#9 Where's MY Mixtape?!

Thursday, April 20th


Kristen got swindled by Groupon after realizing her compression socks are just socks. Plus Nick is a pathetic mess who thought a waitress liked him and Kristen wishes people would stop asking about her leg. 

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Am certain number nine of them like a very podcast I'm naked. I'm Chris and we're doing a podcast and we are on on Monday through Friday from nine I pity tonight. I'm 96 point five K like he says yes and we thought we'd give you a little extra if you're coming back for more. Both the view. That are listening to our show. Wouldn't give you a little bit extra so we decided to go podcast talk about the things that we really get. Talk about during the day or. A little more personal stuff that really shouldn't go on the radio. Like how you have glued at the opposite sex yes or how everyone keeps ask about Kristen Blake and pulling an annoyed with it. Or how well these new sad that it are totally. So you bug compression socks because you have the planter fascia ideas. Yeah does say it like that we have there every time we did in the claimed affairs Yang is as Sarah is listening to these podcasts yet think there she hit averages like I plan fascia and steal it stinks. And so I thought I'd share this because I know she listens comes up but compression socks off of Groupon can might not have and like the best. Late supply at where else can you buy compression socks in my ligament that this guy like NEA assumed like this is above board and test it this. They have like different levels of compression socks like they like there are there Nike compression thugs. I don't know I think that there is there's different varieties of one. Look at Anna and I saw this one and it looks like a normal sucked into its most tightened around the areas around the fascia -- as well yes read appreciated that which is the little fleshy partly right between the keel and arch a year (%expletive) a path so that park it's really sensitive and hearts and on and sell its most hug that area's exposed to supported. And I put a line for saw the done nothing no haven't helped one bit defeats avert. Yeah of course and they also are built in most hideous not because they're not if they're not like a let's. A cat and trying to sing nodding and that the ink Ohio white and another were light again yes so. See other how much comes up over my ten issue that's normal quits or spouse to be underneath as the ship those of the no shows like I have balls and they think that's about an ankle saw ankle high socked with take up to the show. No unaudited sink sure let us. Well you know accomplishments of Putin's. Com so the blue as the compressing parts against the blue and white sock the blue hugs kind of the fascia in his area the issue that he'll. Is gray and toes are and it's supposed to be like different. Pressure points and things like that and it's think that just the tight sock it's like it's not even the ties snuck out of the the I've got the stuff at target the retired and does it feel like it's compressing in any way to let it seems like a regular practice and I like an idiot up up three pairs of. These because they sold them and payers maybe that there have different levels of compression no one is like super compressive for the officiated its expert. And then they get later and now. I mean this isn't this was like specifically made for people had plant ash and it's it was like I having you know a bit of pleasure random player budget doesn't advocate the like these does not feel. Other other than Natalie wrapping my fill with these arch support being yeah easily the most normal things that come. Does that say what it takes town name or word you'll notice the difference right away I mean it Gaza back and look at it but there was no instructions that came with it. It puts on soc feel better no it was there was none of that there was no it was my receipts and three pairs of these things does that take a person's thoughts on the bag at least. So in Somalia and their luck indecision there occur under the name of the British with the name of the company. I mean the the Sox came in a clear plastic. Container or can I have no markings on it really nothing and he's gonna open up the bottom and it slid out I had 3 as am. Being there are six and the nine pearl for death. So it's the kind of mean it's kind of expensive for her socks like when I can buy twelve for three dollars yeah I thought these are special slacks and I guess it's postal. Group I got jiggy and I feel any they nearly tech. And I anger our attack I think so it's that that's the first time that the group on his let us down because I got a Henley ET would like the ones with the three button via a player as great as you look good. Apparently it's for people that are shaped like v.s. Because it fit up top but it was discussed the only tight. As a got lower and I Wear shirts. Often I'd say every day. And no shirt like if it's like down on me so you think it would have specified it's a straight cut shirt for super thin rail. Pick guys. Yet it's not meant to be it's it's meant to be east. Death and that insane to me like that's all I paid and of course and returning ranks and while I mean firfer this one and I'm looking at. On the returns are not allowed for the compression socks rightly that no offer the compression in jail under line they knew exactly what they nearly did it keep feet comfortable during long runs or work out to target compression zones that were to reduce pain from planter fascia and it's. Boasts a sport keel and targeted areas. May real early on May relieve pain from flash or fat fascia Addis. See you picked the wrong ones that says it's good for working out the keep a tight keep it right. You have attorney right out. We live in San Franciscans who we walk a lot so yeah that's my workouts that's term but it's enough so look for compression socks and soon they say say. I this specific. Compression socks that will be like this'll take away. The pain of the phase Shiite it's well there's there's socks like this button and Betsy fascia is that there is if you type in Ashe yet at Eckert pot. There's like these raps that you can put on your heels look at and there are a little bit more people key for that now I have so I thought I was gonna Friday's first they were gonna change your world now is connect articles I may sixth marry nor hairs of the elements there's a new article out about this girl that is trying to wound. Her. Crushed intent. And it goes like step by step she made a PowerPoint come cute and liked each one explains why you should bigger and it's pretty cute like one was like. At the wall the one of course that sends up to me is like breast size over time. Atlantic as entries yet she's like I guarantee that by 225 I'll have a double the like jazz it's like. As I've shown from statistics before like into it like to know it yet here's David here's a cup and now I'm currently sitting at and at like if seek up and then. It ability to continue to grow that and has yet the growth rate over time and later broken down and and then like if you're not a fan monogamy. Don't worry I can be three different girls in my parents as you put three different pictures of her hair styles saint like. If you want our Bailey if not they'll be living in the speaker. V moon my hair isn't the only thing with kinky in the street preacher and it's all like. TE I guess the guys is on an audience that's a server two but I guess he's like yeah don't contact me anymore and would this ever messed up. Yeah you don't sit and wouldn't she rather find out now. Then you go OK and like Haiti Gator for like a couple weeks and she thinks oh my god this is in its yen in his mind he's like Holland can dump her. That's though but I guess the good effort that. It was a good effort and I saw that maker Microsoft. Reach out to her yeah and they issued a quote saying conviction she had quotes from my previous ex boyfriends. About like oh yeah great too as data in Africa and they were like can we be including your quotes like amazing add PowerPoint yeah like the Microsoft team some. I think is pretty sure it's fake lake. I feel like the whole snare I can't trust anything in about an hour you saw Mike gets made she's this is a plant or whatever he never there was never dies she just thought it was cute. Jack it that please keep up please stop contacting me yeah bit harsh exact only I know I'll that's adorable but nevertheless she's the reaper right she's that's is obviously either creep where arts. But they got us the gummy thing and anyway a light have you ever wooed someone and you were gone out of your way and gone to the next level to trying get someone's attention. And you said you're girl and you don't have to do that. And meet I haven't had to do that yet passed. Com I was telling you this like if there the guy that I like I would just tell my loud mouth friends and lieutenant I was interest net because I know that she'll go right over to him and lap and then if he's interest and till now I'm interest and look and then when he approaches me. Like I'll know that he now is at and he'll now that I now doesn't like when your fourteen ranked. Yeah I mean I did say they did in college there they're in college hasn't been many guys I've pursued and it's constantly fat the but always had a boyfriend zone and kind of the odd that in college there's a guy that highlight and I told my friend too I knew which had like the next class with him as like Alex can get back immediately yes and like. I had looked at my clock and the class started at 2 o'clock and so I just waited and like 215 I got a text message and going with. And I had never gotten a text message from him before in my life. Do we have had to remember we had a class project some we daddy said there's number. But never socially did we ever interact and sell all of us and I got this text message hey what's gone on it there's this this meeting tonight. On four like they're ready to be found society so I really. Actually in super bit people went and went out of me you know what else are other meetings so. Easy for you an example. Is not that way for goofy looking chubby guys that like comic books. Even bush and our league I've never not tried them I guess I was have to go out of my way. Or that's eyes two ticker set yours a ski. And you're tough and is that your way pretty. Easy to get that these news. Easy easy but Nelly were tough mom. And we've bonded over me trying to get another girl and look at it this Seles that and make it is really at that they all it was bad I'm. I'm stupid when it comes too late. Relationships and women in knowing women. In what they think and how to read and all of the crap so I don't know I'm just a groovy guy that doesn't know how to approach women's. The scenario is that you're unable legally yeah I was a bowler people and the impact. So like I said before right off the gate hots and she was one of the waitresses that would waited the yes sir you guys when you had double. And I am I guess I'm the guy. Who's like ultimately to thriller likes me and thank she's essential issue by dude seriously it's that's just shameful part of my life but that wasn't the first time like guys that. I thought stripper was at the meeting at Bud Light it wasn't that is my thing like royalty she said hi means. Like me that you cut it to me that there are going paid. I heard she licks John Mayer yes you had any John Mayer season and I have all cities in Billick can I have all of them I'm going to burn all of them. And so you would burn hers and he is a competitively label that her and it was very sad and I was 127 I know it's not in the over the line up early years. And a look at it big with orange UC Santa. Com but that's how we started late becoming friends because I was pretty sure we've known each other and you were like. A class above me that's it's a leader and so you were like the Smart witty. Like good looking girl bid would never have interest in the dead locked in with Jean short sleeved shirt it was horrible and lake so why would you ever Beatrice enemy and I was like telling you about the conquests that I brought to the studio. And the late and those like whenever she's army and then over this like it's our right Blake started the Blake followed with the U. Was us chatting about a girl I was trying to. Well it would make it because they like to with the tide and Mike. He's so much effort into this girl yen and I'm like right here and I didn't know I'm not interested like one bit you're like I'm hurt she likes here in their liquor bottles some hair work. You and then like we just started dating and even even now I'm Matt and I know you wouldn't clearly is much effort they care. According to use a special or distance that he went to the store John Mayer. Our main a little effort overview edges and death. I don't know will 'cause I got to see you every day and talked I never had a chance to talk to dispersants I had a rag make grand jest let's let me answer ahead. What are we had to do well not exactly and and it's sort of got. That's what I got she lightning that's like she didn't but a lot and she was. She was really good of the game and sit ins boyfriend holt I don't know I think she lied to me I have no idea it was like to total I don't know. I'm very upset about it though is like it was worst of that like my best friend on the team am I mom. Was bawling with a and they were all like not get they'll go getter in goto like votes I was being encouraged incorrectly. That I wouldn't use touched down you can tell me to stop. Though well I I did tell you that it probably wasn't meant. Did you Dak is I was all like really like what did she say he's he would bring her flowers. At Hewlett what did she say afterwards and she'd be like both fakes. And that you don't accidentally waiting tables and nineteen I don't lie I don't know why like especially hearing him back. I don't lie lie because the girl before our. Like destroyed GO this was like mental sweetheart that came back it and it lead you around for a little while you were super in the committing. To her ignorant you are jumping in full feet and then that kind of deteriorated rapidly and quickly and and so you clung to the senate to maybe local and some being that. Want to be loved that. In the picked the wrong per. You picked the wrong her night you. It should've just a lot out. Now regulate and consumers access. I'm married. Now. Is still pulling out here at it that. Probably is wrong with more reasonable I know I asked that is still a Campbell who I was that guy it's so weird. To be where I am now. In what I had dinner and I don't know what I nice things catch you in a nice way. I don't know I did I brought you soup when you were sick and we were I had the a one and one you're a we got a boyfriend though. And I was I was there for you when he wasn't. Yeah but that was just time. What I want tips. I'll let you take what I've done by her portals serve I've done nice and that's when he married and I hope. Are you when to settle and medicine and it feels so. People look at us they degrees and I'll answer the Lego and I've just fallen so far than now on your well. Yeah I think so I brought you down. Not nearly as classy Smart enough violence they low live brought you down to where I am in an. That we don't know the sort Christen actually brokered lake in December right before we got this job and great talent and Tiffany let me just break your lake Harriet it sounds. It gives a better picture now it actually is around picture it if I was that like I was at Casper six weeks and castoff was fine Kirsten disabled herself by falling off a truck while collecting toys for Toys for Tots I was horribly injured. Area and she could not walk she cannot walk. Com Susan wheelchair for good month of two hearing them Cisco. What is still story. Alec oh and I have a Christen what happened that. I fell off before Fletcher at right onto my meat and I is. I had to have major surgery and had comic to be removed and Poulter to my knee and I couldn't lock for three months I was in a wheelchair and had braces all over me room and they told me it wouldn't walk for six months and and I'm starting to walk again. And formats it. Awesome. Just like I was gonna tell it not Briton Alex what. Anyways. So you get the constant. I had my hands how it save the people are constantly talking to you about your late. Right it and I totally get it because I'm new. A lot of people still not coming name are probably most of the excitement in public but the thing to talk to me about is it like because when I was introduced everybody was in a wheelchair couldn't move it had a huge like cast on it. Com. And I was like super drugged out of my mind when I the first introduce me to people do you ask that I had asked afterwards if what I said make cents at that on painkillers thousands of that I just ramble. Com so everybody knows me as the girl that in the wheelchair and now that I am out of the wheelchair and I am walking with McCain people are like really excited. And yet like get that at least. I would say maybe five to ten times today. And everybody wants an update at the ever with those so you're walking out tell me it's not and it's also suite that each individual and his nights and it obvious so appreciate it because it shows that people care apparently there was an announcement made that I was gonna wandering around ever was seeking me out. On its just tiring sometimes it's how the same story that the and you tried it like develop the latest it quickly like now looking now cut should be another month or so before I am a man yeah and like it then but people follow up questions and things. Having a solo hello and stick to get on the wheelchair and Graco and so I've had to sit there what you tell the story out its toll that's what today we're log of the consoles like. And you just rolled you like yeah and year old your eyes of the. Oh not not a M and we're locking in and it's never at that does not work not their fault but not just yet I'm just saying got so sick of talking about it has now at a point where I don't need McCain as much as walking on my own. Even with the big limp. Com. Until people are noticing really just yet and am like and the battered him like it's very sweet but. And like kind of exhausted time and even my boss was like. Can't believe how many people ask you ease again be so sick of them like. A little day by its Aussie right first thing in the morning there was two people back to back yeah it's like I can't. Thanks guys play yet thank you picked up is Alex is there I now sled they should be used so appreciative. From this site ABC someone that you know. It has it has been injured recently they don't wanna talk about it are the or mention it I guess briefly what what's the right thing to do at this point what would somebody do that would be a gimmick hey let's hear now walking and love the teacher. Yeah obviously I don't even mention at all. No B wanted to avoid it completely yet I kind I mean maybe if after like a week or so of blocking coming on somebody like Cindy need you know. Yes or no questions and really that. But it because there's people that work with us that are like super encouraging every day the death. Tell me what's the latest what's killer with a lag and I don't have that many updates yet and sell there's just like yes or no questions I think are probably best. Com are you on pain down not in and at this point in the name like yeah. Thank you block and at that spot and daughters and I. Add playback area. Symbol that's eleven duke debit abatement to me it's it's like it's. It's like a horrible. Moment. But the come. In and people in Texas it's been a really difficult for months and so I need for people Billick who hadn't happened would cool what's going on it's it's like on some oh I'm so done. And the whole time and nobody knows anything about me so let's say I jam my whole wardrobe is chains like grown up adult now and on seven. Because girl focus on Chris and steal your spotlight on alma thunder I can't wait to use the walking yelling at the potential running you should break your arm and by breaking her arm I mean it shatter several places have it glued back together and embrace and a break my elbow. And the number of dislocated and have they tibia and it. In the race or ethnicity I know what the Timmy is. I hate it is they broke my leg. Out like a little kid claiming up to delay and there is like after six weeks. Brooke. Aren't. Every quote of the day thank to keep. She motivated do you have one and of course parents they were up. By zig zag Hillard which I don't think ziglar knows exactly. Do you get fiddler Kate is enough is it motivates us. I've read several of those pucks to the spells that there with the aid now that my feeling of phony accounts that feels like a big person they Cutler. That it but zig ziglar the roper yes that's. You don't have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great. Blitzer. If chuck Ares I might tingling can go to number one and you should share your heart today. I think that that that didn't. Put up the good side. The check where the same phone yet what give them. That's your motivational books for the day have a great rest of the day remember. We actually drew Joey and art and it's.