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Sunday, January 29th


Host Sue Hall takls with Lukeumia and Lymphoma Society's Lauren Hall About the Blood Center Conference and resources for patients. Feb 4, 2017

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Good morning this is today's world I used to haul just reminding you can listen to this show and others at today's world SF dot com. The next fifteen minutes today we're speaking with Lauren hall she is from the leukemia and lymphoma society and a director of patient services welcome Lauren thank you so much since. And the let's talk about well first of all you've got an event coming up. February 4 week deal so the northern California blood cancer conference is coming up on February 4 appearance in Francisco at the end. Hyatt regency in market share a bright downtown. This a free educational conference for patients and caregivers each year except that 800 patients and caregivers that attend this event which is huge and we're so. Happy to have Sony people join us for a day of education and learning at that event and it's for patients but it's also for families for anybody who cares to get and knowledge about this it is it absolutely so we. You know host sort of in the morning a keynote session issue we have a gentleman doctor Jerry Lee who's with the cancer and shot initiative in Washington DC. And he'll be talking a little bit about what we're doing to move the needle forward in terms of cancer treatments. Nationally. And then we have the app need a break out in disease specific sessions and those are led bites he ecology oncology thought leaders so. We have speakers from Fred hutch is up in Seattle in Mayo Clinic in here also UCSF as well. Until it's a really wonderful opportunity for patience and feeling members anybody's interested in learning more about blood cancer. To have that opportunity and it would be hours 8 AM to 1230 so it happened to it the half day conference yes ADM the top thirty recent breakfast in and there's kind of some time for conversation fellowship. Before commitment to sort of the nitty gritty and educational and and the meat of the day. Saturday February 4 Hyatt regency San Francisco that's on the embark Darren attack really easy access from the ferry building hand for buses and everything straight and are up Harry get Sunday. Is today that is the lymphoma and leukemia society keep back nose in it backwards leukemia and lymphoma society that's right now out as biting. Like cancers. Am what some specific resources that Allah I'll ask. Gives two patients and families. Yes so we know that there are a lot of blockades are patients here in North America and that's why we have a lot of programs and services so that's currently actually about one point two million people who are living with her in remission. From a blood cancer and every three minutes someone new was diagnosed so. We're really focused on research says that weakens you know easily carry those folks accessed an education for patients that they feel empowered neglect cancer journeyman. At because he is well. So what is it that most used programs that we have is our information resource center our information specialist. That's a place for any newly diagnosed patient or can't ever actually anyone he has been touched by cancer. On to call it really really get information speak with a masters level health professional social workers or nurses or help librarians. To get information about what they're going through an end to help navigate. What is the really overwhelming time and and you know when you first hear a word like you're diagnosed with a lymphoma. Many people don't even know you know what that. Might be here what that entails and those folks can help you sort out why don't and you can you explain just a little bit what that is for those given that's a scary words. Yes Phil Thomas on the blood cancers. Are at age is called the leukemia and lymphoma society that we work with patients that. Leukemia lymphoma multiple myeloma. Mylan is plastics in terms. These are all cancers that don't happen in this hollered solid tumor and as we met with them either. Common forms of cancer breast cancer colon are solid tumor cancers. Into the blood can't just kind of encompass the rest of it and so you know making it happening year in your cluttering your lymphatic system in the case of lymphoma. Now I am that you have a website LLS dot org that heads is chock full of information. And also it just amazing patient stories absolutely so we worked with and a number of patients actually last year 55000. High increased from patients or caregivers so. A large number of people apartheid's applicants are in some of them share their stories at us that we haven't up on the web site. And help those who medium personally connected with what cancer understand a little bit more about what that experience might be like and those stories you know range from. Young young kids all the way up to it to older adults I just gonna ask their is is there an age group that is more susceptible or is it just there's no. So blood cancers do affect all ages and you know a cute little plastic leukemia is the most common form of childhood cancer and child for the Kimi and so we DC a large number of utilities affected by cancer often affected by that form of leukemia. And in certain diagnoses affect different populations but general blood cancers is really diverse group of cancers and so it can affect everyone whole lights and we have you know babies to. Pokes her. Grasso stepped up to cancer. I you've got many many fund raisers through out the year and his touch on some of those we did so we just wrapped up our light and I walk c.s and in those are. Some you know great fundraising mock sort of an evening of celebration an outdoor party. Everyone who walks carries only interns so it's just kind of see Italy and turns of red and white and gold. Celebrating survivorship in the family members who support them and also remembering those we've lost a blood cancer. And that happens in the fall. In the spring we have army and a Woman of the Year campaign and that says a prestigious event. People are nominated by their colleagues and really just it's given them a platform. To speak out and and help those in in the cancer community. And at any other big events. Coming up so that the other event that we have a their team in training fundraising events that's their endurance sports programs so for anyone Hugh. Said I could never run a marathon I can never get half marathon team in training as a program for you because they will train new coach you can get you across that finish line. And that he'll feel really good about what you're getting yourself. Also you know improving lives applicants are patients and their families and and bringing an end to cancer do you host and a half marathons or merit funds throughout the year. Yes so people train here in the Bay Area there's a number of different training groups and they meet for runs during the week and then kind of there larger team runs on Saturday is which is really fun it's hard to believe that it's fun to run can mask but it is when you're a group of people in your really you know enjoy spending time with. We also have people who have had completed marathons and half marathons previously who decide to participate sleepy Mediterranean and if you you know have ever felt sort of that wave of emotion when you cross the finish line when you're not doing it to raise funds for cancer it's it's pretty profound when that your union though. To raise funds for cancer Ian to cross the finish and that's one element could. Laura Hollis the director of patient access for the leukemia and lymphoma society once again the web say it is LLS dot org. For the toll free number. If you wanna get involved in fund raising or you know someone who is. You know suffering from cancer there's many many levels in ways to participate 180955. At. 4572. And specifically we're looking forward to your February 4 event. Yes and I think California what can the conferences in the China event and for many many blood cancer patients you know they might not know someone else has been diagnosed with blood cancer so it's a way for them to come together. I let the people from throughout northern California we have folks who travel as far as you know. Turkey actually. So the great event in oddity for them to come together and and be with folksy know what it's like to have a blood cancer diagnosis and that it experience. And anybody hears you have cancer it's got to be just missed that hairy scary stunning you know just. Free freeze right where you lard in a moment in time. I'm looking at your brochures says this is a free educational event for survivors caregivers. And health care professionals. I'm do you need to. Our SPP. Yes the registration for this event will open December 1. And you can register at Al outlast that our act slash BCC. Sheehan replied cancer conference. And so British agent opens that Dana actually as freeze all the programs and services provided by the leukemia lymphoma society always free of cost. So we'd love you know and you want to join us which is why and we engage in fund raising year hit exactly exactly what is your yearly fundraising goal. Yeah me every single here in the Bay Area about eight million dollars we do that. Through a number of different campaigns. We get through it you'll get mean and and folks specially around holiday season. Yankee penalty you know give back in that way. And just a wide number of events that happened all throughout the years now and you can find those also act LL stop port absolutely yes and specific resources are patient I know they and why the director patient services though. Yes so you know many patients unfortunately money you know come across history it's very overwhelming so. Be the leading source of free blood cancer information for blood cancer patients and their families. And we get this you know by providing traditional book that's immaterial but also we have some support programs so one is our first connection program. And first connections are peer support programs so. With some of the diagnosed with a form of you know implement it might not know our multi mylan in my having an off than their life that it has been diagnosed with that. And so this program provides them the opportunity to talk with another patient survivor they're trained volunteers survivors tipping issue at their special perspective on and diagnosis and treatment and recovery and survivorship. Which is a huge support to those who are you know faced with what seems like a donkey few months or years. And are the doctors pretty accessible to our questions after is absolutely accessible and and you know for many patients and they have a great relationship with their position which is wonderful. I nurses as well social worker is Adam but we do see some value in in this special perspective in the unique perspective patient he's been through that has you know. Doctors and nurses usually have not had into it themselves correct. Outlets you had mentioned ad to me that the research really got kicked off in 1965. So let's talk about the progress and the accomplishments since that yes we've had a number of accomplishments. I had the looking in the from a society has invested over a billion dollars since that time in the blood cancer research and so we really happening able to move the needle forward it and an image of blood cancers are diverse a group of cancer so. A cute little plastic leukemia which image in the most common form of childhood cancer we've seen an increase since 1965 of about a 3% survivor rate to over 90% survivor rates today so huge leaps and bounds in progress have been made. And similarly many patients are diagnosed with form of leukemia called chronic highlighted the Kenya. Have seen a great increase in and survival rates largely due to a drug that was funded by Allah has called a matinee. It's an alien in non hodgkin's lymphoma we've seen the same progress. Due to a drug called Rick retouched to map which has really increased survivorship is well but we do have some disease states unfortunately that have not seen this same progress. When those been I am now occupies my lies as leukemia. And Ellis did actually messed just this year eleven million dollars into a project that we called the beat and pound mass search trial. It's a collaborative project. With academic institutions and pharmaceutical and kind of bringing together everyone is at the table and even at the same table until we can really move things forward we just haven't seen progress in thirty years so. Lauren hill and the director patient services. For the leukemia lymphoma society. Are you in hospitals. Educating and and if so which hospitals primarily here around here yeah in the paint area and UCSF and Stanford are the two what we call and CI designated comprehensive cancer center. And so we are often times there working with patients and we market. In collaboration with social workers and nurses and physicians there as well to make sure that patients are able to get that re sources. And information that Amy eat and what about to Children's Hospital Oakland you about Vietnam as the media that a lot of work with them yes it is yet at any off hospitals as well looked at mission bay and Oakland and we work with them as well as Lucille Packard. Down. I want to. Lauren hill director patient services leukemia lymphoma society big event coming up February 14 blood center conference if you like to register it is free. For survivors caregivers health care professionals it is I have to event 8 AM to 1230 it's at a Hyatt regency in San Francisco. Right so along where the ferry building is easy access RTZ access Abbas easy access ferry so. Get educated and as we talked about being freed but you do needed to land RSVP to get easy register you know we do sometimes fill up so. We have about 800 spots available and usually have about 800 people attend so. We do and really recommend registering although we will have same day registration mailed us and so just briefly go ahead and recap what day is gonna happen happen at this conference. So the blood cancer conference is sort of a day of education in connection for blood cancer patients and caregivers and the only members and anyone who really wants to learn more. We start off the morning with a keynote session issue we're really excited to have doctor Jerry he does that the deputy director of the cancer moon shot initiative in Washington DC. And he'll be joining us in and from there we break out into a disease specific sessions. With he ecology and oncology thought leaders from a number of institutions from Fred hutch opened Seattle Mayo Clinic. Here in our own backyard UCF methods the inferred I UC Davis as well. And you're listening to today's world we are right here each and every Sunday with informative community events. Lauren Holly is with Adam and family Kenya society and once again let's give but hope for contact and how website information. Can't give that an absolutely our website is W Debbie Debbie new. York and are tougher number is 1800. 955. 457. To appear in newly diagnosed patient or know someone who is these are great information to share with those folks that they get connected with our resources and programs sooner than later. And it's never too soon to last start a fund raiser around the office if you're so inclined. With that. Groups of people in your neighborhood as you mentioned estimate your team in training and and other Bay Area events that you can find on their website. Once again Lauren Hart thank you so much for being with us. My name is to call and before we wrap up here with today's world. I'd like to encourage you if you have a show ideas if you run and nonprofits or have an event coming up. If you are in the community with education or health issues. We are an open forum and inviting you to please take advantage of the India free air time that we have. On all of our San Francisco Entercom radio stations. You can reach me act today's world SF dot com that's pretty shows live and see you can hear examples of other shows that we've done. And we also have that KO YT dot com is one of our stations participating. Lots of information there with techie BLX and and that if I seventh game. And of course that Kate fox. And Q1 or two are all of our five stations here in the Bay Area so Lauren friendly human lymphoma leukemia society. Thank you for being here in getting involved someday is today absolutely and that we can never emphasize that enough. My name is sue hall another edition of today's world is coming up next weekend and once again. Our web site is today's world SF dot com thank you Lauren thank you.