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Sunday, April 16th


Sue Hall Speaks with Jo Schuman Silver Producer of the long running musical review BBB and the upcoming Beach Blanket Babylon Foundation scholarships. Deadline to enter is April 28th, 2017

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Good morning and welcome to today's world I'm sue hall and you listen to this show and others always at today's world SF dot com. We are very honored for the next fifteen minutes to be speaking of Jo Schuman silver she is the producer longtime Mac collaborator for beach blanket babble lined. And so welcome to the show Joseph thank you I didn't hear a fan of behind the scenes of yours for a long long time being a local girl myself I don't think so much fun enjoy rain and multiple times beach blanket Babylon it's an icon. Thanks so much action so the reason Joseph is here a multiple reasons but the reason she's here's because you have and scholarship for the arts program. A wonderful thing to get kids involved we're gonna talk about that but first. Do you mind if we get into a little bit of the history and knows like about a lot at all so tell tell me how how it got started obviously. With your husband at Steve silverback back in the day when when was back in the day on. It started a street corner in San Francisco it was it started really 73. Stephen a couple of friends and that was very popular. In the seventies. They just had he had a bunch of costumes and they went to history and it starts singing closed tube carpenters and people started throwing them money. So he said well maybe we can get enough money to go to Hollywood and line that was a big deal in 1970 today. While the owner of the Savoy Tivoli was good friend of Steve it was and in north beach. Sent to him why did you bring your little married for him to. And I am I'll take that unthinkable I take the door and lets you put on a show them what pat customs that they start off what he had a bunch of pastors from this this they pinky ring and call rent to freak. And he made the original Belinda you had snow wise idea pineapple princess. All of these characters that Easter in the seventies at a staples. Of the show today 43 years later. And it just got a huge cult following he thought it was gonna run. The most six weeks that has a 43 year 43 years so he obviously stuck on something now back even when that started was it very topical and no I don't know it was just a bunch of his friends. Just getting up there and costumes somebody was dressed as. Guilder you know him. The read anywhere Derrek and it just got out there it's like a puppet doing anything. And it struck a nerve in San Francisco and then a huge cult follow. And when did this scripted sort of let's put it in big big big production state get it and I went 75 minutes to copper where they rarely are now. And it started getting more scripted. As you know as time went on but it was getting bigger and bigger. And it was just like it became when the biggest things in town he was so grateful. For the war are they touted. Welcomed him breaks it down yet. He he will yours as a Philanthropic person. But he always gave back he thought giving back with something he that he appreciated since so many people on the Walton beach when the apple. And that's how we act to this just did he am do you many much advertising was. Her no curb campaign how how prevalent down to one of the first house. I loved it and bella love with and started writing about it. Right away and her came for those of you who don't know with a long long time columnist in San Francisco chronicle. That was but for social media was social media exactly so once heard too rugged back which was very begin. Every buddy story content when Steve's best friends. Was Charlotte Schultz. Who is the chief of particle is. And he's able to get this thing go and and she's out in a big party. And so we had sand on the floor how lifeguards. In that mark doing the Italy's beach balls and stuff and they started playing 1950s. Ranking in and that means right. And that the original beach blanket movies yet be right as we don't know yet happened exactly I can't think I think I really think everybody no I don't it has a different generation right but get stuck obviously it. It stuck and steep started. Making different incarnations through the years. And then became base to start and make you very topical in the eighties and it doesn't read ahead haven't and I know my mouth and just put it that your fine and this is not television this is radius it's a good. Unlike dive. Okay on the and then and the 87. D.s. It started becoming very topical. And today. I mean if there's something in the news this morning from. I can get it in the showed tonight can re right that's how great our people aren't you know sometimes. We do right before the show opposite breaking news it's about performance would be ready on their hands. But yeah it's very very topical especially today with the news with you know president trust. The news changes like every five minutes we were able to get an. We're speaking with Jo Schuman silver producer beach blanket babble on the deal longest running. Play new legally Leo review at ever. And are you still eight days a week 51 days a year is still. Is a little bit different now yep you can speak. Okay. Got a light during Christmas Christmas is a huge time for beach like that we have more performance and you've had celebrities worldwide come to the show well the biggest thing one of the biggest thing that Steve put the show on at symphony while. For Queen Elizabeth and prince fill. Them honest he was no longer here. Charlotte arranged for Prince Charles and Camilla com. And this is ten years ago that I'd be one of the biggest deals where they and then not then themselves but they were where they characterized in the play at that time. In beach blanket Babylon re spending and I. It won't and we made a big British had put the carrot is in everything that they are like the best audience they were really quite wonderful and people canvass effort Cisco today just to see at still cute she and dad ever popular. But how do you keep it not political it'll well it is now is more topical I don't know that tunnel ripping political. For quite awhile when we realized how important politics. And people's lives. You know because it's very up to date especially now that's all anybody is talking about politics. And is this. And what to say about. It that's what ever he as he's great for beach like Natalie just gonna say you know that's that's the only way I can explain it. He's so wonderful. For us because he's so easy to parity and he changes his mind every day that's why the show changes. Everyday we really have a wonderful thing about his family called the bunt trump family singers. And that's all it's all of the kids parity. Along with Donald with president trump and the line via. And the sound of music spoof which was really great and it's also been great problem late night talk show host and Saturday at Ivan you know it's it's it's not it's not even integrate but that it enough that country but he's been great for that exactly. Once again Joe's humans over at producer for beach blanket Babylon such an honor to have you here. So these scholarships for the arts program this is in its fifteenth year and you said that Steve was always about giving back. Always and he left a foundation. Which was especially for education. Health issues and the arts and we started this in 2002. Which is open all day area high school seniors it's. Some of that money yours you. Scorcher anything in grants us that it Allen it's not it's just about your talent. And open to all Bay Area high school seniors fifteen years in the running how does one get involved. This is really very easy if your mom our student out there right now lead underwriter alleged that these fundamental com. Punched in scholarship all the information. Is right there you have to submit a video of a three minute video of yourself in the singing dancing acting. And it's so much fun even if you will win and you know you'll have the blast at the first year we did it. 1 of the writers I thought she was magnificent ran after her eyes when you graduate college which is fully use please come back and addition for us and ends in August. On the show it's so great yeah no it's direct effect yet so I am I just one image in some of the past winners this was last year. I gal I Murray co U mount in dance from San Mateo high school shout out systemic tale Sierra Stephens an acting from sir Francis Drake. And Shannon Selma and Kate payment voice from Tampa highs to tumor in high schools and we're live from Iran that does a lot of big and it did there I went to a redwood high school to just a few years ago Robby Robin Williams is a little bit of form even Gavin Newsom was a little bit after so cook. A so glad it's shout out to that Marines students. So bad but anyone in the Bay Area any high school and usually I only see your aunt suck. It really is so easy and so much fun. Each person that's a midget in a free ticket to be good balance. And now we narrowing ballot box creative teams and tell me how that process works well we get hundreds of tapes we go to that we have the creative team. And myself our director on our musical director and choreographer. And we'd go through hundreds and hundred over and over and over again. And then we narrowed it down to three. Three kids in each category the nine kid nine kids altogether. And they come at the beach blanket. And we meet with them the first which is so much fun to see there there videos very different person. And I noticed through the years they've become much sophisticated not I mean there's bad they are so much fun it probably also the the technology exactly yeah exactly and they're terrific and we rehearse them. And they meet our past. And then the night of June 5. That perform live in front of our white audience which which consists of their parents teachers that appears. Everything plus. A panel of celebrity judges the head of the opera ahead of this symphony had at HTT it really great judges. For these kits to perform love and run out. And then. Judges vote. And we get a winner and it happens right there on on June. That's very very fast it alias what is the scholarship but as the amount. It's 151000 dollars for each student we raised it last year because I am starting at 101000 out. It's so expensive to go to school. You know so we raised it and oh most of the alumni come back. You know like the winners the last of that just that Allah. They'll come back this year to get the checks to bomb has as the brilliant this year and the latest and missing would be like about along with the kids and that we'll have the best time and this all comes from the Steve's silver foundation and do you take other donations. For these kids aren't that it is totally a foundation what the money at stiglitz. Warned that being asked people to send him money to the foundation because it's a wonderful foundation. All of all very scholarship. And all right so we have a deadline of Friday April 28 which is very important it's midnight Friday April 28 so it's a couple of weeks left. How would you for those may be potentially wanting to get involved how would you encourage them or what advice would you give I would tell them. Even if I was a little bit of talent you'll have the best time. If you sending and people because it's just a lot of fun there's no pressure there's nothing and you meet other one replicates and high schools in the Bay Area. Who are very similar to you. I would say everybody if you think you have an inkling of talent now. Act one as you said there's so much in the news today to parity first of and you're lucky you climb on board with those who are talented. The girl from a Marie and speaking of that was just on the voice. That the national TV show last name was dire I think and and the governing right now but anyway. That that amount of talent that comes out of the Bay Area is related college and so on pitching and she didn't get she just just got voted optimize I think she was on. I'm I'm a fan to shoot on the ad. The bleach out the team and Gwen Stefani and it was so close but anyway that's out but I mean just think of these the same she just had been on the shotgun shell just that itself so there is a lot of talent in the area and see that more and more each year which is so exciting and never thought I'd taken it on the road a -- just as it is strictly San Francisco thing would you ever is constantly show the show beach blanket Babylon to LA or New York we went we went we went to London and we had which was amazing yeah. We could stay there for advice you could take initiative to Las Vegas for a couple of years. But the priority is San Francisco it's this without justice Francis couldn't show because people from all of the world com and love it. But you know we do a lot appeal we do a lot of charitable things and this is our. Love that we're speaking with Jo Schuman silver and the producer beach blanket babble on what year are we in now with the show. How many years and I believe there and leave it's it's quite an amazing show I help everyone in the Bay Area has seen it it's been raining and I've personally seen a few times. At the scholarship deadline once again 151000 dollars three lucky Bay Area students one in dance one and voice when an acting. Have a shot so far right yeah you never know thousand dollars will go towards your college education and every little bit helps as you mentioned. School is so expensive these days. Again joking about the website. Beach blanket Babylon dot com college scholarship midnight April 28. I can't believe it fifteen year and the kids. Some of the kids that wanted Clement to really great things Tracy shabbat. Like with Katy Perry. Agree on and they've been on. To befall one it was in the super ball with Katy Perry. And the Academy Award and sharks but that. As soon as. It is like Avalon pitched that that's all my kids call me an. Do away and I think people wanted to sharks initial pro excellent excellent there you go well that's a lovely to hear that what your kids don't want to do afterwards to wonderful atmosphere like a proud mom yes and I really and was so excited about a lot of coming back. This year and they've gone to such great things. Jim Schuman silver producer beach blanket babble on the beach blanket Babylon dot com slash scholarship my name is sue all this is today's world. If you wanna traditional again because you so much great information here are you wanna look at past shows that listen past shows or if you have she'll ideas. You can did it and visit us at today's world ask half dot com today's world SF dot com we'll see you next weekend thanks Joseph thanks gently.