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Sunday, August 27th


Sue Hall speaks with Kalie Standish from Downtown Streets Team about their event Sept 8 and 9th in San Jose to help end homelessness

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Good morning this is today's world. I'm sue hall and just reminder you can listen to this show and others at today's world SF dot com. For the next fifteen minutes I'll be talking with paley at tightly standish and she is rammed the downtown streets team. I Hsu is manager of communications and development let's talk to did I see your name right. Haley Caylee her ass and Haley standish. I downtown streets team give me an overall of what it is that you do and how men and your purpose. Pretty thinks there. And good morning everyone. And street team is users each and anti please see our team members. All of whom are on the answer risk of homelessness. In your communities via. I'm here at Francisco. And other and pallets sunny now and Tuesday he where saner and open about it well. I'm an older team members of seat. Wearing green and blue shirts and be fine neighbor they're cleaner streets their part are parks that are public face. And while they're doing in work Monday through Friday and punitive fine streets. Organization is really focus on green in the dignity of human. And providing this evening I mean it's about it situations. How did they find. Answer. Appeared appear and said. You know what we say is no one can speak to the process. And it's. Better than someone on through. And really focus on that appeared appear reach my where art team members gay gene for homeless neighbors. Educate them about the program. The impact can support that there and and and providing that care. Really it's a whole community's support for. And folks. So now all the cities that you mentioned that there are locations there for people to go to get more information yes absolutely. And we do weekly fix me for every location where. We're boarding new team members were congratulating him celebrating in the celebration and successes that team members I mean. And all of our weekly success means our post on the website WWW. Streets team ORG. And we welcome. You know on the offense there homeless and just committed. A penis and it. Welcome everyone to the success I imagine you are pretty much run by volunteers and donations that are always accept that just hit it adds absolutely. And fee for service contracts in and going into the park and some of the public speeches through adapt to block programs Heatley programs. And to provide. Support for team members and and then also just threw an individual nations. We're talking with the Kylie standish she's manager of communications and development for. Downtown streets team that are based all over the Bay Area helping net to end homelessness. I you really fun event coming up yet so we certainly do downtown wrapped which its new apps on your record is opening. And but it's our first annual. Over the edge of the year off screen folks aperture means you sixteen hours. Equipment to 236. Feet. The Adobe headquarters building as he hikes it is offered wonderful yes yes and help and homelessness and neighbor. And and this is really finally to do as well. Jumping off a building. Think it has not for the all right yes thank you so there's not claiming involved which is getting down by a building and experience. Now that's amazing to me to tell me what to go through with. Anybody who's you know got. That little bit of that wild here that wants to do something pay for the community anybody that's entrance in an adrenaline boost him on September. And down and property needs here pal. It a new experience needed. We are open sponsorship. And an increase in the name. It's pretty cool and unique about the situation is in me in its not but there's party. With music audience. And some performances. If you let's price celebrities that will be your. In addition to use me air. And say he's a lot of spiral cut. A mere Pete. Mayors and now on the house Mair. It's turned quite in TB. The mayor's yes. There's also opportunities. And if you are now willing to. To volunteer to donate it to the card points and tops your thoughts which is something that's DST. I have a building I like a fair to. Them higher CEO. Richard and fundraising for arts for her. Opportunity so sixteen floors up and obviously you have professionals that are going on with Q and that are showing you how to get all wired up in roped up I guess is that the term. Absolutely. Music plane. We encourage. People attached Oprah. And I would be strengthens its media updates there. It's this is as September 8 and ninth off the Adobe headquarters in downtown San Jose were attacking with highly standish who was a manager of communications and development with downtown streets team. Helping to end homelessness that's what this event is all about you have a fund raising goal. Yes we ago. Our fundraising is too. In 75000 dollars and this directly supports downtown streets team. Our ability to continue and expand our programs throughout the entire Bay Area. And it really is under percent going towards team members. Without the sport from case managers employment specialists and this unit wide net of community partners it would not be possible you know week. Just a few numbers over the past. Few years on the employment side of things. 680. Recently homeless. Individuals that secured full time employment. With how is more than 750. People. On the environmental side we've removed over four point two million gallons of debris from our streets parts. And public space as. And here in T DiFrancesco we've removed more than thirteen. And use needles around we are making in our communities cleaner safer stronger. And and and really in the foundation as the partnership's. And the communities apart so we really encourage everyone to come out in September. Ands and visit the website for more information and it's WWW. Attack streets team. That ORG. Slash downtown. You have that mentioned some of the successes in the in the cleanup in the environmental. Do you have any favorite success stories you'd like to share yeah absolutely you know and homelessness is a complex issue it and it's through these individualized approaches that are able to really. Make the market make an impact on individual. We have successes happen every single day. And you know if someone comes to their very first success meeting actors you know beating gage I want our team members may for the past month. And they come and that's six acts and we wanna celebrate of one very recent success and I just ran into this team member. Earlier this week. My experience homelessness for several years. And he is. A graduated out of ours can file program Heatley is the homeless for several years. In there is the time that he. Was making six figures in this exceptional prayer in ninety and few months ago. He Downey received one job offers three room and started salary 70000 dollars. And it just some earlier this week and he and you know an opportunity for job growth and firm raised and and that kind of success is just monument. You wonder how somebody with a six figure job ends up on the street. Absolutely it's just it's more prevalent than I think we all. Realize absolutely it can happen. And it's you know it could be. A health care could be lost notes. You know it could be lost the job. You know especially with limited affordable housing options. In the Bay Area makes it very difficult sometimes snap in of those resources. Focusing more on the prevention and education is something where and definitely. Honing in non. There are opportunities you know we mention and volunteer programs in and relief on events and activities the world so. Trying to increase the education and remove some stigma associated with homelessness. As we've created cultural competency seminars. Tickets and you workplaces and schools and churches house of poverty simulations. Where people have an opportunity to. Actually simulate what it's like and to live on the low income and trying to navigate this other resources. Balls taking care of their kids. And and working in and there's a lot of different opportunities to get involved and it's adherence Indy earned him Francisco. We've lunged age of say hi campaign. I've heard of that yes oftentimes people you know and and working and it's in home serves as world firms for quite some time now. Often times people knew what to IQ is there is money and food. And it's it's engagement right it's. It's everything it's all encompassing and it's that the foundation is. And just extending a really warm hello to someone that meet the world of difference. I know that a lot of people especially in Saint Francis well everywhere you know when there's panhandling going on in this really. Difficult to. Trust and know if you do give this person money. That big high and a handshake eat could go a million miles absolutely a converts each and and and nice greeting as a matter who do you. And that goes. That's that great advice once again or talking with K Lee standish with the downtown streets team they are all over the Bay Area. Their job is to help end homelessness and you can see by all of the outreach programs that they offer. It's really a worthwhile cries. Big fund raising event coming up September 8 and ninth at the downtown drop down if you've got hot a desire to. Repel office sixteen Storey building to help and homelessness. You'll not be alone there will be lots of people out there there'll be as professionals to help you get down. And that there are fundraising goal funds all of these amazing programs. So Tosh your bus or get that get up there yourself for maybe inspire me add a work related team. It your co workers out there it'll be an event you'll never forget that's for sure it's definitely once nighttime data out streets team dot org where it's plural streets team dot org. Is that where to get more information. And if you go other there's obviously places for you to sign up to donate all of all of that infamous. Everything is on the web. Again street steamed at. Fast downtown. And again that's September 8 and ninety you have two days and how many people right now do you have signed that. The goal is just okay and that's through the two days to see cantata. It if you wanna wait to the last many you can you can get. Sponsorship opportunities available as talents and you don't have to repel you can. And each individual. Panel. Spies in its 2000. Entries and can be your fans here for speed in topping your bots at the time that I'm working on doing the fact that there are just so many opportunities that once again it's streets team dot board. And through this finds the year programs throughout the year path of this is yet either fund raising events or is this like that you said it was the first annual and its first annual edu and smother fundraising events that are local ties to some of its communities and neighborhoods and and on the smaller scale. And that it is it's it's an exciting opportunity for folks it's. You know what other what other time would you be able to repel off one of the tallest buildings in tennis hands. Europe and donation goes to a fabulous cots absolutely and that's great donation is tax tax deductible continue please and list the cities that streets team are involved with again yes says San Francisco. Palo Alto San Jose sunny now. He word about a town and see an OK so I guess if you have any of body that you know that's home lesson that wants to reach out and learn more about how to change their situation around or perhaps you are in that position there is resources here for you and all of those communities. Which seems pretty broad based around the entire Bay Area. And defeat can get to a computer streets teamed dot org do you go to them outside of those communities to obtain homeless folks if you don't. And we've actually receives them some interest from other Bayard community is. An author enters from from other states leveling. I think that speaks to use the impact of the program. And all's the ability to replicate. And customize the same time. To meet the needs an excellent. So downtown drop down is September 8 and ninety in San Jose go over the edge with us and his -- mayor Sam Ricardo. And other surprise celebrities and to get more information at street's team dot org. We are out of time Kiley thank you so much think she's on her being here without asking it and add my name is sue all of this is today's world. And if you wanna hear this show past shows or please if you have show ideas we would love to hear from you you can visit us at today's world. S asp dot com and will be back next weekend.