John Oates

Wednesday, March 15th


Teri King interviews John Oates about his new book "Change of Seasons: A Memoir."

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He'd series from 96 point five KO ITN I'm pretty excited because I get to talk to John Oates today Daryl hall and John O expand. And that John has a new book coming out there we're gonna talk about called. Change of seasons a memoir and also he's coming to the Bay Area at the SEP senator on this summer on July 25 so he should be calling any second. I think this is camp hello I'm very probably this is scary. And download here hi Donna let's how are you. Are remote barrier to buying great thanks for taken sometime to chat with us today in San Francisco them. Who would I I you I know you live in Colorado are you in Colorado now where where are you. All want to see what we actually live in Nashville we do have a out of coma but we have moved to Nashville over the past few years don't. I the national right now. Very nice very nice how's the weather there. It's okay who grew cold. That doesn't know but other than that okay. They are joining us and you got a new book coming out next month changes seasons a memoir I want to talk about that and it just a few moments but. You're an amazing storyteller you're an accomplished songwriter you've been inducted in the songwriters hall of fame as well as the rock and roll hall of fame. About. Your first inspiration to write was it a particular book that you read. Well. But my inspiration to write work. And the actual. They didn't listen assignment you agree. Or ninth grade. I think that we had that we hit assignments where home that was around the time of these you know. And the result. It was around the of the Cuban missile crisis. And I decided to write home about Cuban missile crisis. And I don't him playing the guitar for many years and I started six what about thirteen and so you know I was opening their recall was executed. And the English teacher gave me an OK and took me aside and say this is a really good whom you wanna consider putting it in his. I didn't I didn't even considered it. And it was my alma unpopular. With this starting in protest songs were kind of the book. And I it was I said I'm looking statement that and I think that my guitar right from the relatives and that was my. This kind of inkling that it. If you know I think I can read a song alone in the outside. Yeah to play the guitar when you're very young right. I but you don't get in and did you I mean we you guys a musical family did your parents. You know won't let me look and recognize that I was musical stars singing her movie literally. And they recognize that musical talent so they always. Supported me to get people lessons guitar lessons and everything so I they were very helpful supportive but not necessarily these. Tell me I know that you went to temple university and that's when you met Darryl hall consume every day what what what was like when you guys met each other or did you just evolve. What we didn't each other at at the university even though we only. I'll I'll look at what they had a band and I have them separate separate who owns look at his record that students. And those two records were played he played on the local school about the organization's. At the same time so all we're his record he was aware of Margaret and then you bit student trying to play a show. And I didn't realize you're both going to the university university and then start seeing each other and we became for about 33 years before we actually do think. How that's so interest saying that's great we're talking to John Oates and I would like to talk about the new book coming out changing seasons a memoir. From John notes the book come together was it always the plan to write the book for you. All you know the journalistic an English major I I always wanted to write something I didn't know what it would be. Written songs. And I I had an experience to their views within the gun secret septic. Who's a writer and then also have a great interviewer who came to really get him away. And did the course of doing these interviews over a period of time in and he said if I got it got so. They've been so important you've got the had a very uninteresting life did you ever consider reading book and I says well I didn't really bad about any of that. China is like political I'd like to help these and that's what started. And then I head I think when I graduated from college in nineteen freedom nineteen certain I began keeping journals. And I kept a journal to the entire deck of the lead. I want Chris about it he said can I see the journals because maybe this is. The thing that started the project and so make copies of the journals and then he began going through them and he starts to. Get really excited about the project and little by little mechanical. That's so interesting how many journals to to have about. Handwritten darn well thought out and did you know when you quit your journals too as assemble this book with where did things that you wanna like. That you know may be didn't want to put Ed Bartlett hit those moments. Well you know I didn't think about whether your book is that viewed game. You talk. Right right right pick I think whenever Iraq general icon you know comes out with that a book about their life you know the fans in music lovers you know expect to hear juicy stories about. The wild lifestyle and and you know the drugs in the women hottest what is your books speak to that and what other offerings. Do you have there. Well didn't they and so it. I grew up and kick the you know so okay. But it did pretty much normal operating procedure during that era sultan. But you know here's the thing I think. That there are two separate not to do me. It themselves. Sensational book for the sake of sensationalism. That was what that book about that it was about. My transformation as a as a man and from the protect protracted adolescence of a lot of these rocks are to being a grown up and and picking up Iowa and with the rest of my life and all things that that little moment that. So that's what it was about that I couldn't really could really. Separate myself from all the soared because it's. Entire part of my entire adult life who is the challenge of writing the book. I didn't wanna be vindictive I think you know that would be a lot of places where I could have gone gone negative in terms of if they help people screwed up musically here or even in the this applies. And things like that. In there because in the end on a really good place in my life than. Had not as the thing that happened I would be the same person and now so I think it is very holistic kind of them. Well what was there a turning point for you that like was there a moment of you know epiphany or was it like you know what was. The turning point for you. I think it's very quickly in my life was at the end of the eighties when Darryl Bryant had such a tremendous success. All of that throughout that I got divorced and I found out of them broke all the time Lal and that would have put it it was the wake up call in the big big way. And put the IE you know I was stunned but I emerged as a complete different person I sold everything. I moved to Colorado from New York I lived in the mountains. Well done got remarried had kids and how. And really started my life over again and say that that that moment really changed my entire sumo. I think it's interesting that you know. Musicians like like I'm sort of a big Leonard Cohen fan and I know that like he lost all his money like when two monastery he came out and you know his manager had taken a lot of his stuff and he was you know older. I guess how. Sick that I get you know. It will actually muscular which when it when it comes to getting screwed in the music business. It's not unique to right right right because I just. It's just personal thing right are you my version of I if you look back at the history of music is. It got what it needed didn't pay them. Or blues musicians can look at themselves and landed in Chicago and you know that that wouldn't let a guy who's they can record with figures that. Some good same site that Peyton right here under the royalties for the rest of their lives. I think the early rock and roll musicians like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Yeah yeah absolutely. With stolen and yet it's so very true he then you're really sink some used new music witness in an addition with this book right. Football significantly it's obscure music I didn't get a pilot Sully ET with the book with these are back in the original the persecution. So I think these assault that I thought really kinda. I kind of exemplify the food but the stories we're going on book. Did you write him recently or have they've been with you forgot about it and thought it was created we've really been someone gotten around and things like OK okay what what's the release date for the book. A march 20. My god okay that's wonderful it's terrific job you know I have met a thirteen year old son who runs he'd he dances with me today on my general Holland Genentech here is in fact I danced with his 21 pilot sun's out I was I don't have a son tanner how will the standard and you see involved in music. Anyone that you. When he won al-Qaeda well he's certainly is that scientist and engineer. That's interesting and scrapes and you going back out and the road again heady feel about that. Well out of bullets so I think it sent from the hit another another tour but it's going to be pretty much. We're going back I don't wrote on the eighth what you appears appears. And it's going to be a great show I'm really looking forward to it. It's going to be awesome go back and he readers with a group of much use it. Yeah out and you coming here. Instead Tuesday to SAT center on July 25 so we can't wait to see you. But it'll be differences go on April 6 tours of duty both. Short time. Oh my goodness that I didn't count you know what bookstore is I'll find out banking posted. I didn't. People on one place. See here. Albeit on a little bit the boat here. Excellence that they all. Week Asian American all the Swedish hockey mom actually discuss it. Good evening to bid and all the moderator and I'll be using the phone talking this week looked in the group. I got in downtown San Francisco that's greats about April there. We can't wait to read the book coming out on March 28 China changes seasons a memoir from John Coates. And it sounds like the book is really just not only for music lovers but for anybody any artist he's pursuing your dream in the persistence it takes to get there. Also leave it that was it. Did that and secondly I think at this snapshot of an air of he did premiere. Of the week I'm an American he's. We look fantastic according to the cover of the book and we can't wait to see you on April 6 and then also want to fight twice that SAP cool. Yeah. Thanks so much done good luck. It injured runner up by now.