NAMI Santa Clara 9/23/17

Sunday, September 17th


Sue Hall speaks with Dyane Hendrick and Gina Cicconi from the National Alliance on Mental Illness and their fundraising walk in Santa Clara on Sept 23rd.

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Good morning I'm Sewell hall and this is today's world he doesn't this show and others at today's world ass ass dot com. And for the next fifteen minutes we are speaking with Diane Hendricks and who is a walk manager for the National Alliance on Mental Illness they call it non me. And a big F fundraising rockets coming up and genus at coney. Who that works with the organization and Gina has wonderful story to tell so welcome both of you ladies thank you thank you it's great year yeah it's great to have you two. So let's start with Gina first how do you get involved with the national line. On mental illness I'm I was my daughter was in the hospital and they did a program parent. I was able to go there and watch the program. And I decided to call him on me to see that services were available for my family. We. I started going to nominees I'm in 2014. I started as a volunteer. And I decided to take the family to family class and V peer to peer class which helped my family greatly. I learned a lot about my own diagnosis in my own illness and also how to help my family with them what was going on in her family unit. On these classes are amazing I mean. I can't say enough about him he peer to peer class was probably. The most amazing class I've taken. And help me understand my illness and it helped me figure out that I was not alone. I mean met wonderful people wonderful trainers that how personal experience. Con. Peer panels is also another program with the army. I can now. Now that I've taken that class I can be appear pal for others as well. It just helped me realize that I was not alone in my struggle with my illness. My family was not alone. There was many resources and Emmy provided for me. To get by to get help that I needed for myself and my family. I also take wrap. Which is the wellness recovery action plan through Santa Clara County. Which is also helped me a home. Design a wellness plan for myself and stay on track with my illness and be able to function. So it's actually. Nominees actually saved my life in many ways let's just every. And folks once again on me is the National Alliance on Mental Illness and may is national mental health month so we're highlighting along with Diana genie here. Who what sorts of illnesses and people do you treat in is that specific to Santa Clara County or is it they area light. It's an X our county our our affiliate has sent a clerk counting. We see in a lot of different cases. We deal with all mental illnesses. Depression anxiety schizophrenia and skits so effective disorder. All of them that are in the DSM. We. We help we have warm line that you can call com. It's 24 hour telephone support we have referral services training programs presentations. And all of these serve all the people and army are very compassionate they have lived experiences. They're knowledgeable. The level of compassion in the office is amazing. The support we get and non Meehan what we give. It's lifesaving it's like changing. And it how many years had he been affiliate he's had 2014. Yes yes OK I'm going on three years there I used to volunteer. And then I was hired to supervise the volunteer room. Which I absolutely love the volunteers served truly amazing without them. We couldn't get how far worked and so it's it's a beautiful program what sort of training to the volunteers need to have. They don't need to have any training he they come on man come on and we do a quick little interview sign them up and they can start volunteering Monday Tuesday Wednesday from eleven to one. We provide snacks for them and it's a wonderful environment as a safe environment what is the end of the number order they go to the website to get information that they can go to the website or they can call 408. 45. 40400. For a fight three or 454453. Or fight to get used to that again for 084530400. To get information on volunteering in the web site is nominee and AM I Santa Clara dot org correct so what that's a great way to get a hold of and and volunteer. So this is not I am done on and no money obviously you need donations and you need. Resource is to provide these fantastic services for the mentally ill how does that work to donations and some. We get donations we have sponsors we have a wonderful mammy walk which is at the end of September. Which stallion can yet touch and our balance on and all our programs and army are free. And supported by the lot so it's it's pretty wonderful and amazing. So it is national mental health month and National Alliance on Mental Illness and you guys are based in Silicon Valley and Santa Clara counties so. I let's talk with Diane Hendrix you are the walk manager and we'll get some more information. On the event which is coming in September but you've got a kick off gay and a kick off event coming up real soon here so let's talk about. That that's writes who we have our kickoff. Coming may 23. 5 o'clock in the evening that's a Tuesday night at Hitachi data services in Santa Clara County this is another free event. And if anyone is interested. In learning more about supporting nanny. Either as a teen GAAP and our sponsor this is the perfect place to find out. And the theme of our kickoff which I think it's going to be the theme for a walk is I loved. Being neat. And one of our committee members came up with that pain and I love it because it's one of those scenes. People can make of it what they want to make a that they can personalize it. But. This walk is very special and it's a little bit different in that 90%. Of the proceeds. We main local. That's wonderful it does not go. Someplace to Washington to be used for advocacy although that's important they remain local. And the law also provides. Another safe environment for people to talk about mental illness for people to learn about mental illness. That there shouldn't be a stigma. That people who have mental illness. They can have fulfilling lives just as anyone with any other kind of illness. It's learning how to cope with it and learning how to live with it. And that services that we provide. They're not only for people who have mental illnesses but for the feel and links the brands and caregivers and the senate cleric count me in Niemi alone serves 101000. People who are living with mental illness. That's a lot of people. Mental illness affects over five million people. One in five million people and and millions of other people suffer from severe mental illness but let me get back to the lock and I'm talk a little bit more about that. And they kick off. I hasten to kick off this free it's a really great place. To learn more about being involved. And to learn about the name of the. Lock itself is actually Naomi walked Silicon Valley. National Alliance on Mental Illness and the event. Pre seeds while September is the actual block so we do have some time but the event is an information all kick off. And you need to RSVP and that deadline is coming up may eighteenth and Aaron and he is you need to go. To the website correct to ours VP and AM I nominee Santa Clara dot board before the eighteenth. That's correct. We need to know how many people are coming there are some security issues so we need to have first and last names. That I think went to get there you can have a really good time I've seen it can attest that when I do an event like this everybody advocate time. I make people dance bit. If that's fun today we Stafford and have a photo Booth. Amber's going to happen some folks talking about. What it means to them to beat team captain that's what it means to them to be sponsors. On why this is so important. And eat a little bit competition going on some things that could be surprises. Though beef. And beverages. And it's just a really good. Happy environments. And the walk some really good. Be and where is I know the walked is that Guadalupe river park how long is it in San Jose how long is it and how long does it and it does it take. Up the block is it standard five K walk him. And so takes. About an hour and a half. So Lockett. Most. There's also a turnaround point you can do halfway and then come back we do have wider. And that BA few snacks. At the lock and now we have a lot of foods there's some informational booths and some under oath. It now what does a little bit different also about this line. If that there's no registration fee you do not need to register. Now or pay to register. To walk and as you do need to register you just don't need to pay. If you raise a hundred dollars. You'd get a teacher great. And again we have some competition's gone an uncertain and more money you raise the more likelihood. Is that she might get some open prices peaked at Parti. Or. Image or scene switchers. It's just a whole lot of in we encourage people where wild wacky things and ten issues and tell stories. And it offices can get teams together and you can then get get may be co workers are neighbors and friends and the more the merrier the more the merrier in fact if companies are willing to team and that's where an element competition. And we designed program which we'll talk about at the kick off which will make it very easy. For companies. To match their employees. You hear that bosses and their CEOs out there okay step back and especially in the Santa Clara valley do your part. It's may is national mental health month we're talking with Diane Hendrix. Who's a walk manager and Jeanne Essex Tony who is am involved in the programs. With National Alliance on Mental Illness that's not me NA MIA as Santa Clara dot org. Kick off event is may 23 so get your reservations in. There's no fee but you do need to register as that Diane was saying you can do that also at the website at Miami's Santa Clara. Dot org the date of the watch Saturday September 23. 1030 to 130 and Diane saying all kinds of foods and events and food and sponsors out there Guadeloupe a river park. In San Jose I know some of our employees here at the radio stations. Are going to be Joaquin and involved in this so lab good for you what are some of the what are the biggest and some of the challenges. That you face obviously fundraising is is one of them. So other challenges that you that you need help with our volunteers we mentioned coordinators. I am. Well of course we need our team captains and by the way there will be a specific team captain training. And we love having our volunteers and later on in this season that starts the Nazis. We have been. Two trains at this entry means at different times to make it convenient for volunteers. Sixty volunteers it was great we can now use more. Everybody at a time and everybody teacher yes and they can do everything is lining the routes to help setup and all those kinds of things it's it's a big event is that very big event in that 2016. Was seen a year. For him walk Silicon Valley. And in its first year became one of the premier nanny wachs congratulation. And on giants fans out there. We basically beat LA on. Eight K job. How many people are you expecting. Question we. About 800 people on site issue we're expecting 15100. And I also want to mention 1 other am. Sam is also participating. So Kennedy. Sponsors and he himself if you live in the Miami area in the contact. Me. Dammit am and the tea okay. Very guide. I once again that we are speaking with genus Tony Pugh is the programs started as a volunteer started bringing your family there. And that helped you get your life back together and now she's working with the volunteers. How about you have what are your challenges that you could. Ask for if you needed to. Actually just to have volunteers we love our volunteers the make. Life a lot easier for us they have a good time. I would just encourage anybody that would you know need help to start a nominee start with our warm line. Which is 408408. 4530400. And please press one for the warm line and somebody will be happy to help you. One thing I would liked to share about the walk. Is that supervisors and shoppers from him sent Santa Clara County will be our keynote speaker. And she's very well known for her work in the mental illness field. In Santa Clara County. Very good thank you both for joining us were out of time Diane Hendricks is the walk manager for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. And dead units at coney is part of the F program there and got involved with her family and now is that working with the volunteers there's so once again. It's not me Santa Clara dot org V walk the ad kick off event is may 23 the walk is September 23. So let folks need to get your reservations in. ASAP for the may 23 the deadline is may eighteenth so thank you ladies for being here thank you. For all the to do and thank you very much. My name is sue called this has been today's world if you wanna hear this show. Cash shows or have show ideas we invite you to visit us at today's world SF dot com. And will be back next weekend with more guests thank you.