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Sunday, December 18th


Host Sue Hall speaks with Muttville Founder Sherri Franklin about the organization for Senoir Dog resuce inThe Bay Area

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Good morning I'm sue Holland this is today's world you can catch this show and others at today's world SF dot com. And for the next fifteen minutes were going to be talking with Jerry Franklin Sharry is the founder that the correct yes found higher. Yet founder how much bill USA. And you've just been through some exciting times first let's talk about Matt bill. I'm fun. Hey how. We're much until senior dog rescue actually has. We're gonna be hitting our ten year anniversary is next year. And we've we rescue senior dogs rated for euthanasia all over Californians sometimes. Over borders as well. And we placement loving homes now how did you first get the inspiration and the success and I guess it's kind of an unfortunate success but a wonderful service that you provide well I'd love to be put out of business some secret that I let a I started volunteering at shelters and I saw a lot of senior dogs that didn't make it out the front door. You they were being put up for adoption because they old. Or. They just sat in the shelter because they had to compete with puppies getting adopted. And two I saw a couple of dogs that I really loved. I saw them not make it in into Afghanistan to take them one at a time. Two at a time and I realized this is a big problem. It and prefer me to go. But. That I really wanted to address and and help a lot more animals so I sort of map now. And see what how do you come across the the older dogs first shelters at the on the streets are people I mean how to use. Sure will and actually we work with shelters are open on the coast but we also. The dogs come into the shelters some of them has strays. Sometimes and some who's passed away and it is Doug's been truly loved his whole life. On sometimes. Somebody's moved to a sometimes we have no history on the job but. For whatever reason it ends up in the shelter and we take dogs that are seven and older. How many dog he's at one time king and you have our shirt you know. We started out of my house so at that time we were held back by. And base basic big giant. But now we used to have about 75. Jobs available for adoption at any given time. We have Foster homes about fifty Foster homes in and we have a shelter that. Is adjacent to the San Francisco US PC is sexy their old building that we at least from them in in the city in San Francisco. Us so we are speaking with sharing frankly she's the founder of Matt and bill and based in San Francisco and on the Foster families all around the Bay Area all over the Bay Area to Santa rose and some of them even out to Sacramento we we. We lever Foster families so I use an older dog is seven or Alter. You don't know until we chose as as an age because they so those were the drugs that really warm. Getting adopted in and we're not getting the attention. At the shelter do you always know that age are how well now we guests and had a Alger Donnelly and at that kind of through grade yourself sort of flat while she may be too you know somewhere in there right we look at it teach with and RBIs and their energy level and you know we might if if we don't have a history logo seven to nine are. Or eight to grant her right aren't a dog's definitely fourteen or over you know it's just yeah we can tell an and it gets easier and easier as time goes by it is too. For me to really be able to tell. Now how would folks you have a website that bill dot Dell dot org and that you can it be introduced to the dogs. And rightly that that we have the photos and bios of each and every can week two really good job of matchmaking as well also. What you've done and application online we really read through it and try and not just by the weighted down looks but really. By the personality of the died in what the family of the expectations. For John. Outside so how was somebody finds just just you go on YouTube and you too we have mantle channel on YouTube duke and yes OK awesome. We want to talk a little bit about the holidays. Yes. We have found through the years that the holidays are very very. Hard on animal shelters and on dogs everywhere. And probably cats too it's. A lot of people travel during the holidays and they just can't fine. Somebody to watch or animal and a lot more animals end up at the shelters people do it's incredible it's it or for whatever reason not work meaning more people on passed away during the holidays as well. We've heard that. So every animal shelter that I know of its. Extremely over taxed with. The animals that come in it's really sad so. We we LCD two we really try and take as many jobs as we can we. We overload. Our shelter. And we really encourage people to come and docked at that time it's it's a time of great need for it for the animals. And I would think that an older dog would be and like a puppy or younger guy would be more mellow and and had a bad debts and mark cuddly and has puppies can be you know crazy. You know I have another baby I do I just got a puppy from my children an unexpected. New beautiful happy that they're cute but I think I actually really love old dogs are very easy. The extent. I don't know they asked for a lot less from you and they're grateful for every minute and they've just taught mile actually because they really live in the moment. And you can have. Two or three. Older drugs. It or even more than that and that's less work in one pound yeah so I would have to agree with that let's talk about the concept of rescue row and what is that. Well. We are in a great location we are like I said the SP CA Lisa says space. In we are on one street with. Family dog rescue. Mutt dole. The San Francisco SP CA and San Francisco animal care and control. So we came together and decided to. Let's fight for a new name it's actually Alabama street that we're gonna call it rescue row and the city actually. Gave us permission to do that and that ormat Phyllis headquartered as well unless Iran assets or shelter that's where headquarters are. It's sort of like I want Colin the what is it called used car used car around all weekend resize them auto route over our auto row you can come here and go and visit all the different shelters. One stop shop and really be able to see all the dogs appear interested in dog you can go to all four places and you know hopefully you'll end up with a month old dog but you know at least you'll end up with a a rescued we're speaking with Sherry Franklin on this weeks today's World Series the founder mutton bill. And day at one point had like overtime thousand dogs through your own home I did AS underway I do have an I do have new floors now. You let's focus on these last few weeks Shari has been apart and a lot of people have seen this CNN heroes series. How did that get started for you how did you get nominated what was the process I wanna know all about it well it's been a crazy whirlwind of the week. One of our. Volunteers that must fill unbeknownst to me Lyn Phillips is a transport volunteer but now. And she. CNN heroes. And they called me and we had these long interviews and then next thing you know they're flying out to do. Three days following me around and video Ing everything and I end up being. The top 25. CN heroes of 2016. Then they narrow it down to a top ten. And they fly they flew all top ten to New York city's world wide world royals losses worldwide I'm getting goose bumps talking about it right now Fred so we all met for the first time last Friday a evening. And it was like we were all family for for that three days that followed. We we had a huge gala that was filmed alive. On CNN and Leon had to get up and speak and friends you know this is crazy world wide. And did you have a dog with you there were some there were two dogs there thank goodness because I always calms me down. Oh good yeah but. So all ten of us were there and there are a lot of movie stars there and we access hop number that names come on yeah Neil Patrick Harris sat with me and he is a big fan of rescue dogs he exe has to rescue dogs so. And has one senior dogs so he's showing me pictures on his phone and his dog and asking me questions about his senior Don and how what he should be doing which is really exciting and Diane Lane I could see her when I was a speaking on the stage at a downer and she'd like tears in our eyes it was just amazing. Anderson Cooper of course is lovely and Kelly repko was amazing race weeks. And lovely. But really that the it is shining light at the weekend was really getting to meet the other heroes and we had a lot of bonding an and it was a very very special three days and then the gentleman from Columbia. Yes he is the one he was the is the hero and rock hero rock heroes we all are I like to say we all are winners. This is that a life changing event for our all of us I believe and I'm Jason. Was the most gracious sweet man. We. On the first night we met you know I was almost in tears mean him and what was his charity says his charity is he has terrible policy and he. Because of his family and his mother who and father who were both there. They just. And they really. Worked with him and gave him so much. Hope. And and turned his life around and he felt like he needed to do that with the other children that he's so cerebral palsy that didn't have them go yeah Colombia. So is he does amazing mark and so do you get. Iran Iraq. Any thing in the world runner already are out where our runner up so exciting were for you to be an. That is yes and I think it really brought I hope that it brought a lot of attention people are out of animals in shelters all over this country that did at CNN senior guns that on the age to be adopted and and I hope that. That that me being there. Hope that cause that the the larger costs are speaking with Jerry Franklin she's the founder the bay area's own much they'll senior dog rescue. Dog is considered it may be over seven years old the older dogs and for one reason or another they end up in your shelter. And what is that he said folks go online and fill out an application where it is that would as the process from then from from there we actually have match makers adoption counselors will eat we actually call match makers and and we. To say oh yeah that dog will be great for you or maybe just wouldn't be the best for your am only young children we got. Another job it's great with young children. And we have adoption. Events every weekend Saturday and Sunday twelve to four open house is gonna ask about the meet the Matt's right yes it's it's. Every it's we call low the senior weekend and we are open to the public love to have everybody come down. Twelve to 4 PM Saturday and Sunday. Always except I think Christmas Day we we might take that day off. But we also do during the week by appointment Imus if you wanted to meet and greet with any of the dogs but we have a lot of dogs. And we love when all books show us as a robbery robbery we have. Three pounders 200 pounders who we are I'm not we are not not discriminatory. Discriminatory yes we are not Andy sent folks off with things that they need for the dog we absolutely hated each collar harness. Four RC we have actually have a seniors for seniors program and he really set up our seniors to succeed with. Welcome home kid with. Doug band in doubles and dog food and and we really want we we want to sit and read doctor to succeed so not just with. Exit things but also with a lot of guidance sure I'm sure a lot of folks have questions that writes the best. Time that they how much food they eat just as bad every category and everything that's wonderful so. It's much spill dot org but still my idol but they'll dot org and is their and another ars that the best way to forget this we don't really see all the time and you know if that's what you wanna do or if you wanna donate. And we also had a great. Donate button right there and and actually. We have a matching campaign right now dollar for dollar so. On through January 7 anything that you Joni will be matched by our board and one donor Mars that is. Stepping up to do matching for us that's wonderful. Can volunteers and Armenia and yes you love our volunteers we have about 300 volunteers. We need Foster homes we needed doctors we need everything and we love. We love our humans as much as we love our dogs that they'll. You were just mentioning on the way in here that it just have to ask right now he doesn't we ask all the time to ask for help and you know certainly there's sole many dog doggie people. You know just look at the dog eat. Industry everything is definitely an industry has exploded so. That's wonderful mutt daily USA and the holidays are especially tough. Especially tougher. Not just the donny's but the people to use it right and I I would even suggests a semi doesn't want to adopt during the holidays weenie weenie Foster homes during the holidays because a lot of our Foster homes. Leave town and so we end up with more dog's coming back to our shelter that would prefer to be in a Foster hum temporary home over the holidays to sell. Please Manitoba or come and visit current check it out this is Cheri Franklin and she is Sherry Franklin to frat founder of Mac bill. And that we're just about at a time so much until I dot org Matt hill dot org and Cheri we love having you here thank you so much for Ali dealing congratulations for the CNN Allah is our only option was just amazing thank you so much for having me.