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Sunday, November 27th


Tasha Bartholomew from Cal Train talks about this years Holiday Train toy drive. Dec 3-4 2016

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Good morning and welcome to today's world I'm sue hall just a reminder you can listen to this show and others at today's world SF dot com. For today in for the next fifteen minutes we are speaking with Tosh to Bartholomew she is communications officer with Sam trans and that cal train and more importantly you or the project manager. For the upcoming holiday train yeah that's right we're so excited to bring. The holiday train back to the community are right tell us effort for those who are maybe new to the Bay Area are haven't heard this what what's happening with cal train. Well for the last fourteen years. Cal train has put on its annual holiday train which is sponsored buys Silicon Valley community foundation. And it's one of those things that just really kicks off the holiday season you know we're right around. Thanksgiving. And and headed into. You know Christmas holidays in the Jewish holidays. And this really ages and starts the season of giving and putting people in a really did holiday experience. Not only is this a beautiful train that is decorated in we have entertainment. But it's also way for people to give back to the community because it's 22 guys. For them Marines Toys for Tots program as well as the Salvation Army. So you actually take a cal train and you're telling me and for several weeks since October. You've had mostly volunteers but some staff that actually decorate is it just the the normal commuter trainer to that special train. So well it's a little bit of both soul what it is as we start in October at the beginning of October and every Saturday. Right until Thanksgiving. We're out there decorating the holiday chain. It comes and pieces so we start off the decorating that opens and in we have to flat cars that we work. One is our power car in the and the windsors as the state each four are on board entertainment witches. Two different courses each night. As well as a Salvation Army and and in week coupled that with two of art gallery cars which are normal service which people would normally see on a daily commute. Followed and at the dairy and I went locomotives. That is also. Now once again the holiday trains this year is December 3 and fourth so it's next weekend so we wanna make sure that folks get. Get plenty of notice that this attack happening December 3 and short absolutely December 3 and fourth we are running. Rain or shine. We have an out different types of winners so it doesn't matter it will continue to you know to run no matter what the conditions. And people looking information at www. Holiday gas train passport to get that specific schedule because as we start off in San Francisco each night. And we make four different stops each night so for example on Saturday we start in San Francisco. But will be making stops in Burlingame Redwood City Mountain View and a clear. So you know if you're someone who wants to bring your family to vehement you know maybe when those. You know when those stations ports for you and we there at different times. And then on Sunday December 4 we start in San Francisco's gay and and then we'll make it went down to mail brace and a tale Menlo Park. And that schedule again is at holiday dash Trane dot org. And what time does it start start at the same time in San Francisco yes each day it starts at 4 o'clock and we usually leave this is the station around 445. And then we hit our first speech and on the peninsula at 5:15 PM okay so what happens at these stops. So at least apps prior to the holiday train coming in we have entertainment. So different stations for example. Milbury on Sunday. We will have a Cooley Bluetooth. Ice set up the great exploit is a proud sponsor ugly they counted and a wonderful sponsor for the laughs. Five years it's time and but that we also have other stations live entertainment. Physically high school and will be in Burlingame. And and we also have like the pallets that chamber orchestra and minimum parts it's a mix between. Our radio sponsors as well as live entertainment so that we keep people in the colonies here prior to each arriving at the stage and I wanna mention that our other stations to 95 point seven the game and Q1 02 and 95 K fox. Are all I'm proud sponsors so this show is heard on all of our San Francisco station insulin insulin at two point nine Andy and that's right. I so we're talking with tossup Bartholomew Tosh is the project manager for this year's cal train that goes between San Francisco in the peninsula. It's coming up this coming weekend December 3 and fourth so we wanna make sure we get folks out there. Glittering tea had trained community toy drive let's talk about the end of the toy drive for a minute and also donations. So the train keeps going. Correct so toys unwrapped and teen age group particular actually all age groups from you know from babies really two teenagers. I think sometimes. People tend to focus nine kids maybe 513. And but also I would like to remind people don't forget about the teenagers. And aerosols. Now part of this and so a lot of times in speaking with the Salvation Army and the Marines. Many times the teenagers. It a little bit neglected in terms of the gifts because people are bringing in at goalies I mean the people can also donate gift cards and that sort of thing to. Because again it benefits took ages. OK so each does every station along the way or just a particular stations that you're stopping that have toy bins and toward dry or can they go to any county and state should drop off at Sony knows that you need to go to the specific station stops that we are having holiday train. To drop out the toy and there we have representatives and Salvation Army as well as the Marines who will be collecting toys at each of the stations. And you know if for some reasons some can't make it to win the station's. Ater count train. Location in San Carlos we have billions right now it's in Finland and Carlos and area they can't make that week in decides that the east but the toy. They can come to our headquarters. At 1250 Stackhouse and entrap an African and let's talk about and he's talked about some of these stations with performers now who is actually on the train itself. So on the train it's a mix of people. That probably the most exciting for those who are coming to see the train. Is San tan and this is and his friends you know frosty. And Rudolph indictment of adults. And it week. Also have a new penguin. And m.'s Christmas this year so it's a mix of people and and we also. Entertainment on board as I mentioned. With the Salvation Army band and I think on Saturday we have NASA works around that will be and providing them holiday music. And then on Sunday we had a golden courts and they have each each of those courts is have been events over the years. And they're fantastic Sanofi get on the train in San Francisco where you end up. So if so if you get so so people can write a check. Let's. That's what I wanna know so they don't go don't get on the train he just go to the stops and say it's not a view you view right so it's actually it's really showed trained. We do not allow the general public to guide just because there folk you know folks who were working to train and then the entertainers. And as well there's simmering presence on board and as well that this is really. A glittering show a train. You know and it has been decorated with a while and we're very proud of this we've been swapping old holiday lights with and leave the lights and be very bright. And beautiful we've added new wins and this year so it's really you know it's really it's a spectacle that's I was envisioning getting on and severance is though and heading to Santa Clara and how to solve none announced this show but it's not it did the other part that's fine is that we have a snow machine. That's what I saw on the website that as a matter snow machine so so. The kids. You know and actually. You know I've worked on this project for a number of years and today. Eat and you earth and as the project manager for the last admin and you know it's a lot of work goes into it I mean the planning almost never stops and it's like as soon as this season's over where are you planning and taxis and and sometimes it you know making it will be difficult challenges. At the end of the day. When holiday train weak incomes and you'd see the faces most on the parents grandparents. You just know why you do yeah absolutely. Well in my kids' favorite books is the polar express a snow and that's and it kind of goes right along with the kids are going to see this like the polar express their snow and there's Ayers and things like that and people turning people train of change. There is excited and like it you know it's been Iran. For fourteen years it would have been a little bit longer I think I mentioned TU. That the holiday each and go away for a couple of years. And during the recession we are trying to you know saves them money in that was one of the things go. I was just so sad for everyone because he's been of people who've been working on the train for years. You know one of our volunteers who's been there you know for a number of years connected as the Silicon Valley community foundation. Andy really help say to bring trained in wheat and partners last year's that's been a wonderful partnership kudos to Silicon Valley community foundation doing Bedford just that can the peninsula communities that's been fantastic in San Francisco was well. I'm and so what kind of donations to keep this going are you looking for and it can you do that at these particular stops just to keep couch and but besides the toy donations yeah I mean people can donate a monetary donation. At any nation. Because sometimes people show up in Maine don't realize I was sobering news. You know wrap toy. But at ten dollars and you know more twenty dollars it's when ever anyone feel like giving it you know and again we want him to do not that they don't have to because this is a freak event. So you know we we hope that they donate either bring a toy making monetary donation. But you know again it's millions of individual and even for those who want to make a donation they don't people don't carry cash on them you know they can always. Make a donation holiday dash trained court as an individual and you know we can receive the nation. We are talking with passion Bartholomew she is stamped trans communication officer with cal train as well and the project manager for the holiday train at next weekend. East ember third and fourth. And all of our San Francisco Entercom radio stations are proud sponsors Keogh white TK BLX 98 I hit fox 957 that game and Q1 and two. So give our station just a little bit of a shout out. I am so touching use due this is your year is this year year round job you have other duties as well. Yes I. Like it is now I am the communications officer for about catchings and trance. I am their official spokesperson so really I do other things I'm way of hats. But this is one of the projects we've you know that that I've worked on for a number of years and I it is absolutely. It deliberately after and that and you need volunteers and this year it's getting down to the wire here but for upcoming holiday trains also the issue we have enough volunteers. If anyone is interested in the futures. If they visit the website we do have an opportunity for volunteers and usually am if it's a member of the community wants the volunteers. And we usually had them into the weekend at the stations hoping to either collect plays. We have some fun little stickers that we pass to accused because an appearance on an advocate gains if in they really to helping to work the crowd and you know helping them in helping people question and that sort of thing. It's really really fun event and you know even if you get involved. Dishonest level with participating. In the weekend it's one of those things acting. We've had people that have won its volunteers they've come in and it at least wines and indefinitely come back again. Not really quite knowing what to expect him like. Me people usually show up at each station is roughly. It vary hundreds. A 1000000. Bows out and it really varies in house it isn't and this is why because some of the city's. Have. Have put line. Their own quality function around holiday train so for example at Redwood City. The date that we put into it with city on Saturday December 3 they're also putting on their began on hometown holidays of so a lot of the cities tend to do you estimate chaos that is in their tree lighting the same day snow. A lot of these cities and then we stop there have really now. Some kind of focus there holiday celebration with hours. So donated took away unwrapped toy and don't forget the teenagers things like it gift cards may be iTunes or some sort as I'd like that that that. Teenagers that would would appreciate even now I would guess restaurant gift cards for. Just what ever the teenager we'd love to eat the heat yeah I mean what is it you know with toys it's easy you know little little girls love. Barbies and Allison on that oh frozen and I have two little niece at and there ala the princess yet you know with little boys as easy as well but you know again it's a difficult for the teenagers and so yes anything give Carter. Any even if it's four teenage boy it's some sort of sporting in gear like a basket bar from the acting he'd appreciate excellent. Touch a Bartholomew she is at project manager for the holiday train it's coming at December 3 and fourth. The website again is the web site is holiday dash chain lowered. I would like to say that we will be light tweeting and doing my social media that week and arts and count trained social media. As well as Silicon Valley community foundation and Salvation Army. And so if anyone is at the stations. And you know they're taking pictures there or tweeting about the surpassing its face it. Please use the hash tag colony chain 2016 so that we you know we CU and you know and and antagonists in now with our handle. With counts with cal train for Twitter account train and then make and find of course counting on the face the surge thank you to passion for being with us. Says today's world I'm sue hall. And if you wanna hear this show past shows or please if you have show ideas you can visit us and reach out at today's world SF dot com. Tosh a Bartholomew with the holiday train thank you and it was see the rest you two weekends thank you so much.