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Sunday, September 17th


Sammy Berk- Co-founder and Aaron Berk- Co-founder came in to talk about their foundation, History In Your Hands Foundation a not-for-profit organization that provides educators with historical objects to support and enhance the study of U.S. and World History. By providing students the opportunity for hands-on interaction with historical objects thereby promoting interest and enjoyment in history via an enriched learning experience.

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Both. Yeah. Welcome Melissa safe area on your own Jerry Jeff and today I've got two Brothers in here. Sammy Burke and Aaron Berkeley in the co founders of history in your hands foundation has gone for analysts agree that area were up on a Sunday morning football has started but it's not all his time in the morning so hopefully people listening to us. Or to get ready for their football game. Sounds good guys got a great organization go history in your hands the history and its foundation. Are simply what's that all about. Well basically from our father started the point company back in 1964. And he had ancient coins modern coins into artifacts. Round this is kids and so when time came for us go to work we went to work in the film business. We've been around their whole lives. And as we had children. We are going to the classroom springs on the objects as her cheering them. One maker kids look at that and number two to come share what we party. New in held his passion. And you know it when you bring coins and objects. And other artifacts in the classroom that really opens up history for these kids on many different levels. So. We also saw a lot of changes in our industry. As far as hobby of collecting. I came this 1982 so I've been doing from 25 years in. You know first it was baseball cards than it was video games. And then it was computers and now it's tablets and so. Now kids are collecting what they used to we've seen Trey chose go down and own and done and to kind of wonder. Kind of bringing this historical objects into classrooms. And kind of kill tumors who wants don't. To you in rich kids' lives and also the kind of make them realize that there's hobby out there that they can still get into her life. Yeah and I mean basically in short what historians does is. Instead of the usual. Take the classroom on a bus to museum. We turn the classroom into their own museum. Could we bring me objects in there and we set up stations and the kids will do activities with the objects and when I see kids we got a wide range basically we do anything from first grade to university law. And the objects kind of do their own magic you know once they're in the classroom and kids have the opportunity to interact with them. And hold them and to worksheets and activities with them. It gives him a whole different experience and if they were to go to museum. And see behind some glass and Tolkien yeah. Yet know how often do you find kids who don't know or didn't know they coins were once solid silver. For example I know I am I it's a guessing dimes and quarters at the house. I mean it really that that question kinda can fit with a lot of different areas of collecting. So. You know with it with regards to antique maps I mean a lot of people that especially the state there's a lot of people involved in geographic information systems and you know GIS computer mapping. That. Coup are completely unaware of the last 500 years of cart RC. All that's happened in the last 500 years and same sort of thing with money from our old US currency used to be a lot larger than it is now than. Even. In 1943. They made steel sets because he knew the Topper for World War II. And that alone it's just a little penny but it looks different and it's. The the impact that it has and people that are so used to seeing something one way and to see you completely different way. It it's pretty profound especially when you see it firsthand pre configured beamed at some dollar bills that are from these silver certificate in the east. Yep getting value communities who have. Little it kind of depends on condition but you know what we always tell people is since his money they made a lot of it. So you know old old pennies that you know they called wheat since they say once and on the back to the different right they're rare to see in your daily life but. There are millions of men out there so it's and that kind of helps us as a foundation because there's a lot of great historical objects. That that can be donated that we can get a hold of that you know weep. Q perfectly comfortable bringing in the classrooms because they don't necessarily have to have a whole lot of value to have a lot of to have a good impact on a child which is has to be something. Different but yet somewhat familiar. Us they recognize it but. There's something about it's completely different that they've never seen or imagined before then you explain the history behind it and and they start. Think in morning and other westerners who are. And it has nothing do with it because we've got coins going back to southern century BC. And you can kick corn you know if you think about the beginning of the coinage which was sub century BC. To follow the Byzantine empire which is 14:53 PM and you get into medieval and all the way up to modern times. But during the agent period talking 2000 years production a lot survived. And so you if you can't 2000 year old coin that's worth ten dollars. And a silver dollar from the 1880s is worth more than an aging corn for thousands years ago. And do you guys go on and find these you would do. You like well Indiana Jones and hang I where's it gonna. Well how about Nicolas Cage Felix fifty. States there's four okay. Get it fixed resolution that happened. Now you know from the nature of what will my brother saying before our dad started. Dealing in coins in the 1960s. And once you kind of establish yourself as a dealer which is what we also do in this stuff. On these things sort of find their way to you so. I also deal an antique maps and people sale where do you find old maps and I get emails every single week from somebody saying. My uncle passed away are we just moved in this house or something happened where. We came across these old maps they always had these old books are open it up and turned out Indianapolis. And they go on Google and they certain web searches that we come up yet storefront in in downtown Chicago. And at 31 north Clark street so. I'm feeling any reality show comes on Sunday afternoon as soon as possible for the first ever Brothers it's. Seems like a reality show times and it's on it think it's been party do with us this is in this levee area are who's carried them I guess today. Simien Aaron Berkley your Brothers and co founders of history in your hands on decent. Also working with schools. We'll send you into the schools you to these kids and fascinating little stories. So basically you know worry we are very. Very new foundation we got our 501 C three last year in 2016. And so it's been a lot of kind of the grassroots effort startup kind of word of mouth we knew teachers teachers and other teachers. And we started in seems to some schools in the feedback has been great and so we get contacted and typically if a teacher contacts us we'll ask him what what grades how many classes within like this to visit. What's certain subjects are starting. For instance there was so once school they we went to that though was working. The Roman period in the time Jesus is a Catholic school. And we were able to bring a variety of items we brought to some old maps that show the holy land. He brought to some ancient coins as well as the first US according to saying god we trust on it. How we brought some old stereo scope photos which for people that don't know what those are at space in the first form of virtual reality. The little cars and look at him it gives you 3-D images. But they were all images of sites of the holy land and that we brought. You know antiquities. Expert Max and what user's country she's an all in sounds like yeah I did recognize we usually set ups you know on so we going to a classroom we typically the try not to teach classes when teachers. Her. History buffs and we solve the objects and we have access to them. So we do was to bring the stuff and we got the teacher decide how they wanna handle class if they want us to kind of take over a little bit we'll switch stations. And we'll do kind of five or six minutes per station in the kids have to pick up the pieces. Look at them identify them as best they can write what you think they are what they think they're made out of what is in theory you scoring at the end of the class to go back and gitmo he answers. On and it's really into seeing in the feedback to get that these kids give us going back and forth it's a. Schools have you worked with him in the area. We have an hour to any school is yet here in the Boehner in the idea behind history in the hands is that. It shouldn't it won't be contained by state borders on what we've really would like to do. Is it connect with universities. And have university students intern with history your hands and act as docents for this material and then visit schools with in the area. So were out here right now we're actually hosting an antique maps fair which would be Friday through Sunday. Com and sort were out here now or basic trying to use as a form of outreach and you know ideally we can have a history and has location and several cities. Areas throughout the country and even internationally. And what that ideally also do is every region has its own little unique piece of history sell for this area for the Bay Area. On the railroad is a big part of the history here question with a lot of immigrants that came over in the gold and of course the gold rush and there's a lot of local history buffs that have. Objects like that and they really enjoy them and they wanna see future generations and join them. That's one the other goals that history Kansas to kind of bring out local history and share them with in the schools in the community in their area. And even though we're based in Chicago what we wanna do is send out collections. Two other schools for several months at a time to have them take those collections. And show them to schools around their area. I know I'm fascinated with maps because. My name is Gerry has been with the gene patenting genes GPS was made for me. I can't buy my way home home half the time how were they able to put maps together. Hundreds and hundreds years ago when they don't have all the tech and now technological. Things that we have now. Well there weren't necessarily entirely accurate so there's a lot of speculation. There's a lot of hope. So there were maps in the sixteen hundreds world maps and maps of North America. And you'll find two maps made at the same time were one showed California is an island and one showed it connected to North America. I you'd find maps in the early eighteen hundreds and late seventeen hundreds where there's a supposedly. River of the west that connected this in of Cisco bay all the way to. The Arkansas River in the Iraqis. It didn't actually exist buds the English in the French really wanted some kind of waterway connection to the west. So a lot of these maps are made from. Reports from expeditions and travels. If you ever played the game telephone a lot of times you say one thing about time gets back to implement different and has yet the same sort of scenario with information that went into maps. Then you also had maps that would be made for for the geography for. By the jogger the roads yard effort to do it to the king of France or England. And they would map out the country in a certain way to show with the English or French controlling more wind depending on who they were in the Brooke tiger for four and so. Yeah I mean maps kind of they do display a lot of information we think of it from our standpoint of the technology we have now. We think how could they have possibly have done this is basic through collection of information not all of which was very accurate. And then amendment would also take some liberties and through some false silence and there for friends and relatives and things like that. If I was coming from. Fresno which is like three hours from here that the call somebody. How'd I get to your routes because they are just going to rest on YouTube you people whose job was his opponent of people only get there all the time against house which you know. Amulets blown it was BO folding maps negative against eastern. Walgreens or whatever like that that's crazy you know people collect them. That's done an interesting thing to that to the field of of collecting those because. Fewer fewer people hold actual paper maps in their hand yet everybody has a international atlas and their pocket stored on the phone and they use it. More often than they used to use paper apps so I think we're start to see kind of resurgence in the interest in and geography and mapping. Because of that. I was look history's always my favorite subject. How can people in the community help you guys out here here in the Bay Area here from the awhile incident at an event this coming out there would be wanna leave here with me go back to Chicago. I hope to get a slew of emails when I get home of people saying that you know they would like to see history hands vented their at their school. Or may be somebody that works the university that might have any interest in starting an internship program at their at their place. Or even people that have any historical objects that. You know maybe they would like to donate two. Two for good use to get kids interest in this stuff so there's a lot of levels in which people can get involved in which we can work with other people and you know like I said this this idea is something that even though we're based in Chicago there's no reason why needs to be confined there and we would really like to see. An expansion of our ideas and efforts in the Bay Area. Which is social media or you can find us I searching history in your hands on Google or HI YHL. Dot org you can find this pretty easily. We're also of course took as well this what are Twitter means to Graham. You name it. Another thanks cast thank you thank you ratio has got to do look for is fearless in the Bay Area won't take my guess Sammy and Aaron Berkeley co founders of history in your hands from nation. Check amount. Learn something subpoena website and Starwood it's fascinating. I'm your host Jerry DeVon case missed part of the show or you just wanna hear all over again and why would you Hugo listen to be varied outcome. And check got a podcast priest my producer Carl's proms assist will be about Monday afternoon Beecher to listen to us next week into we speak once again totally. And.