Francisco. Cell Dodgers are giants so man started with that at all. Dodgers but I do like this giant OK at that and the Dodgers guy and have been since the kids you know again the well I'm an angels fans are so yes I feel your pain even worse and I think that's funny but when it was like my colleges right there in the NF. But you have a big recruitment thing going on rain that we do so tells little bit about what you need and what you're looking for the home. We're looking for your candidates and that definitely if you live in the city it's great to have homegrown talent now grown officers that. Grew up in the city but that's not a requirement. Diversity is really important to us. We're really pushing recruiting women we have about 15%. Women in that department right now but we can do better we think and we want the ladies that are interested in a career and I'm fortunate to know. They can do this I mean they women do great we have I rank in women and women to all ranks and all units now to patrol. Motorcycles so it's and it's and that as unbiased as I've been doing it for twenty years and I love the career. But it's a great job and it's a great career and for those that wanna do it if you get to give something back to your community. Is there an age limit to anyone is and it's the men on there's a moment. All of those no maximum sought by really wanted to. I really wanted to do it and I'm the first one didn't and some kind of shaping ray we could even help with that and we have the these training says it is that we do we and it's. And we accident increased and they go once a month for the last few months through we are playing on increasing in two weekly eyes come out and offices who can show you. The routine and how to get you know up prepare for the physical abilities test and it did help to ditch in the shape and. So yes that's the my next question is where bowl like two fat happy house cats. So what can we deal if word maybe not interest in the job to help support the police help support EL com what can we DO. Well. The main thing is is doing work working with the police department it can be a lot of things you know supporting the your police department getting involved in the community. There's a lot of issues that are really important to the community. Having a voice getting involved let us know what you need from must really. When you're particularly when you're gonna management of police department you want to attend to the needs of the community in that you know try to. Make decisions based on. A lack of information from the community because. You people know kind of what they expect from the police department know where the problems are and sometimes those problems don't get reported everything doesn't show up on the on statistical sheet. They'll get involved it at the men whom you know let us know what you need your community's fourth policing. Now is implied crap toll loss and adolescent it's not as good as they seldom are Lelie for your card it didn't hit and also a home like here comes. Shortly as a. Well. Nell I'm bad I couldn't quite put everything out on the back Kravitz gone that's. Like so gone so that's always been where economic and it's like this at at home confidently he'll walk in our image you'll liquid and I ended a that's what a nice clothes and I am Hillary lose it again. So what's the first thing that your planning on doing as the new chief of police what's the what's your main focus right now. Well me coming in in January. 1 of the the main focus is keeping the city is safe as we can do even better than the other it's gonna have an across let's go ahead. Number well one of what's average dad love the process goes and they're reform isn't I was subjecting America tandem with started this nationwide search for new chief. Limit and you back a bus in you know this department is good part you know and it there's some things that we need to change in the net to change. But the reform is a huge part of of the puzzle and that's the why and how. Why we do what we do and how we do we yet really important you know wanted to keep the city safe. We have to make an rat we have to make progress we have to write citations we have to do our jobs but how we do that. Is what the reform is all about soul. We've leaders a lot of areas that we can give better in and that is a priority. Right up there with Cuban cities safe and of we wanna do we wanna be the best least partly to me. Now if I drop your name to the next couple pulls me over and why we only get out on my ticket I don't know that whenever help is now we're friends now what are not the senate back I don't know five minutes were buddies like suburbia that's always a million and over and over. She globally the sort of monopoly now no leeway in the this and decides he's won a what was. Points. Out a lot of I. I bring what Mick really wants another question he's burning is is there a special like that you can sign into the sky to get some extra help. Hook with a I can dress like you can dress like a vigilante if I mean two and yet right into the end of sad that the united defend manner. Well Vegas so much do you believe this bill Scots are welcome to the back thank you so starting on Monday we've got the high low code to Mexico that's kicking off and basically we're gonna have afforded Dakota that we know the you don't know. But each time we give you a chance to become a 25. You get to guess at what the code is. So if it was like you know let's say that code word of the code is a thousand yet and you go. Thousand we would say lower and we keep narrowing it down until we get to that code with that we want you to sank and the first person that doesn't win the trip to Mexico. That's like hot and cold with a code kind of let you know that's too hot that's who called. That's too high and that's too low. Especially will narrow it down to the right count and then the person that. Tell us the code. Is go to Mexico details a KO IT dot com let's finish what are funny motivational. Quote of the day and it's this one has a bad word and it's not it's not a super bad word it's the B word. OK so I am and they probably Marion bolsa. No listen to your inner fatty yeah she's an evil bitch and then mrs. bread. Terry that so thank you so much for listening to the podcast. Definitely tell a friend. Shared our our promotional budget for this is. Beyond the zero like an asset but it's in the negative writing I told people money after doing this so if you could just shared once or tell a friend put it on your FaceBook page tweeting that is at 965 U I TER at and came morning's. Let us know that you are listening in the deep care that you liked or hated the pockets at this. Where you simply don't care just tell people about it. AS staring at as a destination site like please tell people to share it even if they hated it hey we gotta do we got to do Serra yet. You know more people are apt to share things the sister. If they have noticed trip that the an absolutely so. That's either good or bad that we've only seen two people share. The the putt Nestle is maybe everybody loves that they're just don't want to share that's probably what it is neck if you hated it you would talk about it more rights. Right isn't that upper right out of the beret a healthy hated I hope we shared tell your friends the downloaded subscribe Cahill IT dot com or of course I tend to reflect have a great rest of your day to remember be excellent to each other and RD and it's fun.