Food Truck Night in Daly City

Wednesday, September 20th


A special edition of the podcast today! We talk to Nicole and Mandy from Thomas Edison Elementary about their first ever food truck night to raise money for their school. Nick is providing the music and there will be some food trucks and fun for the whole family. Best part is that it's free. Learn all about it and come and join us Thursday September 21st from 5-8pm

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I'd say it's they can Crist and and we are here with Nicole and Mandy from Tom sent us an elementary there's an event coming up. Soon in fact I would say Thursday night's 'cause I don't know when Eminem. Blog to support the substance Thursday night yes starting at 5 o'clock on the black top food trucked nights at Thomas Edison elementary. And we're here with them to talk about the whole event this is the first ever you've done this right at all. Yes this is our first time and we thought I was we side that other schools of blocks of them in Southern California we're actually doing it we thought it was a really cool concept. You know they have other things in this city like off the grey Ed. But we wanted to bring that to the school make it more kid friendly kind of fun family event that everybody can attend to. And reasonable a little bit more reasonable hours for family yet I know definitely it's after you know everybody gets off work which is nice what exactly is gonna be happening we're gonna. How to TJ we're gonna have food tracks are gonna high just a fine net found in aid. It's a great opportunity for everyone in our school in the PTO board to also be. And participating in and learning the families have while as well we've actually added had a lot of PTO members Oca so new found me is our with our PK eight classes and our early. Young young kids coming into the school so we wanna be able to. Join in you know bring them into the found me and welcome them men and it's a perfect night to do not so what kind of food trucks T think you're gonna have out there. So bring out we have. Pokey man that blew up documents. We have Al peca chair. We have. And grilled cheese guy and. We just found out conflicts and we're not sure if it's a previous gonna make it had a truck breakdown don't know I have. But we're hoping making. Get it fixed and Sheila because I personally and the champion on the degree be on everything now Bryant. And we're also hapless pops there which there lake. Hopefully it's we don't know overwhelmed you put too many choices especially since it's our first time. And then depending on how well ghost. Maybe the next time we'll do even more yeah I mean I love. I love food chart mates and food trigger events but I can only do to food trucks. Is is no point in having more than than five flu drugs there is you've got desserts so would you get allies there of analog around. And food with gravy and send our food with not very accurate and that itself. I think that many more that I always wanna hit every return right I can first of all he can't hit every fraternities can't your body temptation so. That sounds like you're cool that wears everything gonna be set up I'm sure people of attended obviously Thomas Ellison Edison. Elementary school and now they just need to know where on camp. That's going to be literally going to be on the black applicants are playground area by right kind of behind the school. Most families know where that is a gas line up there in the mornings that's where recesses. Right where they placed ads on the playground they just played structure right on the side but it's literally. We call the black yes it's yeah blacked out. It's just playground at break in the school right there where they can usually play. That's cool and G it lights apparent city park in the parking lot and then they can just walk over so we actually are gonna how parking on the black top as well because it. So there's parking on the black top there'll be parking in the lot and then all around the school because the school both schools together take up a whole entire block allow. Yeah it's very big so there's party just within the neighborhood all around us and how much is barking just it's free it's free yeah. Really it was an event yeah it's pretty free unit we just ask that you. Ice and hang out that's. And now where does all the money that does to you said while. The food or to there and I'm assuming that when you buy food something happens with a football portion of the money so all. Trucks and everybody that hat are is going to be selling food that night. They've will be donating 10% of other sales back to the school which is really awesome again and that they are willing to do that RS. Orix independent and Mandy what do you do you what you need the money for. You know we it goes so a lot of different things in eyes in all of school systems have had lasts on. Anybody that's smaller budget so I am I is here and so important guys so we really use that far excursions are out to our education perfect creators we used at four. Transfer teach and for them to get their. And girl are. Are our program we can't we actually would have an art program at a school. Without the PT a painful wow after witches of crazy again. Artists such a big big African Catalina and wow and another huge run has our opera program. So the kids actually every year they have a blast with an especially because we have our older. Of the schools that affect the sixth graders this is our last year that. There's gonna have that later a 63 clocks to all I'm so it gives an opportunity to really participate in a huge. Experience. That they would never experience if we couldn't find it. On the duly put on an opera or they go to India they put on now that's the reason I think creating ads actually come on Lowrie takes us on his. They create background. Off from scratch and they put on a show and its and they actually have people come down and teach him you know how to projector. It's a really awesome program that's cool slick yet it's happening Thursday night from five to eight it's free to attend free parking. Thomas Edison elementary in Daly City. Thank you to Nicole and Mandy for coming out anything else we need dad to let these people know what you wanna say. But some on the on the fence about coming don't eat all day because you can now that I think you know hit all those who attract. Please use Stephan and of course. We want and don't want to miss nick he's going to be TI yeah that's right end to what Vijay. So awesome I hear there's going to be some amazing music is there is sunny Atlantic to play I ever cry all you have to pay. I. Agree I am the Saturday night double cool the club remixes that. Mary I think that there are and what they guesstimate firfer come down and in UC tomorrow night being awesome.