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Sunday, February 12th


February is National Heart Month! Sue Hall talks with ladies who are partaking in the GO RED Campaign and Better U. 

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Good morning and welcome to today's world I'm sue hall and you can listen to this and other shows had to today's world SF dot com. For the next fifteen minutes we are speaking with us. GM I'm an unarmed domestic your names girls I'm very sorry so let me try to get it right first and Gena bell villain a wave and my tee on the Barrera that I do it at. And day you're here representing the American Heart Association and some of the programs that they offer. I had so that's going to be talking about the next fifteen minutes so. Yes at engine Jenner which would do which would you prefer Jim Jim once you tell us what your role is and says. Are you and Matt yeah I got together to thanks for having us here I am the coach for our better you program. Okay and and much young. And I Amy program participant of the better you program and so what what subtle about. Better yet so better use a twelve week program where we touched base on different aspects of the women's health and their heart and as wells brain health. And we talk about different topics and exercise nutrition and stress reduction in and and they're great program its company by east UCSF. And how did you get involved much yeah out of my name was invited to attend the program and I and. I was really interested in improving my help and relief. Finally got better me. Am working on my crop progress for for twelve weeks so in association with the American Heart Association what what part of what is the program entails. I mean you give a brief description but what is your story much yeah. So my story is I am diabetic. And I was really looking for ways to motivate myself to lose weight and com better you gave me an opportunity to look at a holistic approach. Looking at nutrition and looking at heart health as diabetes is often a precursor to our heart disease and more debilitating diseases. I lost my mom at an early age I Placer county members. Due to diabetes and and not being in control. And how did you find out about better you. I found out actually through work program work colleague in front. We had about eight members from my job joined the program. And we that is the duration of the twelve week program and it's put on through the American Heart Association abstract amazing OK so now how did you get noticed you know. I actually started as a participant and a different program for American Heart Association. Loved it's much actually became a volunteer coach for that program and an earlier this year they asked me to coach better year. Can you might give you at Akron the red for women so that you is that's a small part of our go red for women initiative. So syndicate at an educational and awareness campaign tiller women's heart disease and stroke. Is their biggest culprit it actually is more certain number land and killer of women and more than eighty on the cot. Cancer combined no kidding so women are really susceptible to heart disease yes and let people know me and the other thing too is that the symptoms are different in women than men feel so go red for women is designed to sit. How people more aware of that that sounds like you're surprised that I am surprised so what are some of the initial signs that this could be happening TU. It really depends there's some the typical. Symptoms for men like they're they're left side gets. They kind of clinched their test. Those symptoms might not. Manifests in a woman it sometimes it's just feel a little bit more tired and rundown could be as simple as that and it turned out to be a bigger problem in the initially thought. Now for women especially because the Arctic caregivers and they are that the people that are in charge of the health for their families a lot of times they put their selves last on the list. So unfortunately. When they get that run down feeling. The pushed through an eight powered through because they needed to eight here everybody else so go read is really designed for women to say hey note take care of yourself first. Because if you don't take care of yourself and who laughs it is race. And so there's a lot of different ways that age you bring awareness it has many components. There's some online at resource is that we have a heart dot lowered. And then there's also aware dress. Wear red dress collection fashion show in your city and that no locally arkan and Coleman. An we have that it's go go red for women luncheon on February. An excellent and does that every year in February that they have heart month yes ma'am beautiful all right good to know. So once again we are talking with Gina bill villain who waive that and MIT I on a Guerrero and they are here represent teen. The better you program part of the American SS heart association. And we aren't today's world on that on Sunday mornings. So you're story is is is it fairly typical learned Eason it was family related at descent and the symptoms came on for you to as much like your your mom. I think it's it's typical for far too many women we ignore how has unit now. Mentioned you know we don't prioritize our own house. The part ties are told in our spouses and other members are currently that we don't take care of ourselves. And I would say that went take away message for women listening that I would happen make is to make your heart health a priority there's just no compromise. Personally I focus on their nutrition. And I and eating better eating less. Moving a lot more a lot of physical activity. Each week I was able to apply the lessons I I learned in the experience I had it's part of that are you. It helped me to stay motivated and stay on track. And when the first components of the battery program is with knowing my numbers knowing how I was at risk already. I was at risk and those risk factors why wasn't it rates for certainty how can I stay off. An and and focus on other areas that need attention. How he had that was kept fabulously she got work co workers to join you in this because then you have partners and you can. Spend your day you know coach helping each other along coaching each other if you will how to that I'll come about. It was actually great we Wear on it was email process we we all apply to the program and which are checking in each other did you get picked as you get an egg did we doubt that we we are Altec so it it was a weekly program we went once an evening. That that the deet. Day of the week which usually consisted so that helped a great deal him and we look forward we would commute together we would walk over its location was close enough. And we it became. Something that we really look forward to a weekly basis that camaraderie that that. Personal. Suspected of being together in and pipeline to the whether it was or recipe we learn. Yet we Digi connect it to you Pratt and you know how to work out. So it was great to you to have that common experience and that supports what are some of the things that you changed what. Whether it's more challenges than others I mean that's a that's a big deal to change your eating habits your blocking your exercise habits so all challenging some easier than others would what did you specifically do so I'm I was already focusing on nutrition and I was not refocusing on exercising what. The other aspects that I really like with stress reduction what we had one class that focus just on abstract stress reduction. And you know I have to admit I'm I am a bit. Wrote greater hurt our you know I have other aspects of my life that. Sometimes it a little out of control and by the end so I learned some some really gain tips. On how to reduce my stress. There was another class that was fabulous on on laughter you look at you which way is phenomenal at first I was like oh like I'm really not explain and a little bit. It's it's at its exercise for you go and it's not. Physical yoga. But it's the exercise of acting and how acting can reduce your cortisol levels and just. Overall B had tremendous stress reliever I love so it was great and and we found out that app program is three UCF. If they are offering on a free basis so it it people want to look at information and go and attend class. It's it's really great class to attend what. Makes you laugh every. Outlets you know it's like what doesn't make me. Yeah I mean give watching pictures of laughing babies in that heavily cracks via YouTube he was you know and sometimes now incident you know getting that the person for you you know you you happy that this thing so yeah excellent that's wonderful and you're gonna chime Indian islands and so one thing with laughter and at that they actually. And have been studies where even if you digits for if you just do that action of laughing. Regardless of if you're laughing at something if you know if there was an and EU are attached to it that they still shows signs of cortisol levels drop being. And whether you like it does homily like go through the motions Canada it's only telling me anything where you actually do feel better and I remember. I'm coming in as well and not really not really knowing what we are getting into you. And by the end of our almighty god we Wear so everyone is in such a great news we met some like new people there took pictures there was a lot of our right we are talking with Judith L Tina they'll excuse me villain wave and my tee on every Arad they are coats and yes program participant and star pupil. And as you've been hearing. As part of better year which is part of the American Heart Association and you mentioned UCF UCSF. Aren't they know it's it's cease it's just UCSF as far as that that particular Parra is concerned I'm accent and you mentioned. Commuting to the locations that are there various locations are just one location that it. So they weren't differently actually had different topics every week so once and we would talk. And we we actually had a cooking demonstrations and I was at a place where are weak and corrupt. We we did the laughter you know which was offside a we also had am. Talks about goals setting and how how to set ourselves up for more physical activity and exercise. And so those were just in their applications for use its app that's as American artists. It was also an American Heart Association are a night and yes excellent to us about some of those things you just mentioned nutrition and food preparation. I what are some of the things that you learned that. I learned that food doesn't have to be complicated it's very simple one of the picking demonstrates that Bob I've checked Shane. And he came and we were in and a place that you wouldn't normally think that would be cooking environments. And we needed delicious and dairy moist juicy chicken dish. All with. Fresh herbs. And juices. And it weighs. So simple and it was delicious and it was so quick and I think that was my take away it doesn't have to be complicated you don't need a lot of things. Symbol. You know symbol quake and nutritious what are some of the things that you have cut out of your. A lot because I'm Titanic. The carbohydrate vote can can especially in the evenings so I have cut out a lot of pops that the brown and I eat fruit but I tend not to eat for late night. Because it's my newsletters. So I've been very conscious you know it's funny because. The first thing the first question I ask is what like take cut out. It's what I'm adding what I was asked that next thing I don't. Added a lot more veggies and I noticed that my. My personal trick it's. Protein with every meal like my practices used my practice usually consisted of the car and am now in theory conscientious about especially. Day which is I mean what with the typical breakfast so typical practice to be 88 light scramble with. Fresh spinach fresh tomatoes red onions. Or I can do I call my hot oatmeal it's going to be able male with. And Ares and flax seeds. I learned through better you'd there's actually a difference with exceed the benefit to ground flax seeds whole flax seeds. One acts as a program on it one gives you the additional. That the only lately Catholic and it. So that was one tip I was like you need to buy both types now and get that extra boost. How would one join better year you said there is a process of getting accepted what does that look like. There's a website where you did did join and you just as a registration form and ages heart dot org is at this age and that's it could have taken Simon come on his other people in there and she's looking over their cell and one of our listeners wanted to join better you know what's the process. Absolutely so we have kind of like casting and that that. Group that comes together out and essentially it's just an online application. -- two and a guard red Bay Area dot heart dot org and and sign up. In the application will ON. Probably in the fall of beginning of September. And department typically runs in the fall. And we do plan to yet another two years thanks to UCSF. And lovely so how many people do you take. We doubled this year we week how difficult taking fifty we had so many applicants we actually took sixty applicants. But typically somewhere around fifty to sixty applicants and they are all female. And that is a huge part of the EU I am program and went to explain to our listeners who you learn what to do as we pulled you out of the corner of my name is she Pascal and I am. The director of go red for women here in Bay Area are right so I think I got the website go red Bay Area dot heart dot or cracked excellent so if anybody is interested in better unit sounds like Monty and I had a amazing experience and Gena bell of bell and a wave it a coach there. And we're so excited that year bringing this message to women especially that they have amazingly higher rate of heart issues than men. So by the American Heart Association and UCSF in Mexico admiration with this once again. Go red Bay Area dot board. And hearts dot org if you need more information ladies our time is just about up. Congratulations Montana and can carry on your you can't carry it a chance to get into some of the exercise things but just. Not necessarily going for our ten mile run that just moving your moving yourself more correct what I've done that that that I haven't in the ten mile run and the ten mile hikes and it blocks and runs and I mean Oscar bid for years so it there in a nutshell thank you ladies so much the American Heart Association. This is today's world and I am sue call if you wanna hear this show and get more information. You can now go to today's world SF. Dot org if you have patch shows that you like to listen to what you have show ideas once again today's world SF dot com I believe I said org for today's world SF. Dot com and we'll see you all next weekend thanks for joining us and you know.