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Sunday, June 18th


Sue Hall speaks with Bob Flynn. He and his wife Patty opened a Bricks and Mini Figs store in Concord that keeps their autistic son Scott thriving! Listen to their story!

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Good morning and welcome to today's world I used to haul and you can listen to this show and others at today's world SF dot com. After the next fifteen minutes I had the pleasure of speaking with Bob Flint. The morning Bob good morning and Bob runs new store in Concord it's called bricks and many Fe eggs at all about your son Scott is us yeah so that's the real story so you started this small business let's go back to the beginning in my talk talk about Scott. OK so. Yeah so Scott who's 22 now. Is autistic and so. Obviously we've he's been going through the school system and and following that path but here in the state to reach twenty to you each. Public school system unless you're going on academically to something else he did not have. The skills. And the where with Paul or desire to do that so. We knew several years ago we were gonna reach that sort of inflection point where we needed to figure out what was next for him. And so in 2014. Have been in the technology world for about 34 years retired. Partially because with my wife one to figure out what we would do when he turned 22 which was actually in December of when he sixteen. And it becomes a little bit less defined. For special needs kids what happens after the you know the school system school system was great he. Came through the our colony school system. Offers last few years removed from down from Seattle where we lived. Predominantly for about 1516. Years of his life. So we started looking different options and actually world led by Scott to me bricks and mini figs store open. Portland Oregon where my sister lives in. Scott is very much into the Lego world in these very passionate about that it's very enthusiastic about it. For those it and I hate to interrupt you but that bricks refers to that Lego bricks and many Fe eggs. Mini figurines correct that it figures that are part of part of the whole Lego world very popular in the Lego world. But any case we start looking at that and nicer to do little homework on bricks in many fixed in time out that it was in fact a franchise. We spent about eight or nine months doing some research on signed a franchise agreement action last April. And decided we would sort of take control of the situation with scout ourselves so we we decided we would open the franchise which region in Concord back in April. And would employ him so he works essentially five days a week. Nine and bowed wondered too. Very much like a school day would be for him when he trance structure very structured in that regard. And you can see for work for somebody you know with his skills and on the artistic scale. His social skills are something that need to continue to develop peace somewhat. Inhibited in terms of interactions. But at bricks and many eggs that we get a personality that sort of comes alive a little bit he's enthusiastic he's knowledgeable. He's had several interactions with customers. And for sure we rely on him because of news. His knowledge in the Lego world so that's how we got to hear so you know he's basically a Lago genius little is that like a well. He has maybe a little bit out of the because there are there are many people that travel a great depth of knowledge in the like a world. I am not wonderful but but he does. In terms of you know some of the smallest details associated with these. As well as this this knowledge. Option history. Seoul. A bricks and mini figs. We not only sells. Legos then and a mini figures but we also obliged them. So we buy and trade from people. And often times we will get things noble com and we have to assess them and price them. And we won't know exactly. What they are we can ask god and cut until that comes from well 2012. It's from this that a New York you know one out that's a huge help. So he he basically had this infatuation with Lego and found he found the store in Portland snow and and took you guys there. Sort yet he didn't have a thought that we were. We were gonna do anything right about Reno we followed him into it there's the actual franchiser is actually based out of out of the Portland area when the suburbs and there's several stores up in that area. Scotsman to two or three of them we actually went on vacation once back to Tennessee he led us to a store outside of Memphis. So and so we found it there and who is I gotta tell you the stories are so we. Made the decision and with the help of my wife and my brother who's been fantastic both of them been fantastic about this. We signed the franchise and actually the night before we signed the franchise agreement we saw that Scott down. And we said you know look I know you're anxious about school and dean. Who we want to know that we are you know we're gonna sign and an agreement to open up opportunity for big story here. And Scott was Florida stunned for a second and he said to us he goes you know this is a dream come true. Mission in terms. You know opening a small business. Finding location all the things that go with that and then finally reached the point where we opened in April and now everywhere you know over two months into it. And he's very involved agencies working there keeps structure it an and then you have. All kinds of birthday parties and other light facets around resume our guest for the buying and selling is part we do birthday parties were now running summer camps. In there are so we've got people coming and doing robotics and some of those things that. You know part of it is four for me in particular. Is my wife just remind you know keep your island what the objective here is that your son because it's very easy in mud and my. My sympathies of people opening. Small businesses like completely get a document of the corporate world. And I completely get that challenges with and getting through permanent mean and license scene and all those types of things. So for me you know after doing you know being in the corporate world for some years I kind of dive into the deep end of that to. And then you know as this and my wife patty who really erased. Skied in our other son Brian. You know keeps sort of keeps me grounded on that in terms of what word what we're in this for ourselves we're done that's part of the challenge. Or Scott via I'm speaking with Bob Flynn and he and his wife Patti opened at the Concord at the day at Concord addition if you wanna say of fabrics and mini figs mini figurines. An and a dream come true for your sense Scott heat heat now is sort of the guidance of all things legal firm for your customers so you've got a question are you need a piece. Are you and I just keep going back my kids or it's just a timeless toy if I don't know he's holiday toy and I'm it's so it it it inspires creativity. You can take apart and redo and god forbid follow those directions which heat that's I look at some of the directions and and you know it really does take a certain mindset. To Anne and some of them are very complicated you know days very complex and did a huge pirate ships in the you know Star Wars figurines and that is thousands of pieces thousands of justice. It's really you know it's in pristine it's it's been interesting to talk to parents who bring kids in in the various ages of these kids and by the way as you mentioned who we get. Plenty of adults who were in there who are collectors are builders or whatever. You know you do find that the parents really like this element for their child because it. Allows them noted that stimulates the mind did you have to. Be able to follow the instructions you have to have some dexterity in terms of your your fingers and some things you do you have to stay on task so to speak. And they like that in you know many have said to me that this is much better than a video game alternated them is there's an intellectual. Side to this. So so that's that's been really good and Scott is. A very strong builder but one of the things that is one of the skills she's got that comes with a his autism is this great mind he's done a memory bank dead many of us would. Would love to have now the trick for us is to be able to pull those memories have him be able to articulate that the Lego world. Does that for him and we we've relied on him in many instances in terms of drawing on that and memory that is what. Did what and W story what comes to mind is specifically. An issue that someone came in with needing a piece like he said from. 2012. And what is it what I mean so. Yeah I think it good the most specific one is these many figures that you mentioned are very detailed and in fact. They come largely in sections right you've got a head he got a torso you've got legs in many cases you have had and parents on. It and those people that are really deep into Lagos for example Star Wars and we are very specific in terms of knowing what Corso goes with the what's legs and so on. And so sky will very and a pretty regular basis will look at the many figures that we put on that's when you'll say god. That torso does not go to the plate and for you and me we would say yeah. I have no idea that what he sees that they could be as small as just a little lying. Across the chest that goes in a certain direction. And you know it just we just get blown away by his ability to know that that came from sad you know back in. Of this section back in 2013. And then we can look it up and you know sure enough find that's amazing. Now let's say talking about your location you're in Concord and up and your addresses 2250. Commerce are seven product suite would be conquered and do you have a web sites. We do it's a bricks and mini figs dot com you'll find. Really the franchise there and then on that side you were able to choose locations we are. The only one the first and only one in the state of California so we're proud proud about that and yeah we've been we've noticed certainly. How our customers are the customer base is growing force we've noticed that it. Really doubled in terms of lower in terms of amendments over the past thirty days though. It's really starting to come into its own right now do you have workshops. We well we run that those summer camps right now and and then word you've all been a little bit in terms of what it is what other things it is we want to offer. We have a lot of suggestions coming from parents one of the suggestions is that. We set up a little repair station. Where people can con men who have Legos that are missing parts or whatever and they can just come into the station. Go you know go through our parts and whatever and fix something right there on the spot that's one idea but the summer camps that were running right now. You're five days a week they're usually about three hours today. And we're we're seeing how those those little bit here and then you'll evil little bit for what primary age group yup our grass double album primarily unity that. Five to about twelve or thirteen the sweet spot probably in about. Eight to ten and I would say but you know you get all ages there's there's him going on right now we have a have a five year old in there who's just. Have a ball and that you can hear I'm John you know element of the parents dropped them off for it Thursday though they generally drop among active the we we partner with. With a company called brick space that has instructors and they they do that they're very skilled that we're can with the kids so it's yeah its very fun and it's it's great to see the kids come and they. They come into the store they'll they'll come up and kind of press their faces up against classed as a waiting for the parents. To show up and in the door will open in the go. All my gosh we've had several quotes from kids the no joke we had to and in two days for these kids that this is the best store I've ever. That's that's very that's very fun for those are all things we didn't expect. But you know kind of come when the franchise whose is brilliant and sort of setting historic it's for is someone nontraditional although we have. Lego new Lego sets like Lego store would in the franchise were considered a secondary markets we have. We hundreds of mini figures that are on display. And no we have lose. Lego parts which are callable so builders come in and collect those in problem. You can build your own mini figure if you wanna do that reply when that we've got and then we have a bunch of sets that are used that we purchased from. Customers are you know off to spend as much money on a new one. Thank you get used when which is essentially you know almost like new if you want to pull it apart and rebuild that which a lot of people do on a Star Wars which is probably the most. Popular right now I would imagine right. We're talking with Bob Flynn mean his wife Patti and brother mark put together this franchise bricks and mini figs in Concord rebuild re use re imagine let go timeless. We only about two minutes here but a little bit of the history of the lake and lake though it's from Scandinavia is correct. Iraqi so it's a nordic based company you know years and ended is then you turned and evolved into the huge company and he huge presence. Around the world and just very fascinating how it's evolved even in my son's god even in my wildest and Brian who's now 25. You know started very young and so you can see. We've been able to experience the evolution of of Lagos and how that changes the fantastic product and they just continue to revolve and and sort of amazed and we'll keep NASA. Informed about Scott's programme wealth Scott thank you Bob Arnot we're already out of time let's give folks the address again twenty to fifty commerce avenue words we'd be in Concord and and we're open seven days a week so it's hard to miss a mom by its 9258251954. Or you can find them bricks and mini figs dot com summit FaceBook page we do yell we're on our FaceBook he consists out there as well and if you go to the web site. You'll see the FaceBook connect to reduce women's programs while excellent thank you Bob my best to your wife Patti true test Scott and please stay attached. I this is today's world I'm sue all of you wanna hear the show again cash shows or have show ideas we are always open to that too so please visit us at today's world SF. 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