#8 Get Off Me Right Meow!

Wednesday, April 19th


We try the new Unicorn Frapp from Starbucks. Plus we ask if women still care about "Most Beautiful" contests anymore and Kristen is upset because she thinks her cat is getting violated. 

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The thirty minute episode eight of the Mike America podcast welcome sniffing distance. Now we do morning show in San Francisco on that six point five feel like team. You can catch is now when we don't do it yes and you did catch us every day Monday through Friday from 530 to ten. Can't come from this is just our Mike to marry podcaster and incessant need to get my hair like for instance the unicorn prep chino that the we got one. Valuable lesson isn't like cats and gave it a shot and also we'll talk about Julia Roberts being the most beautiful woman. In the world are voted that way anyway it would be a podcast if we didn't talk about my tactic violated it. And then and apparently I'm very mentally and it turns this thing. Gig gig these organs I about a little bit later but first had to think would you be regular corporate. At first I think you mixed it when I got I got it I don't really anything it was all purple when I received its yeah. And it's mostly pink with like blue stripes there was also the very first one of the day so maybe they're not Schumer and maybe not but I thought it was really got a bunch of different tried generally it's disgusting I'm like what are you talking about his it's mango raspberry yet fueling mango yeah I don't necessarily but and Nestle has really got it is really pretty it was my service is V. That is now I liked that it was pretty it was sweet I don't know I got a medal went through. I did you yet to edit them and in the whipped cream on top as little sprinkles a little hint you know pink. Stuff on it the liquid sugar that's pretty eyes coffee I don't know what the sugar intake was and I don't know the actual coffee. But it was can. Get it a union and tomorrow. They don't. Julia Roberts is voted the most beautiful woman by people ran right and I'm not saying she's not a beautiful woman too that's all like the picture that the post over such great yet she's almost at the SE super hot but. In the as CIA ideally coming from because I had immediately go Woolsey isn't a movie out in my what are the called again a lot of their homeland and like who both sun and sign on and no one's ever asked me in my opinion of it and then my second dot is always still doing tests. The bid most beautiful people yelling the most beautiful woman and that the sexiest man alive like they like in it don't doesn't really care because it's it's always this uproar of like no it should have been so and so and like we'll get it next year. Like who care secure. Table talk and maybe that's what it's like a lot of magazines and and people do that because it gets its audience like maybe that's why they chose Julie Roberts does there was like yes she's pretty. But two there's who is true why. Here's who I would have picked rights and so it gets people talking the water cooler in the minority here upheaval and the name gets spread around. I guess the baby that sure it can mean like nobody's ring people a lot anymore lecturing doctor's office. And I mean it's not that it's not a good magazine it's just that a lot of people don't the magazine industry's been hit. Kind of car and again I mean that's I mean we personally know people like com or any of those I don't anyway do you know like I dot com. But it means it is good that they gets them talking it's just isn't it kind of sexist now. Isn't it kind of I mean every pass that legally the sexiest man alive can look at those arms it's like only elderly what about that one celebrity that. You know I mean Matt Damon's touting league game getting drinking water and Africa like that's pretty hot. Playing him any remnant I don't know I mean it's sort of like you know last. And guess it was the last sexiest man alive. Which was a couple of probably don't live the rock. I'll wasn't and it's like you know I know he's a really pleasant person and stuff like that but it's like he's more than just arms yeah let's hear about them you know and maybe your butt. It's disabled like Oscars and the dresses and things like that how people judge any goods like hearing other Google Talk on I don't know. And judgment. Mean I think grieving moving past the red carpet because there's that whole ask for more on the guys get that that's her serious questions and the girls always get asked which are wearing and the less I I take issue with that too because these designers. Are made something custom for them and they want their name mentioned he had when you wary you should probably mention the name. But we shouldn't make a whole big spectacle of like who did you nails like that thing don't care so well. I think women dare I think that's what this does the don't ask guys get I get what you're saying and and a toll revision toll ask real questions to women on the right arbor but. They should also ask what to Wear him because that's what I think women. Generally caromed. I don't think any woman actually cares about that I think the designer cares about it he wants a name mentioned in my putting that's fine. But never have I been sitting around with my friends going to JC Penney cost colored Taylor Renton that was made especially for Reese what has been that I'm never gonna be able to afford. Abbott and obviously it's working if they keep doing it if they're gonna keep giving these people dresses in the team name dropping them obviously they're doing it for a reason because somebody out there who has money that's not you. Goes oh my gotta gotta get that dress. And yes get it any god for you it's for people that can afford that. Maybe I mean I just don't see how it's practical in any way shape or form that Nicole Kidman has a one of the kind of vintage gown from Chanel yes like well I'm not Nicole Kidman's side is she's not gonna give it to me on the now's not gonna give it to me but yeah I don't like she. Air and elegant brand now it's on Nicole Kidman yeah it's all worth middle image and it's getting their brand may worth more money basically right. On top of that I think that all guys Wear the same thing. Says it's so that's why it's not interesting you're you're wearing a the suit yet looks name is and everyone else has the same suit so that's why it's that it's a good conversation starter with women but it should definitely be aboard that. I think that you start with a serious question on the red carpet like tell us about this role what did you do to prepare you know what it would be working on next or something like that and any doubt. Real quick to wanna say think you'd anybody and then they can go my designer that did Dennis. Or maybe just have a section for that would they come up in the talk dealing above of the block and then here look at the camera and do a spin tells a game redress content to stand while wanna. Yes but what it is and Texas. Why is out of out what we have to see everything like UNC went her but looks like an. I did in the like decorated bags and things and it didn't go to a steel drastic to tell you just look at the front of the dress when you buy address. Eat some I mean what do I care of them and I don't see it and opened a lot of women that's the hope is that I let it should have a guy spin I would have against men law. For all of its osu looks like care are not they likes the light. A gal spin around again like hey go all face yet let's just like us the back in chose her older athletes that are until dressed like it's that and then show us your shoes and we'll. Leveled and then you can leave but we'll talk to you first in the new duty thing. Now do you mean at every single reporter asked somebody to do was spend. They'd be out different nine hours yet spinning and not talking from the. Well they're not talking now they're asking about the address in. I don't know. I don't know the right solution as I don't have the money to buy new things so. Yeah I don't know where the line is like I don't wanna be overly sensitive and call everything sexist yeah but a part of me is like. Why are we still doing lemon like pretty thinks and so feared you like to Wear pretty things yes speculative field pretty. Well why would I buy a magazine has Julia Roberts as the most beautiful woman in the world is you may be one and maybe you agree may be want her hair. You wanna change some of the double wide and I look at Julie Roberts she's the most beautiful woman in the world it's even like her she can't sit here and tell me what she doesn't eat every day and I can do that exact same thing so I look like chillier Roberts particularly Julie Roberts looks originally or -- yeah I am but what I try to care. Is you're different you're not every woman they're trying to reach their try to read some women. That wanted to become one do exactly what general and a wasn't simply rubber bits of Julia Roberts. And become more like turn be like a celebrity but I think. Uttered more women nowadays are hit and hit that I've Agra where like you know what I can't spend 225 dollars on a face cream donut hole nor do I want to deal anonymously did you spend in your face recently. On ice and sixteen dollars on my face washed into and my face cream is new to Gina which is like I think sent seven or eight dollars that's CBS but you've buttons and things that were not bought some things not by you buttons and things I've I've I have I had purchased some items that's right up my mom gave Jake if card for my birthday in July splurge because I would have bought and coming on and I body sixty dollar. Com it's mostly of vitamin a some skin and it totally didn't work I'll never buy it again yet none of that stuff working late so let viewers you supported them for sec I did is there a San Francisco based company like you know what I'll try globe you know a local company and see what happens and and there are probably do great work in maybe it's great and everybody else and it difference yeah thumb. But. I wouldn't it's probably amount money. But those women and are like. This all go and active women still buy those things that's why they advertise and they would never dozen tourists visited Miami and of course they did when celebrities Wear them if they didn't wanna publicize. I think that it like I said earlier I think that women are getting hip to that I may be we're looking at those on the commercials for the like a race your lines and swing for hours and we all time ago. Untrue because will see the non Photoshop version of yeah celebrity and we don't. Every us just maybe it is getting older. And now an AV and your becoming an adult to the still think twenty year old still like that well. I mean you can see it from like how fast highly dinners exactly it's sold out on I mean those are like an off the shelves in a heartbeat and I know grown women now pop and disk as they wanted to triumph yeah and so on me it's still out there I just think that it's our gondola. And it's monitor I just kind of motionless while. I think if you wanted to pretty genuinely nice thing that your toss them money. It also keep in mind that that's not gonna make you look like Kylie Jenner sister like even if you plug your lips out as much as hers it's still you're not gonna look like her. Yes and no matter what you do your look like her intentionally and those. Just yeah she's probably a lovely person. I'm sure she's nice but. We don't want the one the women did take an hour and a half two hour theory in will want to. Why it's high in a fight your best feature and highlight that they go minus my eyes. I have to eyeliner drilling and and rain on the it would never. So now we're talking about equality and women about talking about a little. Shouldn't rape. Well that'd be equality and our households. Because we have several cats we have three. And to our female that are mine and you riding Galen and yes a male and they've been living together now for a couple of years com. But dealing gain picks on the weakest one which is Cali yeah I'm cal is a little special she she hit her head which is a kitten. I'm really hearted and the of that thinks maybe something came loose I'm sure she's fine but she isn't brain damage drink and gotten a little slower than those cats and she's definitely the weakest one out of history yet and he bites are neck and he mounts her and at the nominee it's very upsetting to me I know but it shouldn't be officially lets out this little pitiful squeak this just. It's a cat and claiming only give McCain. Back off I'm I'm out around should. Be open Jack. If this did get rid the world of the kid world. So I was very sad and we contacted at lake a pet communicate room and I said I'm he's breaking her it's. And I said it's very upsetting to me to watch this because there's nothing I can do I can't stop them from doing it and she looked at me like I was crazy and yeah like. It's that's normal that's the way of the were. Yet you I wouldn't do that he used to establish dominance because were adults and more like. Sophisticated rightly cats need to be like day by generic good about it well. Like people worry that like she he's gonna bite too hard and he's gonna drop blood or that there are and what a murder if you wanted to herder. He's big enough he without she diary beat yet but there's not. We would come home to bed cutie and but there's no. There's not insertion. Out of it though. Don't know how lodging and that's not decades I mean I know it all but he cans. Agreed to that's. Yet no she can't now if you watch any of these can't things. Late big guys are still at late but still there's no rape. In the no absolutely tigers don't raped women tiger's late now. The girl has to allow it's it's not pleasant I guess but I mean that's for Witten animals in heat days they go around at eight aunt. Like bulk I'll buy all of our animals are fixed yet so this is he shouldn't even have that desire a get well it's late it's a couple of. But it's a dominant he's just like hey I'm your master and killer does it to him tell him not to she tried it and she drives that's the only reason they battled just killers are Dirk at the oldest and she's like a little Bulldog she is census who walks around like. Hudson pops in authorities kept or that you'd. And he gilligan's twice the size but she puts him in his place she walks his yet and she screams like a Jack where when he veered tablet there. There are all that's all plays desire at the very dramatic. Port Cali Cali is as long haired little flop all white innocent sweet little cat it's a. And I'll these terror is also the bottom of the the chiefs last it's very upsetting to mean she needs dug in at a place that the death toll keeps you that listen. She walks around like shields is play Pete you put detailed down she has in my no confidence in this house and it's because it's in the pop sub B like I. It's detailed well I don't know you'll run the house my tails up on the king of the Grammy course week being billion. She's. She's got a good. Who lives in the habit. Now we shift or ligament little corners and get to the me it's actually should more freedom mere inches yet when you're gone she loves it and knocks on the mouse or tails up lagging just have been great all time I don't know line so now that upsets me. It's is on the other cats love me get your cap and Kelly lights mean that's the things Jill took pattern yet she really rubs it gives me an Alley and should they but any time I walk around these things up that. It is every time are our enemy ground shake and she's like who are worried. Sister runs please. Once you. And two mainly for her that's what it must be is. It was it was very cool yesterday because we got to dressers delivered. And I'm you had to put them together yes and it was nice to see you do them in the end and you know using your new. Q I got to drill for the first time in my life in pretty insane and everything that I never got to be the guy with a drill and never let it be again but now I'm gonna drilling will agree somewhat pinger. Well lit and wipe it off my my shirt and wow N Atlanta with a certain washer can entered but I've built it came up perfect. By the Dorset a little to the right. Yes I think that's that the design plot their fault not mine well it was. Upsetting to me because. Or actor Oscars. Yet as a spare no I don't think they I don't think TV they give you extra just in case I don't think any company executives spend extra money just in case you lose and it's very important piece but it's seems to be OK yeah then getting any worse it's the first time in the Chanukah at a news the tour but it holds things very well put. My book on it that's and it didn't parts that's me. And the only. Back at like Elena do you like. Quote unquote womanly things are on the house yet. I'll I'll cook for you occasionally and it always turns out there you do great you know if I I made that pesto chicken yesterday it was kind of like. Amid the experiments we never get right neither of us into an experiment it cats other times and I'm like I'll eleven turn but that's why you know that we do again and go here's what we need to do. And then. You're just running into me. When he tries down the road so when I make you food like oh my god I'm like LA has been perfecting for Tony you know broken nineteenth. Petroleum timing and figured out some make me feel but I'm teaching him but I just wish you would do it you know. And laundering. The bombing of build stuff I'll Wear a tank top Al build the other Dresser today and then you made me think in general. Yeah asking for that. That that would be appeared choice on and go to for you to join me to be sexy and know immediately you don't wanna see me cooking chicken in Monterey excellency could be you know. Yet it. This report now took some of actually a little rowboat a little row and like a little tiny just nuts and that the but the robot. When that's when you if you can't be sexy when he got huge scar nearly and he just he canyon view and light walking around like lurch he. Hit it at you don't lock. Distaste and it right now you are like that basically to split. Like pancake day that's all that at the did you are gonna Libya and it damaged and center motivational quote to get you through your next day and you have an ozone yours yet today missile on that. Here's my a motivational quotes for you to get you back writing. To take over the world. Success. Seemed to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving they make mistakes but they don't quit. So I will get my pesto chicken and try don't quit. You're not too widget that. Went in not too legit to you put. Okay though it aren't already my motivational coach Christian motivational quote Christensen what a day which is also bashing other people as he does that Malia at the it's if the world can. Forgive Mel Gibson and you can forgive yourself. And that's that's good did this if he can still make millions and billions of dollars to direct movies. Then you're being too hard and as historically it's a nominee and yet he's just he's directing that our immediate war. With hello for a the term but he's still getting jobs that you people have forgiven him for all the horrible things he's done. Saying I did see him doing that as well if people could forgive him for that is still pay him millions of dollars. That you're being too hard on yourself that the but they go one of those who gets you motivated today have appearance today remembered be excellent to each other party. Back.