#90 Old Man Nick

Monday, September 11th


Nick has drawn his first old man line in the sand and Kristen is ashamed. Plus we apparently eat too fast at restaurants and it makes us feel weird. Plus we take a deep dive into the last rant that Kristen had and why. 

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Welcome to episode number nine the of the nick and Kristen in the morning podcast. Well I've found out I have a line in the sand and makes me a super old man that that's that's that's yep we go. Deep diet and it was a deep thoughts about your latest range and apparently we need to wait too quick. And restaurants. And it makes us feel awkward. And of course nobody gets an X unbelievable headline. Pale like yeah. Good morning I have. OK. So I was sitting it yesterday. In the shower. That's city headache on city in the shower I was in the shower yesterday. And it popped and in my head that there is one thing. And as I get older I will never change I've officially withdrawn my line and stand in this part of my life will never be different. Old man sciele and I would never not own an iPhone. I've thought about it a ticks and detailed analysis. And I decided that there's no reason for me no alone. A different kind of Smartphone so before I mocked you and it's let me get your rationale behind again why. I've had an iPhone since iphones have come out so I've missed the last ten years in the not iPhone technology. And if you were to give me galaxy FC right now I would look at it like among. Evita figure out totally figured out but I decided. That I don't wanna figure it out I don't want to have to go through that part of my life because I don't mean to it's an unnecessary. Being for me to learn as long as there's iPhone Healy you only drive the slightest end because there's a new iPhone coming up Smart not well I'd want to set an abrupt and aggregate the new I've but it it brought it up because there's a new iPhone coming out some like. Well I guess of course summit at the next iPhone I know how to use the iPhone comfortable with software. Terrible reason to get something I was expecting you to say. Well I've always gonna have an eye on because I have a Mac at home I have an iPad it easily sinks with everything evidently Natalie it's something that I can connect to it. I back in all night. Vices you can do that well anyway now. It doesn't really matter housing that you aren't everything has the same programs of I wanna get an essay in it's still sync fine with my Mac. Okay so let let me ask you this. William will there ever be a time where you'll not use Mac computer. I don't know I've always been a PC guy. As far as laptops as far as test house I've been mr. PC until I became a DJ Wright and now. I team don't see myself using any of the three to lowly Ali the I had two laptops for a long time at a PC and a Mac the necklace for work the PC was for fun. And now my why am I carrying two right sides started doing everything on the iMac and now play well in the PCs tour and now I have a Mac. So you just the math that's on file no I think I'm yeah I think so it's just it's simpler. It's. Streamlined and nobody I mean Leo yeah yeah and I use everything. From. No one at the earned and do something else which is the first I'm I've ever. Thought that way I mean you're mr. like a let me figure it out at like puzzles which I don't mind to be give me out TSA I will Beverly play when it and figured out because I enjoy doing that. And it summons you don't Hewitt said by Kate like this galaxy SA is faster than I found three times as fast. Can do all kinds of stuff better pictures better video it it tells time for you it yeah spits out gold. You would still say no I'm happy with Matt that. Honestly which and it's an old managing to Dan. I think it's because they don't need anything more than what the iPhone provides this is exactly would your Perry saying. About. Them politely awhile we need that was found exactly I don't know why wouldn't you know that's up like at my cameras really get in the my videos do I can do everything I need to do Lama iPhone 10 I mean anything else sick like and Leslie and broadcast. From home with a galaxy has say in us and not ever I can tell us when that but if I can do that. Better than I candle map on the Lam no reason. Doesn't it does everything it's all my calendars. It's got a pregame the I have no reason to not have an iPhone. In the future which is set and that into iphones keep progressing and technology so yes but it just slower behind. Like today they're gonna become extinct like Nobel in Bosnia are you then you'll be that you are forced him as long as yet exactly as long as there's iphones that are coming out. I'm not going to be the guy haven't had the iPhone ten years after the iphone's cool. Worked on beam Maine I will continue to progress in phones. But I am meant to me iphones going to be around for one I see our kids at lake at ten years old going. To use them I've I know right. It's just I don't know that's my official lands and I see no reason. For me to switch from music man if so what is your line in the saint. Live in this that yeah you never reached that point in your life. Where you that your on the Leila you know but I think this is get like what kind of underwear you use type a Sox and I'm. Gonna have problems calls yet. I'm adaptable. I am except for this one thing I will continue to adapt to the new technology but I like the way the iPhone works and come and a 100% happy would map on the nothing that this doesn't do that I needed to be. Yeah I don't know what I've trip after it's drawn a line in the sand for I can't possibly think there's things around like I don't go to do that again yeah. Because it's like I'm getting older and stuff like that but I don't think there's something earth like that was the last time I'll ever experience that. Yeah well I mean maybe its products that use would you change to pace like you. You to pay severed air as there's been something you've used consistently consistently. Since childhood no nothing now like even though it brandished it crazies now I just kind of grab whatever is like on sale. And that handling. It and I only got a brand loyalty to something coming out and all get lulled to Coke or Pepsi. Well let's drink whatever yeah but I prefer coat an acre property Pepsi council. So I mean. It's me it's like okay well it depends on what I want to balance and really sugary. Each and Pepsi have no brand loyalty and not the real thing you can think of that you've you've latched onto and that's because like they I trust their brand 100%. Would you switch to a galaxy ethnic. It would be weird form because that I've had iphones since I had cellphones practically if so that would be weird but I guess I'll have to learn. I I don't respond well to change that I I can't change I've tried to get to one now we got to PC. Laptop yet I've only had Macs yet and then we got me up he seat. Which was I I learned how to use it it obviously and went to some like rants and raves about it first began when she learned that he uses a year fine. Now would you fight gave you with. 2000 dollars and there was a better laptop that was a PC than a Mac would get the PC. No I wouldn't bet I would normally get a Mac when it comes to computers yes because. They don't get infected as much. There a little bit more stable who in terms of like the processing and and sometimes like with windows like if you update it's like really want to Heatley fix it. Or they you don't have that issue with Mac and but that I get tactically yeah but that's not my line in the sand I wish I never have said to myself all I ever wrote a PC for you just never winners here so I guess Miller is now lives found that peace and I'm like there's no reason for me and eleven and then any I guess I'll always have a Mac but again it completely depends. On the situation yeah and some minority give me a free laptop. Or Ike it's been mail money to buy a Mac I would probably not spend ma'am money in the PC. That's her by the way yes they realize that they yet. I'm kind of Apple's W rafter on the yes I don't know what it is the old stuff but light on revenue of a nuisance of the phone. I am brand new led the new site on until tomorrow. And then but I've got off my cellphone I set it down on top of my Mac and put it up above me Ingram my iPad the start charging. It's because I used to be you go yeah I used to have everything back and looked down on people that had PCs you of that afternoon have a deep and make us but now I'm like. It's kind of alassane it's all the same leg to me it's all the sane I just like to keep everything in the Stanley because everything's connected via Selena have I thought I have a night panic have a Mac. I'm just gonna stay with that because of these. And I honestly I appreciate the quality of a Mac everytime I see one like this is well made more so this is just been a ten minute commercial for apple at. You're welcome level is talking about you tomorrow to listen up guys you spoken publicly. But I decided to negative I don't think I am getting this if you like I'm 90% sure Hussein then I'm back if that's. I'm sure I'm gonna want it. Yes that's the rarity one I don't know it's like. But I don't think too they just bought the Sony a year ago and I'm I'm on schedule to where eats and the camera with a new model rent I get the new phone. But they switch that it'd be instead last year didn't update anything physically and this year there updating so now I'm off. Yes but I wanna wait two years between phones. Olson. We'll see so different puppy cam at the rough life I'd I have one thing I. I just get the new phones and you benefit from a because I don't want him credit and it was by means styles of yeah that is my life. If you want to you can is second to vote in Mexico we knew it trip. We've got the pilot could Mexico still going on. Up four or five chances at dates you yes yes so at 79 new and three and four at play here five chances to guest. All the go to KO IT dot com download the spreadsheet. Seeking keep track of the numbers. Were really close to getting this let us say they narrowed that quite a bit today and so we'll let you know in the new code starts if you haven't implying alliance seeking content jump in and start haven't. Separate today's unbelievable headlines so. The lowest Greg. No it did unbelievable headline that it. I'd this is unfortunately I guess for or the drug dealer but still prepared. A guy named Andrew with the hotel in San Diego when he started to talk to these three random people and hot tub. It is like gay men waiting as seen here. And nothing worse than hot at chatter and then one of them joked as they go oh we had to leave our house to their crack lab exploded. And which doesn't happen. Meth labs X via Craigslist an excellent but added that there were seriously like well. The drug is this true. Then the next night everybody was back and not have and they brought six of the people with a Andrew showbiz I guess I must and Coke. Cain. Now that not the and the soda the tasty beverage. The actual cocaine what he did that relies that ever there was enough to wake up. They were actually in town for a drug training seminar. Us over the next month they set up a staying where and on the cover how would buy drugs from him several times including cocaine and Ellis. And they also found about drugs in his apartment along with a digital scale and he's been arrest. So you're targeting this one guy after he came and started selling direct them yen well they were just gonna hang out not but this goes the next night that they organize that fast and they all over the next month they organized it. And so they've been kind of over the let them. Feud over the month they were buying drugs from several times saying. Got to watch the type that's why don't be the hot tub check. Comic cast the first I had to say they are friends to use to have an apartment. And east go to their house to to go to the hot and a and they're always beat out one weird person that god and it was full. There's four people like this was a small thing yet he always did it and let wanna chat it's like. I think we if we want you here we would have invited you here. Yeah but what you do you wanna go in the hot to be going for it there and wait so you're ever gonna wait for no money. I wanna go on the hot like I came MMI really come on cubs they're missing in my shorts and my towel and I'm walking over him like no let's not have time putting up these fuel and other. I lose I need you would nicks field right now you see for people in a small hot topic is fairly Murphy you squeezing yourself fit or no turn around and gone on now on I'll. I'm going oh yes most people are like me if I don't like seeing myself I don't want anybody about them. When I that well there's great thing you should be game hot oven and eating cupcakes. Yes yes I hear that that's that's the journey. To life in and this is eating cupcakes and not to. And if you want free kick to cupcakes week you can become our office of the week -- have to do is go to QAT dot com and go to our contest page. It's like where it's on the second page you have to keep scrolling down all the stuff for giving away again then outside of your office and hopefully we will Q. And we'll come deliver some key topics. We've noticed lately that as we go into restaurants. And come out. Nobody else relieved leaves wall over there it's weird week eat. Apparently. Incredibly fast. So it lets this new restaurant on Saturday night and we got there and there's a couple there talked. And they look like they're finishing up in Europe but it tech. And we sit down they bring its drinks we order wine neighboring as line yes we are active they bring us the food and this couple also on the left here in fact of the people around us have left. Yet there's the couple necks or like three or four girls just chatting nexus and then. After we send out our drinks then another couple sat next to us after us and ordered drinks. Right but by the time we weren't done and the tech was paid like nobody had. Even left yet. It's yet nobody's move and had no plans on leaving nothing. Whenever it's it was all the time. Yeah we go to a restaurant we're in there for like twenty minutes and were dot. Which is I figured that's how it's supposed to be like things to do today and I'm not gonna sit all day in a restaurant talking to you. Well I talked over last six hour I think that's the distinction is these people are like catching up. This is the dates were there again you know each other. We've talked to each other all day we're we're literally just there for the fit yet I. I act Britney many I'll order something bring it to me an elite yet like to admit that I'm not it's pretty quiet when we're top what are eating here and it probably stopped lookers looks really sad like only other young like that basically ran out of things to talk about trust but. You know we've talked planning all day yet and. And I guess I feel pressure to leave early and restaurant why I don't like sitting there in wasting Booth. Or table I understand she yes you're right because servers relying on that yet your monopolizing 11 table the entire night. You know that. Is maddening for it that economic order anything else than imminently yet why am I sitting here in the restaurant I can be at home. Excrete it's it's people take their time yeah Adidas passes but I. They'd slow that you don't I don't know but I take my time you'd some time now most tiny shove I get in the zone. It's called the food zone and ads Blanca and on duplicate. Black and you wake up really where everything go have been the moon is delicious but yeah like I'm sitting at trying to like sit by and lying he eats. And then like before I don't everything is gone and I am Ali an hour must pass and I look past and I'm like it's like it's every is still here currently have has even ordered yet. Yeah. I don't know honestly we've fat so if if you are fast eater than you're not alone we are in and out of restaurants like. And especially at an especially especially. In accounts. So we are gonna do this agreement trends at least once or twice a week Ang may be reject. We'll defend them it's a for him Obama with a net it is the deep dive. Question of the day and have something for wade port report which are ago ago ago. That's rather wait wait wait. It's the deep dive it's worth it is totally worth it so the question today is a what this is subject in context of your last rants. So we asked we have a book the big book of thought provoking questions that are supposed to help writers and they have. Random things in there and so were gonna pick one random and discuss that and hopefully get you thinking about the same thing. And you can add into discussion will draw upon FaceBook after this from exits RD conference. Guarding unfazed but yet sell if you are finally justice Collison and he mornings and and your thought provoking. Answer enter area so what was the subject in context of your last. Person so I. I am hesitant to share it but it didn't. So we are doing these cupcakes of the week where we deliver to people's. Workplace and here and and it's frustrating sometimes because especially late in silicon Alley. There's these huge offices for you to go through our dais and you have to errors campuses that are twelve buildings deep. And I'll say on the emails that I exchange with these people like hey let us know if you work at Michael weird area our like what are the parking situation does like. Com or your building numbers accent. And sometimes people go he'll be fine. Edit I understand that they think that I'll be fine yeah but I show up and it's like. A campus. Like a school campus and the school is one address. And I go to the front and I go hi I am here to add deliver cupcakes to Laura make a will we've got twenty Laura this year. And then it turns out like all there at the far campus but you can't drive there's gonna have to walk there. And what I by the time I even get there then I find out that Laura's not even there yeah oh yeah that like a lot of called in sick today. And I don't like are you kidding me it's time is it again I can't preface this enough I wouldn't say sometimes I would say 80%. All right fine 80% of its time. It's frustrating because the people aren't specific on their directions some people very lovely yes but they are used to their job. Like what I say hey I work at 2013 street San Francisco I remind people hey there's no parking. There's part injection nearby you're gonna have to pay him also up on the twelfth floor in a visit guardian I've talked to some regular Atalanta and yeah and then yet come up to the twelfth floor somebody's gonna Fuzzy and you can receptionist and then ask for me and more figure right. I don't just go yeah have excellent third street and leave it at that and then have people go lately what do I do like I cannot in front of a Starbucks or do you work at the Starbucks. I I don't know item in the building at. Yes and so that was my rants is I get into the east lake situations where I deliver cupcakes. And the people aren't even there they forgot you have an ice just wanna scream. Try to think what the worst one was we had a recent one that was like. They said that go to it's going to be in the back right. Aaron and it's it's like you said it's it's a big building it's got twenty different buildings attached to this building. And we go in and would go to the back right to the exact address is that each building and it believes that debtors no way to get into that bill. It's an alt key cards on all locked yes no access for people who don't already worked there so we saw somebody sitting at the cubicle yeah we waved them over. And heat wasn't very helpful. Now and I he didn't even know the person that actually works it is in his office next to him. Mom. And so we had a goal and she wouldn't answer your phone. Who has an answer emails he doesn't I texted her she's an answer completely ignoring us and there's no access into the building and if we got into the building and have no idea where ago. Because it's just like a big. And the campus looking like so we ended up going to the front. Which is at least a half a mile away rain and she's like Pollyanna response ago by the time we figured out. Yeah and they bake hates her and then she came up hearing and she goes oh hope you didn't have problems finding test. Of course and actually we had a terrible time finding you know we decided come here it goes oh I should have just told you come appear in the beginning yeah. I sit you know that there's no way I can get in that building and she's like yeah sorry about that. The good we knew knew I wouldn't give it yet just tell me go to the front. It's that's the thing is ahead what's the last time you read your office and didn't realize it's difficult. To get into your work. But that's not like it's a com and they really come people touch like the one we went to all yet what it took us an hour to find it com. Because the sometimes the address comes a wrong on GPS. Right she didn't tell me that the Intel didn't tell until later that sometimes it directs you to a different part of town now. That which is like ten miles away in NC in downtown San Francisco ten miles is an hour drive. Right so it was raining if the time and the it is a school yet they had several different campuses yes and sell I had and we ended up going to that annul a wrong campus. Yet they're like well it's that it wasn't even it it was just a random building that's right against the ads are some ago like this doesn't look like it. And so we eventually figure out the that's not even close to where were supposed to be we get there's like I haven't happened sometimes. Like that's why I ask you if anything weird happens when I come to your campus. It's pizza delivery boy how would you like to get your pizza. Can you tell the delivery boy to go in the back of the building and just hang out there there's no way from got it all mean. What's dale yet and think about the way you get into your work every day but I love meeting at an epic now it's just occasionally and just frustrated just. Know that it's difficult sometimes get into these. Blocked off locked campuses especially when you're not gonna tell me what it is you do yeah. They'll be the CIA in an act like them I'm the one that's moron for not been known and again the CIA building right. I don't know which do Mirant it was a it was a program does a big grants aren't so. Larry it would have been Batman Superman anyway so let's you and thanks from Iran just to see if they'll ever its immense terrible at it every time it's brought up. It's the thing that sets Mayo. If you want to talk to nick about anything to say hey we think about members of Superman or it would be Superman. And you know. And you what are you eight you're looking bird Justice League yet. Any of those three topics that you wanna talk for twenty to thirty minutes about Lieberman. Just throw those that. Rusty my principal all the time and didn't get any FaceBook certainly now while we can do a quick while well they stare at it can she actually told me about this last week she has a passive aggressive co worker. And she gets eats like cardboard and a aches or something like that work there and they're Erica and the co worker thought they were stinky and she has its. Hard boiled eggs have a think I instead you horrible at the office yen. I get it like that kind of a sticky there but she went does Sarah's bus and told her to tells her. That she'd like this. And so that brought up in a meeting. Where they're like oh by the way everybody a lake now we're not mean art. Are they that work at mar whenever allies and there it might do you just tell me. Can't you just be you know on human being yet come over like hey man Mike. I'm stinky feeling well honestly. Who's that again. Like carry with you we don't care what anybody in this building so she dinner. I'm gonna to people that hate did not really yes there is a coworker RC east and microwave fish. Every day. Apparently it up a whole place like look man. Like this can and one of two way like either and throw it away when you get here in the morning stop heating up fish in the microwave yeah and he was like. But it's good not like it's tasty. When you need it look like all of this don't wanna smell that all of them. Whether it's like in it's this is a different if I'm bringing that I brought cold pizza in every canceled like that it's unlikely that you think of the makes me cry like screw you Gary it's your product it's the same thing that horrible they are not hurt anybody. Don't look at me. They'll be around me or Sarah does go a different room and he did yes they normally. Do it it's good for. Eat it anyway again disable it needed about a mean that you have another meeting about it. Soup Nazi you know I I wanna break over the meeting SP glad break up that only Harpo is actually worked and now you should find something stinky here. And do just keep garlic at least I can regard both legs so I brought this canned asparagus. I just like to microwave popcorn here. That a bit but I like it did just the little charred. Just a little a little parts yet now so tell us your last rants and kind of tax on her face repaid at int he mornings. Oh we got to get a quote we have a quote I don't see them quote and quote. Why you're getting quotes I will tell people about its something that's going on oh yes we have a game that we play every hour now. Every game has put we play every morning at six when he was in the wee league games we have all different enterprises this we were given away. To secede. A lot trivia the opera at Texas opera. I'm we're gonna go check out the opera again and we want to become an hang out with a but he got to beat. The game on the wheel games and that's sixth when he every morning you set beat out five and you can play what are fun games I think someone asked this recently. Many games we have a big round ten yet it's not ten yet and they're fun games they're at tomorrow but all of them you've done nothing at all. Leaves. I have done this on a firm but also read it and I real. Yeah. If you're a believe in Santa Claus for like eight years you can believe in yourself for five minutes yes. We have to have we yes tiring you know Andy Dorman C. We're just got to go though in the just throw this. I know some of that even prepared it for our podcasts or yourself would tacos not negativity. But but but but. Look at I could do that yeah. Tired they'll get the likeness. Subscribe shared tell friend. Thank you so much to listen and out remember be excellent to each other and party on it now.