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Sue Hall speaks with Anthony Candito from Children's Hospital Oakland about National Pediatric Cancer Awareness month.

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Good morning my name is sue hall this does today's world and you can listen to this show and others at today's world. SF dot com where this show will live on. The next fifteen minutes it is my pleasure to be speaking with Antony candy you know Anthony is not only get friend of mine but he is also director. As the miracle network at UCSF in the penny off Children's Hospital. Foundation cell welcome Anthony thanks anatomy suits pleasure to be here September is a special month. For you at children's hospital and both in the studios. Oh yeah and it's also nationally it's nationally recognized as. Childhood cancer awareness month and you know in the past we've done smaller things here and there both hospitals have in Oakland and San Francisco but this year we really wanted to make a bigger splash who were. We created a campaign called the gold for childhood cancer gold is the color. For childhood cancer month. And it runs all through September and really what we wanted dude the goal for this is to really highlight the services that we have for arcades and raise money for those. Services to keep. Our kids local so they don't have to go out of market and make sure that we have the best care possible for markets and maybe not everyone knows that Children's Hospital Oakland and San Francisco. No family ever has to worry about pain. Yeah I certainly yes certainly the first and foremost when you come into our doors we want to treat you regardless of a year deleted today. So especially when you're talking about some new like cancer or even people that have insurance. You know I think like I'll be final we're talking about 123 years of treatment and that can and a vary mainly. So it's always nice to have a hospital on non for profit hospitals like he CSF and half children's hospitals. To be there for kids in the community and make sure that those stores are rumors always open so there's lots of that fund raising during the B gold for child had cancer month let's talk about some of the ways our listeners can help you it's great would what are the reasons why and I love this campaign specifically. Is because a lot of people feel like law I don't have 25000. Dollars to gain of how can I make a difference. And what's cool is a campaign like this kind of stretches out amongst everybody so we reached out to corporate partners local partners. About two community members to see what they can do for us and so what we have is. In who's supporting us in September is easy is going to severance is gonna giants game they're gonna do a game for us. And I we have Disney on ice is going to be an Oakland for a few days and they will also be doing proceeds for that'd tickets there. You can get a slice of pizza at extreme Pete's. Thirteen Bay Area locations that will benefit us hikes and which is has thirty locations eat this will be dimmed and a finances while. All of the partners are located on our the gold for kids dot org website so I would strongly suggest if you are willing and able. To want to support please visit that website in check out all the great partners that are joining us this month. I'm talking to Anthony canned Tito he's the director of children's miracle network and daddy Benny have children's hospitals and Oakland and San Francisco. And September is Beagle before childhood cancers pediatric cancer awareness month. Not only nationally but the cool thing about what you're doing Anthony is at the funds do you stay local. Yeah it's really important to loss in this is one of the reasons why we really wanted to do something like this is to get the word out that you know. There's a lot of great organizations that come norm market. But they're national organizations and they raise money. Here but taken out of the market and it doesn't benefit our local kids so. The great thing about supporting people for childhood cancer is that every dollar stays here for arcades. Last year we saw over 15100 kids just here in the Bayern treated for cancer. That's a lot of kids as well do you have any reason and well you know AG it has we've seen of late we've seen any increase of 50% over the last ten years in diagnosis. In childhood cancers but the good news is. That over the last fifty years we've seen an 80% survival rates a while this used to be a death sentence. For the most part it is not anymore but certainly 80% is in good enough and we can do better and we will do better that's for programs like this common. On the other thing that it supports not only just the care and the research that goes and define unique here. We have a lot of great things that as a mentioned earlier this year if you can't team probably in the hospital from one to three years. So we that the hospital becomes a second home so with we try to make that. Hospital. Feel like home with people like child tablet therapists who I know. You've had the pleasure speaking to in the past when we've worked together at the hospital but those people are there for the benefit of the emotional wellbeing and dean of cancer there there for art therapy play fair be. Music therapy all that fun stuff that takes kids minds off the fact that there and a hospital in now. Yeah I've actually bin as several times to Children's Hospital Oakland die on the big tour. And it's bright and it's lovely and it's not intimidating or stare all and it's it's meant meant for children and they have DN house across the street where the parents consider and we have set house and it really is I mean. I can't even imagine my I have to help the children of my own and I have two healthy grandchildren. And I can even imagine. If any of them were sick with cancer and that's that. I have two kids as you know TO and Kansas while and I look at them every night and I I think we we have to do better luckily I have healthy kids. But I've seen the other side I've been I've met with the kids that are going through and fighting this disease. And they're so strong and they really kids don't know the difference you know the thing of the difference between adults and kids is. You don't we say cancer to one another we think I'll pass we know immediately what that means kids don't know that kids don't understand it I've. I meant five year olds that whose parents have told me you'll you know he when he went back to school he didn't realize. That not every five year old had to go through chemotherapy well and where you're just thinking like how do you explain that tickets and that's. Again the great thing about having. Hospital that really focuses on the family is that there there not just to treat the physical side at the emotional side help explaining. What's gonna happen we've got this great program I don't think you remember you my regular cold beads of courage yesterday so beads encourages a great program where. Each time a child that's going through cancer gets poked or has a procedure mr. king though they get a different colored bead so this. Allows them to kind of re frame there the way their treatment is going so instead of being scared of may be a poker needle. They think cool I can get through this like it's this big purple be heads like for its that in that case and that's at these kids it it's amazing but I'm desperate to taxi CDs you know. A little kids with these necklaces with 300 beads on the but as they grow older though and you've talked to these kids they think this is. This is so great because now they have like it's like a symbol of what they went through and how they can tell their story and others as they go wants a vacancy. We added this of this was my journey through cancer in this is mean beating cancer and it's. Again a great program that we have that is not covered by insurance is that your opponent bill anyway but it means the world to the patience than the families that go through and this. All in all has to be of funds raised gay sex and ended the day I felt that it. That's what's that's Anthony is here Anthony can indeed it was the director of children's miracle network at UCSF mania Children's Hospital foundation and an Oakland and that. Anthony as what was in radio before he'd gotten this incredible new career. So I've known Anthony for a long long time and and kudos to weigh that what hospitals are doing. So September is pediatric cancer awareness month and that lots of fun things. As Anthony said you don't have to have a big Y cash to donate you there's many many ways and the website is. The gold for kids dot org and again there is all of our partners there isn't great Stanley stories he can meet the kids that you're helping. There's also way to start your own fundraising page of fear if you have the means to do that wanted to share your passion for helping kids for the others he can do that as well. And certainly if you are of the means and you know go on FaceBook sees that there T hat's shares social media as always good thing and get the word out about pediatric cancer awareness month ray and it just the quickly he already listed some of the San Francisco Giants Disney on I he had extreme pizza stream pizza I make sandwiches. Kansas guide blue lady. Morgan Stanley is going to be doing something for it's. The San Francisco Delta's which is a new soccer team is gonna be doing suffers while. So there's over 25 partners that you confine our web center right now that will be helping. Who is seen as simple as buying a slice of pizza well who will help the the pediatric cancer awareness month. And that that is the entire month of September. Let's little bit Eden you mentioned some of the therapies that they offer at the hospital and the music therapy is an incredible program. It is it's so grade com to see these kids' faces when they come in and they have few musical therapists they come in with instruments. And they just say you know here's some drums or here's a guitar here's a little keyboard. And they teach him how to play and they all play a song together and you should see their faces as they finally not thinking about. Certain things and the cool thing is in our San Francisco hospital admission today we have a recording studio soon though. Not only can they play if they want to make a record that's all we had some really amazing. Moments where kids going through. Things kids should never go through have been able to express themselves musically through that process and they get to take home with its super couple you have families come back after their their kids are better gas and I mean it's one of those things where. I can say you're there for almost three years you're gonna develop relationships at last the lifetime so we have often times will run into the fact that when these kids have birthdays. They'll invite instead of one in like you know some when the dress up like Superman or whoever they want doctor silence at a come over and and and and beat this star of the show and and celebrate their birthday it was and so. It's really lovely and you know flex our families our family and we treat them as such and I think that shows without. Wanna come back. And it's amazing how far your dollar can go with that not only just are out the pediatric cancer awareness that we've done some fundraising for Children's Hospital in. They need things like diapers in any things like that we do you have messages and things like that. You have to remember where a pediatric facilities so it's not everything smaller race so you think like a low and you know diapers you guys should have diapers this weekend but we don't have the diapers that the normal divers the dinosaurs. These are small diapers that would barely fit on your phone they're so small and that's the reason why we fund raises because all of these things third specialized just for kids they're not small adults that are children and they have had children needs like. Wheelchairs and as I mentioned crutches. It's that it's incredible the services that children's hospitals both in the city and an Oakland provide. At at no charge at notre race family I mean obviously if the inevitability and insurance but he don't have to worry about that when that when your child is said. So seventy purchasing devious that 70%. The Fam is the come through Oakland and 50% this in his Panthers and Francisco. Are either uninsured or underinsured which is incredible also even if you think like I'm fine whatever. You never know you never know what the attorneys going to be and the last thing you want and do has been under patent amount of debt as your fighting for your child's life and thank you to mr. Benny off yes always think you know is there and I can't say his name and have a mark that area CSF the an area very cool that day he's a benefactor. And plot is wonderful children. So the website again. Is Beagle for kids dot org it'll and it's up now and India all through September and October so please go there see what you can deal. Again Nancy said it is easy is it someone said do you pay aid we get a slice of pizza today for alliance to help kids. I'm guessing you would say yes because to saint Pete's and makes me want so. I through that you do that and and not just in mean September is pediatric cancer awareness month but not just. Not to limit yourself now just September of course there's always need yet. There's always a need and is is that still website it's going to be up just through October is there another. I know that would that would say it will be up through. Through the end of the year you can always get a UCSF and yet children's. Hospitals dot org or RA and the colored goal. Big gas hit its today it's being gold for kids we'd we'd love you to join us and again like I said I go out at a giants game goes see this him to scoot out does. Go to Disney on ice has a lot of fun things you can do the Stanley to sports has now does that all through the month of September there there's certain games so again that does games are listed on the site to check and. Okay and I wanna make sure everybody's got that site again go ahead. Be gold for kids that he wore gold for kids dot org entity can veto act thank you so much for sharing part of your day. I Anthony's the director of the children's miracle network that you CSF in the Children's Hospital foundation as well I'll forget. Pizza yes sandwiches pizza see you again. We're doing this and let's censor it out makes a great city on I release and and lots of other ways now all of those special sponsors are there. This just today's world in my name is sue Holland this is what we do we have not so good words for people doing good deeds around the Bay Area. I'm always looking for ideas so if you wanna hear this show again. Or if you have a show idea you can check us out at today's world. S asp dot com once again today's world SF dot com. Yet many thanks for your time and it lets leave the folks with your. Your website when Martin yes Anke sue it Spiegel for kids dot org. Thank you so much for have mean thanks for the support our today's world SF dot com we will see you again next weekend.