Friends of Faith "20 Shades of Pink"

Sunday, August 13th


Rosie Allen, Founding Member of Friends of Faith, Inc. and Chair of the “20 Shades of Pink” and Barbara Rodgers, Founding Member of Friends of Faith, Inc. and a member of the planning committee for the “20 Shades of Pink” came in to talk about the orgnaization and this important event. Friends of Faith is an organization of professional colleagues and friends who have come together in the name of our much loved sister and founder, Faith Fancher.  We dedicate ourselves to fighting against the breast cancer epidemic through the power of information and by funding local organizations that provide direct services to underserved and underinsured women (and some men, too) with breast cancer.

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Yeah. Welcome Melissa members area are. Host my name's Gerry different today after two special guest in the studio with me. Rosie Allan when the founding members of the friends of faith and its share the twenty shades of pink event this coming up. On August 26 will be judgment and a minute and Barbara Rogers also a founding member of friends of faith but she's on the planning committee. The twenty Shays of paying good morning ladies are you good morning Gerri thank you for letting us come in and talk about what we've been talking a little bit before Mike's our role in numbers aren't good that you remember my name and could mean for. Of course we do you have a connection to friends of faith because your wife is the president of the vote. Right and I'm kind of kind of kind of honorary member because he knows all ladies tournament on remand member as a man. We would love to have min. Unfortunately it was they were challenged by being in the room while. I'm scared nobody Tommy and I mean. So let's start would the very beginning of course friends pay for those who don't know Telus would who faced venture is in with the friends of faith. He is and what the twenty shades of pink is going to be in the Cisco at some point. Well I'll start out with who free Fincher is or was they Santer was also broadcast an African American woman who worked for Kate TV you'd channel two. And another award winner pioneering broadcasting. And unfortunately faith was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. And all of us women in broadcasting especially the African American women although not all of them were African American that most of us where had always stuck together sort of as a a little club anyway and so we came together to support her. During her. Or deal with breast cancer and she turned a sin to a nonprofit organization and I'll let Rosie take it from there. Oh from there we have been raising money for the last twenty years or twentieth anniversary is apartments in 1990 sevenths at. To a 2017 is our twentieth year. And as you know is our final year because we're dissolving the organization. It's been a long profitable run we've raced lots of money for women with breast cancer and cancer in general and we're going to continue to breast cancer emergency fund. At the women's cancer resource and it talked a little bit more about that later on but throughout the years we've had we've raced. Money through various events. Outreach. Biggest fund raiser of course. Is the breast cancer challenger was the breast cancer challenge which was twelve years. Walks and runs and stuff we've been I've been in many of those who want analysts though ambiance. And so now this year we're going to finish up with are twenty scenes of pinky witches. Totally different thing meaning of that fundraisers we've had this will be a dance. It's a big Tea Party big part in a gala February oh yes we have the wall street band while and and phenomenal. Human being and and we're just happy that he was able to join us cannot score and then three of your employees are going to be. Judging the day contest because we're going to have a dance contest so we're saying people coming get your dance on guns and great prizes. Three of those people from KB LX QB TER mom and Antawn Davis will be the judges for the. I mean great events. Before we move wanted to galas topple a bit more about faith again Cuba's oh wonderful woman on said he knew as well as you guys to go we were collide with the when I was at different radio station. Laughter champagne loved to party always in a good mood and always. This the sweetest happiest person in the world she a lot of what she was going through she had a televised and he just did it on camera to record those days into the Tisza. To test so many people and again I know you guys help not just women but men as well because yes I don't help the crews that are recommended to you guys as well. In fact a lot of people don't realize I. I.s that men do get breast cancer patient and it's of course not anywhere near the numbers that women get breast cancer but there are men and through the funds that we've raised some of the Ming and who have gotten breast cancer have gotten spiked and that have been helped. And it's been. He just so rewarding for us over these years to know that the money we raised that the organization faith started has helped so many people. How many of you have been involved from day one and how many of state courts will hold twenty years parodies for Evan laugh laugh from the original group yeah unfortunately. A couple of the original. Group have died one died of breast cancer and our market is who was at channel seven. She was one of the original people. And they Montague who a lot of people know. Because she had her own public relations. Operation and get a lot of events she did not die of breast cancer but she was one of the original people. Do you really helped us a lot. In the beginning because we. You know we were broadcast as we. You know did news in and public affairs in that kind of stuff every day. But. We knew nothing about running an on profit and so we have a huge learning curve and I was very instrumental. And sort of helping us and get on the right path along with the Darlene Ayers Johnson. Who's our first executive director she was amazing she still is in fact yes I'm Sylvia are leaning martini. Yet I mean eaten and then golfer extraordinary. Says she's going to be there and we have a couple other people in. Have been with the organization from the beginning going to be there part twenty and that would be like Carolyn Tyler. Cheryl hurt Tyler Pam more Cheryl her to see it's hard to I don't know where we need our original one yes yes yes tell us Simmons was one of the original which she's retired she's but in terms of the people who are still in the organization who were original ones it was. And Rosie would be. Cheryl heard. Am a war and now Carolyn Tyler right now and one of the accent he counted there are seven final accounting Indian view so yeah. She'll be 21 is in itself so I. It can be to one person listens and he would mean it remind you we're gonna make three U2 in a way that we didn't let some other originals who are. Retired from the organization Thelma Simmons bell they Davis who everybody knows she was in the original group and Elaine corral Kendall who used to be on channel two she was in the original group but these are people who are retired and haven't been active in the group for some it's an amazing group women. Wing you're in it. You don't think about it because it's just you know you do what you do every day in and you know for the organization for the women that we serve more than anything else. You don't really think about. Who we are surrounded by the Byron I recently we've got we've had an experience or rehabbing one. We're putting together the commemorative journal and if it was Barbara I don't think we have advocate she has. All of the history in her hand and I have a photographs and and so together we're looking back at all. People who have been a part of this. Group and it's. It's amazing it really is now goes over the years we did bring in a number of other people. Who were on the board who remembers but you know not all of them have stayed the whole time. Abbott when we were putting together. The names so that we could send out something to let them know people like Sarah sighed in her from CNN chief who was on the board she was not one of the original people but she was on the board Rita Williams of course is still on the board who was retire from KT VU she was not one of the original members but she has been with us for some time. Number of people just including Sherrie of her life that the ads and me and win. I'm an army in him and I think our our third executive director is now a practicing minister and Baltimore and hater and a Williams we have a long history of of good people scored within these past twenty years that and when you look back on it. And you think about it it's really an amazing achievement and a we've raised millions of dollars I can say that. For women who alarm underserved and news needed. He thinks it's been party gave us this is loose in the Bay Area I'm your host Jiri I'm speaking with Rosie and Barbara Rogers Rosie is in the radio hall of fame. Here in the Bay Area and Barbara has about seven regional Emmy Awards that we counted and a whole lot more stuff that it's actually eight now that nobody wanted to that'll counting my. Weakness in fifteen minutes listing only award that you lines are about the few morals that I have a great day OK okay well there did you get a little bit in. Twenty shades of paint which is coming up on August 26 or twentieth anniversary. Is going to be galas from the parties can be a lot of fun. I went talk about that a little bit more one more question. I kind of know a little bit of a story out well he's kind of tricked you guys in mr. in this organization tell us how they happen. Well we work giving her support and we would come together and have. You know branches are cocktails just to BJ amber heard champagne you know range and what at one of those branches 1 Sunday morning she announced to us that she had decided to turn. This group of supporters into a nonprofit. Now we had not said to her we wanted to do it in me but we were her friends that we were supporting yours so we all said oh yeah yeah and that's how we get started and then of course she lost her battle with breast cancer she died in 2003. And then we had to come together to decide are we going to continue without faith because he was really the engine that drove the car and she was out there as you say with that bubbly personality she had told her story on TV so that a lot of people knew about it so she could kind of walking to a place and say OK I want some help and people would write checks. But when she was gone lines it was that easy for us so we had to decide what to do we decided to continue. You did nineteen years a lot of walks are considered lake Meredith in think they're gonna Saturday mornings sometimes it was nice and warm and signing some types of its cold out here but gentlemen out of the and it was always fun always a matter of what the weather. And no matter how hard we work in there were so many times when we were. Like a month out from the walk and we would look at how many people that registers and we with. Sale might not have enough people outside yeah yeah we're gonna look and we'd be tired and we'd be thinking to people are soft and in the morning of the lot everybody would show up till crowds weren't there people would be having a good time and we would always leave on that day feeling so elated. On that we hit once again been able to raise money to help low income underserved women with breast cancer and that we had once again honored faiths legacy and. It's of this year you're gonna close it out with a bang a big yet there's no real called a twenty shades of pink this happening in August 20 Sox weren't there's going to be. At the Oakland Marriott city center downtown. Are we have a VIP reception starting at six in the a dance party itself begins at seven so we're gonna have it a couple of events going on simultaneously but in the same. Think process and the people at the VIP will end up going downstairs to dance and party the rest of the night and we have dancing contest which. I can't wait to see them. You know performs going to be kid who can't might think wall street band. Amazing group of musicians. And so they're gonna play. Most of the evening so you're gonna have a special guests well yes and no special guest bribery barber and Pam Moore are working on the programs of army tells them. Well Dennis Richmond who was one of the most popular anchors in the Bay Area and has been retired now since 2008. Is coming back he's going to beat. The embassy along with Rita Williams of the VIP reception we have some other important in c.'s Dan actually from channel seven is going to be one of the EMC's. Have a whole island fascia to have our homes from. From KTV used gonna be one. Christian airs from KP IX so going to be a number of people who everyone has seen on TV in the to deceive them dollars in personal and not how I mentioned some really important yet few celebrities whose names we cannot mention at this moment nice they have. Confirmed blacked. With all these people there who simply doing the news there will be other substitutes doing the news as they'll be all they're dancing and partying with her sister we're going find a solution meeting I wanna buy some tickets were like go. Online twenty shades of pink dot com. Faith mansion dot org those two for sure. And then hash tag train shades of pink and has checked in to face. If you're doing something of sending out on Twitter the registry be area which is our online media sponsor. Will have. Already has that on their website so you can go to that website and click through to. The twenty shades of pink website but the easiest way is to just go directly to twenty shades of pink dot com and it's 220. As opposed to the words spelled out into. Oates and what is the significance of winning shades of pink within our twentieth anniversary. So Pincus. Also know too that I'm home I was hoping to lead you into inspect publishers into that have been different shades of pink now yes we was very arm purpose. A better story he said it was ultimately yes and as it absolutely we between content and choose that color them pink slip a hit me any shape to project twenty Shays opinion or nineteenth season think leading up to this would. Outline we had a lot of different we didn't have the walk in the first few years in in the ninety's we started the walk in 2005. Was our first block so we had twelve walks that we've been in existence twenty years. Before that before 2005 we had as I said other fund raisers and really a lot of fund raising was done by face herself up until 2000 every him and the big check a photo of a big check that we hadn't realized that. She had generated for like 27000 dollars more. Women's cancer resource and that was a good thing so we should we have pictures of big chicks oh yeah. Oh god bless you all and everything you've done and again I'm just honored that to renew my name and honored to series beer with part of who wish to represented in government who I'm going to be there and I want everybody that's listening and you're gonna be on the dance floor right semi re cheating these. Are we now well I want whistleblower at the judges that work here. Thanks for join in its day have been talking with a Rosie Allan Barbara Rogers both from the friends of faith incorporated twenty series of incumbent upon August 26 the Oakland Marriott future information. At three printer dot org or twenty shades of pink. Dot com okay. Thanks again ladies I'm Jerry dubbed your hosting and in case you missed part of the show he gets my hair all over again you go to listen a Bay Area dot com. And check out our podcast page my producer Carlos. Promises to show will be about Monday afternoon. Issued to listen to his next week until we speak once again you release includes. And author.