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Sunday, December 25th


Host Sue Hall talks with Heidi Schave, Director of Education for the USS Hornet and the fuundraising Gala New Year's Eve.

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Good morning and welcome to today's world I'd sue hall just reminded you can listen to this show and others at today's world SF dot com. For the next fifteen minutes we're speaking with high eighty shade Heidi is the director of education. For the US escorted welcome thank you so much for having me the Aston you've got a little hornet is pretty iconic here in the Bay Area. For those who don't know about the hornet give us a brief just. Corruption of what Ehrlich and we're looking at and world work to access class aircraft carrier. So aircraft carrier is enough to see ship them were actually and it could care we carry planes during you know to have a flight deck they contain costs and either group one of the greatest ships of World War II. And it's been decommissioned but is it permanent and a fixture in it and the Alameda waterfront yes the old out in the naval base and there's lots things at the the hornet dies throughout the entire year. One of the things I remember from my visits there I am back in the space age. It would recover the the space ships firms have met many various Apollo Gemma nine is all of that they get actually recovered capsules. They did and civil court it was commissioned in 1943 but at least she served through Vietnam there. It was decommissioned 1970 but during the 1960s. And actually 1969 we went to the man she actually picked up Apollo eleven. And Neil Armstrong and buzz altar and and and arrested him the first guys to actually block we picked them up and they came back for an and the recovery and pick them up behind them on the chorus of the first steps back on earth was on the USS hornet. And then you had like an air stream trailer and know that they would play deep compete not decompose at the terrible offense to decompress whatever the the at some of the quarantined for a few days after they got back right we do so the whole theory was that if men went in and as we know that they patent terms present on the war of the worlds kind of fine yeah I I stuck it out so they quarantined and so they would loop once they got it right on the ship and kind of frog suits. Mask in the put them right in this air stream trailer. Which was actually passed a bill. And had to stay there for two weeks to make sure that the person. In any weird aliens hook hit it. It sounds funny today but it was quite serious that this and they actually used Clorox please describe it I don't know and give that to happen. Co sponsor her flat yes. I'm and a lot of other things on the hornet can people see year round. Oh is very exciting we always have the constant display at their aircraft obviously my favorite one as the TP and calmer. It's a beautiful world were to air partner and it's huge but it's you've restored it perfectly with all the shiny blue moon has missed you nine cents. That's an imitator planes were also restore another rule were to plane to to be ready for display as a wildcat. So the folks that really enjoy aircraft. We have quite a few also helicopters. You mentioned we had them on one of those tests and streams. Took a lot of we have actually the largest collection of Apollo West Coast tracks. From including us including the capsules the Atlantis we act well that the original one is in the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian can tickets after that we have that test one that actually went out those unmanned. So that's so it's a great place to take families friends if you've got relatives can mean in it's a wonderful museum. That is there year round and you also. Throughout the year host very special events and you've got one coming up on New Year's Eve let's talk about that. Yes of course so this is one of my favorite events in this year and happy to say that it's actually Educational Fund raiser so Altman and revenue. Are the main race is gonna go to help kids. And come into the discuss we actually have a credit education program. A lot of sex science programs now over and say it's history program let's talk about those that's cool so science programs to kids come in on field trips and they do yet and they can learn about engineering and and what we love about our science programs is not only when your on the ship to you get to learn about the basic Stan. Components because actually sees what's that how it's applied to it for instance and he goes the engines that aforementioned next. And it's every it's it's a modern marvel flick floating and just scientific. And you know. How big is that yes to heck yeah no no it isn't really exciting is like three cities worth or something is well I like to say if you look at it visual it's a little bit smaller than Titanic. It went wow so it's huge and there it's fully stocked it went back in the day with everything I mean. Sleeping quarters and kitchens and obviously they would go out on tour is for months and months at a time yes they did actually entering the world were to where we had about 3000 men on board total. And it was a floating city we held her own hospital. There's a pencil whipped it into office sometimes I speak to them. Really. I was not part of the regular tour and the past two days after us citizen to take you but some 5% of the museum is actually open to public to us via. And we adjustment to Staley could also go to private tennis and can take you all of around the ship. You can see more but he's using his face is open restored by her. Wonderful restoration crew general volunteers and I've Kaiser veterans who is just a really incredible thing because you see so much. Know and love of history turns you know our country put into this with these great volunteers how long and was it. I'm Tammy might have mentioned this and I'm sorry if it went over my head but how long was it in commission we got winning commissioner forties she says it was commissioned an an event between 1943. And his reaction to be called here's expectant baby has a legacy of renaming ships like the morning and 234. And our predecessor. Boris deviate was actually signed. Japanese send them to honor. And that was the wanna carry the two little raiders which is another cool thing about our local histories that took off from Alameda and those were the guys for those who don't know after Pearl Harbor. As our first strike on Japan Korea actually flew about their care and actually it's an. Damaged to kind of revenge harbors and it was quite. You know staff. If you've never been on an aircraft and the active aircraft carrier I actually had that the M I have quite good fortune to go out and watch. How these planes land with the cables across this short and meets a very short landing deck. And then they have to hook there there's like a big hook underneath these fighters and they took on the cable. And them every now and then they'd miss and have to come come around street yes and actually there's a lot of different components to that even launching very exciting you're going from zero to. Two miles an hour and fifteen seconds and that's a whole catapults to stand to get of the signs and that we can teach the kids can learn about the connection filter out catapults to turn on my program we're talking with Heidi shape she's the director of education for the USS hornet so it says teachers or students or parents are listening. How would they get a field trip to the hornet. And they can call that can give me a call or actually everything is listed on our website enters the youth and education programs so it'll give great did. Great at us with scholarships available to us writes this transportation's hard they're hard to get to. So that he would not information on the education page as well USS dash hornet to dot org is the website for all kinds of information. Now let's get back to some of the advance fund's staff yes offense that that. Dolphins think he's he's got a big event coming up New Year's Eve. Yes foreground apps we should say it's the big gala for the Education Department fundraiser tell us what's happening on the morning what is amazing venue for a party first about it's incredible. And the finger is wonderful museum district and a high of 3 o'clock Japan which is a big band as this is about twenty piece big band and so think Glenn Miller they play tunes alternate teens mostly flat from the forties and fifties ex swing dance music. And you get. A lot of people go about how some people have most of them believe adults lack tie or cocktail so it's fancy but a lot of similar world were to her outfits and dress happen. And with the music going into this great backdrop we have the planes bouts he can sit next. Plane under plain mean. Drink in here discrete music in the picture back in time in the view to let me give you from the hornet is need to get a straight shot of San Francisco correct you do it amazing we actually have one of the best views and am just not fog Dover we continued all the fireworks and that's true that's a great veneer and end what our tickets are running and it does so again benefit the education department of the US as it does it helps the children everybody remembers the equipment that we can dance and help children and basically we have trees and tears and she wanted to get it VIP reserved seat which is close to the dance floor that's friends around 95. There's other seeding which reserved seating is 75 and just general mission leaders is open seating is fifty. So you talked about one of the bands by the way tickets you can get a USS dash hornet dot boards Italy Q2 the veteran thrust on them for event it's okay and what about it's showing up but the doors at possible highest possible I believe it's five dollars so beat five dollars mark ten for general mission you're welcome to show with a great way to ring in the new year. I you mention one of the bands who who else is playing and performing a UIC have three dance floors we do an at large of the swing get desert huge she I was keep that in mind as people a lot of space to you know around that didn't with a 505050. So we have and singing blue stars they are great they are packages and on saying. Not you know elderly ladies and it there but they have to earth like their concern of service their moms and they're wonderful they'll do they do look at 1940s and two sisters routine of sleet some of them they have ten performing that are most act is 3 o'clock to because people can't get enough what are the time as the party the the part starts at seven and we end at one so I would probably seen that. Like everyone of them probably get people to products are coming around me are right and food. Food food is will be available for purchase. We have dares England's catering which is a really great he supports a lot of action causes. And it's gonna it's it's and almost half pro style of fame so you can get a great for primary sandwich or Turkey they also have some pasta dishes and the great salad so it's like half for us style but it's very good and it. Full largest us campaign all the bar flower RA heat. We're talking to Heidi shave the director of education of the USS hornet and their big New Year's Eve gala it is eight fundraisers so it's tax deductible. That's true is deductible tax deductible. I and proceeds benefit them Heidi was talking about some of the educational. Things field trips for kids everything from catapulting in the science behind. Running. Huge aircraft carrier now and you you giving tours at the gala. You know it we're gonna do hanta folk soul to move so they abuse what it on New Year's Eve. Yes. We'll mix it up plus plus plus. Sounds fun but now you're telling me also that all year round you have tons of events let's talk about the the paranormal. Tour that you do. Guess this is called the history mystery terror and this is very exciting so it's at night clearly we usually about it once a month and a multi lane and seasonal overnight component to this sports extended. And italics you bring a flashlight and we'll tour the ship they learn about the history but we also go to all the hotspots people have reported. In a scene experience and they're all friendly spirits. And it happened but and we do get some pretty amazing things happening and the general public objects move ossetian so that people feel. It touched on the and it is and narrow it narrows stairways and and sort of ladders up and down so yes that's the container remember we are grandfathered in to 1943 and it was a navy ships so they've had to be able to get up and down and ladders or what may be called stairs stairs together basically a little steep that there are chains and it's in there are railings but if you need to be able to noble as we do our flashlight to us and history mystery tumors were going all over. To Ares I haven't starred in crawl creep around nice and then you do I am overnight trips as well we do we have we have several different options that we do a lot of youth ones need to unite ops which is a stem overnight trip. A first for UC groups and families and also to live report which are standard. And youth program to history tumors can to relate to eat. We earned it in the mask kind of experts would like to peace sailor on board and we do at all excited history mystery overnight which is a little bit more. You know campy looking for coast learning about history and it's dark and creepy. Only been doing this. I think seven years I wanna say that for. The food hooker a packed in very pretty can't see in the past the end which isn't very pretty big east. Heidi save director of education for the USS hornet so they've been describing some of the programs that you offer you she's blushing right foot I'm sentencing. Some the F programs at the Education Department offers and this is a big fund raiser for the Education Department. On New Year's Eve from seven until one. Best way to get there like him to spark a nearby Ayers that are you know that is all this is an. You know direct routes but the best way we do have free parking lot so nice weekend so it's it's well lit and free parking its giant so if you want to drive there is you know it's free parking. And I was gonna take part or the ferry and it's just entering yet over and art it. Downtown Oakland stations are very close to discuss through the tube and you're kind of right there that. And it's New Year's Eve so you wanted to or you can drive weaker car Hoover home that's someone option to set us free parking and that it's safe and then about a security so. How many people are you expecting. You know average a thousand and hoping for more this year because you know helping children that's right hand at once again it is New Year's Eve still plenty of time to get your tickets. USS dash hornet dot org you can get them at the door for slightly more or bigger it's just a little bit more. Money and that once again on goes to the Education Department. At the US as hornet what history there and net plus postage is going to website donate to if they can't absolutely you know we're always accepting donations and and the donations can go to other great things apartment car restoration. And so we're doing great things of so you know it's wonderful and also this is your opportunity where formal Wear on an aircraft here at how how how often does that happen not her off with incredible views. And just that history Alonso high eighty shaved director of education for the USS hornet thank you our time is just about that thank you for being here thank you for having this historic time yeah it's a lot of fun to hear about the history of the hornet and it's right here in our backyard you know 365 days a year so. Even if you don't attend the Andy many bash is that they have on board benefits on board throughout the year you can. Still dial and that and spread the word to the kids India schools in your neighborhood to his template in wonderful education we at least we do we have a group product and it's very unique USS dash hornet dot org. Happy new year to you use yeah happy holidays and we are gonna be back next week with a another addition of today's world. If you wanna hear this show Pashos or have show ideas. You can always visit us at today's world SF dot com and if so once again if you've got an idea please let us know today's world SF dot com. And happy holidays we'll see the rest you next weekend's. Think you.