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Sue Hall talks with Erma Murphy and Tim Eschilman about this yers Mill Valley Fall Arts Fest September 16-17. The line up and food and arts and the money raised goes to local art programs.

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Good morning I'm Sewell hall and since today's world you can listen to dish shell and others at today's world SF dot com. And for the next fifteen minutes we are speaking with our mum Murphy who is from the Mill Valley fall arts festival and Tim Eshleman. Who is with one of the bands performing at a festival riven town in jive welcome to both of you thank you you're welcome let's see or might you've been doing this for how long with the festival of all the that's about ten years usually first at the communication the last three years working with the artist as their liaison so I get very involved with all the 130 artist to Sheila and I imagine when it's ovary start right back again for the next thing here around here around yeah. So when is this year's festival. We always happened at mid September so this is going to be September 16 and seventeen in old mill park in downtown Mill Valley OK and the time. Either ten to five each day. And what's happening this year that's different from past years are we really wanted to focus on a local artist and kind of the somebody who's been in the ballot for a while and really has the polls. On especially in our beautiful setting old ballpark and that is Steve Coleman. Steve Coleman grew up in Mill Valley and he is a set designer. As well is an artist in his own right he's very has a very baroque. Whimsical style so we're giving him a little theory grove where he can make a fantasy land. Susan she does a lot of set designs they'll be some large you know pieces and small pieces. And he's he's basing it on a yeats poem called sailing from beans ante on as a theme and so over excited about him being there. And that's one of them the new things we're doing and maybe you wanna read that. Also depends on well the poem I'm not going to palm but he she's very magical on his thinking he says this work is perhaps the logical extension. Of imaginary worlds we created as children growing up in the hills and canyons overlooking old mill creek. In our imagination a little twig boats replaced in the uncharted waters of old mill creek might somehow reach the far pavilions of distant cities yet I'm dreamt of we are all dreamers of a better world. With visions of the world that might or might not have been so again you get evokes this idea of sailing when he was akin little creek right by. Where they art is an old mill park we have. It would and we have a creek I have a fond memories I grew up in tam Bally also my own memories of all male. I invokes lots of sparkles and Ares and with mushrooms and things he had very nice and does so what else he said Steve Coleman you've got some other and no art installation and this is a severance Cisco artist and bill and who's an installation artists who actually approached us and said can I do an installation and tempering installations that he has. And so she worked with the city as well as went to the library and researched things would relate to old mill and she came up with a great concept of using. Patch work you know when oldest and it would make packed repulsed the symbol of the old bill and she's going to create. They waddle and space. Ma based on that design Dow and the creek. That is using the tweaks from the park and she got the approval from the city to help they're gonna help collect the fallen twigs and she's gonna create this. Very natural design and that will be something people stumble upon. That's an integral to end to the park what is and that for me I don't know what is it waddle fence is just weaving of tweaks so that makes it kind of offense and then will be shaped in design of the packs the patchwork symbol beautiful and for those who don't know the history old male was a and would mill back in the back in the day and there is it's still. A lumber yard nearby isn't there well hold it in in name it's no longer functional and Bernard enforcement but it's still. In a valley area people know all about it it locked in a minimum they driving and it's like one of the main things yeah and then the friends that membership program. A new yup well it's really excite. And because we really want the support of the community we've not been doing this for 61 years. And it's time that we have a friend's. Arm of our nonprofit that will peace the people in the community that want to support the continuance of the festival. And one of the things that defense we'll do was helped underwrite our scholarship programs that we give to the youth. That's from tam high and it's juniors and seniors both that. Get on scholarships. For their art and their jury buy it be. The winners Richard by the school. Art teachers so that's one of the things they'll help support. And we just want people to get to know what's more and have some special benefits by being friends of and and you can go on their website enjoying only the lowest is thirty dollars so it goes on up from there for different benefit levels but we inch invite everyone to become different. I'm speaking with Herman Murphy who's with the Mill Valley fall arts festival that's coming up September 16 and seventeenth and then the website is friends S am. The FA half. They get that I think that's for that's for the friends friends that we are just part if you wanna donate and at writing community ran arts took its in the O'Malley. Friends SM VF AS dot org and by the way Google yeah if that. Her Matt is joined by Tim Eshleman and Tim is a member of the band rhythm towns Ivan you're performing this. That's correct yeah we on Sunday 2 o'clock and I'm really excited be back in Mill Valley I actually lived there for quite along time it came out west from the midwest to go to census day. And ended up in Mill Valley hitch hiking and during efforts here. And then unacceptable friends of mine moved or said you know you got to just come out movie here Wear this because this is a great music scene so I moved there in the early seventies. And lived there we started bunch of bands we starter record label recording studio and all this is out of Mill Valley. So now I've moved to other parts of the Bay Area but love come back to town and so this will be great for us or bring and a five piece removed on jive and in this a lot of news American roots stuff. A lot of New Orleans R&B but he would eat jump blues rise if things like that so the building raw building blocks of. Today's music yeah I see some of the year inspirations you're doing going back with that Hank Ballard in the mid nine meters of gas and says some of that. I'm just gonna read a few that I that I recognize. Thurston Harris Ray Charles of course that big R&B roots there. Does arisen that we actually eventually got lucky enough to start. Backing some of these people are either red the sweet water John Goddard Billy's music parties or at this at slams we were back in up Earl king and PJ McNealy about it these events so yeah I was really. It really great opportunity to be in this area and be part of the musical scene say I'd be really great to come back and in this magical Redlands. Yeah those set fair so our once again it's Tim Eshleman handed then band's name it is. Rhythm town jive and is a heightened before jive and it's that time jive dot com and still excellent and you'll be performing on Sunday the seventeenth at the Mill Valley fall arts festival at two. What other musical acts do you have lined up. Well on Saturday we start with Al jazz jazz islanders and then we followed by the Ron Brothers which semi guys may know her own brother yeah Chris Lauren Ron that's Americana. We got to rock with marble party at two. On some blues. And the following day you may be used a lot of people might know James Nash at three following more than town jive. On so there's going to be a mixture of bossa nova. And and what's really great and we are very affordable festival so it's only ten dollar admission fee so you get all the live entertainment. As well as get to seal these amazing artists 130 artist in the redwood groves from all of the country. We've got about 50% from the Bay Area but people come from all over. And the children have. Their own entertainment section and hands on art projects to what's happening for the kids well new and other new this year who put on. Before we had really great entertainment always had great entertainment for the kids. And the issue is that we need some hand on arts of projects so. On the right behind the children's growth. There's going to be and our project sponsored by and kiddo which is the Mill Valley schools art. You know on nonprofit. Arm and then we have the also once around which is a local. Craft stores helping sponsor and they're going to be able to. Actually used paint paint on twelve by twelve campuses and be able to take these. Artworks comments. And house I see friends and once again no Nellie ball arts festival and I think that's a great way for folks to get involved become a friend. And give some donations it can't to go on his decades long tradition here providing community run arts showcases in Mill Valley so if you like to see this continue. Right yes and I went and become a friend. Friends of Mill Valley fault art festival MVF a after the dot org. So and kids bring kids they're gonna be able to the and you have special kids' shows too. And that not only that the kids are free twelve and under for the young and really no reason not to bring the kids. We have two full days of Linus for the kids. In the grows it's called the children's growth. And we have Marion nets and magicians and you drumming with Nikko which is really popular pressure that kids get to sit around and just make a lot of noise affect. This is again all under in in the redwoods so you've got this beautiful environment. Same with the music staged or out and a beautiful amphitheater each and ask for more beautiful place to see music and and see art. And you him perfect time of year because September mid September whether can get may ultimately typically can be little chilly but it can get warm in your nice little read where exactly we are speaking with Irma Murphy international man both with the Mill Valley fall arts festival that has come in September 16 and seventeenth. Two full days of funds from ten to five at old mill park. Trot Morton and cascade in Mill Valley adults ten dollars kids are free and the web site. In the FEF dot war and you get the whole artist line that you get the musician online and that they that the events for kids and all of that intentional about the artist lineup because he put that together. That and you can go there and sees the different media there and and check their web sites. And Seton get a preview of the kind art you'll see that sculpture jewelry painting. It's it's all there is this he has a year. Terrific so if you know particular artist I have a question like it is an artist is listening or musician and they wanna get involved. Next year good how is that how does that play out well. We start application processes in January January 15 and there is oh. The website colds application that does a lot of online. On applications for many are festivals around the country so zap it's like application with a Z in the friends application. So between January 15 and April 15 we accept applications from artists all over the country and they submit on that website. Up to five images of their work and then at the end of April of each year we do have a panel of new jurors every year that at sort through that. And pick you know what they feel is gonna be the strongest show. And we select. Out of that about a 135. Artists to attend and same with musicians same player has a different for musicians so that we have it's a different person who did. It pretty much exclusively books the muse music. And also wanna let's that you can see that for entertainment. Contacted and and Edward and Edwin oh Edwin. Yeah Edmund does that and he's really. Good at picking people and down am so just submit your your EP GA or electronic press kit to him through his website. Or email that's on our way it's excellent so we will get the Al geared up for next year I want to let the once again that BM Mill Valley fall arts festival always a lot of fun sixteenth and seventeenth it says. Not conflict with the Sausalito art festival was two weeks after two weeks after they don't have to worry about that and come back to beautiful moraine if you. Went to that art festival an enjoin the Mill Valley arts festival it's fun. Really good time and your website once again wants of people concede artists and musicians what there is to do. And you see there's a free shuttle to. Oh yeah old. Guess I should de vices you can park at Tampa high. And not worry about parking downtown about which is not easy so that part it's him I take a shuttle leaves every. Thirty minutes and and it goes at various stops all the way to the downtown area Mill Valley. All the way to the park which is about a half mile from that from downtown exactly so. Don't worry about parking is easy to park attempt by and take the shuttle free shuttle. And and get there by tech because you wanna you wanna have your whole day they're too. 1010 to five each day and definitely 2 o'clock Sunday for the time John rhythm tell indictment. It hasn't let what are some of the songs you're gonna be performing well we're a much original stuff and review a few. Covers that we think people may not be over exposed to try to bring out stuff that. The underdog sometimes you know just give people stuff that they haven't heard somewhere else. So if you've heard our music and you know some it's a game of this does let people know me that their imaginations on you have a CD. Let's hear rhythm town dashed Jaya special guest Johnny Johnson and Carl on the main stem. And mad as this is available we have three CD's that's one of ammonia available on Amazon around the globe records dot com website. Pretty good sample if you wanted to listen Haiti can go to iTunes even it's all an area. And it is digital services and now get a preview. Riven town dash jive sounds good in your playing 2 PM. On the seventeenth of September at the Mill Valley fall arts festival once again I would don't want people to. Walk away without the web site it's and that BF AF Mill Valley fault arts festival and the FA aft. Dot org and dead what does the money raised goes towards well it pretty much. Since we don't charge to adjudicate it it's pretty much a wash at this point that's why we got the friends helping to take over because. There's a lot of expenses of putting on a festival of this nature. Not only just the rentals and insurance and all the things that go on to and destruction to make it happen but we do have the scholarship program. As well as if there is you know on an extra money left over which. There will be this year it goes back into developments in the park itself. You know putting the media the bench which we did a couple of years ago or any other improvements that need to happen in the city's park. And it is a beautiful part of his own by the city of no knowledge. And they're very gracious to let us hostess here. Because you know it's park. And and so the art artists have a how the more morbid difficulty in this setting than they would and a in illustrate. But did the tradeoff is that you you this beautiful backdrop setting forth. Our look forward to the Novella follow arts festival coming up September 16 seventeenth old mill park in Mill Valley Irma Murphy Tim Eshleman thank you so much for being here thank you so my name is sue call and this is today's world. And if you wanna hear this show once again a past show or. Always if you have a show idea glad to hear from you you can visit us at today's world SF dot com. Will be back next weekend.