#92 Unhappy Little Trees

Wednesday, September 13th


What thing at your office annoys you most? Plus Kristen is upset with Apple AND Pop! Vinyl because they are making her buy more stuff than she wants too. 

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Hello and welcome to episode number 92 of them making Christian in the morning podcast. The second edition. From home today we're gonna talk about our unbelievable headline work guy calls the FBI's. So basically talent himself summit tell you why I hate the Bob Rouse foundation right now the fifth. The thing that's bugging you in your office greeted deep dive with another thought provoking questions and the iPhone X and iPhone needs. But why you know. He's 65 tail lights. You can Kristen and I. All right so good morning Kristin we are here woman mourning its. Good afternoon we've got back from our cupcake run brand we're at home. Chile and again and we'll tell you how later in the podcast that you could Winston cup eighth inning delivered to three different offices. And one of them could be you next week you don't know you don't know why our life. Or you're lucky and it can happen sort home currently killers and on the couch with Kristen. Hang in on Gilligan is wandering around yeah he's an array of the president nowadays poking his nose around stuff again and we fed him his first Danner but he is. He's begging for the second and. Yet he -- it's one package of of cat. And we split it up because we've learned that one package is enough now when dinner is a look at. So we decided that we give them half packet he thinks it's the whole packet. And then a couple of hours later we give them the rest of the packet and then all of a sudden he's call yet so op even if we were to get on the whole packet on the first dinner. He still beg for a second dinner he knows that he he gets for get like twice yet and so he's a little chunky so we're trying to think Mello that battle. And that's that's expensive and everything I had Evian two dinners a night. My cats don't get to say just grades hauled down hard yet than all of it say that softens or better yet that they don't like stuff its debt. They were never a customer of that but he's been spoiled since I found him. Obviously yesterday the big iPhone announced the iPhone X I've put eight. And we talked about how I'm probably gonna. I don't think I'm actually don't think of anyone that's crates which is insane this is the first new body style that I've never gotten. First went right away so it's it hurts me a little bit but I'm becoming becoming a practical. Adult. You don't listen thirteen hundred dollars for a new phone that's practically the exact same time you how it's a little bit different the screen is all screen it does the critical incident recognition global I don't know what's the latest intact and I am mister tech itself. It does her real over the that a prominent forget it but. I think that they have to work the kinks out breathless first and so I would definitely be getting the next. But you thought why did they come over the iPhone eight and the iPhone act. Mean it doesn't make any sense so from a marketing standpoint you're putting out two products that you hope are. You want to corner the market on because the iPhone is no longer king of the cellphones right we can all agreed that it's it's still. A lot of people still old man but not a lot of people are buying them. Out right now now I think that's still no I think definitely number we want to debate yet galaxy and damn I believe as the industry's Erica. And so they're trying to win back the war of the cellphone so if you're going to do that you should come out with your latest and greatest pop product. And to them it's clearly this iPhone acts yet but they're offering that. The iPhone eight. And to me it's like well why put out two products I wouldn't go to the restaurant. And say I really want a burger and they go we have. A regular her. Or we have our award winning mouth watering Berger are. And yeah I you're gonna pay a little bit more for it but it's the best burger you're ever gonna have it's the top of the birther feet Sheen yet at what point are you gonna go. Nash I think I'll have the less to hear your brother got a big nobody's gonna do that so I'll leave you know we're pretty even release nice sunny just released and and yeah I know it's expensive that they wanted to be all inclusive and a wanna make sure that and everyone can afford a brand I finally on oh you can still afford the heat in town yet to me at lake. Well Apple's always been. Kind of a luxury product. If everyone can afford a MacBook everyone would have a Mac yet you know but it's not you you paid for what you get to. And so you have to save a little bit if you want this new I found. Yeah and that's better to me then offering a cheaper not so great model. What that's what they've been doing I guess it must be working because they did it with the the iPhone one maybe not the color is gone. The iPhone color came out and that was like the cheap version of the iPhone which when they did that I thought the same thing like why would you devalue. Your. Probably have you ever in on anyone's ever had a collar I got my brother color because that and wanna demoralized we'll let you know it I've ever seen anyone with a collar yeah you either have them the greatest and latest I found or even half we have a couple of generations back exact nobody gets the lesson here earlier ones. Day. Isn't so they were trying to open up his once you've tapped into a certain market like if that's guaranteed and you can do better. You want. Approach you wanna get people that work buying your product before so when you get amend their luxury items and all the people that are buying luxury stuff. You've got those people now you need the masses. Which gets you more money CF the megaphone that everybody can afford or heard it kind of report. I mean OK let me let me put this a different way so let's say. I am on the morning show at 96 point five KO IT OK let's say let's say that. And then let's say I start another morning show with our competitor Coca across the street. I and have a morning show there that I do let's anchor report why would I do that why what I split. That my body compete against yourself why would they compete against myself what I can have all my audience on one station as opposed to well okay more people might know me more people might get to know my name or my face or would ask her but at the end of the day it's not gonna help my numbers my numbers if people are coming to the station for me we are not. But I'm saying. If if for I was somebody. And like people flock to where I was. I would be doing more damage to myself I releasing too products of me as opposed to one on one station. Well think of it this way if you did let's say you did that somehow get a morning show on 96 point five JO AT and I'm your broadcasting to the Bay Area right in doing well you're succeeding in number one. And now they wants you've got this whole bay area of wakes up to you. Your that your in its path that's all they talk about that. Kristen equals Bay Area okay yes. And now they're like well we have this product but you know Modesto can't hear you. But I bet Modesto would love YouTube Modesto always comes into the bay. To hear you but they just can't afford to come into the bay every day so what we're gonna do is take a recorded show have you. Put it in Modesto and now you're number one in Modesto it's not your number one. That day and the ample money from us though and money from San Francisco the Bay Area yet that doesn't on an applicable. Went it's not and you're reaching the different inaudible comparison now it. I broadcast in every single states. And every single city then that's the comparison is a hole and then inside broadcast on second station like you're talking about people don't don't have access to. Yeah that's well that's you don't have access to the the inexpensive well everyone has accidentally can't afford just can't afford it you know there's going to be a lot of people that paid for it that can't afford it. And suffered on the line insult like serious enemy ice for the by Syria's next and then your. Your power turn it other number we'll move on from the announcer McEntee analogy with the vessel and I don't know why he's what's that yeah I'm just saying like why would you put out two products when you're going for one market. Because. You're iPhone acts sales may not be as great. But there's going to be people that go well I was gonna buy the brand new iPhone next but I'm not as we'll just keep the eight that those are the people you're looking right at your losing. What is it 400 dollars whereas the navy maybe not as many people can afford the Xbox. The I for ten. But. It's just I I just see a problem from a marketing standpoint if you wanna be considered an exclusive club. That you don't make it available to everybody in yeah cheapened the product I don't think they wanna make her. Close the club I think that they. That it might even have to do with their competitor like I think the galaxy is probably the same price as the iPhone eight. So if someone has 800 dollars to spend. They're gonna choose between the iPhone ain't. Or why galaxy iPhone Nate when there's nothing really new about it's this is leading the Agilent is the ten point yeah but they can't afford the ten they have 800 dollar so you could sit there and you sit on at 800 dollars and you save enough to buy an excellent or the White House well I really really really want acts. Mom but I've got to settle for the eight instead. Well no they would it would be comparative so instead of getting in the galaxy S eight they would get the iPhone ain't because at the same price points. If you had a choice they think you would choose life. Am I think added this problem in the face I don't have a lot of them are not so she is I found. I think that they're splitting them money in the cellphone industry would they could just pick a one product to go with yet. That's how they've always done that's how they should do but. Something was must must be wrong with that in the back enough money meant as possible whatever it is they're losing McKee we have the Reagan moment. It doesn't matter if at least. It doesn't the Reagan might need to know him really April is still making money and Owens thinks of them when it comes to cellphones. Pennsylvania Motorola Cianci cases as you want but nobody when you go all what's the greatest self on out there nobody saying Motorola. Like opened their eyes still making money. Some people might think Motorola or Nokia. Or windows. It doesn't get a Windows Phone are Google's Villanova we're going to so if you wanna win a free trip to Mexico. Marcelo ports of yards in Mexico. They Gilead is listen for the high Loko to Mexico happening five times today. At 79 noon three and four. And I swear we're gonna get a winner today that we haven't I mean the next gets to about eight minutes or curly curly recording this at 250. In the afternoon. So the next guess is coming up at three someone didn't get it at noon or when we got the email frame so to more gas is that they don't get it they have to get it in the morning like we're actually if we're so as they had an article of numbers he asked. It's possible people aren't paying attention yet yesterday. When I went back as we write down all the gases and so we yesterday when it looked at the guesses they were. Outside of the rally the weight off yes and so we've if let's say we narrowed it down to a hundred numbers they were like a thousand away and from those hundred number so it's like I gotta be candidates in the morning and in the afternoon ranked so. So you there's somebody eight hour work that there's actually couple people highlights the DS yeah but they write Lejeune Ohio. John McConnell you our agents. Who. And not and he's not listening to yank Alice in my thumb on what. What what what is it that tragic. So we get emails. From. Our I don't know I wanna say the film yet some thought our office sends out emails. To everybody. And the emails consist of one or two sentences. And they're completely in the subject line. There's nothing in the body of the email so when he opened it it says nothing it's completely blank she's a professional. And she is the chief does this every time and it's all caps or heat. Well or eat does this every time. And it's all on the subject and it's all caps and it drives me nuts yet you get really upset because I just I if it wasn't that work I would be. I would be I don't know what's the word well you I would be. Teaching perilously. You had the that in the past yes that you would like to respond with like a novel ask tight email but in this subject in line up that Lal yes of that maybe she could get it through old Alex and put down. That or that you'd or see the hat or this or said that they that how foolish it. Yes letters. You can't be the only one of this bothers as everybody else read these emails ago all owe you person in the. See to me it doesn't. And I gave certainly didn't even notice until he really well and I noticed it can I go okay. And I'll tell you why I go on and a second one thought it was just the one time and no doubt about it every. I know it's a quick message that here she is just trying to push out yet. Com. My first instinct is always be like a ultimately see that like that you know just putting any in the body yet. But then as I've learned from the people in my life that do this and I making it very broad generalization here look at. But I noticed that it's an older crowd. That always does it's like they had spears being somewhat more efficient Ers are they're getting away with something tech lake all aren't I savvy. But it's not it's coming across the opposite I was gone. As a shame. I wonder if it is a strategy though. Well you got to click on any it all the everything's right there in the in the summary so that helps sort of I mean. His when she puts in him or he puts in. More than one sentence yes it cuts off so it'll be like. You know those creature in the printer down in other and that early dot dot dots I have to click on the email anyway is to see what. Her or his entire description yet sister it's like well I'm still clicking on it and then. That I can't see it because when you like Johnny can't read the whole subject write that tells us this I this it's frustrating. But the body if you put in the body will probably my summary in my follow. At US copy machine down. Go right to edit the subject line. And then if you would have extra things to be sales in LA but we've got somebody coming in today and there are going to be working on it so hopefully should be up by the afternoon yet but all of that's in the subject line all of that and so it's really hard to receive the rest of the math all the it drives me crazy I now they don't want to disparage anybody lake and mean I'm not I'm not making fun I don't know. If you write your if you read the entire sense in the subject line you're an idiot and you need the stuff. If you're listening that if you're listening and you do that stopped it it annoys people. And you look you look dumb while it took me you look lazy or you look older get really lazy old or done. If how old that's brought amazed and dig into it because you should know how to use an email it's 2017. Well look at assembly with a question about face the paces at other people's like what annoys them at the audience award at your office is but he knew we ask that double B will Russell says Michael workers Yang now works and it's serious says oh hole emails or very quick few words. It this extremely annoying. Mean I would also put on Atlantis to Dover del reply else thought that was a like if somebody goes hey has anyone seen my coffee and I can yeah. I had everyone's got something funny to say about the copies. Specially you guys understand. If you worker radio everyone thinks isn't clinical areas you know having the greatest these people Havoc and so they all reply with their funny one liners that like a while I'll get the last word but they have to show everybody that. Everybody has have the last word goes. Oh who's not you know well it's not me it's not mean we had a delicate with the bike to one needed thirty emails and the like stupid stuff about. Stupid quips about the scope hockey night but I couldn't care less about to begin. Yeah and she's not just randomly epidemic off in my there was a whole email chain of when he at least emails. About a coffee mug that went missing and eventually turn into a detective story that yeah horrors. Adding on them like in anything comments by any other it's cute but like it's not ache its really annoying because my phone dings yeah Dem and I go to bed at 7 o'clock at night. And all night long it was like Dayne did. And I think they can I didn't like Laura one it paid her to be seen this much age. And there an avid jump ball at their jokes. Now let me leave work at a fun office I know I'm now planning though it sounds now that means. Especially the least of my worries me and I am and doing it pretty good today. Like our our bad isn't very bad but it's a knowing if it's still reply all is annoying and it's just works and radio source well it's better than our old. Box. I own rule of this column Colin as we have people that listen that are still in Sacramento. Yes I now but I'm as this column called the Lexus sees it that he could come when you go. What's happening with item now I'm gonna pick something randomly. Does Stevie Nicks concert. Event. That's all in the subject line and then the body is just a bunch of question marks. Like that kind of stuff drives me crazy. Where it's like latest on the though the new rule block a question mark like I need way more details again Philly notes and they're like. Words like blog. A thousand question right yeah it would immediately be shorter than that. 7 AM this morning question mark question mark question mark and they go and it's always in an I would respond with like what is at the you'd like to know that seven yeah because I don't know where you're going. And it's come Simi. And then like when I would see this person idea of how could you not know when I was talking about like I was the hot like I was a child yet this was in the easiest thing in the world. Yeah there's. There were some issues of that and but anyways yeah mainly I forget about the amount thing that's right it's just a million question marks the dismissal. Like clients and I'll admit that I areas and and stuff like that it was just like a move he read all your emails from now on. Here's a she needs she or he needed an assistant. Two to go all figured out I'd so a couple more nick on here says the question should be what is in bugging me in my office right now. Get a much shorter list of things Alley says the people who come in through the side door and the whole bit so it doesn't close properly. Let the door shut on its own she says and our camps yen and actually some points. Everyone's got this thing if you wanna tell us what thing is annoying units your office right now you can go to our FaceBook page. At and pain mornings. And I like it and you can respond there and then also don't forget like our station page ad in 96 by KO IT and if you would like to win some free cupcakes. Christa we'll tell you how all you can do yes so it's really easy we teamed up with you cupcakes. Which are honestly the best cupcakes have ever had in my life they are on cupcake wars. And it lives but sometimes they sell the loser just for fun if you wanna attract an even acknowledge Celek it was terrible. But they have. Some fault. Flavors coming out they have pumped in the just came out and go to our website KO IT dot com going to contest page. And all of with the bottom it's as I've become office of the week so I have you was an office name and my query located how many people X address. And it will pay people to them and every Wednesday Beagle out and we deliver X. Yeah it's good that we try to get at least two or three a week we at least get an order cupcakes and kind of take him down so it is time for today's unbelievable headlines. 54 year old guy named Nicholas unfortunate. As the champ works at a state government office in Utah. Any many sixteen year old boy and Craig's list last month. And made plans for or they can become over to his house to. Gated on. On Craig's list for a death count there were correctly yes the boy actually never showed up in the next day someone actually send Nicholas a message saying. He was the boy's father. And the boy wrecked the car driving to his house only god so that he better send money over. For the cost of the repairs of a car. Or what dad Lori who's gonna turn it up now it dissipates and money because you know it's your fault he crashed and that he was headed over this I just want to to fix our. And Nixon on now that's that's got to be a scam. So he called the FBI to report the stand. And just kind of told them everything. He suggests I was gonna about o's but they did busy with this young sixteen year old boy but he never showed up and in and now I think him being scammed by the dead. What they're like. Yet so you're the scam thing so much more about this Craigslist San Diego back a little bit about him that not that he before that he had when you're gonna do something when this child in this that you have bureau under arrest that he was arrested for a felony sexual exploitation of a child glass and several charges. Yeah auto white criminals call cops. Well I'm glad that the idea but yell. For her to say some debt here so maybe he was trying to get. The baby I don't know scanned minerals them either way like maybe he was trying to give the guy to come over solely to do something about it. Maybe it was in the whole time pretending to be young. And then try and all all on him peeling paint and added tally everybody in now. What's your gonna do its unrelenting sun if you don't paint me. Interesting and big executives at what lies somebody thinks I I am honestly in my opinion I think it was a step toward me. Note that not that poor guy. I didn't say. And he had the fortitude and courage to call the FB. Look who the board guy gets up the no wants to get scammed on Craig's list or on. With my two kids online here seriously sort of the opera. On a Friday sexual this Friday we have no and then yeah but I was October 6 we have another opera the we're gonna go to a lot trotting out and we are given only passes what's that it was as of -- different as the two more chances for you to win tickets. That's come out check the show out with us. And you can hang out and bias is several drinks said. You don't and then you can take us out to dinner after words that'll be all on new at all this year treat and we appreciate it if it. And then we'll just kind of watched. Half the opera with you and I won't go go party yes we'll go find some more but we'll find another Leslie that incredible works of art that economic. I just want to during and their video. Now it's about paying Ellis see the throw a lot turning out at Tesco opera. It's having October 6 a chance to win tickets at 615. On Thursday and Friday morning we spin the wheel games each state has different game and if you can be big game you win. Some really mad at the Bob Ross family fit in your public thinking yourself. All bras isn't he that guy from like the seventies there used to paint for the joy of winning the event in early in that died of like cancer tragically like it is and Hansen yeah why would you be mad at his sweet family. Well I'm mad because I thought I thought I was buying a limited edition in. Fun co pop final a Bob Ross is the fifth and if we don't know what that is. On the you've seen them you've seen them in them all over the place but they have the little plastic figurines. Of certain pop culture characters. And some are really limited edition some shiny or clone dark or whatever you can item anywhere now you have them for every move. He's TV nerd stuff comics I've got. At least six Superman. One I have almost all the supernatural collection yeah like a bunch Disney ones. And you get suckered into it you did find your phantoms in the like you like doctor knew he hears a thousand characters from dot net and electoral that was my favorite doctor argot that doctors like all that was my favorite campaigning all get that uncle what I wanted to Dolly talent in yeah artist bombs and it'll go good movements and sell bomb. I did was and some of them are really limited edition and are worth a lot of money. And we actually have a couple of them that money. And we know at the time but you know now we're like score now it's time to collect and now we're on the hunt for death limited edition is up near retirement. Then somehow come. I saw like that followed Bob Ross's bath sampler positives does that make sense and have a huge huge fan of the joint meaning happily every season on dvd and Chile like secure the birthers and yet sixty perceiving and make a lot of people use it get to sleep on an average. And they are like hey everybody we're doing a limited edition. Bob Ross fun Pope. Who can't it's like he can't with a little easel and Mike has little paints and is pro yet is thrown his little shirt that's half you know buttoned up the matter how they have to happen so I pre ordered it. It was like on back order it got delayed several times and finally came. Pillage is Rana Rihanna was it. Came out of nowhere and so I finally got about wraps up at a super excited again and I woke up this morning to an alert from the Barbara Stanley and they said kidneys everyone. Fun how is now releasing six different version with. All that limited edition of gore does this stupid one that you just bought two weeks ago yet sold so well that's now not the limited edition one. These are a limited it is that balance basically bum rush isn't basic Bob Ross a rare night the new ones come with little animal friends. It was a huge T Healy had like animals as pocket instead of like a real yet is he was abate and nature I mean animals and as I like what some of the Guinness world pet squirrel. Really squirrel sometimes with just hang out on his shoulder or he'd be fostering an eagle that would you'd show everybody know that yet he's very synonymous with like nature and he loves little creatures and you know his economic. Birds had broken wings and men back to health staff lieutenant killers is Lou really the early money over that was Parliament House. Well she's on her for Nancy is like and again the problem is she can't jump down from Eritrea of supporting me and trying to moments. Thought so yet that this eccentrics exclusive Bob rustic it's a unique animal. Now like can I am not hadn't done it. I'm officially done with. Buying these stupid pop finals because they do this to me every freaking time every time I think I am buying something cool and exclusive. They come out with something that's like Ol is getting more sleep and exclusive. Now we're on back into the ball more pull itself out yeah it's shiny or make it glow in the dark and now this is the stuff that's worth money. That's this irritated you're going at it as a collector and that's where you get sucked in you have to do it as a fan first. And then it's if you if you happen to have one then you get the exclusive. Tell me what other thirty year old woman. That living in the Bay Area or even anywhere in the world has all seasons of the joy of caning. Has purchased paintings cents from the joy of eating. And has purchased a fun co pop from Bob rock kind of left knee and other person I am a big fan and I'm not gonna buy the it's. Probably. Not as jewels in the thing is they don't need you bile six. They just need everyone to buy the and the super collectors like the guy we know in Vegas bright eyes and a viable. So those who there that's the target because only 2000 launcher. But even that's wait wait I guess when I c.s I bile the Superman because I like it Alexi grant and I want Havel's cement. But device he caregiver like I'll get the specific verse and I want to but I won't buy anymore. So like what spider him Spider-Man came out they had all these different versions of the new Spiderman and the they had an exclusive. Would his Masco feels like it's an X is yeah now. And so is like a common Abaya Spider-Man I'll look at that one but I didn't get any the other Spider-Man. So you have to find a phantom and and either by album like you do in supernatural and I do Silverman. And then pick and choose what everybody else. Because I'm starting to get really into preacher Lang yeah really like the show preacher aims to pick your favorite here but he has that thing is like. A payment big characters capacity the vampire rain a cat and then there's like there's a generic Cassidy the music didn't I can't I Cassidy with with. What's. Like the that chainsaw now got a one with a chainsaw there's one with blood all over his face is the same want a blot on his face but it's shiny and there's like another look at the glow in the dark and it's like yeah. Would click I just don't. Now I don't just want to basic what I want one of the special. Yes and then you just have to pick one of the special. Unit and you. The yeah you get the what are they disagree that's the they in so frustrating at all the chains on authority she jumped dancing yen close variant about gilligan's interest at the stimulant and yet. And so again you just pick wanna go it's just frustrating that it unless those worries we have anyway so Steele being funny and emails and personally I know we have and I we have the bye pop vitals just the way you live choosing to put a final to buy just horrible and so it. The consulate and with a quotes a day only I think we're done and Biden and Biden. When we give about and others are over shoulder very serious about but it's distracting and aren't. And its. Buttons name. It. Arie so the putts today is I'm gonna stand outside. So if anyone asks. I'm outstanding. Oka and then leave and get via we didn't get toward deep dive question today oh that's right but that's okay we ran out of time now this is getting pretty long. It wasn't negative aggressive and right. So we'll we'll have a better deep dive question. Later we'll put on face looks at just make sure to follow them is that they certainly all of point on FaceBook. And if you like this podcast mentioned alike share in subscribe and share with your friends who really Haggis and it you still get an eleven to give a little thing you so much. For listening hamburgers today remember be excellent to each other and guardian is back.