#94 Nick's Sleeping On The Couch

Monday, September 18th


It gets a little heated on todays podcast. A man meets his 19 children, we saw a kid drinking at the opera, todays unbelieveable headline and Nick puts his foot in his mouth not once, but twice! 

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Hello and welcome episode number 94. Good thinking person in the morning podcast. We are here at home again next day yes always just assume more at home and did pretty well gonna try to do though as much as possible. Today we're talking about the sperm donor and that meant all nineteen of his kids. We're gonna go deep dining with another thought provoking question if we saw a kid that drinking at the opera and mean person have different opinions about it. And we're gonna get take your unbelievable hook line and overdo it we have a movie review as well we'll know about the mother coming up. They think Christensen podcasts. You think. I tail pipes in Britain you can Crist in the morning podcast. Some argue this. Doing well. We went to the opera over the weekend with that we also went and saw a movie this weekend we did a really low mother we spent a lot of time in theaters. Yes and most of those came up put our topics today yet thankfully we get out we do stuff. Like go to the extent that exclusively theaters only those in just to catch check. Killer is sitting on the couch next to Christen yes I'm very curious as to what mr. Gilligan is doing. Mr. Killian is trying to do making his biscuits on the Ottoman. But you have too much stuff out there so if he is struggling. I don't know why he possibly but that's right there at the annual corner of this. Three by two autumn in the let go all the equipment. That I'm doing for this podcast. There's all on there now ma'am and he's. He's trying to find his way. In this crazy world is deep in the biscuit thanking the sound will let him discuss him good it was down before ends yeah he knows that he's. Next putting minutes he's were done. It element denies them via. So what you wanna Starwood without abouts I guess the operate we went to the opera. Yeah sue let's see opera on Freddie may at least turned out. Lauren blue yeah. That's part of it what did you think of. At first of all goes I'd like that actually have thought it was com. Had really cool since the very colorful. The music was. It was good that they think that. Unfortunately a victim of the what's called the co host circled star and outshine all the stars get share related jam I don't know if that's supposed to have a senator Schumer played but. She FA had the best voice there. Yeah Iraq that. A that's a two the slave girls panels and forget her name Louie Louie live Lulu is telling you lies gas but no she did a great job in the eye I have to agree that constant records as. The sets were really elaborate was dead and we learned a valuable trick as to her reading. Com the entire story before we go to the opera only so like before the show starts we read the act once they break it down practically. Word for word is what's going on. And so we're like okay will wouldn't he rings the Dong we know that act one is over and that's exactly what happened that's that's where he stopped or the right since of the Oscars so we will read through all the act is there's three ax into intermission and as we we're scared. Clearly this is three hour show when we're not gonna know what's going on but we really enjoyed it and we got early so we have a snack. And because there's a whole restaurant downstairs if he didn't know that there's a solo cafe treaty grab a sandwich for a quick. Yeah and we have that he knows is driving into the city it's little tough. We have to come home obviously it changed and Chris it was in her hair done. As well so we had to go back into the city early and right why we win the eaten there. And while there we are sitting near me Stanley for. My mother fathered a daughter son yes and the sun at one point two million up Klein with her carpet please thank. At one point the son had his mom champagne. And I was drinking it. Now as you that your little on the solace because I was face in the other way. By drinking do you mean like he said its net gets there. And they give it back or was he like. To do a couple drinks. Mom definitely nail. Millions destroyed decline additional children around. Is trying to climb up on the couch bam and there aren't that is so. Mom definitely noon that. There is champagne happening I think she candidate Tom she was looking at him while he missed while it was so that she was she was involved in the process. I don't know but data. I don't Kenya. But he he took a couple steps and gave attacked her. Focus of the of the eleven year old he said you estimate about eleven I answer may be sure an eleven to thirteen and it took a couple steps of the champagne mouton. In game back annually and like they'll. Like if I you know flabbergasted. Right now it's like that's really young that's pretty like if IE. Nailed it sixteen and seventeen if I start to go OK wow. Share but even if you so you're saying. If you attitude they were like mom and we tried. Excellent how letting its eleventh same Kitna says as well through it taste like you would say now. While alcohol awful why biggest person. I'm not good agent public. But as I am sorry that somebody's gonna be judging you just like you I'm judging rate now. Especially not in a theater situation can I don't know how this is gonna effect did like as you know what he's allergic -- And he has like some knelt down a what if he falls asleep or I don't know how it's gonna affect him. Even call I mean no one ever gave me a cent Nia and when I turn to play one I didn't go crazy. I think. Instills kind of healthy like OK this is an older activity. Com I'm very much of the adage of like let kids be kids yet. You know there's no reason to expose that to them they're gonna have their whole life the drink beer in alcohol on line dollar kind of stuff. They're whole lives duet that this is the time where things are still growing you know brains are still developing. Why would you mess with something so did you wait until your point one million burned in her for sure no of course not now like I mean I snuck alcohol when I was. Fifteen or sixteen Boca. And you know I got to hope for my parents found out about it now has grounded and all kinds of stuff com. But and I I waited was funny one and a college is let where you'd drink you know I guess leg injury in college before your opponent now. Now I didn't see there you never got like. Super drunk bullet now I guess I guess I know you're right I guess they did. Is it injuring under age in college when I had a boyfriend that was older of and so he would. Bring alcohol and I would go he was a bartender. So it's like I go to his bar yeah or you know those kinds of things and com but I never Alec wasted anyway you know Tony lake and I always had just wondering Kurt she drinks and I was done yet I was like feel pretty dead Blake I'm good now. But I wasn't the type to get. Now completely obliterated. While. I think that your probably in the minority probably. And that's look at. IE did not this. The experience that Iowa is the rule of my house was if you get me one you get a sip. So by one I mean like beer again though Dan would be like hey. Give me beer heavily and like you recently. So that is like the thing you can't do it right breaking the rules. It is the adult thing to do so that's that didn't hurt me to kill me and also didn't go late crazy. They did. Quite hammered with a few times when I was on the Portland rain. But it's still we're both in and of adults play. I mean he is a bouquet and this was your snow your family it's just I'm not comfortable at that end I see no reason to keep view us. Like you know I don't reasoning did not abuse and I discipline I just look at it is like now like. This is my drink that just because he asked does that mean you get everything that's her in now and he's a good didn't it would have better in with a deer acting is like if it's like a treat. And that's I think that's the problem I have with it is your acting like this is something special Ol like he did today to have a set it's like a reward where it shouldn't be. Like what I am. I don't buy a bottle lying because I feel like I did they deserve it like I just saw one I'd like something tonight I guess it's it's more of what I want it's now as opposed to you always feel I deserve it yet. I don't think given his role as a reward it was a there was a payment. Well I my dad lets see that McCain is and have that belt but that's how I mean I was exposed so but now. That would that doesn't mean I wouldn't. Let Mikey tickets at the public last line educational purposes was a black and he's not alike. Under what circumstances is it educational. If you want the laws as he looked at the cannons there Aaron let me ask Larry argue line and you play Q what does that pays lately that's kind of what's gonna gross. And easily. That's right I'm sure everything good did. And he's not like crazy. Accumulate your take is that you're not gonna like it and he's not like it nobody likes also. I could be deterring him from all and saving us. Pray that I think it I've never seen any studies on like if you're given patch kids out like I sit here and there that they turn out to be these wild crazy beings. I think it's in the moment yet I think you just have to make it. Not. A reward and not a dry or or it's just like you if he was perhaps the kid in the situation than they were out of a table for an acute like mom. Once like calamities and see with a taste like as his children to senate energy and a public. Public was rough. And and I especially wouldn't do it knowing that I don't know how my child's gonna react well it's this I understand that I'm saying like there's weird. It allergies out there incident like this might be his first sip quote unquote of champagne in he might be death. Allergic that you could have the chocolate after that you be certainly be deadly allergic to chocolate and not let it stray things because they're allergic openings or they could possibly be you'll. I'm just saying it when it's a grown up substance. You know I'm not gonna let my kids experience it outside the house I mean I'm I'm probably not a limit his experiment inside the house. I'm just saying like when it comes to things that are not old enough for the I'm not gonna let them just do it in public just. Because they're curious do you think that's gimmickry that's gonna make them wanna do it more or less telling me some wanna do it mark. I mean because in our house alcohol is a grown up your you know so you want it to field grown company wanted to doors and that things. Com but you know my parents to set it down. And in granite like I did sneak alcohol that you find a way and I we're all of the LA let's be honest you know but I really didn't like it and so I thought well why on earth what I try that again yes they know it wasn't until I was older economic interest birthday I only have one drink it was disgusting and I threw half of it away yet has like now think treatments for me. It's different environment and not a big Regina have men come and I'm not a victory but you know I get crazy when it's raising. Like you were gonna get really do this flavor is get it done. But either way I think we're both turned out OK and they don't have it all depends on the person and it was as and you have to make their own judgments on here your kids but I. I'm down there I'm OK when it. I guess I was OK when the bills I. I go to a public guy away whatever Reagan and I've been there have been in the decade. That one's abilities that I guess we'll discuss habits Brittany get Santa at the we're gonna get divorced lonely yeah. And the refined let us know in the comments on our FaceBook page if you. Would allow your kid to have a support dual your kid to appease because it here and there and and how do you feel what this person to regain public. We'll post a couple of its footprint. We've got the pilot could Mexico's still going on we've narrowed down this round of numbers is Rana for six. We've narrowed down to just you know 600000 let's is pretty get. On the so your guesses are five times a day at 79 in in three and four. And you're trying to win 85 night all inclusive vacation to Mexico. And after this we got another trip to get away so he won and nowhere rearm with staff go to KOA T dot com gala rules and regulations there. Let me tell you about a man who doesn't have any kids and at the same time as nineteen saves. This inside edition feature the guy. That put his name don't think they've put his name but he was a sperm donor. And now has nineteen children. This name team that. Half children write an echo. Is extent it's well lately and now another kid's kids but. Like that at the half Brothers and sisters kind of you're moving around an awful lot yeah I'm getting alarming rate again. This doesn't just happen for I don't here like you selling your seat to praise the president nothing but I got wires and things are gonna put so here. A mind Ari. All rates. Summing up this guy that's of those guys like donated is our. For four years. And his kids range from sixteen. That's when he won. They usually they'll make their names available rank big just wanna be anonymous sperm donor but you've got to that was unfair if they ever went looking for dead or their dad. They wanted to be able finds a Republican note on the file losses Xavier Republican. This is immediately I am fine me re sale up. And so now they all got together like all nineteen of them got in the one room grazing on half Brothers and sisters. Him. And ended up just kind of pain when dad. It's so weird and it's a little bit like in the kids can all look alike but. Yeah failure have these half Brothers and this is the you know about an idea of eighteen half Brothers and sisters. The had no idea existed. It's so weird I just think the whole premise is so weird and mean thank goodness he did Tony nick is coming here that they would have been born but at the same time I think. I look at is what man is donating for. Four years consistently. That's what they pay well and they get and nesting is they they call him he's at an artist that his profession. I'm like come on man his eat in the interview was like I just wanted people to be able to have children unlike you the money. Leg or your heart lake and to me it's like count also would wanna be brought in the world by somebody that just like. Needed deposits and they can get. Some money all these you know but these ninety did that no toys no of course not but would you seek out. The dead heat problem now are a common one now act as it would be weird incomplete you don't know where the other half of your genes room. Late in the generally. Can't help but then it's like a Kayla say grow up in a household with two moms and that's why they needed that data makes it com. I know it's like you have two parents and yeah I guess you would wanna metered data but at the end of the day it's not geared had. It's the you know you're it's your genetic data. But he had no business with raising new Annie had Knoll. Like influence your life he was there for any of the big moments like is he really your spotter a couple of. And it's and it means just you know biologically and I think of that. You still wanna know disease especially someone like you you would want a known diseases right that's that my auditing side of the for am lane well. When is somebody I'm assuming when somebody fills out the donation yeah seat you have to kind of play it like you know if you're susceptible to anything. Mom has anything that's part of the requirements is yet to be perfectly healthy Ian yeah you know have. A good family history and maybe like in terms of like diseases like getting so wet you can't have. Chronic heart problems that pills every. Manager. Probably I think they're standards physicals and it's probably like you know you have to be certain weight you have to be. In the healthy region of Rhode Island at like if you're obese or you're heavy you're not allowed downy because we consider that unfit. G set but he notes from a development on the I don't really buy it because women sometimes downing their eggs and at the same thing Blake. I'm passed a donation H. Like I couldn't even donate if I wanted to jail. Because they're considered unfit they're gone sour they all sour but what I mean and and research has shown that it happened but it's yes. The per donation purposes like you have to be between need to play 21 to twenty eaters. I've. Thought about it if we end of not being able to have kids meringue or you know woods does that happen that I would have led is going donate. We do your view of Dodi leave my name on the bag and see what comes out. I don't think that except yeah. All of the luck well you're you're heavier than probably the standard yeah I'd let also I think year I think you've aged. Really. Need to do for guys I don't now. But let's say for its second just that it was just the who I would feel weird about it to be honest I mean. Like I wouldn't want to deny you anything but at the same time you're not a father. Let us just speak how I would this be making other people active letting letting other people have to read a pretty good teams when a pass along. You and you are very good yeah yeah you Phillies so unhealthy. Like there's somebody chronic illnesses that running out as well that's because we're gonna be used that that's a month. Hard you're aren't. Don't take care of itself. And there was the outlaw all of the culprit accident I. I don't and his main lake. And you wouldn't call by the even if you did. I don't know if I don't know if you want it now her I think he wouldn't you weren't different either raising. Now but it will be interesting to see nineteen Emmys and players in a. Well Muslim Lenovo plan. In I'll do kind of look like me and let me demonstrate that they will go to use rich that yes I now and that's. That's in my immediate thought is like which one of these guys discuss or asking for money near the end he get asked for money a year. And industries not but it's just too he's an artist you revered. He announced he's written a sold. It's their. So all this week were actually giving away hundred dollar gift cards that happened burger grill. Which we just had for the verse that apparently the thing yet his acute as pretty darn good and so now for our game which in the wee league games. 120. We are looking for someone to call beat the game that they land on and if they can be game. Than they are gonna get a hundred dollar gift card to have a burger grow looks like. Lunch for two weeks three weeks over a minute I mean if you wanna eat a burger Burnett via the and yet I think you do probably every day for at least a week. Yep Alec so audience to listen at six joining and keeping California violence in the little games and play of one of our one foot interactive team. Yes are we gonna go deep diving without question in my deep dive button. We've dove and NRA can over and over and gave. If what would you say your partners most valuable scale is so and so you'll. Yes yes I am new partners sell what is my must I act and feel like I need to break it down deeper and partner. With it. And life I imagine your partners and most valuable skill when you've had time to think about it those two overs or didn't you know. Well I haven't thought about how to size of the Kamal but the the bubbling well I think you'll or. Ability to spot. Or samples as wanna hear most about what is yet like you were you don't my BS meter again your BS meters. So you can't it pretty good radar keeps us on the right track in life when last amazement BS meters. News that often I mean just for loans but I mean we haven't had any. Big things come along and like we Robert couple jobs. Before we took the job that Cisco and you had a pretty good BS meter Nam it deter us in I think you or. Ability to be organized and focus is very. Helps our relationship and helps. Our business. As well. Because I am not those things you've got to be organized over the years getting there again by the work and a Cubans Cuban streets of boats. But as the lowest of the what is your partners accountable scale yet. The snow like I shouldn't assembly personality wise. Among now I mean I would imagine and I'm glad that now I imagine it's like what health. Helpful in lake in an apocalypse situation and what you need an either or and now you very organized and global it now it. I think you are. Like an eternal optimists Coca sear always happy always look for the good in people. Com which is. We've talked about at skill this is a blessing and a curse because that is. That the sweetest guy in the whole world but people really abused it sometimes because you don't have seen now. But I also think it it makes fuel lovable it makes you who you are. And I think you're one of the most hardworking people. And it government it's one of the reasons why I married you is like I knew that. No matter what will always be okay because you're always hard worker laments that he had so in an apocalyptic situation I would be mole in the field I know that you would be cleared everybody out. And you know trying to justify detention on the essence of but they'll have saved again the some of that skill with a play with a fight to. Spiraled in the election depression well you're allowed to be depressed and meal and now I'm does say this whole sickness and health think I mean we'd hopefully. I mean I had a rest deep rough here yet and like we've all kind of we both collectively sad like I think. And my accident that happened at beginning of the year definitely changed my personality element movement. And either of those things are just gonna happen. As long as you can learn Italy glow of the person threw it in the long as they get help you know and there's a time. Well yeah he's girls meet at the clocks chicken on my attitude. But to support of. All had two years. You via the two year Clark. Who. Be back to Euro so I give it to you after a major knee injury you get two years to get. Get up that Clinton is supposed to be healed enough off the floor and stuff. Phyllis that you're Soviets used the violent games and and you didn't what happens at end of the years and years always at talk about it. Thriller. Years ago are at a stop being nicely on of the PS. We need to get you some help or you need to. Start focusing on being in better whirls about but I'm focused on being better way to Britain if Olga England time ever on the document. Okay here and I'm back I don't act maybe early dips but yeah like there's still time Israeli super emotional super angry out like. Simple things that I like I saw trouble walking upstairs and it gets mean. Yes sometimes the deaths that's understandable but to just walk around all sand like you were only I can that not for two now for more than two years. I got all. And in this way you had a two years and I lose an arm I will recover when in the year. Young. Under no I'm the only one if I'm telling you right now after a major injury like the one I had where it completely chains it is. Your physical reality and what your able to deal. It takes a minute of. About sculpture like this a year and a half to be. Okay it was used it you would bounced back immediately no less just a year and a half if I lost an arm. I would take me if I'd give I'd be back to where I was. A year and a half in regard him as a leader. The fellows that are and I love my arms well. He's the ball often and they're my best for their each this'll iron. You might yeah I Bain it they'll. And I think that Obama like he says internal optimist but I find a way to deal with so that's why am I expecting hundreds of people that. So and it tears your your need to have mutant ninja Wheldon at the amendments to the Reagan. Whatever it's nice and healed yet I know it's digital clock should start when it's ideal now that's that. It's you have to I have tears for it to heal completely now and then and have another surgery and have to be healed for you to get over it. It doesn't. Once played a ruthless because like I still have trouble like blocking his own and that doesn't affect your personality but it's but it as though in this picture emotional personality. To most of but for you'd try to stamps is ultimately. For example just the tennis summon up. It would be if you were still. Speaking at the ramps up and a network. I'd be set and the ambiance of the disappointment as to go ramp today. Yeah because it was right Nixon's there likely this is it. Well does your inner rams every time there's like there's a ramble we come to work brain scans that's or you have to walk in and godly. Distance to go to the ramp that takes forever ago. And you chose the stingers if you which shows if you were still choosing the ramp. After nine months I would be concerned. Because that means you're not trying to be better. Unit trying to push past coma and it. You have to self motivate. I hope that you are never injured what it because I don't ever want to be injured but I'm staying here and now but I. There's no old comparison for somebody that hasn't. An injured though but I'd still want you to suck it up. So I don't know that eventually you get time agreement time no more and Knowles a Democrat he get time to deal with it but then you've got to deal. And not the bullets you just spiraled down forever. Is that not okay. I mean it's okay it but I mean here. I don't want to make this seem like. Yeah now I lost the lake Ernie miss that. But like there's a lot of activities that I am not going to be able to do anymore in my life and like running or walking for long distances and not that I was a huge runner but I did run yes and I like to take walks every night and those are things that I can't necessarily do it now that I still had to do them but Blake you know what ever had and still. Walking up and down the stairs is its core it hurts and like I every single time guys have down my leg I'm reminded that. I'm never going to be what I what is and that's hard realization. And I don't know if you you'll have anything to compare it to you if you've never been injured. Ed I mean it's the life. It's all that's all life so if you but you're choosing the stairs and that's what they immediately gets an Arden yeah and it's going to be difficult. And that's not. That's alum we you have to get over in two years it's gonna hurt forever and it's going to be hard forever yeah but the fact that you chose the stairs is what you would have to. There's days where it's like among the debtors you don't musical pain and then there's the emotional pain and emotional pain is like. I feel less than who I used to be that or I only not able to beat and those kinds of things affect tried daddy you're the closest you away. Here's thing. Really a visit to do you know. That they think devil though it I'm saying it can't be you have all day everyday it can't be consistent you like it was. And to use late if you're not gonna get yourself better than I have no use. But it doesn't coercing you could say I know that's that not that's another nice thing to say it but I if you're not gonna drive the YNL and I so. Is that many oil output of the united begin its tri. Blade then why. I. OK so but what if I'm in serious accident when Carol -- hours you know your limit that to you do you handle it I'm not locking in six years that you're really on the injury. For this injury you get a two year. Okay and I'm paralyzed from the neck down back then what's my and let's Miley may not allowed to know that you can reason about open forever forever. Thousands of that paralyzed from the neck down you re set thriller. Waist down you can still function can still enjoy life. You're at the wheel everywhere that's fun. And I'll get over that its readers like you yes do I get this and do like it get quiet and quit bitching about how slow light blocking threats in Indiana is seven this woman wants. I know you take your time minimal. And I am here to support you is going to. Did you supporting itself you don't care I don't care. Lastly here because like there. That's eleventh. Once that they get in that sounds mean but it's true when you're way worse than me. In my view would run that immediately. You would duck and if you had a horrible injuries of I honestly believe that's brokers and wood duck and run neglect are gonna get ago. I believe you had about me. I've a fits your personality that you see you we relate to that I would be done and it was the era here amateur Mary's. Have a good life. I keep waiting treated me like I'm kidding I'm you know. Now it now here are able I hear out liar. Beat his heavily go head about me now you're pretty sad that you would come mind you fits my personality remember nick. Because my personality is a cold hearted at the C eight. Now you know it fits my personality blood that is my AM. It now I guess that my most valuable traits. Is just being cold hearted and completely leg horrible person. Amber Lee and I'm so I offended you know you're not adding any you know. Don't you dare lie to me would you leave. And you said it uses so it as. Oh no you've opted not and I don't know it wasn't until I started going are you kidding me that you got to you know isn't getting. Course and I'm just kidding it's look at media eyes right now if you fires Syria. That this is a joke if you'll stop laughing like it now that's. It fits my personality into the but it works universally. The allowed me to get into it's. It's fun Hewitt's day. I believe you would. Why you say that's. Winning is you would sing it but it doesn't seem like me at the viewer to describe me to another person. Caring and sticking to the hard times is apparently now Chris is good at the absolute. So why would you think you're right it's that. Over modulated his though when you angry on them and making them speakers. It and you would say. You. Would you not say you with now I don't wanna stay right and you know you with that. In Hewitt so tell slow heroic look tired. Two year wedding anniversary man I can't I'm so glad we had this conversation right now. Maybe we all make its peers picking up illegal humor right now however no of that yes thanks until I forgot about our wedding anniversary. Let it go Laney that's weird the doesn't seem like your personality you being thoughtful. That means forgetting the instantly were present exactly exactly. And commute quote it quote originally wanted to play and we were at that. We're way at a time so we can go and now let's not now amen to do it I'm gonna do it three chains topic. Thing to Christen time Nicholas Portugal's. Well I mean that's that's what does that only if that I at and really kind of heavily heartland by UQ why did you ever put the F no I have a little ahead biology and it wasn't whose that's. Yeah. I think the guy at a gym in Germany that the senator Graham one of those waits the big. Circle 45 pound weights a win but only the bar the people. Squat and bench press and things like that would grab one of the big 45 is like that's probably the biggest money get any dread to have sex when it. Now has little hole yes they understand but there's just err on the other side again but I guess I don't know. A he tried he tried them he loves that actually people luck with the zoo and loves to. Typical and of course. They get sucked because that's what we're talking about a world who would retirement. And the cops or the fire department had to come and solve the plate with this at his home urged him this is that him. I think right nobody saw him. Dylan then snuck I was at a gym and a and he must have been early in the morning related ninth I don't know if on his own. Our ticket in the back but a 45 though lately where you take it and what are you trying to I don't know that seems the end of but to three hours of sawing off the weight. For the in the directory. This it is not something else he doesn't deserve it and it I don't know how to get stuck like my first reaction is shrink. Now I am Ali's well. Why because when somethings like in trauma it's wells. Maine in a must have been aggressively. It. Via. Like that that I have I have other questions which I'm not last year Erica but. That audiences at Salina. Oh. Like and a out of assumes some sort of lubricant would have made it better. The only ten elections have to solve the Jimmer every little slump and on what was that like a part of the plan. Lower and I will never no matter how understand I'll never swelled you have to get stuck. Do you think that at that point eight C they say you can no longer be a member of this jam now. I think you can sentiment he really only we missile the money they're like let you pay in 1997%. Of excellent stuff that's not trying to have sex and everything and then you can come. That's the gold service immigrants with a that. You Le baron and that's that is a bully when Atlanta don't have a quote so word nuts and we're not quoting so I was gonna and the and the podcast. Don't forget the likes of strive and tell your friend all of the Nickerson in the morning I guess tomorrow is our two year anniversary and we will hopefully still be married. We'll fix it see if she sticks around. Tennis or personnel in that line I leave it the first chance of anything exactly so that's what we're a little we'll see do you really is. Tomorrow from. Selig be soldiers are there will be different.